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  1. Grumpy and Grandma

    Mardi Gras in Fredericksburg Texas Whoops I forgot to post

    Good job. We loved our trip there in 1977, beautiful in the summer. I thought it was funny to find a German community in the middle of Texas.
  2. Grumpy and Grandma

    Tent camping in July with Family!

    Well, maybe...
  3. Dog Owner Warns Others of Saltwater Poisoning After Beloved Lab Dies After Florida Beach Visit Courtesy Yahoo: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/dog-owner-warns-others-saltwater-204344076.html
  4. Grumpy and Grandma

    Disney Employee Killed In Accident Near Pop Century

    Here's a brief update on the original post from the Orlando Sentinel: Walt Disney World worker was killed Monday when the utility cart he was working on jumped a curb, ran into chainlink fence, then fell on him, an Orange County Sheriff’s Office report revealed Tuesday.
  5. Grumpy and Grandma

    The Plural of Kungaloosh

    What, no scotch?
  6. Grumpy and Grandma

    The Plural of Kungaloosh

    Kungalets?.. but does anybody really care after they get to 3?
  7. Grumpy and Grandma

    Disney Employee Killed In Accident Near Pop Century

    Truly sad, but not a construction accident. From WESH 2: Circumstances surrounding Ojeda's death were not immediately available, but officials said it was not construction related.
  8. Grumpy and Grandma

    Decatur/Wheeler KOA, Hillsboro, AL

    They now have 3 levels of CG's. Journey, Holiday and Resort. So amenities have to match the classification.
  9. Spring 1972. First car in the parking lot and look at the crowd rushing the turnstyles....
  10. You should have seen it in the 70's......Put the MK parking lot right at the boat dock and lake.
  11. Grumpy and Grandma

    Abridged report

    This doesn't sound good already.....☹️😑
  12. Grumpy and Grandma

    Monorail Schedule Changes

    Lou would say that's a sign from above...
  13. Grumpy and Grandma

    Wheelchair policy at the parks?

    X-2. Yellow Scooter is $19 a day for a 3 wheel.
  14. Grumpy and Grandma

    Fort Wilderness prices for 2019

    But I bet they still run 90-95% full.
  15. Grumpy and Grandma

    Toy Story Land Opening Day

    It was "only" 😄 265 at 8:45 this morning.