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  1. Grumpy and Grandma

    40' toyhauler axle flip

    Good job, but how did it effect your height clearance?
  2. Grumpy and Grandma

    Funny, maybe not so funny, Google Map "detours"

    And be sure you make the birthday potty....
  3. Grumpy and Grandma

    Dog walker needed

    And we know those are "religiously" enforced...😡
  4. Grumpy and Grandma

    Dog walker needed

    Maybe the "rumor" that the new management is reinforcing rules is true.....Remember "When you wish upon a star"....
  5. Grumpy and Grandma

    Dog walker needed

    But I think we all know that's enforced about as much as "no one under 16 can drive a GC". Unless the CM knocks on doors, he/she has no way of knowing whether anyone's there. My original point was Fido may not have been totally left unattended. Didn't mean to infer all was above board.
  6. Grumpy and Grandma

    Dog walker needed

    Devil's advocate...... Person who rented site is a good friend or family member of Ranger. Ranger got them CM rate on site. Ranger said while you're gone I'll check on fido... What's wrong with that scenario?....I think too many assumptions being made here.
  7. Grumpy and Grandma

    Mouse in your pocket.

    I know it applied to the cabins and I think it was for all resorts. However a CM still checked the room daily for security reasons.
  8. So was Grandma... We had a "marriage saving" deal. She stayed in the passenger seat or when I hooked up at home, in the house.
  9. Grumpy and Grandma

    Wheel Bearing Education...

    Yep, about 1 hr per wheel to do it right.
  10. Grumpy and Grandma

    Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    Now they're all gone again....????
  11. Grumpy and Grandma

    Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    I still see it...
  12. I never have requeted it , but I have seen CM helping others spot.
  13. Grumpy and Grandma

    How's the wi-fi?

    You must have been in a bad spot there are numerous reports on FF of high reliability.
  14. Grumpy and Grandma

    How's the wi-fi?

    They just completely upgraded the WI-FI about 2+ yrs ago and I understand it is very reliable for that.
  15. Grumpy and Grandma

    cabins near comfort stations