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  1. As I mentioned Linda and I got tickets for the Night of a Million Lights and here are some of the pics...
  2. The Magic Returns to the Village We are thrilled to announce that nearly 10 months from the day that we said goodbye to our last wish family in March, we will be getting back to our mission of spreading joy and creating the happiness that inspires hope for critically ill children and their families by reopening our beloved Village beginning on January 17, 2021. https://www.gktw.org/covid19/
  3. That's what happens when you no longer have actual reporters/journalists. They are all now copy writers. No looking for the facts anymore... Off my soap box.......
  4. Exactly, and since the shampoo, soap and conditioner are wall mounted I say this is a bogus article. Our daughter and family were just at the FORT, in a cabin, and the only thing wrapped was the remote.
  5. Because of the limited seating as well as the fact that there are no FAST PASS lines. We have also heard that the times listed are not accurate, lines are moving faster. Our daughter and family just left and her longest wait was for SDMT. When they went to EPCOT there was no line for SOARIN and they also waited less than 45 minutes for TEST TRACK. At AK they got on both Pandora attractions in about 60 minutes Unrelated, but hey still have X-MAS decorations up in parts of AK and when we went to P&J's to pick-up dinner (they were in a cabin) the X-MAS music was still playing at t
  6. Looks like finding a site is going to even get worse. From RV Business: Best November Ever for Retail Sales; 2020 Could Top 500,000 https://rvbusiness.com/best-november-ever-for-retail-sales-2020-could-top-500000/
  7. One of our favorites and you won't regret it, but it is a little noisy if crowded since the acoustics aren't the best.
  8. But they don't get them any earlier than anybody else. He could sleep in then too!
  9. I think Jason will probably disagree with that. If that was the case he wouldn't be up at 12:01 am looking for reservations. He always posts when reservations will open up and tells everybody to let him know so he can book.
  10. It will be those who bought and then decided to get out after COVID and didn't do their homework when they bought. They figured they could sell it for what they owed not realizing the RV market doesn't work that way.
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