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  1. Stop and ask Warren B for a few stock tips. Then maybe next time you can take the trip in a chauffeured PREVOST...............
  2. Lebanon Hills in Apple Valley is a great one. https://www.co.dakota.mn.us/parks/parksTrails/LebanonHills/Pages/lebanon-hills-campground.aspx
  3. Corn Palace in Mitchel SD, kind of a "CORNY" place....😀 https://cornpalace.com/ There's a KOA in Mitchel, Badlands, Minute Man Museum https://www.nps.gov/mimi/index.htm,
  4. Prevost isn't listed either so they must have it classified with them....
  5. Some other friends were just told that they only gave them out if you had a car in the overflow.....unless it was because the Holiday rush was over.
  6. They stopped issuing, unless requested, since they scan your MB when you go into the park. There really is no reason to print one off unless you're leaving a car in the overflow.
  7. DVC Members have been asking for campsites for decades so this would be the appropeiate place.
  8. Local news talked about a traffic back-up of over a mile on World Drive going to the MK
  9. Thought you were referring to them disappearing periodically.. Except for the fence around the old playground, all was pretty much back to normal. Tree looked good too.
  10. There were several available yesterday and they even added regular chairs which I've never seen before. We thought it was unusually quiet for Christmas Day. Over a dozen parking spaces open up front and the only about 18 vehicles in the grass by the HItch/Un-hitch. We did see a new parking area in the grass by the riding stable and even it had a lot of open spots. Only 4 GC's in the grass by the Outpost bus stop and probably 20 GC's still available for rent. Even the GC's on the road were sparse yesterday.
  11. Our local store was almost completely out of all Christmas stuff yesterday.
  12. Except "What DISNEY wants DISNEY gets"....can't say that applies to all local governments.
  13. Except the "WILD WOMENZ" would monopolize them in February...
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