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  1. Here's a few we've used. Pedro (South of the Border) at the NC/SC Border. There's a KOA (Savannah South) in Richmond, Hill GA that is right off the X-way. (exit 87) Just 3 miles West of 95 is Flamingo Lake on 295 (Jacksonville)
  2. The FANTASY is in FRANCE. Maybe they are moving personnel around since they can't fly to/from the US Le port de Brest, situé au carrefour de grands courants maritimes sur l’une des plus belles rades du monde, dispose de liaisons routières, ferroviaires et aériennes rapides. The port of Brest, located at the crossroads of major maritime currents on one of the most beautiful harbors in the world, has fast road, rail and air links.
  3. Forgot about that since I never used it at the FORT. I assume it would, but you know how things go, there are no guarantees on what they will do. ,We had an incident where we checked in, and were in the overflow, got our text and decided to finish lunch. Got to the site and guess what, someone else was on it. Since it was empty the office went ahead and reassigned it since the other person liked it better. We ended up with an upgrade from 200 to 400 which the FORT ate for the 10 days.
  4. Booking the night before and not showing up doesn't guarantee you that it will be open that I know of and requesting a loop doesn't mean you will get that loop. They make site adjustments daily based on arrivals, or at least they used to. Hopefully someone else will chime in if I'm totally incorrect.
  5. Don't remember what we paid at the FORT, but our Magic Kingdom Club TIckets (8 E ) were $8.75 in 1979.
  6. Just saw on the news that they are adding more AP reservations to the calendar starting tomorrow.
  7. Linda just saw where the AP Discount is 30% has anybody else see that update?
  8. RVer Accidentally Dumps Sewage into Gas Station Fuel Tank from RV Business: https://rvbusiness.com/rver-accidentally-dumps-sewage-into-gas-station-fuel-tank/
  9. But the percent positive is staying at 10% which I think is also an important number. There was an article in the COLUMBUS DISPATCH that OHIO deaths, Jan-Jun 2020 were only 1.2% higher than the 5 year rolling average for the same 6 months. So are we really getting all the facts?
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