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  1. Grumpy and Grandma

    Smaller Camper Recommendations?

    Congrats Mo and Happy Travels with the new rig. As to JAYCO and HIGHLAND RIDGE (formerly OPEN RANGE) they are still run as independent companies JAYCO owns STARCRAFT too and has since 1992 when STARCRAFT went bankrupt. Actually Lloyd (Jay) Bontrager started our as an Engineer at STARCRAFT before he and his wife started JAYCO. THOR primarily provided an infusion of operating capital. Wilbur Bontrager (son of the JAYCO founder) retired last year and a fellow from THOR did get hired as COO, but he just got released and Derald Bontrager took back full rein he is now ,COO, PRES and CEO. The family never did relinquish control. The quality issues people see today are primarily due to the lack of qualified employees and the high demand for RV's. JAYCO produces over 40,000 rigs ia year. Last year the Elkhart area was short over 10,000 employees for the RV industry. One of the big problems was the fact so many failed the drug tests. In case anyone's interested here's a link to JAYCO's 50th anniversary synopsis. https://rvfta.com/podcast/jaycos-50th-anniversary And yes I'm a little prejudiced, everything Linda and I have purchased since 1973 was a STARCRAFT or JAYCO, 9 for us and 3 for the kids.
  2. Once the Gas/Elec water heater's came out we only used gas to either get it hot quick when we first stopped or when on 20 amp service which we ran into in CANADA in 2004.
  3. Grumpy and Grandma

    Great YouTube Camping Family

    Actually the fence in the pic gives it away.
  4. Grumpy and Grandma

    River Country

    But your parents grandparents probably said the same thing...😏
  5. Grumpy and Grandma

    River Country

    Because "That inner city fence" is what blends in better.. "White picket and natural wood fences may be more common, but garden fences painted black can be surprisingly effective in the landscape. Dark fences act as a stunning backdrop for bright green foliage, provide understated privacy where needed and make garden borders disappear. Take a look at these examples of how a dark hue can transform a garden fence, and you may be inspired to get out your paintbrush."
  6. Grumpy and Grandma

    River Country

    They still have all the roof area and as with most Water Management rules any area that did not require detention previously will now have to be brought up to current standards once upgrades are made. Granted WDW/Reedy Creek is it's own entity, but they are still under St. John's Water Management District and have to follow those regulations for storm water control
  7. Grumpy and Grandma

    River Country

    There are however new types of asphalt that are semi impervious or even porous, so that may be part of the equation, depending on how it's engineered.
  8. Grumpy and Grandma


    Just saw another article the HEI HEI Cone has returned. http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2019/04/20/look-whos-back-at-aloha-isle-the-hei-hei-cone-returns-to-magic-kingdom/
  9. Grumpy and Grandma

    We’re Done

    I'm with Ray, never been denied access to any Resort during any season. Show them my ID and AP or MB and they all say have fun or enjoy.
  10. Not sure where this really fits, so here it is: Courtesy Yahoo and Cosmopolitan. DOLE SMOOTHIES that taste like DOLE WHIP https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/dole-releasing-smoothie-bowl-tastes-184500614.html
  11. Grumpy and Grandma

    Smaller Camper Recommendations?

    And the deck is already fenced for the puppies......
  12. Grumpy and Grandma

    We’re Done

    You will also find some are CM's who would rather go the FORT than Mickey's Retreat. I think Lou, or someone, even mentioned Mickey's Retreat is never crowded.
  13. Grumpy and Grandma

    RUMOR: Disney eliminating evening Extra Magic Hours

    Is this being done to help pull crowds from SWGE in the morning?
  14. Grumpy and Grandma


    But the article states "Unlike any Coke Product you've ever seen before". Were the ornaments not Coke?
  15. Courtesy Yahoo. https://www.yahoo.com/news/star-wars-legend-voice-yoda-171500893.html