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  1. Courtesy USA Today & Yahoo https://www.yahoo.com/news/disney-cruise-line-named-worlds-140631595.html
  2. According to a news story on WESH 2, WDW announced September 29th as opening day. Disney Skyliner gondolas opening date announced - WESH Orlando https://www.wesh.com/article/disney-skyliner-gondolas-opening-date/28398266
  3. Not really, the accidents had nothing to do with DCL it was just the company that provided the sea-planes and they do all kinds of tours. Actually the last one was someone going from point A to point B (non-cruise)
  4. They have an ala carte type menu. Simple wash is around $3.00 a ft and a complete wash, wax and buff can be $12-$15 a ft or higher and then getting the rims polished is an additional cost.
  5. Didn't hear anything about not picking up rocks and no we did not do the Dog Sled. Gail had it planned when we went with them in 2015, but it got cancelled.
  6. We always book through DCL. We're just more comfortable knowing that if you're late or something gets messed up you're covered.
  7. Next stop was SKAGWAY. It’s really a big little town, approximately 5 blocks wide and 7 blocks long, but very busy when the cruise ships arrive. Here you can board the train and take a very scenic ride up the mountain and cross back over to Canada. We did that on our 2 previous cruises and you can see those pics in my 2012 report. In the morning when we arrived Rick and Andy went salmon fishing, but since it was early in the season it was catch and release for the king salmon. After lunch we took and very exciting and scenic helicopter tour up to one of the glaciers. We had originally booked a sea-plane excursion, but do to the 3 previous accidents DCL cancelled all of those tours. Here we are after our safety video with our safety vests waiting for our ride. Grandma, Michele and Charlotte had no desire to tag along. Here comes our ride. Rick and Andy got to sit in the front. The scenery was spectacular from this vantage point. Getting close to our destination Andy and Emily by the Alaskan Flag. They leave one helicopter there for emergencies The reason you see the dark streaks on a glacier. The rocks that are crushed and moved along with the ice. It’s amazing what Mother Nature does. A close up Since I still have some walking issues due to my back I stayed back from the group and just took pictures. The blue color that reflects through. The kids off in the distance The clear ice shows the purity of the water It’s really hard to see, but the water is running about 6’ below us under the ice. One last shot before we head back to the ship. We were on the Glacier for over 30 minutes which for the kids made for a very interesting afternoon. More of the wonderful scenery as we head back. The harbor approaches as we arrive back at the port. We actually boarded the helicopter with-in about a block of the ship. As we are about to touch down. Up next, JUNEAU, Mendenhal Glacier and some whale watching.
  8. You can't back it up like a trailer so plan ahead when parking or fueling. I towed a truck 4 down with no issues and for several years had the GC in the bed. As Mark said it depends on the truck. Most 4-wd can be towed 4 down with no issue since you put the transfer case in neutral. Did you have brakes on the trailer? I would definitely have a supplemental brake system for the truck, I never towed with out one, better safe than sorry.
  9. Correct term and no we haven't experienced any on our cruises.
  10. They could have been met at the back gate and let in, that happened in the past, I personally would ask to just to see if the rules changed again out of curiosity.
  11. DId you check with the Outpost to see if they approved it, or did the detailer sneak back to the lot at the request of the occupant?
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