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  1. I just consider it a friendly discussion and thanks we've always enjoyed the times we've met up. Hope you get to have another great summer trip this year. Those are always great memories, our kids (50,47 & 46) still talk about our travels.
  2. They don't stop the virus, they stop the water droplet the virus travels on when someone sneezes or coughs. Just like a dust particle. PS: I am not a proponent of masks..
  3. In April of last year it was announced that it would be a phased re-opening that was going to be presented to the County and State. SeaWorld and Walt Disney World approved by Orange County to reopen, dates await approval by DeSantis.May 27, 2020 Universal is still following the limited park occupancy too and they presented their plan first,so there has to be an underlying reason. They are still at 35-40% and Spring Break week they closed the gates at noon, 4 days in a row. Even many of the local restaurants are not using all the tables.
  4. Actually both. They gave the County the steps they would follow in order to re-open and what would be done as this all progressed. The County had to approve it and then sent it to the State for approval. The same for DL, they had numerous meetings along with Universal and KBF in Calf to reopen at the end of last year to no avail. There is no way Disney is intentionally letting numerous Resorts sit unused if they could open. That would be an absolutely stupid business decision if they wanted, as Andrew said, new money there is too much demand as people have had enough of the CDC and Wash
  5. Then what am I missing? There are complaints by people trying to book Resorts and DVC saying they get a message, "There are days during the dates selected with no Park Reservations available, please check other dates". That means they are not being given unlimited access or priority. Based on everything I read WDW is trying their best to give both AP and the short term guests balanced access. What else can they do?
  6. So according to you they are supposed to just close the Resorts so only the Pass Holders can go to the Parks. I'll also bet you have a percentage of FPH who are making reservations and not using them
  7. As far as Florida AP and Florida Resident, we have had no problem getting park reservations at all since things opened up. We have the Weekday Select and I bought a 3 day FL resident for this weekend since DD is in town and we got reservations at MK for Mon (AP), HS and AK(3 day ticket) yesterday and today. It's obvious based on the crowds that people are still coming, even Pop Century, where DD is, was busy and DS was hopping pretty good Friday afternoon as both garages were open and Spring Break weekend all the lots were.
  8. FIts any gender(neutral). Females with what are normally male styles and males with what are normally female styles.
  9. From Forbes. Disney will relax its restrictions on theme park employees’ appearances to include some visible tattoos, “gender-inclusive” hairstyles and other features, the company announced Tuesday, as part of a broader push toward inclusion and diversity at the company’s decades-old theme parks. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2021/04/13/disney-theme-park-employees-cast-members-can-now-have-tattoos-and-gender-inclusive-hairstyles-for-first-time-ever/?sh=741922584818
  10. But apparently they are already "relaxing" the rules. You can take it off for a photo.. the rumor is out that the rule is being relaxed at the FORT in certain areas. We were at DS Thursday and many people were sitting, no food or drink, with their masks off, no CM commented. We will see....
  11. From WESH 2 Mask mandate in Orange County could be relaxed, mayor says https://www.wesh.com › article › orange-county-mask-..
  12. That rumor is now floating around, similar to the new photo exception. Masks no longer will be needed when, walking around the grounds , visiting the dog park, riding a GC or bike The exception being at the bus stops, on a bus, in a group or in a building.
  13. Prices are way back down. I think there is one for $8.00 a month. 25,000 pic storage, unlimited hosting.
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