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  1. Since nothing has been done it could very well be still in the plan, but after all the COVID BS is gone and things return to normal. There would be no reason to do restoration if they are still going forward at a later date. Just remember how long the buildings at AOA sat before work resumed. (I think that was the one)..
  2. I know there is a lot of negative discussion about the AP's , but the new FL Resident Pixie Pass (replaced week-day select) no longer has Summer months blocked out, only weekends and the typical Holidays as before.
  3. Universal Orlando has announced that Shrek 4-D and its gift shop, Shrek’s Ye Olde Souvenir Shoppe, will close on January 10, 2022, to make way for a new experience. https://www.insideuniversal.net/2021/10/shrek-4d-at-universal-studios-florida-to-permanently-close-in-january-10-2022/
  4. From FOX35: ORLANDO, Fla. - Walt Disney World is giving guests another reason to celebrate. Not only is ‘The World’s Most Magical Celebration' underway, but Disney World has announced some entertainment fan favorites that were put to a stop during the pandemic will be returning soon – including socially-distanced character meet-and-greets! And if you've missed the "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" you'll love this: the epic, action-packed stunt show returns Dec. 19! https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/disney-world-bringing-back-character-
  5. They have been known to use the lot at PO for other resort guests to park their RV.
  6. Word "floating around" was they oversold 200 sites due to a computer glitch... Of course I would never believe that DIS would have computer issues...
  7. I'll bet there will be a couple.. Just like any business, there is always the exception.
  8. From YAHOO Disney World opened 50 years ago; these workers never left The employees who make up the 50-year club say the theme park resort has allowed them to grow their careers and try on new hats. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/disney-world-opened-50-years-140301411.html
  9. That's why we let Jason work on reservations, he gets the job done and it doesn't cost you anything extra.
  10. Not camping related, but thought you "puppie" owners would enjoy. We moved to a new complex in Illinois, where we spend the summer near our daughter, and they tout being "pet friendly". Well they definitely live up to their word, we got this email today. DROOL IN THE POOL.. With Monday being the last day the pool will be open, we are dedicating Tuesday September 28th, to our 4 legged furry friends. We invite all the dogs to come and swim that day from 10 am- 6 pm. We will have special treats for them to enjoy. We will make sure the water is at an enjoyable temperature for them
  11. From FOX 35 ORLANDO, Fla. - Soon you won't need to join the virtual queue to ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Starting Sept. 23, you can use the traditional stand-by line. This is the first time people will be able to do that since the ride opened in 2019. Since the beginning, guests have only been able to ride using the virtual queue, which is being paused, according to Disney Parks Blog. https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/disney-worlds-star-wars-rise-of-the-resistance-moving-to-standby-queue
  12. A ship is a ship it's the service and experiences that count in my opinion. DCL has 1 CM for every 1.7 passengers and the average across the cruise industry is 1 CM for every 2.5 passengers..
  13. Disney Cruise Line was voted the No. 1 Mega-ship Ocean Cruise Line in the 2021 World's Best Awards — and it's only getting better. With incredible programming for kids and adults alike, world-class entertainment, unique dining experiences, and a hefty sprinkle of Disney magic, Disney Cruise Line continuously wows guests of all ages. So it's no wonder Travel + Leisure readers voted it the No. 1 Mega-ship Ocean Cruise Line in the 2021 World's Best Awards. https://www.travelandleisure.com/worlds-best/disney-cruise-line-2021-worlds-best-awards
  14. Most governmental agencies do not give our "Retirement Goodies".... After my 30 + in local government that's all I got too.
  15. Then things have changed, right from FAQ about the program. Also not what I heard from our friend https://thedisneyoutpost.com/2021/06/28/disney-college-program-faq/ Q: Do you need to live in company sponsored housing? A: No, living in company sponsored housing is not a requirement. CPs may opt to find their own housing, which may or may not be less expensive (depending on a number of factors like roommates, location, amenities, transportation costs, etc…) though many CPs choose to live in program housing as it can be easier than securing a short term lease on their own, and transp
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