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  1. Probably not until the the 1st of October. But you can probably bet it will pretty well match last year.
  2. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the critique.
  3. And as Mo said, I would too. The same applies at many of the popular State Parks around the country.. The people who can and do go multiple weekends a month, make their reservations ASAP. A prime example is when they plan the GG at Defeated Creek if you even think about going you need to make the reservation almost as soon as the window opens to be close to the group since those are the prime sites..
  4. Locals usually start arriving on Thurs and many times the same people.. Saw that week after week when we were staying there.
  5. We can make that claim for Disneyland in 1971.......Linda and her dad in the bottom pic.
  6. Concierge at the Gran Floridian......😄 You can always hope!
  7. Just announced WDW closing all parks at 3:00 PM tomorrow..???? Makes no sense when things are improving.
  8. But he airport is now closing at 2 am Tuesday.. 5:00 pm update per WESH 2.. things have moved further EAST only 10% to 20% chance of tropical storm winds at the FORT
  9. They can let people go out through the Kiosks and the normal way with OCS directing the flow on Vista.
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