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  1. I saw this one on facebook last night and borrowed it. It shows the loops and how close this is going to be. The right side has the loops if you look close. This is going to be really close. I think you can see a boat dock on the upper left.
  2. But other than the Fort how many guest have a car. Most fly in don't they. I don't but everyone I know fly in and take the magical express.
  3. Wow. I can't believe it even did that. The back of the suburban is so lifted.
  4. Heather Higgs posted these on the Facebook page I love camping at fort wilderness.
  5. Hubs and I watched and the lip syncing was so bad. But the castle was pretty.
  6. We started this with my Daughter last trip. She has her cards ready to go and asks to make sure we make time to play. She was 7 last trip.
  7. That is a good question. We love Disney. We are Cabin Dwellers.. We do not camp...but love the Fort and will not stay anywhere else. That being said. Because of the cost of the room charge we can only afford a trip every 20-24 months or so. Basically we come every 2 years for a week and spend well. If it(the room charge( was cheaper we would come more often and spend our $ on Disney food.drinks and stuff. So it is beach one year, Disney one year. I think Cabin dwellers do not return as often as true campers due to the 300-400 a night cost. (we normally come during the month of De
  8. Hubs said he didn't remember anything Christmasy but he did enjoy the wine that night.
  9. The WWW looks great so far. I was so cranky the week after. I couldn't figure out why, but I kept thinking I could have been with the women'z. Soon ladies. Soon I will join you.
  10. Decorations were up on our trip but I do not remember anything special in the show.
  11. Look a few post up. He's back!!!!!!
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