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  1. That would be my thought! 'cause I'm not waiting in a 10 hour line for anything unless they're giving away loaded armored cars at the end.
  2. Thanks for sharing - sounds like a good night for everyone! 🙂
  3. I'd laugh hard at that except... Word on the interwebz is that the line for the opening of the new Harry Potter ride (that replaced Dueling Dragons) is 10 hours long!!!! If you've been to Islands of Adventure, that means it goes all the way back from where Dueling Dragons was, nearly to the park turnstiles. That's for a single ride in an already established, albeit very popular "land" in the park. I have a feeling I'm going to be seeing the end of the Galaxy's Edge line out my front door... here in southern NH.
  4. We've said the same about our old, nearly 8yo Open Range vs our new one. Heck we rolled the first Open Range at 50 mph and the people at the salvage yard were amazed it didn't fall apart! Ok, so not looking to test that in the new one.... LOL
  5. What Jason said. Also even when MK has closed on Christmas (not unusual), I don't recall it closing to resort guests in quite some time, so if you're staying at the Fort and taking a boat from the Fort you should be fine. 🙂
  6. Annnnnnnd.... that's why I drive the camper 1400 miles to the Fort and then get out and let DH park it.
  7. I'm thinking both - LOL! Also thinking it could be a fun way to decorate a golf cart for Halloween if you go battery powered. A few years ago at the Fort for Halloween, DH mounted some blue flashing lights to the roof of ours (because he's obsessed with lights). I wasn't psyched about it - who are we, the fun police? - so I took 2 gallon jugs, drew ghost faces on them and popped them over the top.
  8. I'm ok with a change to this one - as long as they keep the 180° stuff. 🙂
  9. Great idea! Battery powered would be a lot more versatile (and one less cord for me to trip over)
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