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  1. Oh he's a legend alright! Of course after being so cutting edge back in the day, he held onto his first flip phone waaaaaaaay too long. 🤣 But you're right, I am pretty lucky.
  2. DH had one of those when we first started dating. Gotta admit on our first date I thought he was pretty cool - right up until the point where he hit the brakes too fast at a stop sign and I almost shot through the windshield because he wanted the Lincoln he was driving to be all clean and snazzy and had Armor All'ed the leather seats (obviously this was before mandatory seat belts).
  3. Once upon a time they actually did give you the number for the front desk. Funny thing is I just looked in my phone because I knew I'd saved it there at one point. Disney must have shuffled some numbers around because when I google that number it now comes up as The Contemporary.
  4. Don't worry too much about that. The reservation CMs are nowhere near the Fort and there's a darned good chance the person he talked to has never even been there. If you don't do online check-in you can talk with an actual Fort CM when you get there and explain it to them. If you do online check-in you can just go to your site and take a chance they'll just ignore your RV in the drive (kind of the "ask forgiveness instead of permission" scenario). Worst case you may get a "love note" telling you to move it.
  5. Well that sounds fun! And yeesh, $40 for paella and unlimited tapas is practically a steal, by Disney standards. And $75 with booze and oysters might be the Disney dining bargain of the decade.
  6. They've always seemed narrower to me than a "regular" driveway, but that's just me remembering, not having actually tried to park anything there. Any cabin folks about with some first hand experience? I'm inclined to say "if it fits, it sits" but worst case you can always park it out in overflow, but then you'd need to rely on the buses to get to/from it. Oh and welcome to Fort Fiends!
  7. I read an article just today about how Jan-early Feb haven't been slow like they've typically been in the past. I don't know if that's true of September any more, which seemed to be the only other "slow" time left. But Disney has been kicking out FL resident ticket deals for a little while now and not surprisingly, the few "slow" times left now seem to be, at least in part, filled by locals taking advantage of these types of offers. And who can blame them? I would if I could. As you say TCD, Disney always wins. I'm just grateful we were fortunate enough to enjoy some really great "whole park to ourselves" times while they lasted (ok not really, but kinda compared to now) .
  8. Ahhh... I remember those times well. Back when there were still regularly 1-2am EMH at MK and if you stuck around past midnight you could pretty much walk on anything you wanted to. Good times...
  9. UT is an authorized reseller so Disney knows they're offering discounted tickets and has been "bridging" the value of these tickets for years now without any problems. That said if someone here has done this recently it would be great to confirm that nothing has changed. Of course always possible that they do change the policy at some point, in which case you're still not losing any money, you're just not getting credit for the discount and instead paying full price for the AP. Personally I wouldn't do this if the discount is what makes or breaks my ability to buy APs because if the policy changes, I've now got to come up with extra money at the ticket window. But if I'm planning to buy them anyway, it's worth it for me on the (pretty high) likelihood that I'm getting the discount.
  10. I figured and a very good point. Got it but I'll answer here just in case others have good info to weigh in with and so y'all can correct me if I get any of it wrong. 🙂 The ticket upgrade shuffle goes a little like this... (Actually Carol outlined it pretty well in a post somewhere, but I can't lay my hands on it at the moment) Essentially you purchase a discounted ticket from a legit broker (like UT) that has the highest discount over gate price but still costs less than an AP; use the ticket at least once; and then upgrade it to an AP before it expires. When you upgrade you get full the ticket's gate price value which is where the savings comes in. So for example - You buy a "10-Day Disney Flexible Date Ticket with Park Hopper® Option" from UT for $632.65 which is $84 less than gate price. When you upgrade it you are credited the full $673.77 towards the AP. I only skimmed quickly so I'm not sure that's the ticket with the best savings, and it doesn't really matter which type of ticket it is - i.e., a "water parks and more" add-on ticket could be the best value - the type of ticket is less important than the discount. I've done this a few times, as have at least a few other folks here, and go to the TTC to do the upgrade as the CMs there seem to be the most knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with all kinds of ticket stuff. One note: I haven't done this since the new ticket structure was put into place (where you pick your dates), so I'm not sure how/if that effects anything. Oh and when you upgrade, your "start date" for the AP will be the first day you used the ticket, not the date you upgraded.
  11. For folks that are looking to save a little on APs and don't mind doing the upgrade shuffle, Undercover Tourist has some tickets that will save you quite a bit over gate price, in some cases $80-$100+ per ticket. I'm not sure if these prices reflect the increase that just happened or if they're "leftovers" - in which case get 'em while they last! https://www.undercovertourist.com/orlando/walt-disney-world-resort/
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