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  1. Glad that worked! There was something around the house recently that wasn't working properly and I actually asked DH "did you try whacking it?" Hope it's a relatively painless fix when you get home.
  2. Not sure if this info will be helpful - the thread I found it in is pretty old - but there was mention that someone used him in 2016... I also found these recommendations, again from old threads... Frank's Mobile RV (407) 922-7302 Camping Connection RV Service, Parts and Accessories (407) 397-2267 Good luck!
  3. From the Disney Parks Blog... https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2020/11/park-hopper-option-returns-to-walt-disney-world-resort-starting-january-2021/?CMP=SOC-DPFY21Q1wo1119200007A&fbclid=IwAR1UR6iqogAKqYyAEjX_BIrqGgKcedYveTlX1Lf7z0YRoJtJjum_hJIh2W8
  4. The other thing that's been mentioned is that since everything in the parks still isn't open (some restaurants, shows, etc.), people are concentrating into a smaller number of "things to do." So even though capacity in the parks is much smaller than pre-COVID normal, ride times are still not super short and it feels busier in the areas that are open.
  5. Spiffy! Although a bit funny that the Fort will have it before my town does.
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