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  1. Whenever I'm headed to TTC I always check out both lines and if there's a significant difference, I take the shorter one.
  2. I saw it too. I didn't wade through all the comments, but I skimmed and it was unclear to me if this is a new policy, if it's happening every night, or if it was some sort of weird one-off on a party night. If crowds were high, I could see them trying to keep the resort line for resort guests only, but scanning MBs sounds like it would just slow things down further and make a bigger mess.
  3. To be fair, my professional grade hair straightening iron could probably boil water if it was submersible, and for sure you can burn yourself with it. (#truestory)
  4. Good advice! My last trip with my SIL she was a whiz at snagging last minute FPs.
  5. Fixed it. For the record, we've never "registered" and I'm not sure anyone I know ever has either.
  6. That makes sense Halloween has become THE time to be at the Fort and the decorations outpaced Christmas a while back and seem to just keep growing. Some of the displays are pretty amazing. Where Christmas can be lots of lights and blowups, Halloween really seems to bring out the super creative in people. My guess is you're right about the cart, especially around Halloween when the place is already full and crazy. And ON Halloween... fuggeddaboutit Since Halloween has gotten so busy over the years, it seems like every year there's at least an incident or 2. And my guess is some of them definitely involve adult beverages.
  7. That's great to hear! And yeah, the trend for quite a while now has been more and more Halloween decorations. I'd say there have been more than Christmas now for quite a while.
  8. I think it's actually been even longer than that (4-5 years?). We were there right after that rule went in effect and it was hit or miss enforcement even then. We haven't been during the holidays since 2016 but it was our go-to time for a bunch of years prior to that. Not sure about the last couple of years, but we'd noticed there were a good bit fewer Christmas decorations than there were when we first started going that time of year (2006). On the flipside, it seems like Halloween decorations have increased by quite a lot over those 10 years.
  9. Yep, that's it! Since the trailer rental companies all have different refund policies, doesn't really work well the other way around.
  10. If people are willing to pay for it (and it seems someone always is as these events usually DO sell out) they're definitely going to keep offering stuff like this. Heck if I had that kind of cash just laying around collecting dust, I'd do it!
  11. I was thinking if for some reason Disney trespassed Greenberg (and it included removing all Greenberg's property), and since the guest who paid for the site didn't have another camper, Disney put them up elsewhere.
  12. Thanks for the updates. Amazing (and sad) how different it looks already.
  13. Well that does sound like actual repossession. Or, thinking back to some other incidents at the Fort in the past when the Sheriff dept got involved, possibly they issued some kind of trespassing order that included removing the campers? Glad Disney took care of the guests, but what a major PITA for those people. FWIW I'm not seeing anything about this on their FB or Twitter - although neither is terribly active when it comes to people commenting/tweeting about them. There is a comment from a day ago that says the phone # listed on their website isn't working, but that's the same day they posted about new campers being delivered. When were the campers towed? That photo that looks like it was taken at the Fort was posted 19 hrs ago according to FB.
  14. Fair point! Oof... also a good point. So I guess if I'm planning to ride this I should add paper clips, ballpoint pens, duct tape and bungee cords to my park bag.
  15. hmmm... "put up the campers somewhere" is pretty vague - backstage? overflow? If they were really being "repossessed" I'd expect they'd be taken completely off property, not stored elsewhere by Disney. Now if they were removed from the sites by Disney for some reason, that's a whole other thing entirely and maybe someone misconstrued that for being "repossessed". I know there were issues in the past of some rental companies leaving their campers on sites past checkout, in one case I heard of it was days before the company retrieved it (heard this from another vendor who'd been called by Disney asking if it was theirs - it wasn't). I wonder if there was a similar issue here, or some other issue with Greenberg that caused Disney to remove all their units? Hard to know how accurate FB "reporting" is, but definitely seems like *something* is up.
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