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  1. The only time I've been in the parks for sunrise was when I did the 24 hours events. It really is cool to see the transition.
  2. Can't say I'm surprised. They took the reviews off their FB page a while back but the negative Google reviews have been piling up and it sounds like at least a few people are owed money they're not likely to ever get back now.
  3. Well some folks got to ride yesterday. I saw some video and it looks pretty darned amazing.
  4. Agreed. We juggled a variety of these for the camper when we were getting ready to spend 6 weeks in it. The cheap foam, egg crate or fluffy stuffing ones didn't do much for my rickety joints. If you can find anything memory foam in the 3"-4" range for a reasonable price, that might be a good way to go. Or worst case stack up a couple of the cheap ones. Our camper mattress was really inexpensive, but it's pretty comfy now that we've stacked 3 mattress toppers on it.
  5. Did that once. Aside from the fact that it was 80° at 6am, it was very cool!
  6. Thanks for the review! We haven't been yet but this is one of my SIL's new favorite places.
  7. Good point and another reason the standard reservation system isn't really suited to the Fort. However if someone is actually making a complaint about their neighbor's pets, it's not hard at all for management to check and see if they checked in with some or not, and then follow up. And there's a liability component when it comes to so many people camping with dogs (hence the agreement they want you to sign) that I expect Disney to get on top of at some point with the new system. Hopefully before something bad happens like somebody gets bitten by a dog that's not up-to-date on their vax.
  8. Glad to hear they took good care of you and thanks for passing along the info!
  9. 1. Too true. 2. Very glad to hear that at least.
  10. My guess is because Orlando Weekly doesn't want to deal with people tagging them in their hate/rant tweets.
  11. That's a ridiculous "I just don't want to deal with it" answer. First of all, they absolutely can, BY LAW, ask if a dog is a service dog. Under the ADA you can ask if the dog is a service animal that is required due to a disability, and what type of work or task the dog has been trained to do. The ADA only prohibits them from asking about a person’s disability. And in the case of dogs in tents, their own website says this right now... "Please note: Pets are not allowed in pop-up trailers or tents." https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/faq/rooms-packages/camping-pet-friendly/ So.... either the guests lied (even by omission) at check-in, which is easy enough for Disney to confirm since everyone checking in with a pet has to sign something, or someone at check-in screwed up. Either way, Disney should deal with it and not let one guest impact all the other guests around them. And I can't lay my hands on it at the moment, but I could swear that piece of paper you sign at check-in addresses dogs misbehaving. I really hate "those dog people" that ruin it for the rest of us that are responsible, but I hate it even more when Disney doesn't enforce it's own rules and lets it happen. (argh)
  12. Welcome EmilyT! Full disclosure, in addition to being am awesome longtime Fort Fiend himself, Jason is a well-recommended travel agent and sponsor here on FF.net. Around here we just call him "The Man" Good luck snagging your extra dates!
  13. From Orlando Theme Park News... https://www.orlandoparksnews.com/2019/11/carriage-rides-temporarily-unavailable.html?fbclid=IwAR063GOO7uFdtP27epRf-EuS9EjXAm1FXSAoEC9c9hzExs19MXlwQMyO4RE
  14. Prices aside, some of that stuff is pretty darned cool. I don't know why, but I really want this hat...
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