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  1. https://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/magic-kingdom/news/08aug2020-walt-disney-world-theme-park-operating-hours-reduced-beginning-september-8.htm?fbclid=IwAR3Vd0zC6nJ8eud8PEWHcr46XJQ8X8SGV8Ohs1zPdjy4MWduAldh2KNTCOI
  2. I'd love to know what daily life is like for the crew on these ships right now with no guests. I'm sure there's stuff to do, and I doubt they're eating lobster in the fancy dining room every night, but it's gotta feel a little like "Mom & Dad are gone and we've got this big ol' place to ourselves!" Or at least I hope it does for them, otherwise it's just a major bummer to be stuck on a ship trying to get home somehow/eventually. Although I suppose still better in that at least the ship is "safe" in terms of COVID. I think if I had a choice I'd pick a Disney ship for quarantine over my house.
  3. True. And you don't even get a spiffy souvenir cup any more. Good thing we've got a cupboard full of them in the camper from years past.
  4. Would it work if they do online check-in?
  5. Really appreciate the Fiend on the Scene updates, TCD. Really stinks that this is just sitting like this for who knows how long now. (sigh) Think they'll notice if a bunch of people just mosey up and nonchalantly dump out their pockets?
  6. Yeah... I remember the first several years we stayed in Preferred being under $70 a night. We wanted to do Christmas next year (our anniversary is Christmas Eve and it'll be our 25th) but just looking at this year's rates I couldn't justify it.
  7. Hard to pass up that deal! I think when we first started staying at the Fort partial sites were around that price. Sigh... the good ol' days...
  8. Thanks for the Fiend on the Scene™ updates gentlemen.
  9. Brilliant! I've watched/listened to Hamilton a bunch recently and yes I definitely LOL'd. "I will close the Carousel of Progress to remind you of my love"
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