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  1. https://blogmickey.com/2020/03/disney-construction-projects-defunded-layoffs-underway?fbclid=IwAR3frKX9UCsXx2qzWTeIqSSfbDu-FUkuYACib2yAiIPkTLufE2Bfwdk_Z68
  2. At least as far as things stand today (and obviously things are changing all the time right now) it would seem that June 1st is probably a reasonable guess for the parks reopening. Assuming (hoping!) the worst of this is over in April, that would give them all of May to sort out staffing, reservations, park inspections, maintenance, etc., and exactly how they intend to reopen - phased openings? limited park hours? etc.
  3. Finally signed up for Disney+ and starting bingeing Imagineering Story this weekend. LOVE it!
  4. https://wdwnt.com/2020/03/breaking-walt-disney-company-senior-executives-take-salary-cuts-due-to-unprecedented-disney-parks-closures/?fbclid=IwAR3-0PSM4iyqs80wubv2BxedimHqGtvboo7wzYDjMgm4hqQyXCyjpPJseEk
  5. That's. Amazing. But definitely a non-starter here in New England. Even one of our "baby" potholes would trash it and one of our "regular" ones would swallow it whole.
  6. https://wdwnt.com/2020/03/breaking-walt-disney-world-and-disneyland-announce-parks-and-resorts-will-remain-closed-until-further-notice/?fbclid=IwAR1AwxDCqvG9nqxeYKWsPDHlLzaDKalupT6seOpZwgZYO3jDZBdLuguWDM8
  7. While they've started to slowly reopen the Shanghai park, Tokyo just extended their closure to at least April 19th.
  8. I saw one where some [bites tongue] was trying to get footage for his YouTube/blog/whatevs at the Swalphin and was arguing with security insisting he was doing nothing wrong and that he has a "great relationship with Disney" and that this was for his "job". He even tried to shake one of the security guards hands - the guy took 2 steps back and said "sorry"... This is why we can't have nice things.
  9. Yes apparently the county had to clarify that their latest order includes the theme parks, which means WDW cannot open before April 9th I know someone whose DH works security part-time and he's currently not working and has yet to be given a schedule to go back. She says much of the security details in the parks now are actually county, not Disney. She speculated that it's because county officers are armed where Disney security is not.
  10. Can't lay my hands on where I read it, but I saw something that said that Disney shut down all construction projects when the new guidelines came down that groups should be limited to no more than 10 people. DL shut theirs down too, but that may have been when the state went on lockdown - not sure which came first.
  11. That's the kicker. Unfortunately with people still running around in groups like it's no big deal, it seems unlikely. Just one example - Greenwich CT closed all their parks, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, ball fields and "open spaces" this weekend because people keep gathering in large groups. Even NH is pushing to close the few state beaches on their whopping 18 miles of coastline because people are still gathering in large groups. I have a friend on the coast who took a ride this weekend and she said the beaches were full of people and the local seafood place, while takeout only, had a large crowd and lines of people in the parking lot. (sigh)
  12. I love this so much I think I've watched it 6 times! There are a couple other cute ones that have popped up too:
  13. I've stopped clicking on any of them. Because this exactly. Seems unlikely. It may run its course, similar to the regular flu virus, and then peter out, but like the regular flu, it could resurface next "season". That's why they're saying that while a vaccine is unlikely to be ready in time for what's happening now, it will seriously help when this thing raises its ugly head next time.
  14. *blurg* Really glad your nephew stood his ground. Exactly. 25% of the current population is over 8 million people, all sick at the same time...
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