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  1. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    2000 Tent Loop more like RV loop now

    We've often seen campers in the tent loops that aren't anywhere close to tents or popups, and if you called Disney 6 times and asked the same question you could very easily get 6 different answers. Hard to say for sure what they'd do at check in - could depend on the day (how full the Fort *really* is) or the CM you get. I'd be inclined to plead my case as nicely as possible at check-in (can you cry on demand? -LOL ๐Ÿคฃ) and even offer up that you're willing to pay for an upgrade. This is what we did last fall when we had 11 separate reservations (long story) in more than one class of site, and really didn't want to have to move a bunch of times. Check-in took an extra supervisor, a call to the magical "back office", about 35 minutes, and us being our nicest, most patient selves, but ultimately they sorted us out. If it were me I'd also keep trying to find a reservation in another site class just to be on the safe side. It might mean grabbing a night at a time (see "11 reservations") but it's not impossible that you could pull it off. Alternately if you don't want to spend a bunch of time every day on the Disney site, get a good travel agent on the case for you. Cost you nothing and since they're in the system frequently, they're in a great position to find what you need if it can be found. Jason at MouseCounselors is a sponsor here at Fort Fiends and has helped out lots of folks over the years. Couldn't hurt to pop him a note. Good luck, oh and congrats on the new camper!!
  2. https://wdwnt.com/2018/07/photos-new-ziploc-kidcot-fun-stops-debut-around-world-showcase-at-epcot/
  3. These look fun! https://wdwnt.com/2018/07/photos-picture-yourself-in-the-twilight-zone-with-new-lenticular-souvenir-photo-at-the-twilight-zone-tower-of-terror/
  4. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    The Plural of Kungaloosh

    I vote Kungaleeshes... because it will be hilarious to try and say it after a couple.
  5. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Nice Recognition

    I don't know about a "big night out" but we really enjoy Boathouse, especially sitting out at the tables on the docks. And if you don't want to break the bank, they've got some great appetizers you can put a meal together out of.
  6. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Painting Classes at Port Orleans

    It's practically perfect! Although I'd love to know that those paintings look like if you start in on the boozy beignets early. LOL
  7. Thanks to Beckers for the heads up on this one!! http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2018/07/10/boozy-beignets-now-at-disney-world/
  8. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Peter Pan Float in the Magic Kingdom

    That I've had and I agree. I think I'm just comparing to the dole whip float where the pineapple soft serve works so well in the juice.
  9. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Painting Classes at Port Orleans

    This looks fun! http://chipandco.com/happily-ever-after-inspired-painting-on-de-bayou-painting-classes-offered-at-port-orleans-314077/
  10. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Peter Pan Float in the Magic Kingdom

    I generally like both, just haven't tried them in a float. I'll have to give it a try. :)
  11. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Peter Pan Float in the Magic Kingdom

    I need to get a first hand Fiend on the Sceneโ„ข review of this one. I'm all for the lime soft serve, but I'm not sure about the sprite. Kinda thinking lemonade might be better?
  12. Hmm... $40 incl tax and gratuity might not be bad depending on what the food/beverage menu looks like. Beer and wine, notsomuch. But considering 2 drinks at Trader Sam's run well over $20+ with tax and gratuity, if it's proper cocktails and decent nibbles, it could actually be a deal.
  13. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    View of Star Wars land from toy story

    Yep. They'll camouflage or hide it somehow. Here's a good example of how they handled Tower of Terror being visible from Epcot.. http://towersecrets.com/see-the-tower-of-terror-from-inside-epcot/
  14. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    NEW Alien Popcorn Bucket at Hollywood Studios

    People. Are. Bonkers. Even if it takes a while, I'd be willing to bet they'll not only be back in stock, but they'll be around for a long time. No way Disney isn't going to capitalize on many months worth of high crowds in TSL by not having these available for purchase.