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  1. That's the tricky part around here as we don't have as many big RV dealers as other parts of the country. When we bought our Open Range (shortly after they first came out) there was only one dealer in this part of the country that even carried them. The closest dealer to us that had our current TT was almost 4 hours away, the next closest was over 10. We went with the closer one, and while we were very impressed with their service department, I'd be really leery of working with their sales dept again. If we need warranty service in the future, they do have a slightly closer dealer, but we have no idea how good their service dept will be to deal with.
  2. You can still put an RV and a tent on a site though - as long as you max out at 10 people or less.
  3. Well that sums it up nicely and demonstrates really well how many of the popular brands come out of just a few manufacturers. In case the link is wonky for anyone...
  4. We've used Tee Time many times over the past 10+ years and have always been pleased with their service.
  5. Also agree. One note from experience - there are a few sites about halfway through the loop on the outside that back up fairly closely to the sidewalk on the main road. This might be a good thing if you want easy access to that sidewalk but if you don't, avoid those sites if you can. In our case we had dogs with us and having people walking by that closely wasn't ideal.
  6. And posted instantly, with random subjective commentary (vs any kind of real and/or objective info), that then takes on a life of it's own and goes viral along with tons of speculation, like some mutant form of of the old telephone game. I remember back in "the old days" (ok maybe 10 years ago) when there were just a handful of forums around and social media wasn't the machine it is now. There were still reports like this, but unless those forums had people on them that spent a significant amount of time in the parks and were actively posting (and you happened to belong to one of those forums) you probably didn't hear about them.
  7. There's a whole lot of they said/they said going on, with lots of accusations being flung back and forth, and in some cases people contradicting themselves in the process of trying to explain/defend their own actions. Throw in the fact that most of what people are hearing is playing out online and over social media, and I doubt we'll ever really know the full, true story.
  8. I love the baby hats! And I can't count the number of baby Yoda crochet patterns people have sent me lately. I've also already heard of people selling patterns getting cease & desists from Disney. Not gonna lie... I am working on my own version for my nephew for Christmas. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  9. Still faster than that parking lot they call I-4?
  10. Ahhhh! Ok, now that does make sense. I'm going with slow news day or someone saw an opportunity for a super click-baity headline.
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