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  1. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Gas Golf Carts no longer allowed?

    From the PDF, this is the entire Private Cart Rules sections... "PRIVATE CART RULES • Follow General Vehicle and General Cart Rules above. • Must be golf style carts; Off-road, ATV, utility or construction-type carts are not permitted. • Must have maximum speed not to exceed 20 MPH. • Must be equipped with head and tail lights to operate after dusk."
  2. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Gas Golf Carts no longer allowed?

    We all know how reliable the answer you get from "the front desk" at the Fort can be (oy) but I haven't heard about any official change in the policy. This is the PDF of the rules sheet on the official Disney site - presumably it's current - and there's no mention of gas carts not being allowed - https://wdpromedia.disney.go.com/media/wdpro-assets/places-to-stay/cabins-at-fort-wilderness/Vehicles_Carts_and_Recreational_Devices_Rules_and_Regulations.pdf
  3. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Golf Cart: to do or not

    Glad you had a good trip! Oh and threads taking a hard left is pretty common around here. LOL We're in NH so for us the Fort isn't just another camping weekend it's typically our annual vacation. We've looked at other options, including renting a beach house up this way in the winter (when it should be cheap, right?) - nothing we've come up with so far stacks up in terms of cost to what we get out of a couple of weeks stay at the Fort. And even comparing camping experiences - the only campground up this way that comes close to the Fort charges only a bit less than the Fort does, and there's not anywhere near as much stuff to do nearby. And I definitely can't take a boat to dinner. So while the costs keeps going up (and yeah, it's a concern but it's happening everywhere) we're still very much in the camp of it being worth it for us.
  4. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Cyber Monday

    That's great - and a steal! We have a smaller, not as spiffy version of that we keep in the trunk of the car. It doesn't get used often but one day not long ago we took a detour on our way back from Boston to ride out rush hour traffic on the beach and it really came in handy! 🙂
  5. They were scanning for the F&G magnets in the spring, but they also had a dedicated location handing them out.
  6. I was driving through town last week and had to resist the urge to follow this guy home... Since they switched to the character version we've been putting ours on the fridge, but we still have the old style oval ones on our cars.
  7. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    River Country

    I thought it sounded like something that was replacing Illuminations at Epcot.
  8. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Good Bye PhotoPass Photographers ?

    This Definitely This The photographers are also good at wrangling everyone to get the best shots. I also wonder how much of a [email protected]#$% this is going to create with lines. CMs do a good job of keeping things moving. If it's up to people to do this on their own I can just imagine groups taking a really long time to get their shots as the line gets longer and longer...
  9. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    New Years Eve Beach party at the Fort

    Good point.
  10. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    They tell you to stand clear of the doors for a reason

  11. There are tables just outside the back of the restaurant that don't float at all, but those tend to fill up first. I don't think the actual bar is floaty, and there are lots of seats at it, but someone correct me if I'm wrong. I can be sensitive to motion sickness and we ate at one of the tables just below the bar area. Our waiter warned us when we sat down but we gave it a shot. Honestly it didn't move all that much except when the boats went by. We noticed it, but it honestly didn't bother me or my SIL who tends to be even more sensitive than I am.
  12. We've eaten at dockside bar a few times now - love it! Even if the restaurant is jammed you can usually snag a spot. Drinks are good and so is the food. We mostly order a few apps/salads to share, but have gotten entrees too and they're yummy. Just one note - the docks down below actually move a bit. Not a crazy amount, but it you are super sensitive to getting seasick, might not be a good choice. I'll also add a +1 on D-Luxe burger. Huge burgers - really tasty and love all the sauces for the fries. We split one of the duos the last time we were there - 2 burgers, fries, 2 drinks for under $30.
  13. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    They tell you to stand clear of the doors for a reason

    Well that makes a heck of a lot more sense than a door randomly fell off on its own.
  14. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Club 33 at Magic Kingdom Construction

    Fixed it.
  15. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Food & Wine

    The drinks at F&W have been getting smaller and more expensive for a while now. Other than the occasional beer or cider flight, we tend to skip them and just go for the regular sized/priced drinks. Back in the good ol' days (ok, not that ol') they used to offer 3 sizes of beers - 4oz tasting, regular 8oz, and then the 11oz in the commemorative plastic stein. The last one was a decent deal by Disney prices when you figure you took something home with you. Needless to say we have cupboard full of those cups in the camper from a few years' trips (and we've given some away - LOL).