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  1. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Dog Park Closed

    LOL! I was actually surprised to find out we've apparently got bunnies in the yard leaving "treats" behind and my dogs don't seem in the least bit interested.
  2. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Dog Park Closed

    Oh dear. Yeah "all natural" fertilizer tends to be really tempting for dogs. Try walking a border collie through a field where sheep have been grazing sometime. Aside from the "face paint" from rolling around, some dogs will totally binge on the free "snacks" . LOL
  3. From Disney Parks Blog... https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/02/first-of-its-kind-play-pavilion-new-park-entrance-part-of-epcots-historic-transformation/?CMP=SOC-DPFY19Q2wo0221190006A&fbclid=IwAR2nX4kUqmJiHWX8mZk2nb5ZvQK7qg97sCf_G9x3lLMyYhuTx7lLBPEZsJE
  4. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Dog Park Closed

    The one thing I would say is that removing the hump will probably make it easier to mow. Oh I am sure everyone does *not* clean up after their pets (sigh). And it really isn't a bad idea to give it a good going over every once in a while. That said, the best way to do that if you don't want to dump a bunch of chemicals on it (which hopefully they don't) is usually to scrape off a layer of topsoil and reseed it.
  5. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Dog Park Closed

    Aw... Bz will not be happy about that. It's her favorite part of the park - she likes to be up high where she can keep tabs on everything going on. It's also where she drags the huge Jolly Ball to beat herself silly with.
  6. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Walmart Grocery Delivery

    The Fort implemented a $5 fee for package deliveries to the Fort a year-ish (?) ago but I don't know if it applies to grocery deliveries too.
  7. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Wooden Musket Mickey Sign

    I just sent you a PM with Warren's email address. Welcome to Fort Fiends!
  8. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    The Lost Jack Russell Named Abby

    I was thinking the same thing.
  9. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Clipped the site sign

    Best flattening of Fort property I ever saw was a class A that was pulling forward to straighten out and plowed smack over a trash can they were too close to and apparently never saw. Luckily it was the older style and it just crumpled. If it was one of the new "bear proof" ones that rig might still be hung up on it.
  10. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    The Lost Jack Russell Named Abby

    Great news!!
  11. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    The Lost Jack Russell Named Abby

    Yep. I blame social media, which has made it a bigger deal to brag about the thing you found and get a few thousand likes than keep enjoying the thing. (and yeah... I find myself sounding more and more like my parents every day... *blurg*)
  12. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Dog Park Closed

    Yes please! Although Lyn would be content with 4,219 balls, 79 frisbees, some frisky chipmunks and a kiddie pool.
  13. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Dog Park Closed

    Hopefully it's a quickie - otherwise that's going to be a heck of a bummer for people bringing dogs that were counting on the park being open. I am super curious what "enhancements" will be added.... ball launcher? swimming pool? endless supply of frisbees? importing a flock (herd? squadron?) of squirrels to run circles around the place for entertainment? Seriously I'd be happy with a few more trees and moving the picnic tables out of the sun.
  14. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    The Lost Jack Russell Named Abby

    Seriously. And I'd be willing to bet that he did indeed get trespassed. Partly for actually doing this, and partly for encouraging others by posting on the interwebz. *smh*
  15. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    The Lost Jack Russell Named Abby

    Yeah even up this way the dog recovery groups have to deal with trapping things other than the dog they're after. Possums are a challenge, and skunks are... um, fun. They mostly make it work by monitoring and resetting the traps regularly (including setting up cameras), but that requires time and manpower pretty much every single day. According to them the longer a dog is out roaming, the less likely it is that they'll come to anyone, even someone that's feeding them. There have been a few cases where someone feeding the dog had a fenced yard and was able to close a gate and snag them, but the majority of the dogs they recover are trapped - some that have even been on the loose for many many months. That settles it. I'm going to conveniently "go missing" after WWW. I'm taking a spoon with me - please leave your crockpots on the picnic table unlocked.