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  1. Ivy

    Story Book Dining at Artist Point

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your photos! Looks like a wonderful time!
  2. Ivy

    Our Fort Christmas Display

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Ivy

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    Gwen, so sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you continue to improve and get to enjoy the rest of your vacation. I look forward to seeing your photos and reading about the rest of your visit.
  4. Ivy

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    That chocolate mousse looks amazing! Really enjoying your photos, thanks.
  5. Ivy

    42 hours in Florida

    Great photos! Glad it was such a fun time for you both! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Ivy

    Random Pics from our Halloween Trip

    Yes, I totally agree, your set up is awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing your photos! I am amazed at all the Halloween decorations at the fort. A whole lot of creativity and work went into those. I am sorry to hear about pecos bills. We always enjoyed the hamburger there.
  7. Nice decorations! Thanks for sharing the photos!
  8. Ivy

    There And Back Again

    Looking forward to more about your trip. Hope you share some photos too!
  9. No, I can not see the photos either.
  10. Thanks for the tip!🙂 I have seen all the photos in the Trip Reports, and the waffle looks delicious. Can't wait to try it!
  11. Thanks so much for all the information! I am looking forward to trying the waffle with fruit. I know my son will be trying the sweet and spicy chicken waffle. Thanks for the recommendation!
  12. Does everyone have to go through bag check, even if you have your things in your pockets and no bag? Can a disney gift card be used for the food and wine booths? Do they still serve the fruit and nutella waffle that many of you post photos of. Where is this located? And about how much do they cost? Thanks
  13. Ivy

    Abridged report

    Thanks for the report. Enjoyed reading.