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  1. Thanks for sharing your photos from your trip. I really enjoyed the report.
  2. Enjoying the update! Looks like a lot of fun.
  3. Thanks for sharing! I love all your photos.
  4. Oh, that's good, thanks! I was getting a little worried, : )
  5. I have park hopper tickets that I bought last June from AAA. I had a trip planned for September,2018, but had to cancel due to my mother's health. So,.. I am planning to use these in July of this year. (Was planning on August,, before I knew about Star Wars land) Probably going to cancel August 29th reservations now. My question is: Are these tickets going to be good in July? I was reading that ticket prices are different at peak times.
  6. Looking forward to hearing about the weekend.
  7. Ha! This thread is very interesting (and funny to me) ! I only have had cats. And they don't do the stinky snacks. I never knew dogs did that, until a few years ago. I had scooped my cats litter one day and had sat it on the porch to put in the trash can outside. I use brown lunch bags to put it in. So I go out a few minutes later and my neighbors dog is out there in it chomping away. I am like freaking out, afraid the dog is going to end up sick. I call the neighbor and she's like, yeah no big deal he does that all the time. I was like oh, okay. 😂
  8. Thanks Carol, that is a good suggestion. I had not thought of doing that. We usually have to get up, way too early, lol, on check out day to head home. Staying later sounds good though.
  9. In the past, when we have vacationed at Disney, we usually stay overnight in Valdosta, on the way down. Then on the way home to KY, we usually drive the 15 hours home. We are not as young anymore and may want to stay overnight someplace on the way home too. Can anyone recommend a nice hotel that is past Atlanta on North i75?
  10. That is good news! Yep, I may have a couple during our trip in August. Lol!
  11. Can you still get a dole whip float at the MK? Are those available anywhere else?
  12. Is there a date for the opening?
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