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  1. I would like one of the "Missing the Mouse", thanks.
  2. I agree. Me neither. I have a trip planned for the beginning of September, but will probably cancel that.
  3. Ivy

    Short but sweet!

    I enjoyed reading about your adventures, thanks for sharing!
  4. Hi I also have a ticket question. I saw in December, Disney was offering half day tickets. I looked and could not find that option now. Has this expired? Any idea if they will bring this back again? Thanks
  5. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip! Your [email protected] and tent set up looks great!
  6. Looks like a lot of fun and a great trip! Thanks for sharing!
  7. The buffet looked really good, especially the dessert bar! I loved your daughters one jelly bean, too cute. It looks like you all had a great time! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Nope, wasn't there, and very glad of it 😀! Yeah, not sure I will be getting on the skyliner....
  9. Thanks everyone! If we have the time, we may check it out.
  10. What boat did you take from Epcot to HW studios? I was thinking, on our next trip, doing the Skyliner from HW studios to Epcot also. I didn't know you could ride a boat between the two.
  11. Thanks, TCD for your review! If it is a short ride, it may not be too bad riding in the summer. But being stopped for a long period of time would be not be pleasant. I will be interested to see how often they get stopped and for how long.
  12. We just happened to walk by Cosmic Rays, on our recent trip, didn't know anything about it. Enjoyed the food and the Sonny Eclipse show. Came back from our trip and enjoyed your daughters review, plan to try the burger on our next trip. She did a great job!
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