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  1. I am enjoying reading about your trip. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I enjoyed your trip report! Sounds like you made great memories with your family. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thank you for the TR. I enjoyed reading about all of your adventures! Very sorry for your loss.🌹
  4. I am enjoying reading about your trip, thanks for sharing! We walked a few trails on one of our past trips, it was a nice and peaceful walk. We enjoyed it.
  5. I don't do Facebook or any social media other than forums. I have always enjoyed the forum platform, (but sadly for me, lol.) there aren't many active forums left.
  6. I have enjoyed all the Trip Reports and fun posts from everyone that posted them, whether it was Disney related or not. And I appreciated the time and effort they put in them. A big Thank You! I hope more people will come back and share their trips and other interesting info going forward. This forum has always had the most friendly and respectful people. I am honored to be a part.🙂
  7. Happy Birthday Olivia!
  8. I am glad your surgery went well. I hope your recovery is going smoothly. I just finished reading and enjoying all your photos. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us! The empty riverbed really looks ugly. I was thinking they drained it not too long ago. I am surprised it is drained again. I liked your stealthy photo in the Runaway railroad. I think it is neat to see some of the behind the scenes things. Looking forward to getting to ride that some day.
  9. Great photos! The lights look amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂
  10. I agree with you, I don't particularly like the new paint colors. I think I read somewhere that it is just for the 50th celebration. But I am not sure about that.
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