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  1. Get breakfast to go from the French bakery in Epcot. Then walk over to the Skyline and eat your breakfast in the air.
  2. Well we have called it the Fort for years, I guess it's fitting now that they are getting rid of the wilderness. So sad.
  3. I noticed the same thing when we're there last I just thought it was our bands not working
  4. I would be surprised if they used the old equipment. Much simpler to have a company install new equipment with fresh hardware. Then having someone try to reassemble 20 plus year old hardware, and the cost of new equipment would be nothing to Disney when you factor that in. But who knows I am not running the place and Disney is far from logical at times.
  5. That's wonderful if they just put swings in all will be right in the world again (at least in my daughters eyes)
  6. Thank you. I agree Disney is great for making family memories, I have a lot of them and I love looking at the photos and videos from past trips.
  7. History repeats itself 11 years later and now my daughter will miss the swings😟
  8. This is short clips from 3 different days of our last trip at MK.
  9. No I wish they did, unless they added some lately.
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