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  1. Oh and congrats on the new trailer it looks nice. The trailer we bought last year we went the other direction 4' longer and about 2,500 pounds more. But tows just as good as the last one. We are up to 40' now plus the truck.
  2. When we traded in one of our trailers they did look at it, but not very well. One of the service technicians asked me what's wrong with it. I told him nothing that I know of. He said good enough for him. And we were actually pulling out with our new trailer when they started to look at it.
  3. There are a lot of reasons I stay with trailers over motor homes, but that is one of them. To much stuff in the cab of a motor home to come flying at you.
  4. So now people on vacation will also hide from storm troopers.
  5. I can't remember if this was mentioned but the pony rides have now been moved to the front by the trail rides. They did a nice job but the old location looked better.

    River Country

    Just got back from a week and a half at the Fort. So far the construction does not cause any problems for camping. But not saying it's a pretty site.

    200 Loop Repaved

    We looped through the 200 last week with out a single camper in it. It was strange.
  8. Ram has a new blue that looks good in the sport package, but I will stick with white or get grey, our trailer is grey with black and white graphics. So I don't think a blue dully would look that good pulling it.
  9. I don't know why I thought it was blue.

    River Country

    Can't change it, can't stop it, enjoy it while you can, that's my plan.

    River Country

    Well isn't all that just charming. Thanks for the update.

    We’re Done

    Been a A.P. holder since 2003.

    We’re Done

    I've been turned away at the Contemporary and the Poly and we're staying at the the Fort.

    Skyliner Update

    Lol, probably