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  1. Lol, me to. I did lose some sunglasses on Thunder Mountain though.
  2. Your welcome thanks for watching. I always wanted to do a trip report but never did so these short videos are as close as I will get.
  3. Thank you. She really does. My wife says she wasn't like that as a kid, I think I may have been a little, but my daughter out shines me. But don't tell her I said that.☺️
  4. Congratulations. Hope it works out for you. Even the Fort with problems is better than no Fort. If the new rig can pull it I would go with the f150 and put a golf cart in the bed. Have fun what ever you do.
  5. Will do, thank you, she has a lot of fun making videos.
  6. So glad to hear a positive outcome for your family with the back surgery. Back pain is horrible I am so happy she found some relief.
  7. I never thought of that. But your very kind in saying so, thank you.
  8. Thank you. She is so animated. It's always fun with her I just wish I had more energy. She never runs out of it.
  9. This is our daughters review about the Mickey Cheeseburger she did this all on her own. But I agree with her it is good.
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