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  1. We went during spring break I think it was a little cheaper and we were 1 row back from the beach. To me it was not a campground. It was more of a place to park your camper and be able to walk places down the beach and drink a beer. It was fun.
  2. Go rent a cabin on motel on a river then you will see high. But I agree $100.00 a night is to much for a camp site. When we stayed a Camp Gulf 3 years ago that was crazy high. Although now I think it's about what the Fort cost.
  3. Thanks. Not looking forward to teen years but honestly I think they will be fun with her.
  4. Thanks, I made a deal with her not to get it, I took her horse back riding at the Fort instead.
  5. This is from our last trip, as a adult that is over 6' it's funny to watch a video filmed at a kids height and see things at there level. Reminds me of being a kid.
  6. I like all of it. Just wish they would do a nice cap. The last cap the patch was way to big.
  7. I didn't realize my wife got me not paying attention to the fountain machine. It's towards the end.
  8. I didn't either because my wife edits the videos and I see it when it hits YouTube.
  9. Thanks for all the kind words. My wife and daughter are having all kinds of fun making videos. And it's about as close as I will ever get to doing a trip report.
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