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  1. It's cool but I wouldn't really want it. Now if it was a 4x4 sitting on 40" mud grips that would be another story.
  2. I agree but my kid likes them so I watch them with her, and as they make her laugh and smile it makes me ok with them. After all there made for kids.
  3. It should have been done 2 weeks ago along with WDW. Until April first.
  4. She would prefer to play with her dog at the park over that.
  5. That really seems like a waste of space to me. Swings would have been better, but I know they can't charge for swinging.
  6. I am ok with the BP system. I just wish they would keep the park open late enough to guarantee everyone a ride that day if they got there within the first hour of park opening.
  7. We checked in on 1/4 and didn't hit DHS until Monday the 6th. It was opening at 7a.m. then. We parked our truck at 5:27 a.m. and got in line. We stood just past where you would buy tickets. They let us in the park about 6:30 and walked us back towards GE, then a cast member started telling us how it would work. He said open the app at 6:59 and then at 7 we could try for the boarding pass. We got 32. Part of the whole way Disney is doing the boarding pass to me is they figured out a way to create hype. The only way you can ride is if you are there first thing in the morning and you have to stay a good part of the day to ride. And thanks to all the vloggers every one has to ride it. Disney always wins.
  8. It seems like it has only gotten harder to get on the ride since we were there the first 2 weeks of January. I used a iPhone xr on sprint service with no problems. We did it once both weeks.
  9. I know so many people that have quit going, and the place is more packed then ever.
  10. Agreed and the earlier 2000's were even better.
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