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  1. I agree I think I paid $140 for 3 years. My daughter loves it and it's nice to have a streaming service that has family entertainment. We can always find a movie to watch on the weekend. We also have Netflix and prime video, never watch either one.
  2. So all these years the only thing we needed to fix the Fort was a pandemic.
  3. I just saw yesterday they threw a guy out of the parks because he refused to wear a mask.
  4. Thanks. It should be cooler when we go so we will probably just eat out side.
  5. So how was that eating inside? My wife isn't really wanting to eat inside yet we have figured out the whole trip where we won't eat inside. (Although with my job I am sure I have been in worse situations) Was there a lot of people eating inside?
  6. While I do agree a lot has been cut from the parks, even so with what a Fla resident pays for a AP it's still a bargain compared to what the rest of the country pays when they come for just a week. To be honest if the parks would have reopened in the cooler months with those short wait times I would have already been there. But I won't do Disney in the summer anymore. But Fall is calling my name.
  7. Glad your girls are doing ok. I am always amazed that I see them when we are there. Although i don't think they recognize me anymore.
  8. Wifi should be good , people do decorate the cabins. I haven't stayed in a cabin in 20 years though. Enjoy your trip. Disney is a good place to vacation if you have a disability. My dad spent 20 years in a wheelchair and we had a lot of fun together at Disney, especially Fortwilderness.
  9. Thanks, we still have some time to wait before we go.
  10. Really looking forward to our upcoming stay. Even a limited Disney is better then the real world right now.
  11. Thanks, so sad we will miss riding bikes, and walking to the lodge.
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