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    River Country

    Well that will smell great, 700 loop will now be know as the brown loop.

    Another Change at Trail's End Takeout

    This thread has really gone off the rails.

    Mickey bars coming to the grocery store?!?!

    Checked our stores tonight no mickey bars.

    Mickey bars coming to the grocery store?!?!

    Nothing wrong with that. Our last trip I brought $20.00 in cupcakes back to my friend and his wife. I have the ARB fridge freezer. It been running non stop for 2 years now. We love it.

    Mickey bars coming to the grocery store?!?!

    I think the most we ever brought back was 6 but I have refused to buy the since they went to $5.00

    Mickey bars coming to the grocery store?!?!

    Dining plan or did you spend $200.00 on ice cream?

    Another Change at Trail's End Takeout

    Well at least there consistent.

    2019 ticket price increase

    Just saw the Disney land premier pass went to $1,949.00 Boing Boing: Ahead of new Star Wars land, Disneyland raises pass prices by up to 25%. https://boingboing.net/2019/01/06/winner-take-all.html
  9. The week they mentioned in March is Texas spring break week it's packed. We won't do it again. We did it the last 2 years.
  10. The times you mentioned we did both last year. Spring break is packed there are lines for everything but the weather is perfect. End of May first part of June still lines but not as bad, but then it's getting warm/hot that time of year. But any time at Disney is still fun enjoy.
  11. I couldn't agree more.
  12. 2018 was expensive for us as well new siding on the house, new roof, then had it painted. Then the camper got totaled, owed more then it was worth. Swore I was done with campers. Then went to disney stayed in a resort and told my wife i would rather stay home then stay in a motel again. Then bought another camper 2 months later. Then we lost one of our biggest contracts at work. All that said we went to Disney a total of 3 times and had a blast. Except spring break it was so packed I swore I would never go back during that time. But the Fort was great.
  13. 2019 is going to be the first year we skip in a very long time. We may go in 2020 but time will tell. I started looking at the cost and while my trip doesn't hit $5,000.00 it gets close enough for me to look at what we have been spending on Disney trips and realize it's costing a lot more then it used to. I do think Disney is starting to price out to many people. I may be out in a few years my self if the price keeps going up.
  14. Just saw this on yahoo news. https://amp.businessinsider.com/disney-world-expensive-middle-class-2018-12