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    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    I didn't realize this was a running trip report. I'm in now. Look like your having a great time.
  2. 2015 was the last year we did thanksgiving at Disney just because of how busy it was. We just started taking our kid out of school for a week then going different times during the year we didn't have any problems. When staying at the fort we do MK the same way. We will go over about 10 do our fast passes eat lunch, leave about 4 or 5 grab some food at the fort, I will have a couple beers then go back about 7 catch the fireworks and do emh.
  3. We always get one for each of us.

    Disney's Discovery Lodge, not River Country

    You need to hit that guy up for the 411 then keep it on the down low here on fort fiends. (For some reason I thought it would be fun to talk like a annoying kid from the 90's)
  5. That's how I felt about our spring break trip it was packed at the parks so bad that I said I would not do spring break again. But June and September were nice just to hot.

    River Country

    I really don't know what Disney is thinking on this one. Maybe brown paint guy can get a job there and improve the look.
  7. That's where we keep ours, sadly this will be the first one we don't get in quite awhile, but it looks kinda goofy anyway.
  8. I agree it's has gotten to expensive and we are also going to have to take a time out from Disney. Not that we want to(its really the only place we like to vacation) we did 4 trips on our AP''s with in a year, a lot of house expenses, plus camper repairs, then totalled the camper (owed more then it was worth) then bought another camper. Disney has gotten to expensive, but I won't call it a rip off. Do I wish the campsites were still $35.00 a night maybe the cheap side of me says yes, but can you imagine trying to get a site if they were still that cheap. I know several families that Disney has already priced out, and it's not like they are poor people. I know people that own DVC and can't afford to use them. I am hoping our break from Disney will just be a little over a year, but if it has to be longer so be it, and by the time we go back there will be a lot of new stuff.
  9. Let's say you just rolled in, in your $500,000.00 diesel pusher you check in they tell your golf cart is right over there, have a magical day. That guy is going to say how nice that they have these for us. Just because they cost more money then you or I want to spend on them does not make them a rip off. Every one sees value in something from different points of view. Some people say WDW is to expensive of a vacation others say it's magical and the best trip they ever had. You can't call the golf carts a rip off just because they are expensive to you. You are told the price up front, and you get a cart like they say you will. It's up to each person to decide if it's right for them. In fact they are quite a bargain compared to buying your own cart $5,000 toy hauler $40,000 1ton truck $55,000 (and those numbers are all on the low side). So $100,000 to get a personal cart to the for for your 1 week trip. Or rent the Disney cart for $600.00 looks like a Disney cart is a bargain to me.

    Another Change at Trail's End Takeout

    We had the chili back in June from the take out menu it was good

    Disney's Discovery Lodge, not River Country

    From a company that themes everything so well, it's just hard to believe that they are doing this. It's not a bad looking resort there just building it in the wrong spot. This should be built over on the side of BLT. They should of had a theme of a old loging mill on a river, converted into a resort. They cold have named it River Country Lodging

    Good Bye PhotoPass Photographers ?

    It also eliminates the "can you take our picture with our phone" so now you have to buy there's. The Mouse needs more cheese.
  13. That I wouldn't know, I have always brought my own. Sorry to hear that.