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  1. lightbikes

    River Country

    Good plan - I like that
  2. So a 4 hour limit, kick people out AFTER they've dropped a small fortune on the fancy new food and drinks, but will not have had a hope in HE double hockey sticks of getting on a ride - and wave the Mickey Mitt at them telling them to come back soon. It's all about the Disney $$$$$$$
  3. lightbikes

    River Country

    We don't have a golf cart but we can ride our bikes and hold a lance !!!!!
  4. HOLEY SMOKEOLY !!! I am soooo happy my girls are now 40+ and wouldn't want this and my only granddaughter is now 21 and has already vowed to never have a Disney Wedding. (her mother made her promise that)
  5. lightbikes

    River Country

    Thanks for the pics TCD -and to all the Fiends who are keeping us up to date on this mess. But oh it is so depressing to watch this happen to the Fort.
  6. Big Sigh!!!! I sooo miss Pleasure Island.
  7. lightbikes

    Hey Mo! What’s good to eat?

    I would second this - and as a second choice (or your second night) Blaze Pizza - it is delicious.
  8. lightbikes


    Well I guess now that pins are getting as pricey as everything else at Disney maybe they will resort to showcases like the glass ones they use for the LEs.
  9. lightbikes


    Saw the locks at the Disney Springs pin shop and also in the Fantasia Shop at Contemporary when we were down in December/January. I guess there was too. much "shrinkage"
  10. lightbikes

    Am I crazy for contemplating this?

    We always bring our toaster oven too - it's a Convection Kitchen Aid one that I thought was overly expensive when we bought it but has let me feed 6-8 people in a DVC studio so it's more than paid for itself!!!
  11. Why am I hearing the Wall-E sound track all of a sudden?????
  12. lightbikes

    MK Commemorative Bricks for Sale

    I was thinking the same thing. I have a Minnie and Micky garden statue I got at Flower and Garden years ago that I would put the brick with.
  13. lightbikes

    River Country

    In spades!!!
  14. lightbikes

    River Country

    I just filled my glass (straight up) to write this - as TCD said this is a huge FU to everyone at the Fort. As usual Disney's bean counters have done their calculations and realize there is major money to be made here. Just think of the Hoop-Dee-Doo being the new "show" like the Polynesia! Instead of booking an OWB now you can book a houseboat, anchored at your own private island! No doubt room service can be delivered right to your door! Hot tubs to watch the fireworks at Wilderness Lodge? Nope, your own tub on your own boat! There isn't enough alcohol in my house to get through this! Damn I am sad. (and my glass is now empty)
  15. lightbikes

    River Country

    Terrified that you are right!