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  1. That is too bad, there were some nice little restaurants in there.
  2. That's just convoluted and confusing enough to be something that the bean counters would come up with. And since I'm in the "if you have to ask" category I shudder to think what it would cost.
  3. I find this such a short-sighted move by Disney. Not surprising given their penny pinching but really short-sighted. One of the main reasons we bought into DVC was to be able to come down when we retired and stay at the Fort. We would then book a DVC resort, have our kids fly in and join us on their one week break, and then we'd go back to the Fort until it was time to come home. For the past 5 years, since we stopped staying at the Fort we've still done that. Booked DVC, had the kids fly in, we'd park hop like crazy using EMH and they'd fly home. I suspect we aren't the only
  4. This makes me depressed - every time we went to Epcot we ate at either Spice Table or the Tangerine - and every year I brought home their spice mixtures to give a gifts and for myself. I do hope Disney doesn't change everything but in keeping with everything else they have done they probably will.
  5. It would be nice if this did a 50th Anniversary license plate frame as well. That way people from other states/provinces could get one to use around our plates.
  6. Because destroying the union is a sure way to drive down the wages and leave "More money for the executives and shareholders," - as if 2020 hasn't been bad enough watching what is happening to all the cart members we've come to know over the years is so depressing
  7. Of course because why would they ever bother compensating people for the work they do.- unless you're an executive !!!
  8. This has been building for a long time. It started in subtle, quiet ways, just a little less service here or there at the Fort, not being able to resolve an issue/25 people on a site on weekends; fewer people behind the counter at the restaurants or clearing tables; a couple of staff less in the Emporium or World of Disney when you were shopping; more people getting fast passes than the system could handle; less gardening here or there; and higher prices for everything. As TCD notes; cut the parades, cut the fireworks, cut away anything they can. All small things by themselves but they ha
  9. I was close to 90 minutes on hold yesterday - killed the battery in two of the handsfree phones before I finally got through. I cancelled our APs but they were not able to tell me how much the refund would be, or how they would be calculated, or even when we would receive them. We really debated what to do about this because our passes would have been good until May 2, 2021. However we live in Canada and a trip down is not cheap, even though we haven't stayed on property for 5 years because of how much the Fort costs now. That didn't mean we didn't spend a bundle, between meals, snacks
  10. Oh dear - that is just so sad to look at. The idea of a massive new resort was bad enough to begin with and now just leaving everything is one big mess is so depressing. Just another reason to not go back, more of Disney management's style now. Thank you TCD
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