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  1. lightbikes

    Am I crazy for contemplating this?

    We've been DVC members since 1998. Do we feel we got our monies worth? Yes by and large. There are some serious disadvantages that have been noted above. We have tried several times to use our points at the Fort. Success rate: once out of 8 or 9 attempts. Pretty bad odds. We did the three year, carry over/use/borrow to use three years of points to do an Adventures by Disney trip. We still only had enough points to pay for one of us and had to do the cash for the second. Again, not a great payback. We've been told that using points to do a cruise with Disney is a terrible waste but we're not big cruisers so that's not important. On the other hand we have used our points to stay, with as many as 10 of us, in the villas, or two bedrooms, over Christmas at least five times and that has been amazing. Could not have done it for the cost and convenience. Pretty easy. We've taken friends down for two week stays and been able to get accessible rooms for them with no problems that were lovely and delighted them. We have also used our points to stay at Disneyland in California, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Again, well worth the cost. And, from our perspective we have traded into RCI frequently. We did a month in Hawaii, 1 week at Aulani with Disney, then one week on each of three islands with RCI. A perfect, cheap vacation. Our only costs were food and the car rental. We've used our points with RCI in New Orleans, San Francisco, New Zealand, Australia and South America. Again, great value for what the exchange costs. We are currently planning to use our points next year for Disneyland Paris and a couple of weeks in Paris and Rome. You probably really need to analyze how your like to travel and what your needs are but for us we do feel we've at least broke even.
  2. lightbikes

    Fort wilderness wedding

    Sorry LMAO - I don't think magical - I think MYTICAL !!!!!! And the day we can get either of those campsites I'll start to believe in unicorns 😂
  3. lightbikes

    Big EPCOT Rumor UPDATED 6/12/18

    Put me on the loving Illuminations side - especially at Christmas -
  4. lightbikes

    New MB Designs... and color

    Me too - my account is a mess with all the deactivated ones.
  5. Peacocks as support animals???? As my grandkids say "no frickn way" !!!!!
  6. lightbikes

    Club 33....get your checkbooks out

    I agree. Stark, raving mad. In a million years I can't imagine spending $40K for something so useless.
  7. As a Canadian I would like to see a discount on camping rates at the Fort for us. I'll bring down a bunch of flags and collar pins!!!! You all can come stay with us and become honarary Canadians.
  8. We have never been to Dollywood, based on your pictures I think it may be something we have to look at. Especially the cinnamon bread - thanks for the details
  9. lightbikes

    Leotards for dogs?

    Beyond weird Right up there with just plain nuts!
  10. Couldn't agree MORE!!!!!!! Maybe I am just cheap, but this is nuts - just how many more ways can they find to empty peoples pockets? Never mind, I am sure they can think of gazillions.
  11. That looks really good - I never thought of asking for that. I wonder it they'd do that at any of the other restaurants?
  12. lightbikes

    The Edison Opens

    Thank you for the photos - this place looks kind of "steampunk"?????
  13. Again I say, while shaking head, some people and their pets are truly strange. AND I am so sorry you didn't ask where Tennille was - would have loved to hear that answer!!!!
  14. Like any good parents, they wrapped baby up in a towel. It has been my observation on several occassions (especially when I am at WDW) that some individuals have a very strange relationship with their dogs. To the point that some seem to be treated better then many children. (shaking head in confusion) Love your trip report - but have after three days of all that food I'd gain 20 lbs and be wadling off the ship !!!