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  1. Nope - no need for a party barge, but I'd love the globe !!!!!
  2. I wonder if that is because England has some kind of strange maritime law that allows seafarers not to pay taxes on their income? I remember being told about it on a Royal Carribean cruise once by a crew member.
  3. I find this both nice, but incredibly sad! It's terrific of Disney, and all the other companies to do these things. HOWEVER, I find the simple fact that the hospital workers, doctors, nurses, EMS folks need to rely on rain ponchos for protection, literally around the world, is unbearably depressing.
  4. I would so be up for that - I used to love watching sunrise from the beach.
  5. We loved that excursion when we did it a couple of years ago - absolutely wonderful.. So glad you enjoyed it.
  6. Never mind my kids the only way I will see this is on video. There is ZERO chance of us ever, ever, in a million years of dreams ever doing this. Translated to Cdn $$ that is $10K - never going to happen.
  7. This one bugs me a lot - gone with the wind!!! Everything I loved the most just keeps disappearing
  8. Nope I agree - or a swinging rope bridge like they have for the Animal Kingdom backstage tours over the alligators. I think the grade over by Boardwalk is pretty good, but yes it would need to be a really long run.
  9. They could just do a bridge like the one from Boardwalk over to the International Gateway. It would have to be higher to allow for the floats but that might be the cheapest solution.
  10. So a 4 hour limit, kick people out AFTER they've dropped a small fortune on the fancy new food and drinks, but will not have had a hope in HE double hockey sticks of getting on a ride - and wave the Mickey Mitt at them telling them to come back soon. It's all about the Disney $$$$$$$
  11. We don't have a golf cart but we can ride our bikes and hold a lance !!!!!
  12. HOLEY SMOKEOLY !!! I am soooo happy my girls are now 40+ and wouldn't want this and my only granddaughter is now 21 and has already vowed to never have a Disney Wedding. (her mother made her promise that)
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