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  1. lightbikes

    MK Commemorative Bricks for Sale

    I was thinking the same thing. I have a Minnie and Micky garden statue I got at Flower and Garden years ago that I would put the brick with.
  2. lightbikes

    River Country

    In spades!!!
  3. lightbikes

    River Country

    I just filled my glass (straight up) to write this - as TCD said this is a huge FU to everyone at the Fort. As usual Disney's bean counters have done their calculations and realize there is major money to be made here. Just think of the Hoop-Dee-Doo being the new "show" like the Polynesia! Instead of booking an OWB now you can book a houseboat, anchored at your own private island! No doubt room service can be delivered right to your door! Hot tubs to watch the fireworks at Wilderness Lodge? Nope, your own tub on your own boat! There isn't enough alcohol in my house to get through this! Damn I am sad. (and my glass is now empty)
  4. lightbikes

    River Country

    Terrified that you are right!
  5. lightbikes

    River Country

    I think the settlement is going to be lost and I'm wondering about the 100 loop and maybe even 200 and 300? Or 400? I remember reading the 700 loop would go but holy crap!! Just how big is the footprint for this monstrosity??? Those buildings beyond Pioneer Hall look to be considerably larger than the old store? And there looks to be two parking areas? It's hard to judge when I blow it up.
  6. lightbikes

    River Country

    I don't know if I should cry or throw up. This is enormous. Someone earlier was talking about how may more people will be there - this looks like 5,000 or 6,000 capacity easily. And when did the cabins get added? I don't remember them from any earlier proposals?
  7. lightbikes

    Poor Bobby Iger.. :(

    Lordy yes!!!! I'd be able to afford to camp at the Fort again.
  8. lightbikes

    Poor Bobby Iger.. :(

    You are likely right - and that makes it all even sadder
  9. lightbikes

    River Country

    Us too - last time we walked through the Fort (haven't stayed on property in 3 years) and looked at everything that had changed we just felt sad
  10. lightbikes

    Poor Bobby Iger.. :(

    With all the stupid/depressing/miserable/[email protected]@@/petty/destructive things that have been happening at WDW under his watch the fact that he would be paid that kind of money is just depressing. Only the bean counters are smiling
  11. lightbikes

    Good Bye PhotoPass Photographers ?

    This is what I call dumb and dumber - what stupid bean counter came up with this idea!!!!!
  12. lightbikes

    River Country

    I agree - and you are right - everything that we valued about the Fort and WDW just seems to be slipping away. It feels like a snowball going downhill - faster and faster and faster -
  13. lightbikes

    Get your checkbooks out!

    Nope - never happening - holy smoke!!!!! I can remember when we could stay at the Fort, including our tickets, for two months for that kind of $$$$$$.
  14. lightbikes

    Disney's Discovery Lodge, not River Country

    Neither have we. The only thing we ever get is the magazine and our tax bill - they never forget that. I just hope it doesn't mean they are going to put some "villas" out on Discovery Island.