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  1. So Bob Chapek said the quiet part out loud according to an item on one of the Disney news boards. Apparently the replacement for Annual Passes at Disneyland will be a "park loyalty" or "frequent visitor program". As many on these boards have commented in the past we know it's all about how much is being spent in the parks and evidently the Disneyland Annal Passholders weren't spending enough and the Annual Pass program wasn't returning enough money to the shareholders. I have been increasingly irritated over the past 6-7 years about how Annual Passholders (and DVC Members) were continu
  2. Actually the term "dumb as posts" comes to mind ! Given they can't read the signs on the posts they just passed!
  3. Now this could be really exciting for us. Assuming Canadians will finally be allowed to cross the border my daughter has booked a campsite for eight of us to actually go to the Fort in January 2022. We have a new family member who has never been to WDW! And we (hubby and I) haven't stayed at the Fort in over 4 years. At this point all our fingers are crossed!!!
  4. You are correct. I do not do Facebook either. I only follow three forums and this is one of them. I would be very sorry to lose this one. Even though I do not post very often I check it regularly just to follow the news of WDW and the Fort. Although we haven't stayed at the Fort in years, largely due to the cost, we always do several visits there when we are in the area if only to chat to the CMs we have met over the years or catch a meal or visit with friends who might be staying there. I would be sorry to see this forum migrate to Facebook.
  5. Oh lordy you are probably right - I never even thought of that. I was just being wistful. And probably delusional too! LOL
  6. It is probably a reflection of my age but an item about expanding the Main Street Confectionary caught my eye and I couldn't help but wonder if maybe, if they take over the hat shop, if it wouldn't be a lovely opportunity to bring back a certain cinnamon bun? A small revival of the Main Street Bakery? Perhaps in honour of the 50th As I said, it's a probably a reflection of age but that WOULD be a reason to celebrate ! (PS I know a certain large corporation up the street would likely not be happy about that)
  7. That's just sad. IT's really unfortunate that CMs are only trying to do their jobs, as determined by their employer, and getting abused for it.
  8. That is too bad, there were some nice little restaurants in there.
  9. That's just convoluted and confusing enough to be something that the bean counters would come up with. And since I'm in the "if you have to ask" category I shudder to think what it would cost.
  10. I find this such a short-sighted move by Disney. Not surprising given their penny pinching but really short-sighted. One of the main reasons we bought into DVC was to be able to come down when we retired and stay at the Fort. We would then book a DVC resort, have our kids fly in and join us on their one week break, and then we'd go back to the Fort until it was time to come home. For the past 5 years, since we stopped staying at the Fort we've still done that. Booked DVC, had the kids fly in, we'd park hop like crazy using EMH and they'd fly home. I suspect we aren't the only
  11. This makes me depressed - every time we went to Epcot we ate at either Spice Table or the Tangerine - and every year I brought home their spice mixtures to give a gifts and for myself. I do hope Disney doesn't change everything but in keeping with everything else they have done they probably will.
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