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  1. Couldn't agree more. We were there in January and it was so disappointing. It was our first stay at the Fort in almost 5 years and I don't see us coming back again any time soon. The whole Disney Genie, Genie + and Individual Lighting Lane arrangement is a disaster. It is expensive beyond belief for a family of 4, and the Disney IT structure keeps stalling or failing completely. Not to mention that it burns through your phone's battery like lightning. We resorted to taking turns getting in standby for the rides we really wanted to do while the others did bathroom breaks and the le
  2. Can I please get a job there? - nobody has to pay me - I will take my salary in Cinnamon Rolls !!!!!!!
  3. Sorry TCD - I asked that as a sarcastic question. I do realize that he is exactly what the company wants right now. I just think it's sad
  4. So just saw this on Disney news blog: Disney CEO Bob Chapek Pulled from Destination D23 Appearance Out of Fear Disney Fans Would Boo Him - When the presentations for this weekend’s Destination D23 event at Walt Disney World were posted back in July, the event was set to kick-off with an in-person welcome from Disney CEO Bob Chapek. This welcome was quietly removed from all announcements in the weeks following, and is now nowhere to be seen on the schedule. Since July, the CEO has been under scrutiny from a fair amount of people, from the Hollywood elite, to plain-old day guests
  5. That's going to be us in January - doing it old school. I've already pointed out to everyone we can take turns getting in the standby lines while the others go for bathroom breaks or sitting down for a rest. There will be 7 of us, spread over three generations and everything we've look at about this whole Genie, Genie+, and the extra purchase rides just looks like a way to force us through the parks the way Disney wants us to go, not the way we want to spend our day. Add to that it is a blatant money grab. You can always count on Disney to find another revenue stream. Plus when we
  6. Not stupid at all and not illiterate. It's our memories that are the most important to us, they sustain us, and they become more so as we grow older. The biggest disappointment we have about Disney now is how they have eroded that magic to the point you can't find it anymore. Yes, the ugly price increases have priced us out of many of the things we used to do, like going to the Christmas Party and Halloween, and even staying on property, but I think the really really harsh part is the disappearance of the magic. The Disney emphasize on maximizing their profit at the expense
  7. I think that describes perfectly how every single CM we got to know over the years felt. So many of the folks at the Fort who were there every winter we were down loved their work, loved meeting and catching up with the guests, but dreaded the looney-tunes management that didn't have a hot clue about what guests really wanted and needed and were constantly "improving" things. The last time we dropped by the Fort to visit with those folks though all of them told us they were pulling the plug shortly and getting out. I suspect that the next time we get there we won't recognize a single fa
  8. I go into dumb old person on a regular basis and not just at WDW. I am so with you on wanting to hold a damn menu, trying to order on line when I want to make a substitution or deletion of some ingredient, change my reservation time by 15 minutes, etc. I am terrified of having to use the Genie+ thing to try and book SFA !!!!! And the whole idea of a "virtual queue makes my head explode !
  9. Eight of our family (including us) hope to be at the Fort together for the first time since COVID hit the planet. For us to do this $15/day is $120.00. Even if we only do it for each park once, that $480.00 US. On top of our tickets and campground cost. I sure hope the Canadian dollar takes a major jump before January !!!
  10. Now this is what I love about Fort Fiends - it starts off with a rumour about a new dining pavilion and winds up at MBYMPAC with cinnamon buns !!!! Thanks heavens - it compensates for all the money grabbing for fast passes at $15/day !!! Thank you folks - you save my sanity
  11. I have only one word for this - OUCH !!!! I can't begin to list the number of other experiences, several Disney ones, that I can have for that price tag and as much as the entire family loves Star Wars - this just ins't in the plans unless someone wins a big, big lottery ! There aren't enough "perks" to even bring me close to spending that kind for money for 2 nights. Holy crap !!! Sorry probably more than one word - but OUCH !!!!
  12. Most of Canada is open now for internal travel except for a few isolated spots that are still restricted. However there is speculation that June 22 is possible but more likely July 21. I think they want to keep us all home until all the kiddos are out of school. However, I can't see how the border can stay closed much longer, Manitoba is over 70% of 12 year's and up vaccinated at this point with at least 1 dose and the second doses are being given everywhere. Both hubby and I have our second dose as do our kids. Only the grandchildren haven't had their second dose. There are a cou
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