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  1. Hmmmm, stuff like this just makes me go into passive aggressive mode and play dumb old person. If and when I go back and have tickets, I'll just have to go to guest services and find out how to use this Genie+ thing without a smart phone. That's how we got RoR boarding passes.
  2. I can't get any answer anywhere, but my biggest concern is that it seems to be based on having to use a guest-provided smartphone to use the system. I REALLY hope that they revamp the FP kiosks to use the system with a card or Magic Band. I HATE using my phone in the parks, and have gone so far as to telling Guest Services and CMs that I don't have one. In the three or four times I've tried, I have NEVER even been able to get my phone to recognize the RoR queue. I've tried all the tricks. It merely goes from not time, not time, not time, not time..... full. It really started rubbing me th
  3. Yes, already do that, but will need to up my charge and minimum.
  4. The trip to NE is not until June 2022, so yes, that's why I'll order or pickup the Pro pass when I'm in FL in Jan. Although, I really wish it could be a sticker. Set it and forget it. The transponder gets moved every time you clean the windshield or left in the glovebox and a potential for forgetting it.
  5. Yep. Although I have a standard one already. So don't have to have it driving in.
  6. I'll pick one up in January when I'm down there next. I will need one, as next year's big trip is a loop of New England.
  7. OK, just read the bulletin, have to upgrade SunPass Pro.
  8. Is it also the other way around? If you have a SunPass, does it work on EZ-Pass?
  9. and to note further decline, they have removed the items that allow the wild womenz to vibrate buns.
  10. In 1500 The comfort station is right next to site 1503, so any site from 1501 - 1508 is very close to the comfort station. The loop is small with only 21 sites so, you are not too far. There are 2 comfort stations in the 2000 loop. There is one in the middle of the loop. Site 2020 is right across the pathway to that central comfort station. There is also some sights around 2040 that is close that comfort station. The other comfort station is near the end of the loop and right near the bus stop, so the higher numbers, 2059, 2060, are closer to that comfort station.
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