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  1. I enjoyed watching the replay. I'm wondering how it's going to look outside the park though, as it does rely on the castle projection quite a bit. We don't get party tickets.
  2. So, ya'll are saying if you can tolerate Star Tours, Smugglers Run will be OK? Hubby can ride Star Tours, but wasn't sure about Smugglers Run. I don't think he would tolerate Flight of Passage, although I love it.
  3. No they haven't. I'm guessing they are going to set up a kiosk somewhere to show the locations
  4. We had a Leave a Legacy tile, so at least once per trip, we actually dropped by to visit it, but yes, the presentation of those was terrible.
  5. We are bus folks, rarely if at all drive to the parks.
  6. I'm really liking the new plans for Epcot EXCEPT my precious dancing fountain is going away..... https://touringplans.com/blog/2019/09/09/photos-epcot-future-world-construction-starts-quickly/?fbclid=IwAR0Wn3p7j4Q13BUStcsHnAMfNYSsKsRJ674te0he3P-_7DB3w60Acd-dYqw This picture makes me sad.... But, life goes on and Walt Disney himself says the parks will never stay the same, they will always be changing and growing. I'm also thinking we are going to start our days for our October trip, by boating to the MK, and taking a Beach Club bus to Epcot and enter the international gateway. The front entrance to Epcot is a DISASTER now.
  7. Somebody on FB also claimed to be the first to check in.
  8. Glad you were able to stay. I know you were going home on Sunday at one point.
  9. I'm sure there is an owner's group on FB somewhere. Might be best to join, or a review sight describing the problems 🙂 The owner's group will defend them and the review site will blast them, and then you at least have both sides of the story 🙂
  10. They do keep records, but it's not easy. I had an old non expiring ticket from probably 2005. All I had was a printout from the resort showing the old ticket record. Unfortunately, the TTC was closed when I went by, so went to MK guest services. It took them about 45 minutes and two managers, and they did finally find it and add it to My Disney Experience. I will have to make sure to prioritize the 10 day I'm buying for October when I get there. I also have a few pluses on some old tickets. One of these days I'll get into a water park. By the way, pluses were NEVER good for Disney Quest. They always had their own ticket. (I tried a few months before they closed)
  11. There was a press event yesterday at D23, I'm inclined to believe it's all true. Of course, until they break ground. Also, supposedly their "BIG" secret is a mini-series documentary to be aired on the new streaming service and a hard cover book. "One Day At Disney" about behind the scenes stuff
  12. For a shorter visit, probably a time saver, but with a 10-day ticket, we will come out cheaper for the full tickets.
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