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  1. mouseketab.....Carol

    We’re Done

    We've also cut our trips way back, but for us it was just the massive amount of hours I work, and when I finish a project, I could take a few days off without using leave. I was at my old job for almost 20 years, so was earning 4 weeks a year, and with the massive amount of hours worked, even when I had planned time off, I had to use very little leave due to deferred holidays, and part of the time having spare hours. For example, for one 17 day trip we took, we started the trip on a Wednesday, and I didn't need to use leave for the 3 days, because I was already over 80 hours for the pay period, then I had 5 deferred holidays for the next week, then I did use 5 days for the third week.
  2. mouseketab.....Carol

    Disneyland, California west coast

    Oh, and we took SuperShuttle from LAX to Anaheim, then rented the car for just a couple of days from a Hertz place just a block from the hotel. We stayed at the hotel Indigo around the corner on Katella. We were using rewards points so the cost was $0, so having just a little further walk was worth it.
  3. mouseketab.....Carol

    New Campsite Categories at the Fort

    We're super small and I still park the truck in overflow. I like having plenty of space for the cart, guests, etc.
  4. mouseketab.....Carol

    New Nighttime experience for kids

    Just enough time for mom and dad to have dinner at on of the nice restaurants there around the lake. Not too bad.
  5. mouseketab.....Carol

    Ticket question

    I believe they still should be good. They didn't start selling the date specific hoppers until last fall. Yep, just did a search. They didn't start selling the date specific tickets until late October.
  6. mouseketab.....Carol

    Disneyland, California west coast

    4 days at Disneyland is still 4 busy days. We were out there for 8 nights, spent 6 in the parks, and still didn't see it all. We spent 1 day driving on the PCH. Even rented a convertible. A Mustang convertible is the most uncomfortable car ever!! But we were stylin with the top down πŸ™‚ We weren't able to get far enough North to see the pretty stuff. Lot's of city streets. We should have headed South. We also spent a full day for the Price is Right. Ordered the tickets ahead of time. Fun once, but a VERY long day. Don't think it's an option with kids though. My layover on the flight out was in San Francisco, so I got to see the Golden Gate bridge from the plane. Also, I was out there in August back in 2008. I still needed a fleece for those early morning rope drops, and after the sun went down. The temps are not NEAR as hot in the summer out there as it is in the Southeast
  7. mouseketab.....Carol

    Consistent with their Inconsistencies!

    Yep, even does run of the mill hotels at other locations πŸ™‚
  8. mouseketab.....Carol

    We’re Done

    There are also the empty nester days to come! We didn't get our [email protected] until both of the boys were gone. When they were at home, we were Scout camping, and running to baseball games year round. I was the camping mom. For our rare vacations that were not baseball trips, it was hotels. Once the boys left, I still wanted to camp, but Rick was having nothing of the tent camping, so we got the [email protected] While I go solo more than not, at least Rick will join me at the Fort with the [email protected], and will go on an occasional state park trip locally so he can fish. Even as expensive as the Fort is, its still less expensive than even the values most of the time. It also provides us the environment to relax and enjoy the parks in smaller doses. The Value resorts don't provide that atmosphere.
  9. mouseketab.....Carol

    River Country

    The buildings on Clementine's beach look smaller than the "villas" over on Cypress Point. I'm guessing cabanas or play areas. One thing I see, it looks like the resort gets it's own dock. But are they gonna get new boats? The boats are stretched thin as it is. Especially when one goes in for refurbishment. The "Slow Boats" won't cut it.
  10. mouseketab.....Carol

    An discount specifically for campsites!

    Looking on the Disney Website, I'm seeing a "Sun n Fun Offer", with availability, but the rates are the same as standard rates. Weird
  11. mouseketab.....Carol

    An discount specifically for campsites!

    Jason, is that just an AP discount, or general?
  12. mouseketab.....Carol

    WWW2019 The Womenz are no longer "Roughing it"

    I ended up stopping in Adel, GA for the night. It was probably a bit too far. I didn't take into account not being familiar with towing something actually narrower than my truck. My back window was blocked by "stuff", and at night, I couldn't see the trailer in my mirrors, so I stopped a bit more than I normally would just to check on things, and took it a bit slower. However, the extra tow time paid off as I got to Disney fairly early in the morning, was able to pick up stuff at Wal-Mart, and get all my errands done just before the camper arrived πŸ™‚ As I was leaving Wal-Mart, Dawn called and said they were ready to place the camper on the site if I knew my site number. Well, I did not yet, so I called the number she gave me, and then found out we had site 1601, so I told Dawn, and between the time I left Wal-Mart and got to the Fort (about 20 minutes), they already had the camper set up!! I then spent some time unloading the cart, and then ferrying some stuff from my truck to the camper. Went by the front desk and picked up some parking passes and Yvonne's ticket that she had sent to the Fort front desk, and just relaxed in the sunshine. Marty arrived a bit later. I helped her unload, then we went in search of dinner. πŸ™‚ We stopped at the Geyser Grill over at WL. Fabulous dinner!!! Then yes, we went over to MK Guest Relations. I had a ticket from 2006 that was my son's. I thought it was at least two days. I know tickets are non-transferrable, but, geez that was ancient history, I paid for it, and I wanted to use those days. After about an hour of poking around on the computer with the paperwork I had, the guy finally found the ticket and put it on my MagicBand. He said there was four days left. I was ecstatic!!! However, after checking MDE later, it was actually only one day. I'm not upset. I will use that someday, perhaps, if I'm there for work or something, and have just a day to visit. Marty and I then went back to the camper to await the rest of the late flight arrivals. They all arrived, and the laughter began!!
  13. mouseketab.....Carol

    An discount specifically for campsites!

    Cool, I'm wondering if as the construction ramps up, if folks will start cancelling due to the possible disruption, and more of this may show up
  14. mouseketab.....Carol

    Bonnet Creek & Waldorf Astoria officially Disney hotels

    We needed to go over there our trip in October because we needed something printed, signature witness, and notarized. They have a FedEx Kinkos onsite. Very nice place the little we saw.
  15. mouseketab.....Carol

    Ceci n'est pas une Trip Report

    What an awesome day!!!