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  1. and to note further decline, they have removed the items that allow the wild womenz to vibrate buns.
  2. In 1500 The comfort station is right next to site 1503, so any site from 1501 - 1508 is very close to the comfort station. The loop is small with only 21 sites so, you are not too far. There are 2 comfort stations in the 2000 loop. There is one in the middle of the loop. Site 2020 is right across the pathway to that central comfort station. There is also some sights around 2040 that is close that comfort station. The other comfort station is near the end of the loop and right near the bus stop, so the higher numbers, 2059, 2060, are closer to that comfort station.
  3. I think the biggest problem with trip reports is the huge increase in Photobucket's pricing. They were the easiest to use Photo hosting and linking service. Nothing else since has compared.
  4. For me, we've actually lost some interest in Disney and the Fort. The uptick in prices, the fact that we can no longer buy an annual pass at present, and the pandemic, has put a damper on our enthusiasm for things Disney. (Especially since we just traveled cross country for three weeks, for less than a week at the Fort)
  5. I'm just now catching this. Yes, only having a few days worth of tickets stinks! I really hope they bring new Annual Passes back. I hope WDW doesn't go the way California is doing.
  6. WooHoo!! Reason to sit on the beach in the evenings 🙂
  7. Yes they do 🙂 That's one of the reasons I'm saving up to spend a fortune at the factory to have mine refurbed from the frame up and new floor. I like the heavier frame, and front platform and bins, but don't want an Alde, Bath, cassette toilet or the new Air8 air conditioner.
  8. I added those hatches. I don't have a furnace so have the under bench space. I also don't have the front bin or plastic tub. The frame on mine doesn't have room for a front tub.
  9. Actually I do 🙂 The power cords go in this hatch under the bench. The water hoses go inside this hatch under the bench The coax goes in the small inside cabinet above the TV 🙂
  10. I always carry 50' of power cord, 50' foot of cable coax, 75' of water hose, and 25' of sewer hose.
  11. Hope you enjoy your stay! Do you still have an Annual Pass? Or did you have to buy regular tickets? Is that why you have the fewer park days?
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