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  1. I saw this in time while I was at the Fort, but slept through it.
  2. I don't know how the Georgia website works, but on the FL Sunpass website, I can add the trailer tag.
  3. We also had an issue at the ADA station, but it wasn't due to the system itself. We were departing Studios to just ride. There was a transfer wheelchair at the station at Studios. Our party had two ECVs. They can only load one ECV per car. So we had the brilliant idea of using the transfer chair for our friend and leaving the ECVs at the studios so we could all ride together. One problem, there are NOT transfer chairs at the CBR stop or at ANY of the resorts. We also could not just have our friend stay on the skyliner and go back. You HAVE to exit between unload and load, even in the disabled area. Sooooo while they were figuring out a way to get our friend out of the gondola, the Studios to Carribean line was stopped. They finally brought an office chair out there, and they waited at the station while I rode the Gondola back and retrieved one of the ECVs. Then we continued on our tour. So if you need a wheelchair for the gondolas, bring your own!!!
  4. When we were there, even at the return guest gate, there were so many problems at the reader, they had someone at that gate scanning MBs manually and opening the gate. So with those issues at the back gate, it was really a problem for the buses.
  5. I doubt it. You pay the difference between the then current gate price of the ticket you have and the cost of the annual pass.
  6. We take a totally different approach to FP+. We book our three FP+ for later in the afternoon. I also rarely book 60 days out. Except for Seven Dwarves and Flight of Passage, can usually get what we want. Since hubby is not an early riser, and not a thrill ride rider, I will usually do rope drop on the thrill rides a few mornings, then head back to the Fort before Rick gets up.
  7. Right now Smugglers Run is 40 minutes and Slinky Dog Dash is 75 minutes
  8. Sorry, NOT going to get an instragram account. So won't be entering this one.
  9. Easy, book the campsite first, then shop around for a trailer rental. There is only "one" Fort, and about 1/2 dozen trailer rental companies.
  10. Note to self, go to the restroom right before boarding 🙂
  11. FYI - have seen some reports where some of Greenberg's units are being repossessed at the Fort over the last few days right during a guest's rental or right after
  12. An update, the new rules will allow elaborate displays, but no more walkthroughs. Everything must be viewable without guests actually walking onto your site
  13. Since we are not rope drop folks, we intend on boating to MK on our Epcot days, then bussing to Beach Club or a Skyliner resort, then entering Epcot through the International Gateway. Since my fountain is gone, except for Soarin, no real reason to enter FutureWorld right now.
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