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  1. mouseketab.....Carol

    42 hours in Florida

    Looks like fun so far 🙂
  2. mouseketab.....Carol

    Cinderella's Royal Table

    Yum!! Is it still a character meal at lunch?
  3. mouseketab.....Carol

    Disney Springs News

    We did spend some time at Disney Springs this trip. We loved all the new stuff, but noticed some favorites were gone. There was a belt vendor there for years that Rick always bought his belts from. He is now gone. We also noticed the Hanes T-Shirt shop was gone. I always got custom shirts made there for pajama shirts to wear camping.
  4. mouseketab.....Carol

    MK Main Entrance

    AND the permanent signs are going up too.
  5. mouseketab.....Carol

    Need a little something to make you chuckle

    Very cute 🙂
  6. mouseketab.....Carol

    Sugar Sands RV in Gulf Shores AL

    Darn, it's got a 10 year old rig clause
  7. mouseketab.....Carol

    Good Bye PhotoPass Photographers ?

    Actually, the "character friends" will still be there, and they are the ones that usually take the picture with your phone.
  8. mouseketab.....Carol

    Disneyland June 2017 -- better late than never!

    Love the pics!! We were at Disneyland in 2015 and really enjoyed ourselves there, but it was before the ToT change to Guardians of the Galaxy. That just looks wrong....
  9. mouseketab.....Carol

    New Years Eve Beach party at the Fort

    I'm guessing they are looking at how many tickets they sell, what the weather is like, etc., before they decide what area of the beach to take over. If weather is bad, the actual party will be at the backyard barbecue pavilion and they put some EZ-Ups on the beach for the actual fireworks. Only sell a few tickets, they make a small area. Way oversell, and they take over a larger area.
  10. mouseketab.....Carol

    Where in the World??

    Flight of Passage in Pandora
  11. mouseketab.....Carol

    Club 33 at Magic Kingdom Construction

    I don't know if anyone else has posted this, but this location is correct. We saw the Club 33 symbol as we went through this area in MK.
  12. mouseketab.....Carol

    Luxo ball desert

  13. mouseketab.....Carol

    Where in the World??

    In Epcot, just inside the entrance. They often do surveys there. Setup for terminals or an interface to a survey machine.
  14. mouseketab.....Carol

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    Very nice pics!!!
  15. mouseketab.....Carol

    Mad chalk art skills

    Cool! Very nice.