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  1. mouseketab.....Carol

    Testing of Slinky Dog to begin shortly

    Aren't we supposed to be Snarky around here 🙂
  2. mouseketab.....Carol

    Testing of Slinky Dog to begin shortly

    Folks...... summer doesn't start till tomorrow.......
  3. mouseketab.....Carol

    Western Way Flamingo Crossings Update

    I was really hoping this would be a great area for all the "groups" Sports Groups, band groups, cheerleader groups, etc. Easy access for charter buses to get on property (also close to WWoS), and inexpensive dining and shopping for all the kids. Low traffic and not as much "public" around for the kids to wander a bit more freely to this shopping and dining.
  4. mouseketab.....Carol

    Coco / Olaf's Frozen Adventure

    Just watched Coco yesterday on Netflix. I LOVED it. Delightful movie, and I blubbered through the last half hour.
  5. mouseketab.....Carol

    If you live in the SE...

    Anchor Down in Dandridge, TN Stone Mountain, GA
  6. mouseketab.....Carol

    Disney Junior Show to close in Sept, new show to replace

    That was one I never saw, but then I didn't have little ones. Our only time in that building was when it was a Character Meal featuring Alladin and friends back in 1997.
  7. mouseketab.....Carol

    GDF Visits the Dark Side

    I ate at Mythos a few years ago. I really enjoyed it. We ate at Tiffins last October, hated it.
  8. mouseketab.....Carol

    Tips for finding a site?

    I think the OP is asking about booking availability. Contact Jason at MouseCounselors. Tell him your dates, and he will work endlessly until he can get you in :)
  9. mouseketab.....Carol

    River Country

    They converted it from cabins to campsites probably a couple of years ago.
  10. What I would do instead, is contact Jason at MouseCounselors (sponsor here on the board), and get him looking for a full hookup for you. Then cancel your premium once he finds it. He will do everything he can to find the right reservation for you!!
  11. We had more fun watching a lady fit 6 restaurant chairs in her car :) It appeared they were selling off the chairs from Captains Grille that is being refurbished right now.
  12. Agreed, there was nothing there I just "had" to have
  13. mouseketab.....Carol

    1 night in Disney and 2 at Legoland

    I loved visiting LegoLand a few years ago. Even with no kids. I spent most of the day in the gardens, still saw all of the shows, and all of the "larger" rides. No rush, no huge crowds. Loved it!
  14. Nope, small car and golf cart
  15. No argument from me!! I love my little 12' [email protected] (16 ft total). Now granted hubby and I will go somewhat bigger with a Class C when I retire, but I will always have the little [email protected] for solo travel.