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  1. mouseketab.....Carol

    Mouse in your pocket.

    Is she renting points on a DVC room? If so, that is about right. You get towel and trash service on DVC rooms, but have to pay for full cleaning.
  2. mouseketab.....Carol


    Yeah....... ever since I saw a little girl totally showing her tail acting just awful after a makeover and during a photo session, I now refer to it as Bippity Boppity Brat..... (The mom didn't spring for the shoes)
  3. mouseketab.....Carol

    RUMOR: Big Changes Coming to Spaceship Earth

    I love Carousel of Progress. I actually think they could add another theater. Now load and unload are at two seperate spots. They could make each scene just a bit longer, add an additional "scene", and put load an unload in the same place. That would help with the gap between the 40's and now 🙂
  4. mouseketab.....Carol

    Disney Fast pass and Reservations App Snafu.

    You could, but you would have to pay to park
  5. mouseketab.....Carol

    MK Main Entrance

    There was a right hand curved road that bypassed the toll booths to Vista, but it's been blocked off as long as I've been going. Perhaps that is the road that you remember.
  6. mouseketab.....Carol

    We were the family of the day at Satu'li Canteen

    COOL!!! So how soon will the entitled blogger mommies insist their trip is ruined because they weren't the "family of the day"
  7. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/09/disneyparkslive-watch-mickeys-boo-to-you-halloween-parade-live-sunday-sept-9/
  8. mouseketab.....Carol

    cabins near comfort stations

    Since they converted 2100 loop back to campsites, unfortunately there is not an easy cabin loop to get to a regular comfort station.
  9. mouseketab.....Carol

    Sammy Duvall's

    Yes, on the waterskiing, but on the parasailing, you don't get wet. You are winched out from a platform on the back of the boat, and winched back in.
  10. mouseketab.....Carol

    How's the wi-fi?

    That was my experience a couple of years ago too. General work email, Webex meetings, no issues, working with large files live on SharePoint, my Verizon MiFi did a better job. This was in 1700 loop. Just as practice though, when I'm working remotely on a wireless network, I generally just check out the file, download it to my hard drive, work it, then upload when done. Lots less bandwith required than saving to the server every few minutes.
  11. mouseketab.....Carol

    Sammy Duvall's

    Wow! I really wanted to try parasailing eventually
  12. mouseketab.....Carol

    Texas T, Cornersville, TN

    Spent the weekend with Kathy and Bob and Tim and Sheila. Great little park for an overnight stop in TN if you are heading down I-65.
  13. mouseketab.....Carol


    No thanks, from what I've read on the "Mom's Panel" advice, they don't allow any "real" advice, it's all tote the Disney line crap, and push their upcharge stuff.
  14. mouseketab.....Carol

    Kentucky-Indiana Toll Bridge on I-65

    I did get the bill the other day. $14 and change for both trips. They had a picture of my truck and camper and a picture of the camper tag on the bill. I wonder though, if I was from one of those states that don't require trailer tags if they could have seen my truck tag?
  15. mouseketab.....Carol

    RUMOR: Big Changes Coming to Spaceship Earth

    I hope they do make the changes. I was less than impressed with the second half of the "new" ride back in 2007.