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  1. mouseketab.....Carol

    DVC points for campsite

    Last I read, they waived the $95 transfer fee for the Fort. However, also from what I understand DVC Fort reservations are almost impossible to get.
  2. mouseketab.....Carol

    No pictures allowed!

    So bizarre, once again, folks worrying about non issues rather than the idiots racing their golf carts around and kids driving golf carts, and the 100s of locals invading the Fort on a daily basis filling up the pool.
  3. Yes, if you purchase tickets through Undercover Tourist, you can link them to your My Disney Experience account, and then the tickets will automatically be on your Magic Bands. Once your reservation is made, go to the My Disney Experience web page and if the reservation is not showing yet, then input the reservation number, then you will be able to choose the colors and names on your Magic Bands. I really don't know if you can link reservations with two different agents. One big difference is that if you have more than one vehicle at the Fort, you may be charged a daily fee to park the 2nd car. Also, online checkin is a better advantage nowadays. They are getting pretty good at texting your site number to you before you arrive, so that you can just go in through the gate and go straight to your site.
  4. mouseketab.....Carol

    Disneyland Gives You Cancer

    I saw those signs on my trip back in 2008. I thought it was hilarious at the time.
  5. mouseketab.....Carol

    2019 ticket price increase

  6. mouseketab.....Carol

    2019 ticket price increase

    That is now double what we paid for that pass in 2015. We got ours for about 980 including tax. We really enjoyed that year, several trips to WDW and the Fort, and then an almost 2 week trip out to Disneyland and Hollywood.
  7. mouseketab.....Carol

    Disney pricing out the middle class

    Speaking of which, Disneyland tickets just went up again.... the Premier Passport (which is also good for Walt Disney World) now a whopping $2,012.34, tax included. We paid less than 1/2 that price for our Premier Passport just 4 years ago.
  8. mouseketab.....Carol

    Disney pricing out the middle class

    We also had a small ranch where we raised our boys and lived there for 24 years. However, we didn't stay with the house. We upgraded the old house several times, BUT finally came to the realization that the area was going down in value, not up, and also it was not conducive to being an "accessible" house without major changes. So we built new in 17. We actually went up in size, but not more rooms. Still have a ranch, but on a slab so no steps, and we have an accessible shower and all the doors are wheelchair width. If it wasn't for those issues, our old house would have been just fine.
  9. mouseketab.....Carol

    How to Get a Discount on Annual Passes

    I honestly haven't looked at pricing in a long while. Back when I originally looked at all the pricing, there were not any FL Resident tickets that were a good match for bridging. There may be now, and then you also have to account for the monthly payment plan that FL Residents can enjoy, so it may not be a good option.
  10. mouseketab.....Carol

    Military Discounts for 2019

    In 2018 they extended the ticket offer to government contractors, but only those that worked directly with the customers (with CAC cards). Unfortunately, even though I've worked for government contractors for 25+ years, it's always been on overhead for corporate, so no CAC card..... Bummer
  11. mouseketab.....Carol

    Fort fiend sign

    Click on the "Store" Link near the top of the page and find the sign in the store, fill out your info and hit the order button. 🙂
  12. mouseketab.....Carol

    Live Stream of NYE Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks

    The area inside the gates, but outside the train station is actually a very calm, nice way to watch the fireworks. Good view too, except for the castle.
  13. mouseketab.....Carol

    New 4 Day 4 Park Ticket.

    It's a $3 savings over Undercover Tourist prices.
  14. mouseketab.....Carol

    New Entrance HS

    The current resort bus stops will actually become the charter lot. They are redoing the resort bus stops, so they will move back to being closer to the entrance.
  15. mouseketab.....Carol

    Chef Mickey F&W card

    Disney Gift cards can be reloaded.