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  1. I've run into the same thing with my 16 foot teardrop, especially with sewer. I've got plenty of water hose and electric cord, but only about 20 ft of sewer hose. Sometimes I even like to put my trailer sideways across the back of the site. But I only have grey water, so in those instances I just use a small bucket under the grey water drain, and empty it into the sewer as needed.
  2. I've actually parked my [email protected] behind a MH at the Fort a couple of times many years ago, but then they cracked down on that rule about 2013. It has always been a rule for one camping vehicle, 1 car, and tents, and when I first started camping there, it was VERY strictly enforced. As a matter of fact, someone had a truck camper on their tow vehicle pulling a camper, and they told them they couldn't do that on the same site. Then for a few years, they quit enforcing that rule, and then they started enforcing again. Every time the management changes, the rules enforcement seems to change.
  3. Nope, not allowed. The official rules state one trailer/MH unit and tents
  4. I'm partial, but nuCamp is one of the best in the small camper market ([email protected] 320, [email protected] 400, [email protected], Cirrus Truck Camper). They have recently come out with a larger travel trailer called the Avia that is fabulous, but very pricey. All cabinetry built onsite by hand, and fabulous fit and finish. Amish run company. The current Little Guy brand is crap and has had some bad business practices.
  5. The show has changed a lot over the years, but we took our 10 and 11 yo boys to the Luau in 1997, and they loved it! Granted, they were and still are adventurous, bottomless pit eaters, but enjoyed the show also. Back then, it was more of a traditional luau, now it has a bit of a story to it, with "Hawaiian girl goes to the mainland and has to be reminded of her "Ohana" heritage. Hubby and myself have been back a couple of times. Food was decent, but it isn't really repeatable for us.
  6. Also, while you are in the park waiting for park opening, try and find one of the blue "guest services" umbrellas/tents and park yourself near it. If for some reason the system doesn't see that your entire party is in the park, they will have to add you to the boarding group on their system. Being close to them will speed up that process.
  7. You can get through security early, and get in the gates BUT you can't hit the button for a boarding group until official park opening, so depending on what time the park opens is how much time you will need to spend in HS.
  8. I know you can go to guest services before scanning your Magic Band and ask them to prioritize the tickets you want to use in your account. I have a very old one-day ticket in my account, and purchased a 10-day. Before going to the parks last October, I told them to prioritize the 10-day. The one day ticket was not touched. Since the price bridge only works if you have used the ticket to enter a park before upgrading, I'm almost positive you will get actual dollar value of what you paid towards any ticket you upgrade to. Can't upgrade except in person. However, there "might" be an upgrade button on the My Disney Experience app. I've seen that but have never used it.
  9. I think it's the instant internet and everyone with a phone is an Instagram reporter. You can't do anything or go anywhere without it being posted on the web.
  10. We were at Lowe's today for air filters, and wandered through the Christmas department. They are at 50% and still had some of the Disney stuff left. We scored a set of the Mouse Ear string lights for 50% off. They still had some of the lawn stakes too, but even at 50% were more than I wanted to pay. But what amazed me the most is how little was left in general on Christmas decorations. Back in my early adult years, we bought live trees between the 15th and 20th of December and didn't decorate until then. And I know in some German cultures, you don't actually put up the tree until Christmas Eve. I guess nowadays, if you haven't gotten your decorations early, you lose.
  11. I believe it. We briefly thought about spending a part of our Tokyo trip hopping over to Hong Kong for a day or two, but with the protests (and the subsequent government travel advisory, that bans clearance personnel from traveling there), killed us from going.
  12. When I was work traveling to Orlando extensively, I learned quickly that my work was all the way over by UCF, and any company I would want to work for was over there by UCF. When traveling for work, that was a lot of miles and tolls across 417 to get to Disney. We seriously considered relocating to the I-4 corridor about 3 years ago. Did some house hunting, and tiny lots (meaning a two story house to get any SF), with high prices, and high HOA fees, high property taxes, (plus too much stucco and no brick), really turned us off. Plus the salary being offered were less than here in N. Alabama with larger lots, lower home prices, low property taxes, etc. Yes, we have a state tax, but everything else offsets that. We decided to stay put.
  13. I got some of those for Rick when he was at the rehab center cause the beds there were terrible, and he said they helped. Anything's got to be better than the bunk in the camper we had.
  14. I would Mini Van or Uber to the Contemporary, then walk
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