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  1. "Blizzcon tickets"?? So THAT'S what they're calling it now?🤣🤣
  2. (note the smile on mah face. good times.)
  3. we should have bought you the 10" when we had the chance. 2"'s is for novices. Everyone knows we are professionals.
  4. You might be a Fort Fiend if your wedding limo is a pimped-out kick ass golf cart!! :rofl2:
  5. Some of my fave's....... 5 Crazy Women from a Cabin Get you're groove on Gussey "Quiet time" by the pool
  6. Jen, it appears as though Brent needs a fiendectomy, stat!! Carol, I like the way you ToT!!
  7. GREAT report Amanda!! I love the pics, too :rofl2:
  8. Hi, my name is Karla, and I'm a "forget the fu-fu fancy food, just give me steak and potatoes" kind o' gal, too. Over the past couple of years, I've been trying to expand my palate, and with the help of my "There is more to food than steak and potatoes" support group, I've actually been able to add some sauces, gravies, and even a veggie or two!! Anyway, what was the question? Oh yah, restaurant recommendation. Many years ago, my girlfriends and I ate at Portobellos in Downtown Disney, and it was one of the best steak and potatoe meals I've ever had. (Of course, I had to order it all plain,
  9. Just wondering if there is a way to see who's throwing someone some respect or disrespect? Like on FB, where you hover over the "like" and it tells you who likes that post?
  10. I've heard it's bad luck to rename boats, but is it bad luck to rename campers? We changed our camper name from "What Used to Be Our Savings Account" to "The Riff Raff Inn". Does this mean it's gonna sink now?
  11. I'll drink to that!! Although, there really isn't much I won't drink to, lol. Slainte'
  12. Another "I love purple" here!! And I think "flocking" Larry with the green fiendmingos is a WICKED cool idea!!!
  13. I'll put a sign on the TV or TT. Also, I can still post over there, so if anyone wants me to get a message to someone, let me know!!
  14. YAY!!! I made it!! Hello everyone...I'm really liking our new home. :)
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