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  1. WWW2019 was nice and warm this past weekend! I even got a chance to get the shorts out and blind everyone with my white legs! I am back to cold and rain now. The teenager needs to graduate soon so I can go back to warmth all year.
  2. My worry is for a blow out. When the tires start to show that little crack or two or three on the sidewalls, I get nervous.
  3. AuburnJen

    Dog Park Closed

    I didn't see much this past weekend....however I was not going the speed limit either ha ha ha ha
  4. AuburnJen

    Disney Campers?

    Good lord. Seriously?
  5. I am right there with you.
  6. https://wdwnt.com/2019/02/super-bowl-champion-new-england-patriots-to-be-featured-in-magic-kingdom-parade-tomorrow/ 58 people are talking about this The celebration is expected to be live streamed as part of #DisneyParksLIVE, on YouTube and other social media. The Festival of Fantasy Parade kicks off at 3 PM Eastern tomorrow.
  7. https://wdwnt.com/2019/02/new-look-comes-to-mobile-order-experience-at-disneyland-resort-coming-soon-to-walt-disney-world/
  8. OMG If I could only have this..... https://chipandco.com/celebrate-valentines-day-at-the-edison-with-chocolate-covered-bacon-340246-340246/
  9. When I was at MK New Year's Eve, I saw them. I have not used this service as of yet. If you have, please comment and tell us your experience. https://chipandco.com/guest-experience-team-to-stay-in-magic-kingdom-through-late-spring-340308/ The Guest Experience Team are also there to help Guests with other requests such as providing recommendations, view attraction wait times, and offer tips for navigating Magic Kingdom. This is something each Cast Member will provide to Guests as well. The Cast Members on the Guest Experience Team do roam the parks, but you can also find them at designated locations. Locations include: If you are in Magic Kingdom and you have a question and/or concern, find a Cast Member or one of the Guest Experience Teams to find the best solution quickly and efficiently. They are always available to help.
  10. If you are planning a trip soon (and yes, WWW is soon!!!!), you will need to know what is going to be closed while you are there. Here you go.... https://chipandco.com/february-2019-walt-disney-world-refurbishments-340343/
  11. AuburnJen

    Disney Springs News

    I don't know about you, but Dole Whip is my very favorite thing to eat at Disney! This news is perfect, especially since it is so close to Wild Womenz Weekend! https://chipandco.com/marketplace-snacks-now-offering-dole-whip-340491/
  12. Maybe this will curb all of the people on other forums telling others to book 10 on a site to get FassPasses. I doubt it will help a whole lot, but anything is better than letting the status quo go on. https://chipandco.com/fastpass-restrictions-coming-to-walt-disney-world-340508/
  13. https://chipandco.com/we-have-a-2319-new-monsters-inc-2319-cupcake-just-spotted-in-the-magic-kingdom-340530/ I wish I could get one of these minus the chocolate. It looks really good, but I am a sucker for orange!