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  1. Ha Ha, I bet not. When I looked at it on chipandco's facebook page, I saw a bunch of comments about "do they have gluten free, do they have this, do they have that..." Now, I am allergic to chocolate (cocoa beans) and I will be happy to take a chocolate eating buddy with me and share if it is worth it! 😉 I know that Disney is really good at dealing with allergies and people who have issues, but common people, take a buddy! Just MHO
  2. https://wdwnt.com/2018/11/rumor-walt-disney-world-has-not-actually-ordered-a-new-monorail-fleet-from-bombardier-despite-mounting-safety-concerns/ Interesting to say the least. I sure hope this is indeed a rumor.
  3. I know there was a lot of backlash to it the other day. I see both sides. One: Disney wants to speed the process at certain locations and automate things for a smoother line process. However, you then have that whole "my experience is lessened" quality thing about it. It is like the automatic Walmart checkout. If I wanted to check myself out at Walmart, I would have stayed home and had it delivered.
  4. I am interested in a review. (other than this one obviously) Thanks. https://chipandco.com/we-love-the-cookie-stroll-330608/?fbclid=IwAR39DnCBoW1WOoJQtwd8tXrvFKnA4qPdaWRGSQ5x59cIJ9k3Xm2j0ZhOisQ Let me know if you plan to do this or if you think it is worth it. I obviously will have to do this with another person and split it, as I am allergic to chocolate. (it is a real bummer)
  5. https://chipandco.com/save-big-on-disney-cruise-with-this-new-promotion-330938/?fbclid=IwAR0JvUn9VR3xyGJOvIsqA0fYd_o4KFICyQHmQVAocETSApRcrBaoa1uFgYs
  6. AuburnJen

    What to Do New Year's Eve

    This was the information that was told to me. I was also shown in pictures what I was missing. It will also make the muffs not a necessary as well. We will see.
  7. https://www.wdwmagic.com/events/holidays-around-the-world-at-epcot/news/20nov2018-photos---epcot-2018-festival-of-the-holidays-times-guide-and-guide-map.htm
  8. AuburnJen

    Disney Springs News

    If you are looking for Black Friday deals and Weekend Shopping discounts, here is some information to help you out. https://wdwnt.com/2018/11/black-friday-weekend-shopping-and-dining-deals-at-disney-springs/
  9. If not, here you go... https://wdwnt.com/2018/11/photos-2019-logo-merchandise-arrives-at-walt-disney-world-six-weeks-early/
  10. https://wdwnt.com/2018/11/select-meet-and-greets-will-have-automated-cameras-to-replace-photopass-photographers/ Does this add or take away from the experience?
  11. AuburnJen

    Destination D Announcements

    don't forget the subtle fragrance that goes with that breeze, lol
  12. AuburnJen

    What to Do New Year's Eve

    What we normally do, and are planning to do this year, is board a boat and go right inside the park in front of the train station. We find a cool place to sit and my son puts on his gun mufflers so he can watch the fireworks and the sound doesn't bother him so much. (it is really loud there) From that vantage point, you can see all the way around the pond and you can see very clearly all the numbers of the countdown. It works really well too because we are also the first ones back out to get back on the boat back to the fort. However, I have been told by some awesome photography people that the TTC vantage point is much better than I just described. I am currently in secret deliberations in my head on which way to go. My son and I are going solo this year without the supergeek so we will have to make the decision on which point of view we want to see.
  13. Why yes, the rumor is going around Facebook again. Doesn't it this time every year? Someone posts it to stir up the masses. Apparently one of the TA's called the front desk and demanded an answer and they point blank told her no they were not going to this year or next. So, my question is.... Would you pay it?
  14. If you have an extra of another kind, I may be inclined to trade....
  15. AuburnJen

    River Country

    Well, honestly, the front of it looks like one. Just sayin.