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  1. I have FINALLY found another source to get the rec calendars! Hopefully this will be a source for quite some time.
  2. please let me know if something goes wrong with the app, SuperGeek's is using his work phone number and if you need that number, just let me know
  3. Enjoy! Our normal source for rec calendars has dried up. If you are at the fort at the beginning of a month, take a picture and send it to us via or email. We will be sure to post them for you. We came over and got this for you today. Jen and Chris
  4. I would like to thank Michael Kimble from the Facebook group "I Love Camping at Disney's Fort Wilderness" for the pictures. His information is most appreciated.
  5. I know that camping gatherings are on hold until all this junk is behind us, but I still wanted to thank each and every one of you for sticking around and keeping the "dream" alive of one day getting together again. On this day, 10 years ago, a couple of minutes after midnight, this forum began. (I then, 10 minutes later, was unceremoniously banned from Voldemort, lol) We recently had our Wild Womenz Weekend 2021, with COVID restrictions of course, and it was one of the best evah! Some of our regulars couldn't make it at the last minute, but we knew they were there in spirit. CO
  6. Someone needs to learn how to write a title to an article to a story. That story was all about California. Ugh
  7. We went over to look today, but they closed at 3pm, so we will have to go another day this weekend. We did see the older pony running around in the outside pen. The mom of the new pony was in her stall eating.
  8. I do hartily apologize for this being tardy. As you can see, because of COVID, the normal activities and such have changed, but many things are still available.
  9. I was kinda hoping the first set arrived because I filed that complaint. Ugh, oh well
  10. Gretchen, We found the issue. It is all taken care of! 😀
  11. I have had a couple of them disappear from when I was putting them in a particular blue mailbox. I have also had one disappear off the back of my Jeep. However, I will certainly go and check right now and see what the issue is and resolve your problem this evening. I apologize in advance if I accidentally did something in error. I thought I had sent all that were paid.
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