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  1. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2023/07/disney-eats-first-look-at-trails-end-restaurant-and-crocketts-tavern-reopenings/
  2. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2022/12/inside-look-at-whats-coming-to-walt-disney-world-resort-hotels/ They've announced an upcoming refurbishment to the lobby of the Grand Floridian. My prediction is that they will remove what was once the Garden View Tea Room (it never reopened after the Covid closures), and if you want to go for afternoon tea, you'll have to do so at the new bakery/cafe at the Boardwalk.
  3. http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2019/07/02/epcots-electric-umbrella-to-close-as-part-of-massive-future-world-transformation/
  4. Now it's Monday morning. The plan was to rope drop Epcot, but I told the rest of the gang that I didn't have it in me and I would meet up with them a bit later. Instead, I went to Disney Springs to cross another thing off my to do list. At 9:30 on a Monday morning, you don't have to try very hard to find a parking spot! I made a bee line for the Joffrey's near the Boathouse. When I was there in January I tried on two separate occasions to get a drink with a Mickey printed on top. I was unsuccessful both times. These donuts sure looked good! I did not try one. Have you
  5. There is a photopass "photographer" near where I'm standing (I'm facing the Plaza restaurant/ice cream parlor). They're really just a wrangler, because the camera is mounted on top of the building. They tell you where to stand and where to look, then they press the button that takes the picture. You may see people lining up for no apparent reason - there's a masking tape line on the ground to keep people far enough back that they aren't too visible in your shot. I've circled the area in red on this satellite view. Castle at the top, train station at the bottom. Tomorrowland on the ri
  6. There was a hippo expert with our group at the hippo pool and she was feeding them. I don't remember there being a barrier, other than an embankment. One of the hippos was very food motivated and happy to be fed. The other got bored and left. I'd be surprised if they were interested in charging at the group. Moving along to Sunday. I started the morning off with a quick stop at CVS for dental floss. Such excitement! While I was there I noticed the Halloween candy was out, and this one caught my eye. Glad it's just the packaging that glows in the dark and not the candy!
  7. Three guesses and the first two don't count!
  8. We left the park after the Wild Africa Trek and had a rest and a change of clothes. My sister had made us an ADR at Le Cellier, so off we went to Epcot. Parking reminder! I had the kids with me - who aren't so kid-like anymore, and after we got in we thought we had enough time for Journey Into Imagination, but we ended up bailing from the line and going straight to Le Cellier. When I tried to check us in they said they were running at least half an hour behind schedule, and they wouldn't officially check us in until our whole party was there. The waiting area was pretty cramped
  9. You can see in the alligator (or were they crocodiles?) pic that it had started to rain a bit. In fact, it was wonderfully overcast, and only a light rain, which kept us from getting too hot. Couldn't have asked for better considering it was August in Florida. At one point I told my watch I was on an outdoor walk workout so it would track where we went. The map ended up looking like this. Part way through the tour you get to take off the vest/harness and get into your private safari vehicle. When we got to the giraffes, we couldn't have asked for better. Apparently giraff
  10. Our morning was booked at Animal Kingdom. Here's my parking reminder, taken at 10 am. Cross one thing off my to-do list... I saw Kevin! But here was the big plan for the morning! None of us had ever done this before. When you sign in you have to empty your pockets and put everything in a locker, and if you intend to wear sunglasses or take a cell phone, they both have to have a strap. Fortunately, the CMs have a LOT of straps! After you put your stuff in a locker, you get weighed (no lie!). I'm glad this happened at the BEGINNING of my trip and
  11. I get so many good ideas from other people's trip reports (and I really miss *cough* certain ones), that I thought I'd do another trip report here for your reading enjoyment. So grab a cup of your libation of choice, strap in, and enjoy the ride! My sister and her family are DVC members and also have a time share. Between these two things and them both being teachers, they'd made plans to be in Florida for a nice chunk of time this past summer. They invited me to join them for two weeks and I gladly accepted. I booked my one-way flight to Orlando for August 16, and a rental car, and we we
  12. I have the California Grill brunch booked for this August so stay tuned for a comparison report later this year!
  13. Yes, Whirlpool is a Nexus only crossing. The card is very handy and there are also Nexus only lanes at several land crossings. Plus expedited lines at many airports as well.
  14. The butchered trees were clearing for the Tron coaster. It's behind the autopia stinky cars. On the trip home I crossed at Peace. For a while it was quite a gamble because of bridge construction that had it down to one lane in each direction. There's also Rainbow and Whirlpool (and Queenston) to choose from, so at least I have lots of options!
  15. It's easy to put the miles behind you when you only have one stomach and one bladder to worry about! :-) i'll be doing the drive north again this coming August with my sister and family, and I don't expect to keep the same pace.
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