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  4. What in the world is going on? I know the Fort is busy around December. But we have always managed to get a site or a cabin. Now nothing. The Florida residence rates just came out today. Nothing. Does anyone know are there some loops blocked off? Sometimes that will have impact to reservations.
  5. Ok I am late to the golf cart party. We have been taking our golf cart to the Fort for over 20 years. Our golf cart is only used at the fort. But I understand the Fort wanting to have the same rules across the board. But first they need to start in forcing the rules on their own carts. Can you say how many people can you fit on a golf cart? Anyone know the cost to have insurance on a golf cart part time.
  6. Thanks to Maria Perez for the picture. I was at the Poly yesterday. I didn't think they were out yet.
  7. I think it will start soon since they are replacing the cabins and also putting a new 5,000 sq ft building in the Meadow which is speculated to be a new restaurant. I'm hopping it's Mickey's BYBBQ returning.
  8. If anything it will at least keep the door open if they still pursue building it, with a 5-year extension I wonder if that means it would be completed by the 5th year or at least started by then?
  9. Looks like Disney had a pretty good vaccine.... From WDW News Walt Disney Imagineering has filed a request to extend another construction permit for the abandoned Reflections https://wdwnt.com/2024/05/another-e...wbFECBBsp7HXOzuaFJWLduqr2GG0pO4Dfi9-w0sIb2a5l
  10. Thank you CJ for getting this for us!
  11. If you want to bring in your own cart to the Fort, as of June 1, 2024, be prepared to prove you have insurance coverages of $100K/$300K and sign an agreement and waiver. The best thing I see out of this is having the Fort (bless their hearts) try to legislate the private cart owners to follow the same rules as their rental customers. Hopefully now, but not holding my breath, folks in private carts and rental carts will pull over and yield to vehicles, and the underage driving will be cut down... Now at least everyone will be "working" from the same set of rules... New Golf Cart R
  12. I know its a long shot, but I am trying to find the original owners of this RV. Its for sale and the current owners know very little about it other than the original owners went to Disney to camp alot. You can tell by the buttons and the unit is located either in North Georgia or South Carolina. We are Fort Wilderness regulars so was hoping the former owners might be on here. If you click on the second photo you can see the buttoms hanging on the bunks. Thanks!
  13. I hope sooner rather than later. Thanks for the update!
  14. The hiking trail between Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge is now ready for paving. Shouldn’t be long now.
  15. Saw this on line from New 6 in Orlando, even includes the air conditioning $49,900 https://www.clickorlando.com/insider/2024/04/03/its-legit-old-disney-fort-wilderness-cabins-for-sale-fully-furnished/
  16. the cheap fix is the best, free is even better.
  17. One last update. It appears they are holding back the last half of October to be released at a later time.
  18. Walt Disney World is opening bookings for 2025 out to October 27 tomorrow with the rest of the year to follow at a later date. Guests staying onsite and listed on the reservations (not a day guest) have access to the water park that is open on arrival day. Subject to availability and currently no reservation needed but subject to change. Room/campsite only bookings are now cancel by 8 days before arrival for 2025 And Campsites now have a max of 8 people in 2025 :::edited to add::: May be through October 31. The information I was originally given appears to have been upda
  19. Thanks for reading! We did have fun it could always be worse.
  20. Cabins, tiny homes, wilderness trailers, whatever you want to call them have been at the Fort for a long time... The DVC cabins that Disney is putting in are basically the same thing that is there now. I think this was a way for Disney to pay for replacements on someone else's nickel. Plus, they have an opportunity to market to a different demographic. On how successful they will be, is anyone's guess. The cabins will still be available to the cash paying public as well as now being inside the "DVC bubble". The inside layout has changed a bit, but the number of beds still turn out
  21. When we were last there in October it was a wooden Fort Wilderness sign. It was actually pretty nice.
  22. On my Disney Cruise on the Dream back in 2009, the mom of the UK family that was at our table in the Animator's Palate. She thought it would be a great idea to steal the centerpiece as a personal souvenir for herself. Afterwards, our table was without a centerpiece for the whole cruise.
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