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  3. My son decided he wanted to sit in the hot tub. A few kids in the pool hot tub open. He gets in I put my feet in and husband finds a chair. After about 10 min my son wants to stay in my husband and I head off on a walk. We head down towards the lake. They have a really long pier we walk to the end. Some of the boards could use replacing. We see the canoes and a couple of paddle boats one is sunk in the water. There is a bunch of garbage on the small beach. Head back to pool area son is on the phone with his cousin. We talk for a bit and son wants to stay. Husband and I head off. Now the other night husband wanted to go down this road I was to tired so, that's were we head. There is a lot more seasonal sites here and then we see a huge grassy area for night campers and I start to wonder if this would of been more quiet? I do not think seasonal campers would of put up with the noise. We keep on walking all the way to the end. We find a little playground a pavilion that activities are in. Side note they had a sign on the office door with some activities listed. I just thought it was at a little building up by the office that when we walked by had art supplies and games. I guess I was wrong this was the place. There also was a building with laundry and a bathroom. All of this seemed pretty new. The bathroom was clean and had a bunch of showers. Now the first night I asked the woman selling tye dye where are the bathrooms? She told me port potties or up the hill by the pool. We could of driven down here and used these nice bathrooms to shower and get ready. I was mad at myself for not walking down here sooner I would of loved to see if there was any open sites. I really hope there wasn't because some sites did look like they had been empty. I would hope they would not of put us in the party central if they had open spots here.We head back and tell my son about what we have found he wants to see, we leave him and get the van it's a long walk. We bring his stuff with and he gets dressed there. After that it's still kind of early but if we sit down we will fall asleep. What should we do? Ice cream of course why break the streak now? We head off into town and get are last treat. After this we head back my husband and son make a small fire. We sit out there for a little while and my husband heads off to bed. My son and I watch one episode of the office. We call it a night he makes sure the fire is out I head up the hill to the bathroom thinking about the what if's with that other camping area. Looking forward to a quiet night sleep.
  4. Gretchen, We found the issue. It is all taken care of! 😀
  5. Welp this would seen to be one more indicator that Reflections is off the table for at least a while.... https://wdwnt.com/2020/08/reflections-a-disney-lakeside-lodge-removed-from-d23-expo-2019-announcements-page/?fbclid=IwAR13UOXVCTz3roV55ays6vjQdpz6zTqc6yD6px4CpuVFyY8NvEv5WbjEjgE I saw another article (can't find it now) that mentioned that the info for the other projects currently known to be delayed (mostly in Epcot) hasn't been removed from anything yet.
  6. Glad its working out for you some what. Hopefully someone will be there and can add you to there reservation. And yes I would pay the money to stay on property its vacation, I don't leave the Disney bubble unless someone needs medical attention.
  7. Hello from a fellow MD'er... ON our trips down we've done Pedro's. Wife didn't love it. We've done the KOA in Lumberton, NC. Just fine. Small but clean and well kept. Twice now we've stopped overnight at the Hampton Inn in Santee, SC because they have RV sites where you can plug in 20amp while you stay at the hotel.
  8. I have had a couple of them disappear from when I was putting them in a particular blue mailbox. I have also had one disappear off the back of my Jeep. However, I will certainly go and check right now and see what the issue is and resolve your problem this evening. I apologize in advance if I accidentally did something in error. I thought I had sent all that were paid.
  9. I never got mine 😭 Just came on here to check it out. I got request for payment, which I paid back in June. Forgot about it until I went to PayPal for something today. The PayPal I use is in my daughter's name, They live on same property as us, and none of us ever got.
  10. X2 for Carolina Crossroads. Excellent for overnighters.
  11. Close but your unfortunate situation is different then what I was asking. Would you have paid $200 to park your RV and stay at POR or would you pay $50 to stay at an offsite campground 2 miles from Epcot And if we didn’t have our condo we would stay on property. Like we’ve done many times before. Most visits we stay at bonnet creek and a Disney resort. but since this is an unplanned/budgeted trip, due to COVID-19 we have to stay in our condo.
  12. After three hours and 45 minutes on hold and talking to Disney cast members they finally fixed her AP problems. Btw. The best CM ever! He knew his stuff and was just plain awesome! Our annual passes now expire October 20. my DD’’s fall break is the 14-20th of October. Since we have credit with Southwest airlines and our condo is free, sort of. We will be going October 14-19. Hopefully this COVID crap is gone or better by then. If not, and we have to cancel we would only lose the small refund we would have gotten if we canceled our APs. Now I just need to find someone who’s going to the fort that same week and is willing to adopt the 3 us and put us on their reservation. That’s the only way I can think of how to get around the stupid three day park reservation rule.
  13. Actually had a similar situation happen in 2018. We had a trip planned to Disney to stay at the Fort. Our camper got totaled and we still wanted to go before our APs expired. Called and got a reservation for P.O.R. and it was $200 a night. So yes if we want to go to Disney, we pay to stay at Disney. Hope you get it all worked out.
  14. I just made peach cobbler with a very close recipe to this one and, warmed up with ice cream oh it's so good! Not that hard to make.
  15. Claudine's G'parents and Aunt used to live in Baltimore, or as the locals say "Bal-mer".... So it sounds like you don't have too bad of a trip, unless you have to go thru DC... Anyway, when I sent my last response, I forgot to mention this place. We have never stayed there, but have also heard really good things about this place. Its new, and from what I hear, they are constantly adding things.... CreekFire Motor Ranch.
  16. It's a small world isn't is. We live in Street, Maryland. It is about 5 miles south of Delta, PA. Our grandkids love traveling in the motorhome. We usually get to The Fort once a year, but with covid it's been a little sketchy. Hopefully we will be able to make our trip in November. It all depends upon how covid is doing by then. We had a surprise trip to Disneyland planned for them, but we have cancelled it twice. We already paid for the air fare and the military tickets. We will wait and see when Disneyland opens and plan from then. Right now we have no desire to fly. Thanks for the information
  17. On hold for 2 hours and 5 minutes. The CM says they need to talk to a different department to fix my problem with our APs. She puts me on hold. 5 minutes later I pull into Lowe’s and get disconnected!!! I wish disney would call you back when Crap like that happens! for some reasons they show my pass expiring 5 days before the rest of the family’s passes. My pass expires 10/15/2020 and theirs 10/20/2020. We are discussing going to WDW for DD’s fall break. Instead of canceling and getting back a few bucks. Possible travel dates 10/15/2020-10/20/2020.
  18. I was close to 90 minutes on hold yesterday - killed the battery in two of the handsfree phones before I finally got through. I cancelled our APs but they were not able to tell me how much the refund would be, or how they would be calculated, or even when we would receive them. We really debated what to do about this because our passes would have been good until May 2, 2021. However we live in Canada and a trip down is not cheap, even though we haven't stayed on property for 5 years because of how much the Fort costs now. That didn't mean we didn't spend a bundle, between meals, snacks, souvenirs, drinks at the various bars when we resort hopped and everything else. Our trips down are usually for at least two months, sometime from the middle to end of December to mid-March give or take. However our rationale for finally cancelling was essential focused on COVID. The border between Canada and the US is currently closed and expected to remain closed to non-commercial traffic until at least the end of December if not longer. Travel is not recommended to many countries, including the US, and that doesn't look likely to change; and while we would try and create a "safe bubble" in the Orlando area we have to travel through a lot of states to get there. All travel agents are also making recommendations with a pointed reminder to bump up on an extra health care premium to ensure we are adequately covered for COVID emergencies. So that was the final call, to cancel and just "let it go" for this year. I will post as soon as I know how much we get back. By the way - the music was ok for the first five or six replays, but boy after I counted it for the 23rd time I was seriously weary of it.
  19. I’m on hold with WDW, agian, to find out what my refund would be if I canceled our APs. just curious has anyone canceled their passes? if so, what was the refund? Does anyone know how they are figuring refunds? just in case you’re curious I’ve now been waiting 55 minutes for someone to pick up. On a happy note I am enjoying the music they’re playing. Lol.
  20. “All you have to do is stay on Disney property...” That’s a expensive way to get what I already paid for. We have a condo/timeshare at bonnet creek. And since we would have to make an unplanned trip to use our APs, before they expire, we have to use our condo. When we come at Christmas or do our May/June trip we stay 10-15+ days. And we stay half the time at bonnet creek and the other half at a WDW Resort. If you had to plan a last minute trip to use or lose your APs and they closed the Fort. would pay $200+/night to stay at a Disney hotel or $50/night to stay in a camp ground 2 miles from epcot and Hollywood studios? our timeshare costs us Approx $50/ night. our maintenance fees are $612/ year. We have 14 nights per year. My daughter doesn’t hear to many nos at WDW either. Lol.
  21. Debbie, We are in the Raleigh Durham area of NC, but my wife has relatives in Maryland, so we know how that drive is... I have not stayed there, but about 15 miles south of the NC/VA line there is the RV Resort at Carolina Crossroads. I have passed several times on my way north. It seems to be easy in and out to I-95. I've read good things about it for a quick overnight stop. When we go to the Fort from home, we like to break the trip into 2 days. We always stop in Brunswick GA at Coastal GA RV Resort. This one, I can personally vouch for. All paved sites, with mostly pull throughs. It too is right off the interstate and is easy in/out. Its about 3.5 to 4 hours to the Fort from there.
  22. All you have to do is stay on disney property and then you can have more days. I believe it's up to 14 in a row. Remember they have hotels they need to fill. But I agree we are AP holders and we spend like its vacation because it is. My daughter gets told no quite a bit at home, but she knows when were at Disney with in reason its going to be a yes answer.
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