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  3. I hope sooner rather than later. Thanks for the update!
  4. The hiking trail between Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge is now ready for paving. Shouldn’t be long now.
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  6. Saw this on line from New 6 in Orlando, even includes the air conditioning $49,900 https://www.clickorlando.com/insider/2024/04/03/its-legit-old-disney-fort-wilderness-cabins-for-sale-fully-furnished/
  7. the cheap fix is the best, free is even better.
  8. One last update. It appears they are holding back the last half of October to be released at a later time.
  9. Walt Disney World is opening bookings for 2025 out to October 27 tomorrow with the rest of the year to follow at a later date. Guests staying onsite and listed on the reservations (not a day guest) have access to the water park that is open on arrival day. Subject to availability and currently no reservation needed but subject to change. Room/campsite only bookings are now cancel by 8 days before arrival for 2025 And Campsites now have a max of 8 people in 2025 :::edited to add::: May be through October 31. The information I was originally given appears to have been upda
  10. Thanks for reading! We did have fun it could always be worse.
  11. Cabins, tiny homes, wilderness trailers, whatever you want to call them have been at the Fort for a long time... The DVC cabins that Disney is putting in are basically the same thing that is there now. I think this was a way for Disney to pay for replacements on someone else's nickel. Plus, they have an opportunity to market to a different demographic. On how successful they will be, is anyone's guess. The cabins will still be available to the cash paying public as well as now being inside the "DVC bubble". The inside layout has changed a bit, but the number of beds still turn out
  12. When we were last there in October it was a wooden Fort Wilderness sign. It was actually pretty nice.
  13. On my Disney Cruise on the Dream back in 2009, the mom of the UK family that was at our table in the Animator's Palate. She thought it would be a great idea to steal the centerpiece as a personal souvenir for herself. Afterwards, our table was without a centerpiece for the whole cruise.
  14. Just because "Tiny Homes" are popular on various Cable TV channels now, WDW is bringing them to the Fort as well. No one would want to sleep in camper, when you can sleep in a "Tiny Home" (when they are basically the same thing.) Just think of the treehouses that were new and unusual back in the 1970's, now not so popular anymore. the same thing will happen to the "Tiny Homes" it's a fad that will come and go.
  15. I concur, it is wrong and has nothing to do with the hallway. The song says "Ghost martialize" after this part of the ride. it should be in the attic as it is in DL.
  16. I am sure it is quite familiar to those who have kids in summer church camp.
  17. Hello, Hopefully this is the right place for this. On the February events schedule it listed Crockett's Craft Corner: Wine & Woodshop it mentions making a wooden piece of artwork. Does anyone know what the wooden piece of artwork is? Thanks.
  18. Oh, this will definitely will not be going away... All the paperwork has been filed with Orange County. If you have nothing better to do for the next five days, you can read through all the documentation that is out there at present: Go here: https://occompt.com/official-records/search-official-records/ Click accept Go to Basic Official Records Search Fill-in the Document Nos (20230743961, 20230743962, 20230743963 & 20230743964) hit search 2 of the cabins have already been removed from the 2200 loop... When we were there back the first week of December, I was chatting with
  19. Just read this report, enjoyed going with you, even with all the power problems. Glad you had fun.
  20. Yes, it could have been worse but still upsetting glad it didn't wreck the trip.
  21. When looping through the cabins you can see where some have been pulled already, just a few as of now....
  22. I believe some of the new cabins are already being prepped with swaps to start this summer. I do not expect this one to go away unfortunately.
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