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  3. Say hello to site #335 for me! (love that site)
  4. We were put in the 300 loop for this stay. As of today I am walking around and I would say 3/4 of the sites are empty in our loop. All sites are extremely clean everything is well-kept and in working order here.
  5. Did you call the front desk or reservation number? I am looking for a number for the front desk. Thank you.
  6. From the Disney Parks Blog... https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/recreation/holiday-sleigh-rides/
  7. Last week
  8. Honestly, it’s not a lot of $ for agents, but it is a LOT of time explaining it. It’s super confusing to people who aren’t Disney regulars.
  9. Since nothing has been done it could very well be still in the plan, but after all the COVID BS is gone and things return to normal. There would be no reason to do restoration if they are still going forward at a later date. Just remember how long the buildings at AOA sat before work resumed. (I think that was the one)..
  10. As our daughter is still all about Disney even though we don’t go anymore, we surprised her with a lunch reservation for the new steakhouse 71 restaurant at the old wave at the contemporary resort yesterday. They revamped the interior to look more upscale and modern but nothing that knocked our socks off. Being a new place, they had their issues. We waited over an hour for our food but our waiter was great. We basically ordered the burger, the prime rib sandwich and the steak frites which were all good. The prices for lunch were not bad for eating at Disney. All entrees were around $18-$22. W
  11. Could you please send me a PM with the contact info for the signs. Would love to have one.
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  13. Good Deal! I’ll let you know where we land when we get there…
  14. I know there is a lot of negative discussion about the AP's , but the new FL Resident Pixie Pass (replaced week-day select) no longer has Summer months blocked out, only weekends and the typical Holidays as before.
  15. I meant if you let a friend use the MB to get in the gate, they couldn’t use them to get into a park.
  16. Thank you. Technology is not my friend Good thing, you're the man!! Thank you again.
  17. They should. Those bands are just links to your My Disney Experience. Any band that is still Active in My Disney Experience should work for that person to use any tickets assigned to them.
  18. Jason... you know me... hold my hand We have lots of bands. If each one of us, used one that was originally assigned to us (they have our names on them), will those work for part tickets if we buy them? What about the Boo tickets... ?
  19. Ok not sure if we will do parks or maybe venture to that Universal place but either way a week in Feb away from the cold of the north east is still a WIN 😎
  20. Sounds like fun on a hot day. Good the phone was rescued.
  21. Thank you for posting this story. What a wonderful life, which she tells us she was still enjoying in the interview at the end of the story.
  22. Robin

    A sweet time!

    Today is the day why we came here. We are going hiking and and find a waterfall. We have a quick breakfast and look over the map we got at check in. We pack up a change of shoes, towels, sunscreen, snacks and, water. It is a beautiful day! Blue sky shinning sun and about 90 out. We drive a few miles down the road and find the parking lot for the waterfall. It is a short hike down and it is really beautiful! You can walk around in the water and even walk behind the waterfall. After playing around by the water we take the trail down to a clearing and we find a swimming spot. The water is co
  23. Yay!! We move over the Fort on the 1st... still working out the end date. We have reservations as long as you, just looking at a couple of things. See you soon!
  24. Nacole, How long will you guys be there? I arrive on Monday, 11/1 and leave on Wednesday 11/10...
  25. It's been a couple of years since we've been at Christmas but we found the most challenging was to get to all the Christmas shows if that's your thing and they have them this year. Had to plan which ones when and include time spent standing in lines to get in. And they used to be all or mostly in the afternoon/evenings. Maybe it won't be as crowded, although a friend went this past Sunday and said it was quite crowded. We used to go to Old Mill years ago and then Applewood Farmhouse more recently and would also recommend both.
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