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  2. I've thought that late May or early June is the earliest hope ever since the CDC urged 8 weeks of social distancing. We have reservations for mid June. I'm still planning on going, but I will make the call on visiting the parks, if open, closer to the time of arrival. I'm ok not setting foot in a park.
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  4. https://blogmickey.com/2020/03/disney-construction-projects-defunded-layoffs-underway?fbclid=IwAR3frKX9UCsXx2qzWTeIqSSfbDu-FUkuYACib2yAiIPkTLufE2Bfwdk_Z68
  5. At least as far as things stand today (and obviously things are changing all the time right now) it would seem that June 1st is probably a reasonable guess for the parks reopening. Assuming (hoping!) the worst of this is over in April, that would give them all of May to sort out staffing, reservations, park inspections, maintenance, etc., and exactly how they intend to reopen - phased openings? limited park hours? etc.
  6. No dates, but this seems to be one of the more factual/sane story about the parks. Last week saw Universal Parks announce a reopening date of April 19, then a few days later, as pressure mounted for Disney to acknowledge their April 1 reopening was unlikely, the Mouse confirmed their U.S. parks will be closed indefinitely. Now, with the latest models showing Coronavirus peaking in the nation just days ahead of the published reopening date at Universal, it’s clear the April 19 reopening will have to be pushed back. A lockdown in Orange County must also be considered when looking at reopening dates. In San Antonio, an aquarium defied orders to close and was then forcibly shut down by law enforcement. No theme park wants similar negative press. The move by Universal to give a specific date caught their counterparts at Disney and SeaWorld by surprise. Previously, Universal seemed to be onboard to announce expanded closures beyond the initial two weeks at the same time as Disney and SeaWorld. In Orlando, the three companies have long had ongoing communication between each other, as was witnessed with the rollout of security measures in 2015 where every major theme park in Orlando introduced metal detectors all on the same morning. According to one insider at Universal, the call to break from the pact and announce the new date was from a non-Orlando-based executive who may have been unaware of the "gentlemen's agreement" that the companies in Florida have used for years. In the days after Universal’s unexpected announcement, Disney officials held multiple conference calls to discuss their options. With the abrupt closure of the college program, thanks in part due to pressure from the various colleges with students in the program and with concerns that some employees may move out of Orlando once their April rents are due, the unknowns surrounding a reopening were enough for executives to decide an indefinite closure was the best option. The term "unprecedented" has been used frequently to describe the current situation around the world, but it's especially true of the tourism industry.click to tweet Reservations for Disney hotels are now unavailable through the end of May. This aligns with other potential reopening timelines that industry insiders have expected. As more people across Central Florida go without income, even those who are receiving some pay may be impacted, especially lower-income individuals who are more likely to have roommates or rely on multiple jobs. It’s still unclear how a two-month or longer closure will affect labor availability at Orlando’s theme parks and how many new employees will need to be trained once the parks are ready to reopen. Another concern that must be addressed before reopening is certifications and ride inspections. Every amusement ride in the State of Florida is required to be inspected at least once every six months. Even though parks with 1,000 or more employees can have their own in-house inspectors, the ride inspections must still happen within this time frame. With the parks now not operating for an extended period, some attractions will enter into their needed six-month window that may require inspections before reopening. Lifeguards, drivers, security guards, and some attraction operators may also need retraining ahead of any opening. This is especially true at Disney, where there are self-imposed stricter standards for operations. With these considerations in mind, a one to two week timeline of pre-opening preparation is expected ahead of any public being welcomed back to the resorts. Even once they do reopen, some hotels, amenities, and attractions will likely remain closed for an extended period. The term "unprecedented" has been frequently used to describe the situation the world faces, but for the tourism sector, it remains the most accurate descriptor. This new world Disney, Universal and SeaWorld find themselves in still has many unknowns. With so few past examples to work with, leaders across the industry are entering unchartered waters where things like market demand and crowd flow could be dramatically different than anything seen prior. As of now, it looks like such questions will remain unanswered until at least early summer.
  7. Am I the only one that can hear the sound of corduroy pants while looking at the picture?
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  9. Maybe y’all didn’t see it but it appears to have an airbag suspension. Which means it could be made to ride higher than in the pictures. pump up the air bags and lift up the truck.
  10. 2.5 million and Chapek is only taking 50% reduction? So good of him, says a former cast member.
  11. We signed up a week ago as well but cancelled it after I found out they won't support surround sound on the windows platform. The sad part is Disney has an app on Xbox that does support surround sound and it was written on the Universal Windows Platform which means it should run on Windows 10 with minimum or no change. Since we have it until the middle of April we have watched a few things. I am impressed with what Disney has done The Mandalorian. Like Rogue One it is much better than their attempts with the Star Wars movie series. If they keep it up the series would be worth coming back to for a month's subscription fee.
  12. I just got a email from six flags has we are members. Opening mid-May but subject to change. Guessing other parks will not be open before then.
  13. Well you are supposed to haul it around on your flatbed, then drop it at your campsite! Just like a lot of people now trailer their motorcycles to Daytona instead of taking the chance of becoming another fatality on i-4!
  14. Finally signed up for Disney+ and starting bingeing Imagineering Story this weekend. LOVE it!
  15. https://wdwnt.com/2020/03/breaking-walt-disney-company-senior-executives-take-salary-cuts-due-to-unprecedented-disney-parks-closures/?fbclid=IwAR3-0PSM4iyqs80wubv2BxedimHqGtvboo7wzYDjMgm4hqQyXCyjpPJseEk
  16. That's. Amazing. But definitely a non-starter here in New England. Even one of our "baby" potholes would trash it and one of our "regular" ones would swallow it whole.
  17. Umm... no. I'm not sure how you would even drive it down the road, without scraping up the bottom? Oh... and what's the clear tube thing? Is that a tub? I'm so confused
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  19. So far it seems you can look before that but there is 0 availability.
  20. That is when reservations at the resorts are starting for the special dining plan deal if you had a previous cancelled reservation. No mention if you can get just a reservation earlier without the deal.
  21. Rumor as of yesterday is June 1 opening.
  22. It was an experiment I thought up while stuck in Florida. And it worked so very well.
  23. It's cool but I wouldn't really want it. Now if it was a 4x4 sitting on 40" mud grips that would be another story.
  24. Three weeks ago yesterday I was eating Mickey beignets at the Port Orleans food court on the resorts visiting day of our trip. We took the boat from Disney Springs. Seems like a lot longer ago. I don’t like to fry in oil but I may have to try this recipe. They were goooood.
  25. https://www.motortrend.com/news/custom-chevy-c30-truck-camper-brown-sugar-sema-photos-details/?sm_id=paid%3Asm_id%3Afb%3Agen%3AMTo&o%3Alink_clicks%3AROS_v2%3Amt
  26. https://wdwnt.com/2020/03/breaking-walt-disney-world-and-disneyland-announce-parks-and-resorts-will-remain-closed-until-further-notice/?fbclid=IwAR1AwxDCqvG9nqxeYKWsPDHlLzaDKalupT6seOpZwgZYO3jDZBdLuguWDM8
  27. Japan has embraced the secular side of a number of US holidays frequently adding their own homegrown twist as well.
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