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  2. Going to be coming in real late tonight. Need to park a large trailer at the overflow. Anyone there know how full it is this weekend?
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  4. Yes. Although on most sites, the tent will need to be set up on the concrete pad. TCD
  5. The alleged advantage of the preferred loops (100, 200, and 300) is the close proximity to the Settlement area. The 100 and 200 loops are very close to the Settlement. There is a nice playground there and the new horse barn is nice to visit. However, even the Fort management recognized the dubious advantage of being close to the Settlement by rebranding the loops close to the Meadow area and jacking up the rates for those sites. As far as bike riding goes, the loops aren’t the best place for kids to ride, but there are plenty of other sidewalks and areas around the Settlement and Meadow areas
  6. We have been to the Fort a few times and have always stayed in the full hookup 1700 loop. We first stayed in the back of the loop and fell in love with the sites around site 1719. When booking for this June there were 2 out of 14 days that were blocking us from getting a full hookup site so now we are in preferred and not sure how we will like it. Are there any advantages to any of the preferred loops? We are a family of 6 with kids that love to ride bikes, is there one loop that might be better to let the kids ride? I'm trying to see if it is worth our time to keep checking f
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  8. Hi! Are tents allowed with an RV at the premium meadows loop?
  9. Can I please get a job there? - nobody has to pay me - I will take my salary in Cinnamon Rolls !!!!!!!
  10. Thanks for the response. It looks like Pigeon Forge campground is over a 100.00 more. It does look really nice though. We are looking for nice and clean it will just be the two of us as are son has somehow become become a grown up?
  11. We stayed here about 5 years ago and were very pleased, when you first turn in they do not have a large area to stop, our tail end would have been in the road if we stopped right away. The sites that back up to the main road is where they put us due to size and the road is a very busy road so expect noise. Overall, the park is nice, clean and well run. This is where we always seem to stay now Pigeon Forge Campground | Riveredge Log Cabin Rentals in Pigeon Forge, TN (stayriveredge.com)
  12. Has anyone stayed at Creekside Rv Park? Thinking about staying here it looks nice but first hand knowledge is always the best.
  13. In my head it is as fresh as ever. At least that's what the voices in there tell me.
  14. Just announced a sale on select resort rooms this morning. Can’t even get to the page to see the deal. Average wait time to get into the page is 30 minutes. Guess they didn’t use their Covid down time to improve their infrastructure. And I’m guessing the Fort sites won’t be included.
  15. You know, that particular cinnamon roll that Dave has been peddling for the last several years has got to be sort of stale by now....
  16. Thank you for the TR. I enjoyed reading about all of your adventures! Very sorry for your loss.🌹
  17. My sources inside the Walt Disney Company tell me that Bob Iger, toward the end of his retirement address to fellow Cast Members, made an announcement that will have massive implication to CM's and Guests of WDW for years to come! Just before closing his address, he announced the construction of a 5TH GATE at WDW! He then let slip the name of this upcoming 5th theme park....Cinnamon Roll Kingdom!! Happy New Year everyone!
  18. I know some did not like him, but apparently he knew who helped him succeed. This was his post on Twitter. Just spent 3 days @WaltDisneyWorld & was reminded (yet again) what makes me so proud of @disney …our cast members! Thanks for taking care of me all these years. Thanks for your talent, your commitment & the gratitude you expressed. I am deeply grateful to all of you!
  19. Thanks for sharing, it was a great trip report, it will also help some folks maneuver around some of all the new things in WDW.
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