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  2. Say what you want. Blame it on COVID. Blame it on greedy executives. Blame it on politicians. But I'm here to settle the argument. Blame for the decline of Disney can be placed with one group, and one group only. The bakers. My proof? Circa 2010 Circa 2015 Circa 2019 Circa 2021 I rest my case.
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  4. Like...knock, knock..Linda "yes",, "Hello, I'm Lou"....Linda "who"?... 😂 She wasn't on FF.. She still talks about that..
  5. What's sad for me is that you are one of the few Fiends that have evaded me, and that was hard to do, just ask Ray.
  6. They sure are great memories. I met so many great folks during my hundreds of unannounced vists to the Fort. I've remained close to many of them. I do remember the note Fred. Ahh the famous TCD FWRR spikes. Even though I handed out a lot of them at the Fort I think I still have some in my trunk. The best thing about the spikes is the story of how TCD hunted them down.
  7. We started camping at the Fort in the’80’s. Times change, people get older. I had reservations for September which I must cancel due to a serious health issue. I do hope to get there again next year but I don’t know how many more trips I have in me. Sad.
  8. I'm not going to touch any of these hot topics. Just glad to see some familiar names. They helped make this place GREAT! We have a fort tripped planned in the not too distant future. The kids are grown and it won't be the same, but am still,looking forward to it. This past weekend, I came across my official TCD spike with a handwritten note. My kids remembered that same trip Captain Lou stopping by the site to just say hi. Those great memories cannot be taken from me. A special thank you to,you gentlemen and all the FF regulars that made trip planning fun. CL
  9. I just consider it a friendly discussion and thanks we've always enjoyed the times we've met up. Hope you get to have another great summer trip this year. Those are always great memories, our kids (50,47 & 46) still talk about our travels.
  10. Agreed, which is why I am a huge proponent of covering ones mouth when you sneeze or cough... especially with a napkin or hankie. While I understand that not everyone has learned this common courtesy, just one look around any store and you'll see that not everyone has learned how to properly wear a mask. Even to catch those droplets (which are heavy and have a good chance of falling before they get too far in the air. which means that someone needs to be pretty close to you in order to have those droplets land on them). I do understand your point and I don't mean to or want to belabor the
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  12. And my opinion is impatient local drivers and lost tourists. The impatients weave in and out of traffic going as fast as possible. (at times you are likely to end up at same exit with them just in front of you) Then we have the wonderful tourists and the locals who slow down to be able to read their phones. PULL OVER you fools. I-4 has been a nightmare to drive these past few years. It is getting better but is still under construction. I forget who first called the "construction of I-4" the Destruction of I-4. That has been what I've called it since. During the fir
  13. They don't stop the virus, they stop the water droplet the virus travels on when someone sneezes or coughs. Just like a dust particle. PS: I am not a proponent of masks..
  14. Understood. I imagine those will stay up for a while, but I'd be surprised if they are being enforced... except for Costco. I grew up in Washington state and have had a Costco membership for over 30 years (it was PriceClub before it was Costco). This is the first time I have not renewed our membership and will not, unless they drop the mandate. The "funny" thing about Costco, is they will allow you to wear a face shield which is fully open on the sides and bottom. WalMart, Lowes (and in our area Publix, Kroger and Aldis) all have signs up however, I've never worn a mask once. If I was as
  15. Surgical masks were developed to protect the surgeon as much as the patient. The surgeon's face is exposed to fluids, when the surgery is being performed and the patient has an open wound, which nasal/oral drainage and/or sweat from the lip could drop into. They were not made to stop the spread of a virus and the subject of surgeons wearing masks has been in debate for years. Even the NIH weighed in on this with a study where they found that, "It has never been shown that wearing surgical face masks decreases postoperative wound infections. On the contrary, a 50% decrease has been reported
  16. Some counties have lifted bans, but the larger companies have not stopped requiring masks in those counties, WalMart, Costco, Lowe’s, etc.
  17. Desantis wanted local control when it suited him as a means to avoid a decision on a mask mandate. I thought local control was a good idea. Then he pulled the rug out from everybody when it was politically expedient to do so by telling local governments they cannot enforce the very rules he said they are the best to decide on. He also required bars to incorporate very expensive precautions in order to reopen and then one week later issued a huge "never mind" and told everybody they could fully open. Bar owners were not happy and most continued to adhere to some level of precaution.
  18. Well, being 1400 miles away makes it hard to do a weekend trip. 😀 We will be there in 41 days, so will probably be posting sometime after that.
  19. Thank you. May is an earlier date and so, I believe, those restrictions were dropped by DeSantis. I understand what you're saying, that other attractions are also limited occupancy... I was just curious if they were following a local (county) mandate or making a company policy choice. Nah... masks are not sanity, but we can move that to the debate forum if you'd like. DeSantis wanted to allow local control, which is a trickle down of the 10th amendment (in my opinion). A governor allows local authorities to make decisions, until he needs to step in and take control of th
  20. Desantis never had a state wide mask mandate. When he was still of a somewhat sane mind, he said that because Florida was so large, each county should decide if they should mandate masks. Then, he reopened the state, and made the ruling that no county or local government could level any punishment for violating a local mask mandate, persons or businesses. Very hypocritical in the sense that he used local jurisdiction as a means to avoid being the person mandating masks and then turns around and bans the enforcement of any local decisions regarding masks. The only thing that has limited the
  21. As a long time AP holder I paid for unlimited, unrestricted access to all 4 parks. With the ability to park hop as I please. Because of the pandemic those items, which I paid for, were taken away. I get it. Things had to change to accommodate as many guests as possible. But why is it the AP seems to be hurt the most? disney choose to sell new tickets to the parks. (Regular tickets.). Therefore limiting the access to people like myself that had already paid for tickets. What would you tell someone who bought a 7 day pass last month but when they arrived at WDW were told
  22. In April of last year it was announced that it would be a phased re-opening that was going to be presented to the County and State. SeaWorld and Walt Disney World approved by Orange County to reopen, dates await approval by DeSantis.May 27, 2020 Universal is still following the limited park occupancy too and they presented their plan first,so there has to be an underlying reason. They are still at 35-40% and Spring Break week they closed the gates at noon, 4 days in a row. Even many of the local restaurants are not using all the tables.
  23. I thought that DeSantis had lifted things last fall... went back and found this from September. The EO in on the Florida gov site. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/politics/os-ne-desantis-florida-reopens-20200925-f3sr4wk5tncvvkhwr6ua4pereq-story.html
  24. Actually both. They gave the County the steps they would follow in order to re-open and what would be done as this all progressed. The County had to approve it and then sent it to the State for approval. The same for DL, they had numerous meetings along with Universal and KBF in Calf to reopen at the end of last year to no avail. There is no way Disney is intentionally letting numerous Resorts sit unused if they could open. That would be an absolutely stupid business decision if they wanted, as Andrew said, new money there is too much demand as people have had enough of the CDC and Wash
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