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  2. Yep, they have officially priced themselves out of me being able to afford to go there anymore probably 3 or 4 years ago. And it is busier than ever.
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  4. I am ok with the BP system. I just wish they would keep the park open late enough to guarantee everyone a ride that day if they got there within the first hour of park opening.
  5. That’s what they did when they opened Flight of Passage in Pandora, and the wait in the standby line was 4 hours plus for months after it opened. FOP had its own operation problems, but still had more capacity than ROTR does now. If they tried traditional standby plus FP, the standby time would be over 6 hours probably. A better question is why didn’t they open it as standby only like they did with the Millennium Falcon ride? The fact that they didn’t confirms that ROTR operates so inconsistently that they couldn’t risk having a standby line, as people would wait for hours only to be evacuated or told that it will be another hour while they tried to get the ride back on line. That would be a PR nightmare. Using the boarding group system lets them hide the shortcomings of the attraction and the fact that they opened it before it was ready to handle the crowds. Lying to guests in this way lets them keep selling tickets. Maximizing short term profits on a quarter by quarter basis is all that matters to current management. TCD
  6. I'm confused as to why this new area with the boarding pass doesn't have a FP option, then a standby line. Wouldn't that be easier?
  7. I did know that. My point is since there are many more people on property (34 Hotels plus the FORT) who get to DHS in the almost "PRE DAWN" hours, plus those who are coming from the off property hotels makes for a much larger crowd in the park than what would be in the gates at DL when the be-witching hour hits for the boarding groups to be activated on MDE. Thus they are gone in minutes and not hours. Thus the MESS..... Hopefully in November everybody will be in Star Wars and we'll have the parks to ourselves..😀
  8. Having a daughter who lives near Disneyland and who goes there frequently; I can tell you that Galaxy’s Edge is no where near as crowded as HS. In fact, she’s sent photos showing the lower crowds. When my daughter and son in law went to ride Rise of the Resistance, they got a hotel and were in line to get into Disneyland early in the morning. They still didn’t get to ride until later in the afternoon. There were still some issues with the ride there as well. A much larger percentage of people at Disneyland are locals and aren’t as desperate to ride Rise of the Resistance as those at HS who have paid a lot of money for a single trip to WDW. So even though my daughter had to get to Disneyland early there were fewer people who did not get to ride because there were fewer people trying.
  9. Hmmm. I think I see the problem. I don’t think you understand that only guests who have scanned in and are physically in DHS are able to try for a boarding group. The “people in the area at the resorts and surrounding hotels” cannot try for a boarding group. I would hope that my November things will be a lot smoother than they are now, and that you have a great time at Disneyland. TCD
  10. Going... going.... https://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2020/02/21/buy-me-you-will-the-new-baby-yoda-animatronic-toy-has-already-started-to-sell-out-online/?fbclid=IwAR38BNz6Bqsei0oauTVx76jXxB-T7IMHze_9uO18oCp-5gPGCdB0p6o-auQ
  11. There are more people in the area at the Resorts and surrounding Hotels heading to DHS and in the park when it opens to grab the Boarding Groups, consequently they go much faster and are harder to acquire which is what creates the "MESS"..... Every time we've been back to DL/CA we've never had long lines at anything like we see at WDW. We're going back to DL in November and I'll let you know if we encounter the "ZOO" that we see at WDW (all the parks) regularly.
  12. Or maybe Disneyland’s version isn’t as messed up as WDW’s and has better capacity? And if you were arguing that it was somehow relevant to the discussion that WDW has more visitors than Disneyland, then you lost me on what that has to do with the mess at DHS, which is the topic of this thread. TCD
  13. Never said DHS, I said WDW....... Your words not mine.... Also, they don’t run out of boarding passes for an hour after park opening, where boarding passes are gone in 3 minutes at DHS. So there has to be more people in the Park when it opens and on the app vs DL.
  14. That math doesn’t work at all. Disneyland Park gets way more guests than DCA, and the Magic Kingdom way more than the other three at WDW. As I said, no way does DHS have three times as many guests as Disneyland. No way. Plus, Disneyland’s version is performing only a little better than WDW’s. At least the guest at Disneyland have 40+ attractions to chose from at that park compared to a fraction of that at DHS. And, comparing a Disney ride to something equally flawed at Universal doesn’t fly either. They hyped Star Wars Land for four years and are providing guests with a very poor experience. “Sh*t happens” doesn’t fly either when the Sh*t is happening more than it doesn’t. TCD
  15. It's been published in numerous places that WDW sees approximately 60 million people a year and DL sees approximately 20 million a year. Granted there are 4 parks vs 2 but that is still 15 million per park vs 10 million per park and since SW ROR is the hype everybody is trying to get on an early Boarding Group. If they get a high number then they can head to the other parks until they get close to their boarding time. Also DL doesn't have same percentage of "On Property" hotel rooms with direct transporation that feed the parks. Figuring out why it fills up almost instantly is not Rocket Science. Maybe it is a disaster at the moment, but I really don't care since I have no plan on every riding it, just like we have never done anything at PANDORA. Apparently a lot of other people don't think it's a disaster either or they wouldn't be lining up at 6:30/7:00 am, they'd stay away. Lou went to UNIVERSAL Wednesday with one of their head engineers, he got them priority passes to get on HAGRID'S and guess what, it went down and never came back up the whole time they were there. So it's just not WDW. As is said "S--t Happens"..
  16. I can’t believe that the crowd level at DHS is anywhere close to the crowd level at Disneyland, let alone three times more. Since Disney closely guards its attendance figures, I don’t know how you or anyone can make that statement. Why is it so hard to accept the fact that the Rise of the Resistance attraction is a disaster at the moment? TCD
  17. But the crowd level at WDW is almost 3 times that of DL and that would affect how fast Boarding Passes run out. Same for CM opportunities since the paying customer would get preference.
  18. Does he drink and/or can he be bought? 🤣😎 Oh and if you haven't had your fill of adorable Baby Yoda merch, this is also coming in June... https://www.piratesandprincesses.net/star-wars-baby-yoda-loungefly-mini-backpack-coming-june-2020/
  19. Incorrect. There were no CM previews or AP previews at WDW. They just crossed their fingers and opened the attraction, and it’s been a sh*t show since opening day. Active cast didn’t either. But, somehow at Disneyland, they were able to have CM previews, and no CM blockouts since opening day. Also, they don’t run out of boarding passes for an hour after park opening, where boarding passes are gone in 3 minutes at DHS. Like is said- absolutely ridiculous. TCD
  20. I'm not sure it's ridiculous. We were all joking about lines all the way up to New York for this new land when it opened. If the system was not set up this way, we would be seeing 8 hour lines or more for the ride. 90 minutes is reasonable, considering. Galaxies Edge is by far the biggest, most popular expansion of a Disney park, ever. There are so many Star Wars fans out there that want to experience this that Disney is going to be making bank on it for years. Most of us were smart enough to plan our vacations for AFTER the entire area was opened, and we are seeing the influx of those fans now. I made my plans for a year after the planned opening, hoping the newness would wear off a bit. Now, I'm wondering if I should have waited another year. No other expansion to a park is coming with a completely themed resort and special Role Playing packages, you know? It sucks for the CMs who are blocked out, I agree. However, since those same employees were given special days to ride the ride before it opened, I don't see the restrictions as unreasonable.
  21. Follow the link for pictures and a video https://www.tampabay.com/news/business/2020/02/20/see-inside-lazy-days-rv-founders-florida-estate-for-sale/ See inside Lazy Days RV founder’s Florida estate for sale Here’s what $17.5 million buys: 36 acres. Eight bedrooms. Indoor and outdoor pools. Bowling alley. Go-cart track. Guest house. Pool house. Horse barn. THONOTOSASSA — Donald and Erika Wallace spent four years and a sum that they’re not quite ready to discuss creating the Oaks Estate, their 36,000-square-foot French-Normandy style chateau overlooking Lake Thonotosassa. The idea was to have a home where they and their children, Donnie and Alexa, could have friends over and entertain, whether those friends wanted to ride horses, race go-carts, spend time on the lake, lounge by the pool, go bowling or retreat into a retro diner-style game room done in red and black. Now, eight years after the house was completed, the children are college-aged, and the estate is on the market for $17.5 million. That’s a drop from the $22 million that the Wallaces asked when they first listed it for sale a year ago. “You cannot possibly duplicate this home for anywhere near that kind of money,” said Realtor Ed Gunning, who is the listing agent for the property along with Mary Pond and Dina Sierra Smith. At either price, the home would be the most expensive residence ever sold in the Tampa Bay area, more than the record $16.5 million that developer Ben Mallah paid last year for a gulf-front mansion owned by former Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard. This week, the Wallaces opened up the house, which is about 16 miles northeast of downtown Tampa, so that brokers and journalists could get a look inside. “You don’t realize that this even exists," Gunning said. “Don made a comment a few weeks ago that the buyer of this house doesn’t even know it exists, has never even been out here.” Wallace, 70, founded, with his brother and father, LazyDays RV SuperCenter in 1976 with $500, a mobile home and two travel trailers. The business grew into a sales powerhouse with dealerships in five states, shares traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange and $608 million in revenue in 2018. Wallace is retired from Lazy Days, but remains active, serving on the board of the directors of the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute Foundation, and has a business office at the home. Before moving to Thonotosassa, the Wallaces lived in a 13,000-square-foot Mediterranean mansion on Tampa’s Bayshore Boulevard. For the Oaks, they combined four properties on Fort King Highway overlooking the 900-acre lake. They brought in hundreds of mature live oaks and imported Italian cypress trees and lived in the guest house while supervising construction of the main house, which includes six bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, seven half-bathrooms and a ton of extras. A dark wood-paneled men’s lounge includes a bar and enough space that the Wallaces bring in bleachers for Super Bowl watch parties. In addition to a seven-car garage for the main residence, there’s also a barn-style show garage with space for — take your pick — 20 collector cars, a basketball court or a dinner party for 300. An on-site maintenance workshop and machine shop allows for the fabrication of most anything needed on site and also includes a commercial-grade spot-free car wash system. The property also has seven fresh-water wells, two diesel generators and two fuel tanks. “The whole house is completely self-contained,” Gunning said. “If the world’s coming to an end, you could live here until you ran out of diesel fuel.” The Oaks Estate Owners: Donald and Erika Wallace Asking price: $17.5 million Development team: Cooper Johnson Smith Architects; Alvarez Homes, interior design by Taylor & Taylor of Miami Size: 36,361 square feet air conditioned, 22,120 square feet in main house Construction details: 20-inch-thick exterior walls clad in blonde Texas limestone. 256,000 recycled red bricks used in the driveway, outdoor parking areas and walkways. Four stories in the main house, with an elevator. Two-story closet in the master bedroom. Imperial blue granite on the kitchen countertops. Hand-painted silk wallpaper in the formal dining room. Three fireplaces. Floors of marble, French oak in a herringbone pattern, onyx and pillow-top limestone. Alarm system with video surveillance. Amenities: Game room. Two-lane bowling alley. One-mile paved jogging path. Croquet lawn. Go-cart track. 1,000 exterior lights. Indoor and outdoor salt-water pools. Pool house. Gym, dry sauna, steam room and massage room in main house. Stables with 7.4 acres of fenced pasture. Boat house and two-story dock with 6,000-pound boat lift and two lifts for personal watercraft. Staff: Two housekeepers, five maintenance workers, five landscapers 2019 property taxes: $149,607
  22. “The Mandalorian” Character Meet and Greet Coming Soon to Disney Parks With big merchandise reveals and previews today for Star Wars fans (and a huge “The Clone Wars” premiere tomorrow), they’d better hold on to their lightsabers, because the Force is about to get a little stronger at Disney Parks. With the resounding success of “The Mandalorian” series on Disney+, Disney and Lucasfilm are scrambling to meet the unexpected demand for Baby Yoda merch and all things Mando. With merchandise already in production and set to hit stores soon, the next integration involves the Disney Parks––in the form of an upcoming character meet and greet. According to the latest publication from In The Know, a Lucasfilm official has confirmed an upcoming Mando meet and greet coming soon to Disney Parks: As Mandalorian tradition dictates, Mando would be a fully costumed character. Since he never takes off his mask (this is the way), it might be a bit easier to cast him. As far as Baby Yoda goes, however, there’s far more development that would be required for that character, be it a full on audio-animatronic or some other complex creature creation, but it’s exciting to know that hope is on the horizon. (And for the record, I will not gladly smuggle frogs into Disney’s Hollywood Studios to feed Baby Yoda a snacky-snack.)
  23. My nephews got a low # I think in the teens and the group next to them a couple seconds later got like an 80
  24. Are they having the same issues at DisneyLand with breakdowns? I had read an article (if it was on the web it must be true) that during construction at HS in the rainy season, the roofing had issues with drainage, and supposedly a lot of the electronics/controls for the ride got flooded. Never saw anything else about it, but the article went into depth about how roof drains were improperly installed causing the major flood. Possibly some of the issues with HS version?
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