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  2. Supergeek and I have an antique Monaco. We have always used regular batteries but are considering replacing them with Lithium. Anyone have these in your rig? I do know that we are going to replace the golf cart batteries with lithium. Both will cost a bit more, but replacing batteries all the time is for the birds.
  3. I won't be going to MK until Christmas eve, but already I am wondering why? Am I the only one that thinks putting the Hatbox Ghost next to the never ending hallway with the candelabra is wrong? Help me out here.
  4. Thanks to Loretta and her wonderful daughter for getting this for me! ♥️
  5. Last week
  6. That's what we do...unload at the site... When I bought the cart, I made sure it was lifted so it wouldn't bottom out as it made the transition from the ground and into the bed of the truck. Also, made sure I purchased one piece ramps that didn't "hinge" in the middle. I too store them underneath the cart in the bed of the truck when hauling. I place them underneath the MH when we are at the site.
  7. We took the bus back and had a great conversation with another couple on the way back. Earlier in the trip we saw a mug that we thought was cute but did not purchase. Well, we both had been thinking about this mug. I thought we saw it at meadows but not sure. My husband didn't think it was there but could not remember. First, we went to the Settlement and not there. Then we rushed over to Meadows not there. What now we racked our little brains. Downtown Disney? We bike back to the campsite and head off. Not really what I wanted to do but we will make it quick. This night it was packed. We park
  8. Ended up with long ramps.com I think it was. Over bought but they are rock solid. I had the cart lifted so the 11ft foldable ramps fit underneath the cart for travel. We just did it at the site.
  9. Earlier
  10. Hopefully not another power problem ......😎⚡
  11. Today is the last day. It went by so fast! We are going to AK. We arrive just at park opening and already the line for Flight of Passage is over an hour. We decide to take the boat ride we waited for about 20 min. The only show we saw was the bird show. My husband skipped out on Everest, so I did single rider and had no wait. We rode the few other rides and took our time looking at the animals. We left at about 4 we have dinner reservations. We get back and get refreshed, change our clothes and get on our bikes. The weather is calling for some rain, so we grab some bags for the bikes. We are
  12. The power seems to work with a battery charger, so this is what we did. Today is a no park day so we sleep in and make a big breakfast. We are going somewhere new. Lately I've been hearing about St. Augustine. It's a bit of a drive but we have all day. We arrive and figure out parking. We ended up parking in the metered lot in front of the fort. We did have to drive around a few times till a spot opened up. We decided this was our best option. We walked to the visitor center which is very nice almost a mini museum. Looked around got some information, used the restroom, and cooled off in the A/
  13. We have not used them (yet) but at the cost per night we have been able to find campgrounds using our Passport America that worked out better for less money, there have been quite a few You Tube channels that have stayed in them and gave decent reviews.
  14. We have been seeing more of these. Has anyone stayed in one?
  15. I saw from Santa Settles that there were sites open on Halloween that you could get reservations for! I know they were going for a good penny too. It is sad honestly. I long for the days when I could go for a couple weekends a month again. I wouldn't even mind the drive now that I am further away. I also wish DVC wasn't so freaking full all the time with their reservations. (off my soapbox now)
  16. Thanks to Shalynn (Loretta's daughter) for going over to the Fort and getting this for me! She is such a doll!
  17. Today we are up bright and early. I decided I wanted Strawberry Shortcake for breakfast. I hop on my bike and head down while my husband has his breakfast. Wow lots of dog walkers out. There was a few Shortcakes in the cooler I pick one and check out with no wait. I make my way back finish getting ready. I eat my breakfast on the way to EPCOT. I finish just in time. Today is calling for some afternoon showers so I back umbrellas in the backpack. It took forever to get in and we arrive just as the regular guests can enter. It looks like the park is going to be busy today. We get all the rides d
  18. Today was another no park day. We had some power, but lights still dim. We found a little nature center close by and decided to check it out. This was a good choice sorry I cannot remember the name. They had trails, a couple of turtles that had been injured, and a building with lots of info about area wildlife. After this we decided to do another round of mini golf this time at Fantasia Gardens. We had about an hour wait a little bit busier than the other course. I think we like this course better. After this I talked my husband into taking me to the outlets. He hates going here and it's been
  19. Dang again with the power........
  20. No, but this might be the last year for grandma & grandpa.
  21. Lots of empty sites when we went last month.
  22. Nice , last Thursday I strolled through on my Bday and it looked like a mini Halloween weekend. 👻
  23. Right now it is packed. Very few empty spots.
  24. For those of you who need a download on apple of the app, it is under construction. Apparently France has made a coding requirement on the Apple platform that Supergeek needs to rewrite some things. Hopefully he can get a couple of minutes to himself and be able to tackle that without interruptions.
  25. am I the only fool these days who has an annual pass? lol
  26. Wow, I didn't realize I had not updated this, sorry about that! https://wdwprepschool.com/disney-world-crowd-calendar/ crowd-calendar-2024-1-01-768x1434.png.webp disney-world-2022-2023-crowd-calendar-best-times-to-go-13-735x1372.png.webp
  27. Here is the updated list as of 2023. Thanks to brbgoingtodisney.com for the info! FuelRod Locations at Walt Disney World (Updated 2023) Magic Kingdom Curtain Call Collectibles Main Street, USA Tomorrowland Light & Power Company *currently closed due to Tron construction Merchant of Venus Tomorrowland Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe Tomorrowland Big Top Souvenirs Storybook Circus Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe Frontierland Adventureland Bathroo
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