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  2. We will be at WDW over Christmas. We won’t be staying at the fort but would like to rent a golf cart and drive around and see all the Christmas displays. There will be 5 of us. Does anyone know if they rent 6 seater golf carts at the fort? Their website only says 4-seaters. And can I reserve one in advance? Thanks.
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  4. Today is our last full day. Time goes by so fast when you don't want it to. We have a quick breakfast and arrive at Epcot. The first thing was to head all the way in the back for Remy's. This was a new ride for us, and I knew the line would build throughout the day. This was a cute ride and we both liked it the wait was about 45 min. Now we backed tracked and headed to the front. Along the way my husband saw several things he wanted to try at the booths. Of course, when the time came, we could not remember what they were. we rode Soarin and the Land. Then Nemo we looked around for a bit and wa
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  6. Took a quick glance at prices and they didn't seem to bad for the convenience to the hwy. I'll have to keep this in mind for when we have a new trailer and can get back out to travel.
  7. From Love’s Holidays, Highways and Love's: The perfect RV road trip combo Whether it's a road trip to visit friends or family for Thanksgiving Day turkey, or a Christmas journey to the perfect destination, RV road tripping during the holidays is a memorable tradition for grand adventurers, and Love's Travel Stops is your safe, clean and well-maintained place to stop on the way. Conveniently located at Love's Travel Stops across the country, you can find RV hookups at 22 Love's locations and a full
  8. A lot of that avalanche started do to actions taken under Iger's watch. It didn't hit critical mass until after he had left and Chapek took over adding his own mistakes. I'm not sure how many things Iger can fix as a number of them are out of his control being caused by industry wide problems. No matter how it turns out I don't see a reduction in Park and resort prices being in the mix. One of Iger's tasks is to find a new replacement which I think will complicate finding one as the best candidates will turn down the opportunity knowing Iger is always in the wings waiting to take over. This pu
  9. Here's to some hopeful reform from Iger. Not sure if he can stop the avalanche, but I'm happy to see him back.
  10. Well, I guess my question has been answered.
  11. We also are in Raleigh and like to break the trip up on the way down and back…. Our favorites have been Coastal GA RV Resort around the Brunswick GA area and Creekfire RV Resort around Savannah. Both offer easy off and on access to I95 and long pull through paved sites.
  12. We made it back to the fort and I jumped into my swimsuit. This is probably my last chance to get into the pool. My husband really doesn't like the water and decided a pool chair was calling to him. We decided to bike down to the quiet pool. When we got there, we noticed it was empty not a single soul. At first, I thought it was closed. We parked and the gate opened! I had the whole pool to myself that was a first. After a bit a CM came in, I thought he was going to kick us out no just checking the water. After swimming for a bit, I decided to relax in the hot tub. Pushed the button for the je
  13. After a good night's sleep, we start to get moving for the day. We have a nice breakfast and a nice chat with a couple who stopped when they saw where we were from. We back a few snacks and drinks in a cooler and head out. It is a nice hot sunny day. Today we are going somewhere new Disney's Wildlife Preserve. It was a little bit of a drive, but it was nice to see a different part of Florida. Once we arrive, we see a sign telling us that the trails are wet. There were some other cars in the parking lot, so we decided to try it. We get a map and start walking. The more we walked the wetter it g
  14. Carolina Crossroads is a good overnight stop, but the water hookups are goofy as in below the ground and if it rains heavy fill up with water, sites are long enough that even we could stay hooked up. We also used Lake Harmony in Townend Ga which also nice and not far from the highway
  15. Carolina Crossroads is near Roanoke Rapids and when it was first open was overnight friendly. We've never stayed there so I can't say if it still is I do know it gets generally good reviews. We live near Raleigh and WDW is about a 600 mile drive. I would guess it is about the same from Roanoke Rapids to Orlando. We didn't like driving the whole way with a trailer in tow so we would stop and overnight at the Savannah South KOA which is about halfway. It wasn't anything fancy but it was always clean when we stopped through. It is also where we would stop when we were going to spend a day or two
  16. Not sure how far each day you want to go and the 8 in your unit could be an issue but I will list who we have used heading south: KOA at Kings Dominion but that's probably too close for you, the old Yogi Bear near Emporia VA, Crossroads at Carolina, RVacation which I believe is now North Point Selma NC, Raliegh Oaks NC, South of the Border, New Green Acres, Creek Fire near Savanah. Good luck on your search
  17. We will be traveling from Maryland to Disney and are looking for campgrounds to stop at on the way. We will be stopping twice on the way down and once on the way home. I am having a hard time finding with a party of 8. Would love suggestions.
  18. And all at the full day rate right, they could at least offer a discounted admission
  19. We are some of the Fort refugees… We were put up at Port Orleans Riverside for the night… they are projecting to reopen later this afternoon… Our checkout at POR has been extended to 4:00… What was different about this evac was that they were allowing us to leave our stuff at the campground if we wanted, we just couldn’t stay there… I contemplated leaving the MH, but decided against it. We were set up in the 1100 loop where there are a lot of tall skinny pine trees, and didn’t want to chance it. I did leave the golf cart there though…
  20. The Fort will be closing at 3 pm tomorrow due to TS Nicole.
  21. After we are done enjoying are treats, we have time for one more ride. Of course, it's the mine train. I was waiting for the end of the night because the shortest wait we saw all night was 40 min. My husband wanted to jump in line, then but I stopped him. The wait now was ten min. In no time we were on and off. At the exit the CM said you have time for one more if you want. If I want like I would say no. We ran around and walked right back on. Not the last car there was one more after us. Now the clock is striking midnight. The last time I saw this was New Year's Eve. Time sure does fly! We ma
  22. I really am enjoying your story! Someday, we'll get to MNSSHP. Sounds fun!
  23. We like to drive and not rely on Disney transportation. We park and get on the ferry. We are going to MNSSHP this is a first for us. It is still raining not to hard I did use the umbrella. We made it in with a short wait. We are ushered in and to the right given a bag and some candy. I wanted to do COP but it was closed for the party. People mover had a huge line as did Buzz. This area is packed we decided to wait and see the Laugh Floor. We really like this show we waited about ten min till the next show. We ride It's a small world with no wait. We headed over to The Hall of Presidents. It ha
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