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  3. I have dining reservations at Trails End for 3/26 so I hope it's not closed. They haven't sent anything to me about it. Maybe because of the hour? If you find out anything, please let me know. Thanks!
  4. I guess Trails End has closed. We are here now and the site says it’s closed. No one in the dining hall. Thank goodness Pand J is opened.
  5. Who else remembers back in the eighties there was a make your own pizza place? I think it was in the now tavern.
  6. It's been a minute. 🙂 Just a quick update to this story. Our beautiful girl, Addie, will be 6 years old in April! Time flies by so fast. Addie has been such a blessing to our lives, we love her very, very much. She is a joy to everyone who meets here, after they get over their initial fear. She looks very intimidating, running up to someone to say hello, but she is a sweetie, and that's all she is trying to do. She's such a good girl. I've had a fifth grandchild, my first girl, who is four years old now. She lives here on the same property with us and despite the enormous size diffe
  7. Those were the boats that went Fort, Wilderness Lodge & Contemporary. One went clockwise and one counter clockwise.
  8. I remember as a teenager camping at the Fort in the early 70’s. At night they turned the buffet stations into build your own personal pizza. It was so cool. You would go through and build your little pizza pay for it then find a seat and wait for it to cook. There was bear heads hanging on the wall and other decor around. That was over 50 years ago and those are the best memories. Along with the open trams that would go around the loops to drop you off at your site. We would ride them just to avoid the mosquitoes. Ahh the memories. Miss them.
  9. Hey guys. Doing a 7 day cruise then 2 weeks at the Fort. See everyone on 3.4. But my question what is the boat loop? Is that the personal boats? I have been coming to the Fort since they opened and I have never heard boot loop before. Guess I have been out of the “loop”. Lol
  10. Contemporary doesnt want to pay for the resort loop so there isnt enough funding to bring it back. Unless Contemporary changes their mind don't expect it back.
  11. We heard a crew shortage.... better ask a bus driver.....
  12. Not to this point. When we were there in December/January; a cast member working one of the boats told a guest that the boats will return when Disney buys some more boats. Of course, who knows how accurate that is or how long it will be before Disney buys more boats.
  13. Like a lot of things at Disney, they themselves are some of the biggest rule breakers by looking the other way. If someone is breaking the rules using a Disney cart, Disney should impound the cart and they should forfeit their entire payment. Same thing for other rule breakers, impound the devices until check out.
  14. I think that is in reference to ADA type Mobility scooters. There are now some out that have 2 seats.
  15. We did the Mothers Day Brunch in 2022 at Trails End (we were not staying at the Fort). We had a great time and the food was good. But like others have said family style is not a buffet. I have a feeling they are going to turn it into a place like Wilderness Lodges Roaring Fork. Definitely not a special place. Getting tired of getting less for more $ everyplace we go, and tons of places are doing it besides Disney.
  16. So read g Grumpys post or rules it seems like tandem bikes are not allowed either?
  17. There are many issues that remain for the Settlement: -Are the scrims/fencing at the Old TCD going to be torn down? -Will the resort boats return? -Will the covered wagon ever return? -Will the swing sets return? -Will boat rentals return? -Is Reflections 100% dead? -Will the volleyball net and second tetherball return? -Will changing Trails End to counter service mean the end of Crockett’s Tavern? I am sure there are more issues that I am not considering off the top of my head. Any knowledge or rumor on any of this? Based on history, I can probab
  18. Has there been any word on if/when the resort boat loop may return?
  19. Unforunately, this is another example of a few spoiling it for many. We spent four weeks at the Fort from early December to early January. There were quite a few people; many of them too young for a drivers license, who were riding around in what would be better described as electric motorcycles. The had wide tires, a motorcycle like frame, useless pedals, and were FAST. They also had loud radios and many were being driven very recklessly. The Fort Rangers were trying there best to pull them over and keep them under control. I have to admit, those electric sooters weren't slow either. M
  20. According to Kenny the PIrate this is now being handed out... Prohibited items include (but are not limited to): Electric/electric assisted bicycles Recreational devices such as drones, remote-control toys, skateboards, scooters, incline skates or shoes with built-in wheels Personal watercraft Wheeled mobility devices with less than 3 wheels or devices that cannot maintain stability when stopped, unpowered and/or unoccupied. Training wheels and/or modifications are not permitted. Devices must be manually or electrically powered and operated at a walking pace. Dev
  21. We used to say, "who goes to Disney for the food?". However, the TE buffet was awesome in its own right. I believe the family skillets were to purposely cause this to happen along with the removal of the resort boats so that the resort traffic would be reduced. It sickens me quite frankly. First our exercise trail to Wilderness Lodge, no boats and now this. I'm hoping to go one last time to record the interior as I'm afraid all the charm will be lost in the reimagining. I agree that the cost of staying at the Fort might not be worth it once they take away all that made it special.
  22. We're still not sure when we will be making our next trip to WDW but this eliminates our checkout day meal. We would always pack up, park in the overflow lot and take the bus to TE for brunch before hitting the road. It was also one of the places we would eat at on non-park days. As more things go away it is getting to the point that I am starting to wonder if staying at the Fort is worth the cost anymore.
  23. Well after going last september for the first time since 2014. The whole family agreed to not go back, the food was not up to the pricing. We also went to roaring fork at the lodge and that was subpar also. Disney has really lost the touch on food.
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