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  2. Just saw where the rumor is that they are no longer allowing you to substitute fried chicken at TE.
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  5. As we have been looking to replace our travel trailer I've learned a lot about who owns who and what brands are part of what subsidiaries. I might be off some but I recall Thor and Forest River control about 80% of the RV market with Winnebago in third place with 8%. That doesn't leave much left for the rest of the bunch.
  6. AIrstream is where THOR started. https://www.thorindustries.com/history/ Wade Thompson and Peter Orthwein founded THOR Industries in 1980 with the purchase of Airstream, an already iconic brand. Since going public in 1984, THOR has grown both organically and through strategic acquisitions in both recreational vehicles (RVs) and buses. Today, the THOR Family of Companies is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of recreational vehicles.
  7. Interesting chart showing how there are 3 main players in RV manufacturing and only a couple handfuls of independents. Biggest surprise to me was that Thor owns Airstream. https://www.rvbrands.info/brandTree.html?fbclid=IwAR05lBqq4fm54xrFWtfY5s7Fb5Aq7HChZW_Zr8dqSGkwWfv4-v66rewD-qo
  8. Thank you for your reply. He is only wearing a purple collar and afraid of strangers so I am worry that he is not that easy to be found.
  9. Oh Zoe, I hope he is soon found. Is he wearing that collar? Does he come to a cat treat can being rattled?
  10. Hi, Our family are camping at Ft. Wilderness from July 31 to August 1st on site #2118, and our boy cat jumped out of our trailer. He (Rocket) is a dark gray Russian Blue. He has never gotten lost before. We've reported him as lost to the campground. They only asked me to write the information down on one piece of paper (which I am afraid that will be easily lost). We are wondering if any of you spot our Rocket. If anyone is there now and hears anything or could help in any way we would be so appreciative!! Thank you!
  11. We are long time Fort campers but usually pull our camper down. We will be first timers staying in one of the cabins in September and need some advice. We LOVE the campsites that sit along the canal. We have so many great memories of watching the wildlife along the canal each day from these sites. I was wondering if any of the cabins have a good view of the canal. I do see that a few of the cabins along the 2300 loop sit on the canal but I can't tell from pictures or videos if you can even see the water. Has anyone stayed in a cabin along the canal? What was it like? Could you actually see the
  12. please let me know if something goes wrong with the app, SuperGeek's is using his work phone number and if you need that number, just let me know
  13. Thank you for your response. Thank you. That was my thought as well.
  14. Hope the trip went well, we used the guys at https://ioutdoor.com. Same thing, ready friendly and offered us several different options.
  15. Not weird at all. It's very mentally satisfying to accommodate the abilities of each person in a couple, even if that means you experience it separately. It also gives you great conversation fodder, since you will each have different perspectives.
  16. I don't think it would be weird as it offers both of you something you can enjoy.
  17. So this August will be our 25th wedding anniversary. Since I work for the local Catholic school and our school year starts back the first week of August doing something then is not possible. However, we have a nice long fall break the first week in October. So Steve and I are booked on the Norwegian Bliss that week. Thanks to Jason for helping me in getting that booked. Our ports include Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan. We also have a day cruising through Glacier Bay. So I have a question. Would it be weird for us to do separate excursions for the Mendenhall Glacier? Steve is more ac
  18. So it did end with a "BANG" 😁..... Glad you had a great time..
  19. I think the fact that they can't add to park hours so swiftly is mainly due to staffing shortages. I'm also willing to be Disney would rather balance the number of paying guests with the amount of wear and tear on the rides. They don't want to spend extra money to meet the demand, if it's not going to be profitable. Guest comfort and satisfaction is just a mathematical equation, and they aren't shooting for 100% satisfaction. Heck, even in my industry, the old 80% satisfaction rating is falling industry wide down to 75% or even 70% as the new acceptable target.
  20. Slight necro-posting... but I think it's interesting to see how things have changed with WDW with this. Back in the olden-days, handfuls of years ago, if parks were crowded, they would add to the park hours to spread out the load, frequently staying open til 11pm or later. Now, everyone has to fight for a reservation and pay more money for the ticket.
  21. Today we are going to ride are bikes. On one of the flyers, we picked up I saw something about a river bike trail. After breakfast we loaded up the bikes and stopped in the office to see if anyone knew more about this. Well, the office lady was not very helpful she made me feel like I was bothering her. She did tell us that she thought it started at the library. I didn't bother asking where that was, I didn't want to inconvenience her more. We just looked it up on are phones and saw that it wasn't far at all. Once we got there, we unloaded and looked around for it. We saw a mother and son on b
  22. Hey Ray, Crystal palace on C hristmas was our pre pandemic go to. Heard they might even be getting some characters bacl
  23. Great TR and the pics are wonderful. Especially like the foggy Castle pic
  24. Lol, I guess details aren't important. #BringBackLawnmowerTree
  25. We did that a couple of years ago but stayed in a cabin did not tow the rv. The park opens later in the day, so a shorter operating day, the shows were very good and we enjoyed just strolling around checking out the lights and decorations.
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