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  2. A few weeks ago a friend took me to Cast Connections and they had tons of Mickey rice crispy treats. Don’t remember the price but they a lot of them.
  3. On a similar note. We have an odd grocery store in town that sells close out items, overstocks, and oddities that just didn’t sell that good. Anyone need a case of jet puffed marshmallows for $2.00? 2 weeks ago, they got in Disney Mickey head rice krispy treats. These were the ones from the parks. There were 6 original ones in a bag for $1.99, and 4 chocolate dipped ones in a box for $2.99. The box looked like they were sold at the resort gift shops. Couple days ago they got in the chocolate dipped ones in a bag, same price as the Un-dipped originals. These had the Minnie Sweets wrappers on them. Just waiting for them to get the Mickey Bars!
  4. That would be my thought! 'cause I'm not waiting in a 10 hour line for anything unless they're giving away loaded armored cars at the end.
  5. I really thought they tasted the same and for at home I like the size. As far as price we payed 6 something, and considering that's for 6 of them and at Disney it 5.50 for 1, I didn't think it was that bad.
  6. Finally found a box last week at Target. I think I paid 7.50 for a 6 pack. They were obviously smaller and didn't taste the same but it was still kind of fun!
  7. Last week
  8. So if the park is at capacity and most of those people are in the 10 hour wait line, how much wait for the rest of the rides. Would that be the time to go if you wanted to do everything else? 😃
  9. Breakfast time my husband and I had breakfast in the clubhouse that we brought my son wanted something else. He asked if he could ride his bike down to Del Taco. I think it was a mile and a half away. This is something he heard about and wanted to try.I told him we would meet at DCA. We ate and headed out about the same time as yesterday. No problems getting through security was only about 4 people in front of us. Locked up are bikes and headed into Downtown Disney. Got a text from my son he was headed there. We took a slow walk in looking at shops and restaurants. Made are way into line and got held up. A women in front of us had the wrong pass she had her husbands by mistake. After talking to the CM for a few min he had her move to the side and called for assistance. In we are finally in. We sat on a bench at the entrance and waited for my son. 5 min later he was in. He had brought his food in and was eating there. I walked quickly over to the fast pass machine by Ariel and got us world of color fast passes for tonight. This show was down last time so, we did not get to see it. I heard nothing but good things about it. We got 3 for the blue section. With that done I met the boys in Cars Land. We found the fast pass machine and got fast passes for Radiator Springs. The show fast pass does not count so, you can get another fast pass right away. With all the business done it's ride time.
  10. Thank you - I'm fairly confident we will fit, but just not sure if they will allow us to. We might just book it and chance it! 🙂
  11. To get to Trails End and Crockett's Tavern you would park at the entrance and take a bus to the Settlement. I don't know if they will have moved things due to the DVC construction but you would also go to the Settlement for the carriage ride. I don't know about how they enforce the number of occupants.
  12. Thanks for sharing - sounds like a good night for everyone! 🙂
  13. I was directed here by someone on EasyWDW. What a great site this is! We would like to book a Horse & Carriage ride for this for Christmas Day but we are 3 adults and 2 (small-ish for age) children (ages 10 and 11). However, the website states 'Carriages fit up to 4 adults, or 2 adults and 3 small children'. How strictly do they enforce this and do you think there any point in us making this booking if we were only going to book 1 carriage? Does it make any difference if we book the standard carriage or the special 'sleigh' version that they have during December? We hired a Golf Cart a few years back (during December) and explored the loops of the Campsites to see the decorations and really loved it, so thought it would be nice to try the horse and carriage this time. If we definitely can't book/fit in a carriage then we may go for the Wagon option, but less keen on this as the timing will be more restrictive and we quite like the idea of having a carriage to ourselves. Oh and also - can you remind me how you get to Crockett's Tavern as I think that is where you board the carriage. Do we have to leave our car at 'Check In Parking' at the entrance and then catch a bus? How frequent are the buses? (sorry - I should have clarified we are not actually staying on site, just visiting for Christmas Day to see the decorations and to eat at Trails End).
  14. The wait was 10 hours for a 3 minute ride, and the park reached capacity at 9 am and was closed.
  15. Thanks for the info, glad it worked for you.
  16. We just used the Kid's Nite Out service tonight and thought I would share the experience. The lady from Kid's Nite Out showed up right on time. She had some quick questions about the kids (any allergies, any medications, if they were allowed to watch TV or play on electronics, bed time, meal time, etc.). Our oldest is 11 and does good being helpful so we also told her that. So we gave her our numbers and left for our ADR. We got a text about 30 minutes later from the caregiver says that it was her number and we could contact her if there were any issues. We got another update about an hour later says everything was going good. We got back after 4 hours and 45 minutes. They were all happy and content. She made some notes on what they did and ate on a carbon copy form so we could see and keep one. Our two youngest loved that she brought Barbies to play with them. She also brought some stuff for the kids to make necklaces and the girls made tiaras. The kids seemed very happy with the experience and it was very weird for us to not have the kids for a little while! The service was $29/hr with a 4 hour minimum. Anything over the 4 hours they charge to the next 15 minutes at the same rate. There was a fee for them to travel here, but it must have been reasonable because I don't remember it. They are also allowed to take a tip, but you cannot add it to the fees paid by credit card. They dont need a firm return time so that was nice to not have to rush to make a specific time. Overall a good experience and I think we will keep this as an option on future trips.
  17. We got a box one week. The next week they were out. Then this week they had them again, so we were happy.
  18. I tried to get FPs and got on the website as soon as I could signup and Flight of Passage was already fully booked. We ended up skipping it.
  19. That’s crazy! we were there Memorial weekend and the line was about 1.5-2 hours long both times I visited AK. Luckily i had FPs both times.
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