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  1. Duane

    IT'S 7/11 !!!!!!!

    To my knowledge there is not a 7-Eleven in our area... However it is my daughter's birthday today, so I have always referred to her as my convenience store baby. Plus its an easy way for me to remember her birthdate.
  2. Since I am a fan of train wrecks, and just can't look away, I just had to click on the website to satisfy my curiosity.... Now that my eyes have stopped burning, I'll know better next time not to click on the photos section of a nudist resort website!
  3. Duane

    The Plural of Kungaloosh

  4. Duane

    Toy Story Land Opening Day

    I read somewhere else that the theming and attention to details were pretty awesome. They did mention that there was really no shade anywhere and that it was pretty hot back in that part of the park. I think the way they described it was it as "Animal Kingdom hot". They also mentioned that there was no real place to duck into or find cover in the event of the "Florida downpours".
  5. Duane

    SW 2018

    Most excellent trip report Nacole! I thoroughly enjoy tagging along with you and the fam... Now that you have tackled the "southern" route out west, now its time to plan the "northern route! I hope you guys enjoy Disney and the weather is forever in your favor!
  6. Derek, I will go with you! Does anyone know how much they charge to ride that thing?
  7. Duane

    Halloween 2018

    Girl, don't worry over that! Just toss Gwen the keys, and she'll get that thing parked for you!!
  8. Duane

    SW 2018

    We are doing well! Ashleigh just graduated from college and is looking for a J.O.B. So far after our breakdown, the MH has managed to continue to run very well. I am hoping that you have the same experience and you guys have no more issues with your rig. We are headed back to the Fort in September. We are playing the role of ambassador/tour guide for some friends we work with in the Children's Ministry at our church. They are bringing down their kids and grandkids. I'm sure our paths will cross somewhere down the road!
  9. Duane

    SW 2018

    Hey Friend! I have following along since you left GA (on this TR of course)! I am loving the report so far and would love to do the same thing one day. You continue to be my HERO with your courage to step out and take on a trip like this with you and the kiddos... I feel your pain around your "break down" event... We felt the same way last year broke down on the side of 417 in Orlando waiting for the tow truck to arrive. Can' wait to hear more of your adventures!
  10. Duane

    New Monorail Fleet ordered?

    I hope they manage to keep that iconic smell!
  11. Duane

    Motorhome Gasoline

    One thing we always do regardless of where we get fuel, is to fill up the tank before checking in at the Fort. We usually leave very early in the morning on departure day, so we go ahead and get it out of the way before the fun begins. The Speedway over by the Car Care Center has always where we have tried to fill up.
  12. Duane

    Digital Keys Starting

    I have been using the digital key at most of the Hilton branded properties I stay at when I travel for over a year now. While it can be convenient, it can also be a major pain in the butt... Depending on the property it can not work at all, work on some doors, or will work fine. I have always opted to get the digital key, but find myself going down to the front desk to request a key card due to the spottiness of the service. Also if you think about it, when coming back at the end of the day, someone has to make sure their phone's battery is not depleted so the door can be unlocked. I hope if Disney rolls this out across the board, they get the correct equipment and the best software to run this.
  13. Duane

    New Beverage Stand

    Didn't there used to be a drink machine at the end of the building?
  14. I don't drink..... yet, but this here is funny!!