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  1. Duane

    Random Pics from our Halloween Trip

    Great pictures Carol... Even though it can and is often a zoo down there, I really miss going during Halloween. I am with you on the Pecos Bill thing... Before they changed the food over to the "Mexican" style stuff, I thought they had the best theme park burger around. Now, not so much.
  2. Duane

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    Hey Gwen, So glad you guys are at Disney (finally). We will miss seeing you guys this year. Have fun, unwind and relax!
  3. I'm with Dave on this as well, but my bride keeps nagging at me to try to get in there at some point.... I know this will sound weird, but to me I think its all of the tall pine trees. In all the other loops, like 7, 8 & 900, there is a mix of trees where the "foliage" is closer to the ground and it seems more "cozy" (I will turn in my man card shortly after I hit submit). To me being in that loop is something like having your livingroom in a gym or very large room with high ceilings. I know, sounds crazy, right?
  4. Wal-Mart's tank exchange is still the best deal I've found... $14 and some change for an exchange. Somewhere around $40 for a new filled tank without exchange...
  5. Duane

    MK Main Entrance

    Like Carol said, 417 is the way you want to take from I-4 to avoid going through downtown Orlando. It is a toll road so be prepared for that. Not sure if you have a toll tag that works with the Florida system or not. We are from NC but have a Florida Sunpass that we have used for years just for this purpose.
  6. Duane

    Disney's Discovery Lodge, not River Country

    We are DVC Members and have yet to receive any polls or questionnaires about potential names of any "upcoming" resorts...
  7. Duane

    EPCOT... True or Rumor?

    With all of the "construction activity" that was mentioned, how do you think Disney would handle getting people into and out of the park with all of the equipment that would be required?
  8. At the end of the day, you (the driver) have to be responsible for backing up or pulling in, even if you have to stop, get out and look a dozen times. I learned this lesson the hard way... Several years ago we were maneuvering around a campground on Lake Norman in the Charlotte area. A place where the loops are on so much of a slope and the turns so sharp that you have to pull in, back up and continue to work your way down the hill. I was making my last sharp turn and a guy who worked for the campground was standing at the front right corner of the motorhome motioning me to pull forward. Well, this guy motions me right into the riprap (large rocks) stacked along the bank. It scratched the paint and gouged the front fiberglass fender just ahead of the front wheel. Once I heard and felt it hit, I got out and asked him why he guided me into the rocks that were 5 feet in front of him... He just shrugged his shoulders and gave me a blank look. Luckily the campground owner split the cost of the repairs, but boy did I learn my lesson! Always get out and assess your situation before moving something as large as a camper!
  9. Hey Tony, Just wanted to let you know that I can see the flowers picture you posted on September 3, but can't see this last pic you posted. I have tried to view it through Chrome and IE and neither is showing. Not sure what everyone else's experiences are...
  10. Duane

    Where to eat Christmas dinner???

    Nothing says Happy Birthday Jesus, than some crab legs and mussels swimming in butter...! You could always check out the Cape May Clambake. We did that one year when we down for Thanksgiving!
  11. Duane

    A tour of Walt's office

    Great video. Thanks for posting!!
  12. Everybody get a good look at those pics... This is what the new DVC Fort Wilderness Campsites will look like!
  13. Duane

    IT'S 7/11 !!!!!!!

    To my knowledge there is not a 7-Eleven in our area... However it is my daughter's birthday today, so I have always referred to her as my convenience store baby. Plus its an easy way for me to remember her birthdate.
  14. Since I am a fan of train wrecks, and just can't look away, I just had to click on the website to satisfy my curiosity.... Now that my eyes have stopped burning, I'll know better next time not to click on the photos section of a nudist resort website!