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  1. Claudine's G'parents and Aunt used to live in Baltimore, or as the locals say "Bal-mer".... So it sounds like you don't have too bad of a trip, unless you have to go thru DC... Anyway, when I sent my last response, I forgot to mention this place. We have never stayed there, but have also heard really good things about this place. Its new, and from what I hear, they are constantly adding things.... CreekFire Motor Ranch.
  2. Debbie, We are in the Raleigh Durham area of NC, but my wife has relatives in Maryland, so we know how that drive is... I have not stayed there, but about 15 miles south of the NC/VA line there is the RV Resort at Carolina Crossroads. I have passed several times on my way north. It seems to be easy in and out to I-95. I've read good things about it for a quick overnight stop. When we go to the Fort from home, we like to break the trip into 2 days. We always stop in Brunswick GA at Coastal GA RV Resort. This one, I can personally vouch for. All paved sites, with mostly pul
  3. They will let you check in early if the site is ready. If for some reason its not, then you can park in the overflow, head to the parks or the pool and they will text you (most of the time) when your site is ready.
  4. Well, since they have tried to stop teaching cursive writing in school, why let a pesky thing like spelling get in the way as well?!
  5. That's pretty sweet... However, trucks that used to be the most inexpensive vehicles to own, are quickly becoming, and in some cases the most expensive... I wonder what these new features will add to the overall price of the truck...
  6. Where are y'all headed?
  7. I saw this article this morning.... Sky Liner Testing Underway
  8. Mo, it seems like I read somewhere else (because as you know, there is no shortage of information out there) that buffets will be staffed with Cast Members who will be serving the food sort of like "cafeteria style" for the time being at buffets...
  9. Man, for them to be "social distancing", they all seem pretty clumped up to me.... and that it with "reduced" attendance. Imagine what it will look like tomorrow when they open up to everyone...
  10. They probably got their inspiration from some of the crazy set-ups that we all have seen drive into the Fort over the years. All they need now is to hook up a 6x12 U-Haul trailer and they will have a mother in law suite!
  11. I also read somewhere that the Magic was also supposed to go to drydock somewhere is Spain to get some minor updates...
  12. That was pretty cool!! Thanks for posting!
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