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  1. He joined the Norwegian Coast Guard... And they are exploring that strange new land of Bermuda!
  2. Yes. I'm sure as this gains a bit more traction, additional details will surface... https://dvcnews.com/resorts/polynesian/news/5255-early-look-at-polynesian-villas-expansion
  3. It looks like they "moved" the resort that was supposed to be behind Pioneer Hall over to the Poly where the Luau show was...
  4. I read the same thing... She was truly what is missing from Disney today in terms of attitude and the overall guest experience!
  5. Was at the Fort last week, and was walking from the cart parking area at Pioneer Hall over to the horse barn and noticed the "old" camper display area looked to be "cleaner" than usual. For all the "old Fort timers" you will remember this area back in the day when either Fleetwood or Coachmen would park a "display" trailer in the area so folks could look inside a real travel trailer, to see how camping folk vacationed. They would remove the door and replace it with plexiglass so you could see inside the unit parked there... In past visits, this area had become overgrown and neglected, th
  6. You know, that particular cinnamon roll that Dave has been peddling for the last several years has got to be sort of stale by now....
  7. Good Deal! I’ll let you know where we land when we get there…
  8. Nacole, How long will you guys be there? I arrive on Monday, 11/1 and leave on Wednesday 11/10...
  9. I think you guys are "baiting me" to click on the link to watch and listen to this guy's hot air, all just to make my blood pressure increase! And I am about the most laid back person around... but I just can't abide by outright lies and mis-truth!
  10. Was fooling around on YouTube and found a continuation video from this guy... and he just dropped a WHOPPER! He was walking around his RV speaking about the "tenters" who were on either side of him and that when you camp at the Fort, you can have tents and million $ RV's parked next to each other... Ok, that is true statement... But then he goes on to say, and I quote "...every rate is different depending on what you're driving, so you're not paying for the site, you're paying for the vehicle that you're bringing into Disney's Fort Wilderness..." Unbelievable!
  11. Yeah, but listening to him, one would think that HE has been to the Fort many times and should know his stuff...
  12. Never watched this guy before... But he seems to be really "fast and loose" on some of his comments...
  13. Gwen they didn't card him because of his age, they probably wanted to do a credit check so you could complete the mortgage papers on what that wine was gonna cost!
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