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  1. Remember back before the Pixar days when there were actual animators working at "MGM Studios"?
  2. That is a great looking set-up! Now time to change out the pic in your signature block.
  3. I personally think the car wash industry is behind this whole thing! I think some car wash executive smuggled a couple of the conjoined "lovers" back from some convention in South America. And here we are today!
  4. Do you think the crowds were lined up this morning waiting for rope drop?
  5. I guess I'm still old school and on the cheap side... I am just as happy with the "free" ones that they send prior to arrival. Don't even use the band anyway. I purchased one of those holders (the one where you have to remove the "puck" from the band) with a carabiner that I hook on my belt loop.
  6. With all of the crowds that now seem to be at the parks, do you think this may have something to do with culling out and separating who stays and who goes at the end of the day(resort/non-resort folks)? I know that Disney is in it to make as much money as it can, but just looking at this from a tactical perspective, its much easier to allow the onsite guests in at the beginning of the day, than having all the cast member usher out the non-resort folk at the end of the day... Not sure how the Disney After Hours gig works, but with the Halloween and Christmas parties, it is somewhat easier to spot the wrist bands to help separate the masses at the end of the day... I hope I'm making sense...
  7. I wonder if they pulled contractors off of this attraction to work on the Star Wars stuff? Funny how they can essentially complete a whole new section of a park and take so long on one ride... But, Star Wars is not open yet either...
  8. I just replaced all 6 tires on my MH with the Toyos... Saved around $1200.00 overall
  9. Isn't that a private cart? The rims are way too shiny and the top over the rear seat doesn't completely cover like the Fort carts do... Are folks bringing in private carts required to sign any sort of an acknowledgement of the ("fictional") rules?
  10. You can do this now at Aloha Isle in MK... You can get the Pineapple Float, The Dole Whip Cup and the Pineapple Upside Down Cake... I thought I had done this a couple of trips ago, but just checked the Mobile App and it is there...
  11. If you do make it up to San Fran, be sure to visit the Disney Family Museum. Its located in the Presidio, which is near the Golden Gate Bridge... But I am like the others... you don't have enough time to do and see it all.... Maybe plan for a trip up north next go round...
  12. Hey, its probably a bargain compared to the Poly Over the Water Bungalows...
  13. Can you imagine what the people watching will be during opening day... It would almost be worth it just to sit outside the entrance with an umbrella and lounge chair to see what comes out of the woodwork. Of course you would probably have to get there 2 days before the SWGE actually opens.
  14. Was lunch included in that particular tour? When we took the Keys to the Kingdom tour, it included lunch at Columbia Harbour House.
  15. Nacole, as much of a pain in the butt and aggravation this will be... I would say, let a transport company take the rig up, then you and fam make the trip up and bring it back. Remember, its just an "object" and can be (hopefully) repaired. At this point, there is not a lot that you can do to control the situation. No sense in stressing out and worrying about something that could affect your health and rattle your nerves. I would agree with you about taking lots of pictures. I would make sure your camera can date and timestamp each picture. As Queen Elsa would say.... "Let it go, let it go...."
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