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  1. That's what we do...unload at the site... When I bought the cart, I made sure it was lifted so it wouldn't bottom out as it made the transition from the ground and into the bed of the truck. Also, made sure I purchased one piece ramps that didn't "hinge" in the middle. I too store them underneath the cart in the bed of the truck when hauling. I place them underneath the MH when we are at the site.
  2. We also are in Raleigh and like to break the trip up on the way down and back…. Our favorites have been Coastal GA RV Resort around the Brunswick GA area and Creekfire RV Resort around Savannah. Both offer easy off and on access to I95 and long pull through paved sites.
  3. We are some of the Fort refugees… We were put up at Port Orleans Riverside for the night… they are projecting to reopen later this afternoon… Our checkout at POR has been extended to 4:00… What was different about this evac was that they were allowing us to leave our stuff at the campground if we wanted, we just couldn’t stay there… I contemplated leaving the MH, but decided against it. We were set up in the 1100 loop where there are a lot of tall skinny pine trees, and didn’t want to chance it. I did leave the golf cart there though…
  4. Well dang! Looks like we’ll miss you guys this year… We are coming in on 11/7 - 11/16…. I hope you and David have a good time, and most of all, take care of yourselves!!
  5. I wonder how long the repositioning cruise would be? The would be a cool trip...
  6. He joined the Norwegian Coast Guard... And they are exploring that strange new land of Bermuda!
  7. Yes. I'm sure as this gains a bit more traction, additional details will surface... https://dvcnews.com/resorts/polynesian/news/5255-early-look-at-polynesian-villas-expansion
  8. It looks like they "moved" the resort that was supposed to be behind Pioneer Hall over to the Poly where the Luau show was...
  9. I read the same thing... She was truly what is missing from Disney today in terms of attitude and the overall guest experience!
  10. Was at the Fort last week, and was walking from the cart parking area at Pioneer Hall over to the horse barn and noticed the "old" camper display area looked to be "cleaner" than usual. For all the "old Fort timers" you will remember this area back in the day when either Fleetwood or Coachmen would park a "display" trailer in the area so folks could look inside a real travel trailer, to see how camping folk vacationed. They would remove the door and replace it with plexiglass so you could see inside the unit parked there... In past visits, this area had become overgrown and neglected, th
  11. You know, that particular cinnamon roll that Dave has been peddling for the last several years has got to be sort of stale by now....
  12. Good Deal! I’ll let you know where we land when we get there…
  13. Nacole, How long will you guys be there? I arrive on Monday, 11/1 and leave on Wednesday 11/10...
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