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  1. We were at the Fort last week and an "empty" carriage (no passengers in the back) came through the 1300 loop on two separate days... Not sure if they were just out exercising the horse, the carriage and/or the driver, but they were out...
  2. I read somewhere that the Wilderness Lodge has a gingerbread log cabin for Christmas this year. Maybe someone can venture over there and take a look...?
  3. Boma at the Animal Kingdom resort has always been our favorite. It is not a character b'fast, so you're safe there. It is a buffet with a good selection of b'fast items.
  4. We found out the “hard way” last night coming back. 2 busses were queued up behind us and had to wait while we backed up and turned around. Disney needs to put up some sort of sign...
  5. "Re-imagined" revenue stream... Disney can up-sell those squirt/fan water bottles just before the loading areas. Turn it into a new souvenir. The water bottle part can look like the cab with the trigger/fan part on the top! Charge $25.00 a piece and call it a day!
  6. Are there any changes to the "Placeholders" that they have offered in the past?
  7. Andrew, Since you have ridden in one of these things, what is your impression of what may happen during one of the many summer downpours, high wind events and/or thunderstorms? Could/would rain have a way of blowing into the cabs? I know they will try to suspend operations as best they can in extreme events, but I don't think the ones who are "out on the line" in between stations will fare too well...
  8. When you have a chance, crawl underneath and check the rear anti-sway bar bushings... When we brought ours home from the mountains last week, I was doing my usual checks and noticed the the rubber factory bushings were shot. One was completely gone and the other crumbled in my hands once I removed it. Not sure what year you have, but ours is a 2009 with 26,000 miles. I replaced the bushings with polyurethane from Roadmaster. Huge improvement on the body roll when driving through curves and when passing semi trucks.
  9. Now, now, remember some of us are FROM here you know... Everyone knows that the old Mt. Olive Church is just beyond that old oak tree on the other side of the that big 'ole curve in the road where the old school used to be.
  10. We have had 1 tent, 2 pop-ups, 1 travel trailer, 1 5th wheel and now the motorhome... I can say that each has its own set of specific things that make them unique and enjoyable to use. For us, the motorhome has been the best choice so far. When we travel, I feel that I am not as tired at the end of the day or whenever we get where we're going. I found that when I was pulling some sort of trailer, I was more mentally tired then physically tired due to the heightened sense of keeping an eye on the trailer and all the idiot drivers around me. Don't get me wrong, I still have to keep an eye out now, but it is somehow different. Also I think the ride is better overall will the MH, no bucking and chucking going down the road. If we want to stop and eat, or just have a snack while on the road, my trusty "flight attendant" gets up and grabs something from the fridge. Really the only time we have to stop is for fuel or if I need to visit the "facility". I think they all are great RV's to have, you just have give it a try to see how it works out for you and your situation...
  11. If you look at them closely, the new murphy bed and sofa are all on one wall unit... The back rest of the sofa is the underneath part of the bed when its pulled down out of the wall. When we were there in May, we went over and toured the model rooms for Riviera and they had these on display. They look to be a huge improvement over the standard sofabed.
  12. The Tower Studio Rooms will be a different spin on the "traditional DVC Studio". They are shown here: https://dvcnews.com/index.php/resorts/riviera-resort/4382-first-look-at-riviera-resort-villas It looks to basically be a living space during the day, and a fancy new pull-down murphy bed at bed time... DVC is rolling these out in some of the other renovations that are going on currently. Saratoga Springs is going to get these new types of sofa beds in all of the studios, 1BR & 2 BR's. Hopefully the "bar" that all of us have experienced on a traditional sofa bed will be a thing of the past...
  13. ... and if I want to stay married, I can honestly say that it won't happen... Ever since I saw this old German dude literally change his Speedo on the family beach at Castaway Cay (I mean he shucked that little green Speedo completely off, with his butt for God and everyone else to see), I really think I need to keep my leopard in the drawer!
  14. I guess I need to try to find those tickets, pull out that leopard print speedo, and hit Typhoon Lagoon!
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