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  1. Never watched this guy before... But he seems to be really "fast and loose" on some of his comments...
  2. Gwen they didn't card him because of his age, they probably wanted to do a credit check so you could complete the mortgage papers on what that wine was gonna cost!
  3. I have a friend that lives in Lakeland, and our running joke is that Floridians burn their furniture to stay warm when the temps get into the 40's... So I guess the furniture stores will see an uptick in sales while the temps are cool...
  4. Same experience here as well... When we were there in Feb of this year, the internet was fast. We could even stream movies and TV from it. When we were there about 3 weeks ago, it was spotty at best...
  5. That's gonna be a pretty sweet ride! I hope you get it soon, being "so close but so far" is not a good feeling. REV is the same parent company that built our Discovery...
  6. Hey, with all of the "contraband" fire pits that I witnessed the other week when we were down there, I doubt you would have any problems... If someone asks, just tell them you have COVID repellent in the torches...
  7. They were correct about Disney Springs.... We were there on Saturday and Sunday, and other than folks wearing masks, the green "stand here" floor markings and the head counting folks stationed outside the shopping establishments, you would never know there was a pandemic happening. The crowds were huge...
  8. I received this, this morning by email: VIEW in your browser
  9. Claudine's G'parents and Aunt used to live in Baltimore, or as the locals say "Bal-mer".... So it sounds like you don't have too bad of a trip, unless you have to go thru DC... Anyway, when I sent my last response, I forgot to mention this place. We have never stayed there, but have also heard really good things about this place. Its new, and from what I hear, they are constantly adding things.... CreekFire Motor Ranch.
  10. Debbie, We are in the Raleigh Durham area of NC, but my wife has relatives in Maryland, so we know how that drive is... I have not stayed there, but about 15 miles south of the NC/VA line there is the RV Resort at Carolina Crossroads. I have passed several times on my way north. It seems to be easy in and out to I-95. I've read good things about it for a quick overnight stop. When we go to the Fort from home, we like to break the trip into 2 days. We always stop in Brunswick GA at Coastal GA RV Resort. This one, I can personally vouch for. All paved sites, with mostly pul
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