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  1. Makes me wonder if Disney is planting some rumors among some people suspected of leaking inside info in an attempt to find the leakers.
  2. I’d like to see Paint the Night come to Florida for the 50th.
  3. This is true. When we were there a couple of weeks ago, everything was set up on the “new” beach. Actually looked very nice.
  4. My daughter turned 31 today and I am so glad she was able to see River Country a couple of times. She loves the other water parks but River Country will always be a special place.
  5. I saw this and think it will be a nice addition. I am wondering if there will be a smaller fast food venue built as well.
  6. It really does work well and you can adjust your position if something is blocking your view. There aren't too many people out there so it is nice. You don't get a direct view of the castle, but there are so many fireworks around it doesn't matter. Plus you get a great view of the ones being launched in the water.
  7. We always go and stand near the dock for the Fort and Wilderness Lodge boats. You get a great view and can escape quickly.
  8. I find the new one difficult to follow since the destinations are not presented in a logical order. I also wish there were more US locations besides Monument Valley, but that is beautiful. I do like the projection quality though.
  9. It returned for the month of June. My daughter lives in Vista and was going to stop and see it. Her and her husband went to Galaxy's Edge and didn't have the time, but she is hoping to this weekend.
  10. Given that Country Bear was removed from Disneyland 18 years ago and also that Magic Kingdom’s Country Bear is rarely half full this wouldn’t surprise me. I’d hate to see it happen though. I always enjoy stopping in.
  11. This is like the Maxpass at Disneyland. You have to be in the park to make a fast pass, or just use the paper fast pass.
  12. Given the fact that Reflections will be half DVC and half normal resort, I wonder if there will be a move to remove more cabins and create additional full hookup loops like 2100. More available loops may make more categories make more sense.
  13. It just returned in California Adventure for a limited time.
  14. They should just use MaxPass like Disneyland does. That was great.
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