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  1. For your trip to the Smoky Mountains check out the Little Arrow Resort in Townsend, TN. Really nice place just at the entrance to the National Park; closest to Cades Cove. Little Arrow Outdoor Resort
  2. Yes. The reasoning is that in restaurants diners have a drink at their table. In the Orlando area at least, the bars became crowded with people standing and not wearing masks. We need to rename this virus the bonehead virus because that is why it is spreading. People refuse to act responsibly. I feel bad for the bar owners who tried to do this the right way.
  3. That is very true. Somehow though the restaurant knew they were sick for two weeks. Maybe they are assuming it took two weeks for the test to show positive.
  4. You nailed it. Ultimately PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY has to kick in. This person should have taken themselves out of service as soon as they started feeling ill. In addition, all of those knuckleheads who crowded the beaches on Memorial Day, packed into bars and protested with thousands without wearing masks are now wondering what happened. The spikes are matching the two week waiting period for all three events.
  5. A neighbor of ours works there and she hasn't been working anywhere near her normal hours because business is so slow. So while that employee may have been back on the books for two weeks, it is very possible they weren't there too many days (hopefully). This is where the temperature checks fall short since only about 60% of those infected have a fever.
  6. Yes, I remember that. Each day we didn't receive an email had us hoping they were holding off. No big deal, it wasn't really saving us anything. We'll just create our own meal plan.
  7. Yes, we received an email several weeks ago saying all dining plans, free or purchased, were being cancelled. We were hoping that would not be in December, but unfortunately we were wrong. We had the quick service dining plan and we were paying for that.
  8. We have Disney Hotel reservations for this Christmas and just received an email cancelling our dining plan. The reservation itself remains; just no dining plan.
  9. Progressive is a good company. They should help you. I have the Progressive internal 30 amp system and its been really good.
  10. Absolutely. Someone on Facebook wondered if they would consider more camping loops. My first thought was no, but with the large increase in camper sales, I have to wonder if they would consider that given the relatively low level of investment. I heard it is on hold for at least 5 years, and that is probably what they will do; let it sit and wait.
  11. Yes. Then they were just parked out on the line rather than just in the storage area. We saw the loop along Buena Vista Drive (from Epcot to the Riviera Resort and on to Caribbean Beach). I don't know if any were out on the line to Studios yet.
  12. We were at Disney Springs yesterday and the Skyliner is back out on the route.
  13. I don't know if Scott Joseph likes much of anything at the start. He looks for the negative and then has to be convinced otherwise. Of course maybe that is what makes a good food critic.
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