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  1. It seemed like there were fewer kids too. Maybe they were all in the parks or inside enjoying air conditioning. There were certainly a lot of transition on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. The numbers may be down a bit but I don't see a noticeable difference. On Saturday, we had 11:30 reservations for Via Napoli. We were walking through the World Showcase and it was empty shortly after opening, which is normal. My daughter commented how empty the restaurant seemed after we were seated. About 45 minutes later the place was mobbed, and as we walked around World Showcase afterwards, we were surprised how crowded it seemed. Fort Wilderness seemed very quiet this trip, and Hoop De Doo did not seem very crowded. I guess it is possible that people who come every few years are delaying a year or two to hit Star Wars, and/or the 50th anniversary.
  3. djsamuel

    Boat Service from Boardwalk Changing this week

    Not as of Sunday. Still no boat service to HS.
  4. djsamuel

    Fort wilderness wedding

    They have the different meals for the receptions but you can modify. For example, my daughter got married at the Wedding Pavilion at 10:00am and the reception was at the Atlantic Dance Hall, starting around 11:30. The food was a mix of really good lunch/dinner entrees along with some breakfast food since my daughter wanted Mickey Waffles served. All was served buffet style. You also get a session with the chef prior to the wedding where he cooked and served full servings of quite a few entrees for us to taste so we could pick the food for the reception. We were stuffed but it was delicious. You'd be surprised that it is possible to plan a wedding comparatively priced with other venues, or you can have the cost skyrocket. We had a dessert party outside of Italy at Epcot for Illuminations after the reception that was also outstanding. And, the cost was not as high as I was fearing, but it could have gone MUCH higher. It all depends on the venue, day of the week, and what "additions" you choose. I will say the wedding planner was outstanding, she really did a great job.
  5. djsamuel

    SW 2018

    Thanks for a great trip report. Really makes me wan to go back out west, especially the Grand Canyon. I tell people it literally takes your breath away when you walk to the rim. We're planning on going back for the fourth time in a couple of years. If you do go back, take a hike down the Bright Angel Trail. Gives you a whole different perspective. We went 3 miles down last time, shooting for the 4.5 mile mark next time. Rest stops at the 1.5, 3 and 4.5 mile marks. The 3 mile mark is a descent of 2000 feet. Just beautiful. Glad you enjoyed your trip.
  6. djsamuel

    Fort wilderness wedding

    You forgot the golf cart being driven by an 8 year old, driving through dog poop, out of control onto the grass and taking out Dave's typewriter.
  7. This is similar to the letter now posted at the Fort Comfort Station bulletin boards:
  8. He was such a nice man. His talk with us prior to our daughter's wedding at Disney was one I will never forget. He wanted to make sure we were happy with the wedding. http://chipandco.com/r-i-p-richard-gerth-disneys-grand-floridian-greeter-310803/
  9. Remember, that is for about 4 minutes. That's what was stated on a local news story the other night and I verified it on their web site. For $12, almost seems worth it. If they get a lot of people doing it for that price it may be worth it for them.
  10. djsamuel

    SW 2018

    You're making me want to go back earlier than we're planning!
  11. My wife and I stopped by Olivia's yesterday for lunch. We found out it was the first day for their new weekend brunch. The brunch runs until 3PM with a 2 hour break until dinner starts at 5. On weekdays, their old schedule of lunch until dinner start at 5 remains. Here is the menu: A lot of the items look good, but we chose our standby, the Buttermilk Chicken. We always like that, and when we received the food we saw that it was improved, with a biscuit on top (which was delicious): The restaurant retains the same casual atmosphere which we enjoy. All in all a nice change. I'm also glad the the normal lunch menu remains for the rest of the week.
  12. djsamuel

    SW 2018

    I've been hoping you would post something of your trip. My favorite part of the country to visit.
  13. djsamuel

    Whispering Canyon Cafe no more high jinks?

    We were at Wilderness Lodge last evening and Whispering Canyon was much quieter than before. It did make the lobby more relaxing, but it seemed strange. They still held the "Pony Race" for the kids, but the servers were not yelling. I don't know what M.T. Wallet is going to do now as she serves.
  14. That explains the fireworks that knocked me out of our camper at 11:40 after we went to bed after watching the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom that night. Thanks.