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  1. The horse barn was so close I would think they would finish that. It would really be a shame to let it sit after being so close. Of course the staff to take care of the horses is probably minimal and not enough to move them in.
  2. The Oregon Poison Control office issued a statement to tell people that drinking bleach will not cure the Corona Virus. I am not kidding.
  3. The juggler in Italy was axed. As far as I know the guy who climbs the chairs in France will continue.
  4. If you're checking in on Sunday, you can make a reservation for the whole period. If you try checking in on Monday, there is no availability. We were over at French Quarter and Caribbean Beach yesterday. Pretty much business as usual. There were a lot of check outs but also people checking in.
  5. Did you try RV Trip Wizard? https://www.rvtripwizard.com You do have to pay for it, but it is a really good system. I've used it several times so far.
  6. That is what the system at Disneyland so nice. The Maxpass is an additional fee, but the paper fast passes are available to everyone. The only difference is with Maxpass you can grab the fastpass from your phone while you are in line after scanning your previous fastpass. It is a convenience, not a necessity.
  7. And it forces everyone to have such a rigid schedule it removes all spontaneity and the ability to adjust. I agree, the system at Disneyland is MUCH better.
  8. I have the E-Pass Xtra and used it when driving from Florida to NJ to visit family. Worked great all of the way up, including the Delaware Memorial Bridge.
  9. As Grumpy stated, you can take I-4 to 417 south. If the traffic looks heavy on the incoming part I-4, then heading to 528 West and getting onto 417 south from there is another good choice. 528 is usually an easy drive from 95 to 417.
  10. That is true. A friend of mine works on maintaining that ride. Another problem is inadequate staffing to handle the increased maintenance of that ride.
  11. Having a daughter who lives near Disneyland and who goes there frequently; I can tell you that Galaxy’s Edge is no where near as crowded as HS. In fact, she’s sent photos showing the lower crowds. When my daughter and son in law went to ride Rise of the Resistance, they got a hotel and were in line to get into Disneyland early in the morning. They still didn’t get to ride until later in the afternoon. There were still some issues with the ride there as well. A much larger percentage of people at Disneyland are locals and aren’t as desperate to ride Rise of the Resistance as those at HS who have paid a lot of money for a single trip to WDW. So even though my daughter had to get to Disneyland early there were fewer people who did not get to ride because there were fewer people trying.
  12. If it is to be like Disney California, they have the paper fast passes and Maxpass. I love it, much better than the WDW system. You pay for Maxpass, and that allows you to get a fastpass via the app on your phone ONCE YOU ENTER THE PARK. You can then grab another pass using your phone once you used your previous fastpass. In addition, purchasing the Maxpass (which I believe cost us $15 a day) also gives you photopass for the day. If you don't want to spend the money, the paper based fast pass system is still there.
  13. You are correct. The rules changed after that.
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