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  1. djsamuel

    River Country

    Demolition of River Country should be starting shortly. Also, the entrance to the new resort will be a separate from Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge, coming off of Vista Blvd.
  2. djsamuel

    Disneyland Gives You Cancer

    That is mind boggling.
  3. djsamuel

    Disneyland Gives You Cancer

    My son in law had to order a front license plate bracket for their car (my daughter and he live near San Diego). He asked me if he could have it sent to our house here in Florida so he could take it back with them after their visit with us for Christmas. When I asked him why, he said it was because the bracket could not be mailed to California because it did not have the cancer warning notice on it! Amazing.
  4. djsamuel

    Another Change at Trail's End Takeout

    Aldi's wine wins awards.
  5. I didn't realize MGM Studios was a "non-Disney competitor".
  6. My wife and I were there earlier on New Years Eve and we were surprised to see how many spots were already "saved" on the beach. My wife was tempted to go over and rearrange the seating. 😀 There were a LOT of chairs with nobody around.
  7. Just watched the 6:30 NYE fireworks tonight at this location. We parked at Port Orleans and then quick left and caught the bus back. They were really good as usual. We do that every year we aren’t staying at WDW for New Years.
  8. djsamuel

    Disney Buys 965 Acres Near Celebration

    And the light traffic.
  9. I don't care for the menu selections at all, especially for $55 a person. I also don't like the shared appetizers and desserts. Last night, my wife and I walked down the hallway at Wilderness Lodge where you used to be able to look down into Artist Point. Now they have a covering over the window so you can't look. When we walked by last night, it was definitely noisy in there (the music was playing). That alone tells me this is not Artist Point with some characters. It is just another character meal. No matter what, I can't for the life of me understand what they were thinking when they came up with the idea of offering a heart in a box for dessert! I know it is part of the story, but it is not a major turning point and why use that for a food item? There were other people leaving as we were walking by and their comments were not very positive although they thought the food wasn't too bad.
  10. We were at Wilderness Lodge last night and the line for this was pretty long. Someone my daughter knows had dinner there last night and she did not like it at all. There were several reasons: 1) They rush you through the meal. For example, the appetizers were served to the table, not to the individuals. That was fine, but they come quickly with the entrees and take away the appetizers whether you are finished with them or not. 2) They squeezed table near the meet and greet area for the Evil Queen, which made it crowded and strange. In addition, from the pictures I saw, the Evil Queen backdrop looks like something from a high school play. 3) At some point, the trees start blinking and very loud music starts playing while Grumpy and Dopey as well as some cast members come out and start dancing around the tables. 4) The "Hunters Gift to the Queen" dessert was disgusting in that it was a box with a heart in it. She was not happy at all, and she went in with high expectations.
  11. djsamuel

    Discovery Island

    Isn't this the bow circled in red? Hard to tell with the picture, but that is about what it looked like the last time I saw it, just not covered as much. Of course a closer picture may reveal that is not the bow of the boat.
  12. djsamuel

    Discovery Island

    I remember a few years ago when there was the triathlon at the fort, the grass area near the Settlement was full of bikes ready for the competitors. Was pretty interesting. Other than that and the internal 5Ks they run, I can't think of anything else.
  13. djsamuel

    Discovery Island

    You are correct. Between myself and my daughter we've run all lengths of the races and none go through Fort Wilderness. Not sure what event would have involved the Fort. Perhaps it was a cast event, or at one time a triathlon did involve Fort Wilderness.
  14. djsamuel

    Disney's Discovery Lodge, not River Country

    Talked to my friend this weekend. As it stands now, the Settlement area is not changing. There were considerations of rebuilding the Settlement, but the direction right now is to keep it as is and upgrade as they can. Ideally, he said it would be best to rebuild due to the age of the facilities, but as of now that won't be happening. The horse barn is being relocated and Mickey's BYBBQ is going. The new resort is about 4 years away.
  15. Send an email in to guest relations. We were talking to some photopass photographers and they would really appreciate it if some feedback would come back to Disney about this.