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  1. Yes, some people who "say" they are employees are stating the issue is COVID related. Who knows?
  2. I was really surprised to see them allowing people to park on the surface lots. It explained why it was so crowded. There were more people there than I remember during previous Christmas seasons. They were limiting the number of people inside the buildings, but that was about it. The line for Gideon's Bakehouse stretched past Morimoto Asia and around the corner. They finally switched to a virtual cue for that.
  3. We were there Sunday and it was nuts. The garages were full and the traffic was being parked on the surface lots. We got there in the morning and it wasn't too bad but by early afternoon it was crazy and we left. The traffic leaving the orange lot was backed all the way up the exit ramp to the top level due to people trying to get into the surface lots.
  4. Walked by your site at 706 but you were not at the site. Nice location. That loop seemed really nice all December.
  5. We were there this weekend and saw some work being done in many areas; including some of the wifi towers. Maybe they are in the middle of maintenance. When we stayed for two weeks last month, the wifi was spotty. Sometimes it was great, other times non-existent and I used my phone as a hot spot. We were close to an antenna as well, so that wasn't the issue.
  6. I agree with this. Unless you have some really unusual connections, these lengths should be fine. My sewer hose is 20' and on a couple of occasions where the hookup was more towards the front, I was glad I had the twenty feet. The power is usually more to the rear and the water near the front; but as stated above that can vary.
  7. At least the Camping Connection store is now closed. Don't know if their mobile service continues.
  8. We walked it yesterday. It is really very nice. The whole walkway is very well done. Best of all, on our walk back from the Grand to the Magic Kingdom, you do not have to pass through security to get back on the boat to Fort Wilderness. Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge now use the new boat dock right next to the walking path to the Grand.
  9. I'm up to date and the app works fine. Strange that it isn't showing up on the app store.
  10. I have it on my iPhone now and it works fine. However, I cannot find it by searching in the app store.
  11. We are at the Dort now and they are installing 5G on poles. There is a pole going in behind site 228.
  12. We’re staying here now and the Settlement playground area is now open. Sign says there is a limit of 10 people. There is also a mask sign as well.
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