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  1. Have they told you where the new location will be?
  2. My wife is not a big Star Wars person AT ALL. We were there Monday and she really liked GE. She especially liked Smuggler's Run. She is prone to motion sickness and can ride Star Tours once in a day. However, she really enjoyed Smuggler's Run and felt no ill effects at all. She was also really impressed with the land itself and not knowing all of the story details didn't detract from the experience.
  3. The front entrance does look like a mess, but I have to admit; when we stopped by Sunday, it was really nice walking in without the Leave a Legacy markers blocking your way.
  4. What a difference that will make!
  5. The extension of Western Way is great. However, visibility when making a left onto Avalon isn’t the best so be careful. Also, the police LOVE to radar along the extension so watch the speed.
  6. Here are some pictures taken today of the area formerly known as River Country. The first 3 pictures were taken where the River Country Entrance used to be (near Clementine's Beach): This picture shows how you can now see the Contemporary from the horse barn:
  7. Same thing happened to us when we saw World of Color in April. We fight the crowds, get a decent spot, anticipate the start of the show and watch it die. Then after waiting a while, it restarts and finished. It was a decent show but VERY complicated technically. I can see reliability is an issue. Give me Happily Ever After or Illuminations (or its successors).
  8. We're going in September. We usually stay at Big Meadows but am trying Little Arrow this time. Please let us know how you like Little Arrow. Big Meadows cancellation policy was changed to no refund of your deposit, so I booked Little Arrow. Figured I'd try it. The KOA there looks nice too.
  9. Makes me wonder if Disney is planting some rumors among some people suspected of leaking inside info in an attempt to find the leakers.
  10. I’d like to see Paint the Night come to Florida for the 50th.
  11. This is true. When we were there a couple of weeks ago, everything was set up on the “new” beach. Actually looked very nice.
  12. My daughter turned 31 today and I am so glad she was able to see River Country a couple of times. She loves the other water parks but River Country will always be a special place.
  13. I saw this and think it will be a nice addition. I am wondering if there will be a smaller fast food venue built as well.
  14. It really does work well and you can adjust your position if something is blocking your view. There aren't too many people out there so it is nice. You don't get a direct view of the castle, but there are so many fireworks around it doesn't matter. Plus you get a great view of the ones being launched in the water.
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