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  1. I just got an Epass Xtra for my truck. For our other two vehicles I'll keep the Sunpass since we take the truck when we travel a distance. I drive the turnpike, 408 and the 417 every trip to work, so the Sunpass works fine for that and I don't have to replace batteries in those.
  2. There were a ton of check ins today. A friend of mine said about 450. He said it was a zoo while he was working. Glad you got a good site.
  3. It's been great so far; no issues. The Mandalorian is excellent; as is the Imagineering series.
  4. We checked in November 6th. I had faxed in a site request for the 200 loop. the cast member at check in could see I sent in a request. I told him the sites we requested and if they weren't open yet we would wait. He told me there was nothing available in 200 at that time (around noon). He did get on the phone and call. I don't know what loop they were going to put us in since everything seemed full in the 100 or 200 loop (I assume there was something in 300). He worked on the computer to look at possible sites and then would confirm with the person on the phone. Thankfully, I had the Fort Fiends app which gave me all the size info along with the site book he gave me. He worked hard and got me a nice site. However, it appeared to be more complicated than in the past; and this was about the 40th check in we've gone through. Something changed. I know the person who used to assign sites retired a little while ago and I don't think I've gotten my exact request since.
  5. The CFX roads would be the Beachline (528), 408, and the 417 starting in Orange County and south.
  6. I could hear the fireworks this morning as I was getting ready for work. I was hoping to be nearby but I ran late.
  7. You may very well be right. The only thing that has me thinking otherwise is the fact that most of the climbing parts of the playground could be pretty easily moved in only a few pieces. But it would probably be easier to install new.
  8. They're probably going to move the playground equipment over to the new location; and they probably didn't want to tear up the old playground until the fence was up. Seems like the could have prepped the new area in time to move everything over quickly. Maybe they are hearing a lot of complaints and decided last minute to build the new playground.
  9. Some more pictures from yesterday. These are from the area of the playground and beach near Trails End.
  10. We were there yesterday near the 6PM closing time and took the resort monorail with no issues. An easier solution, if needed, would be to simply turn the resort monorail in a "resort express" at closing, having it skip the TTC stop. While people could walk there from the Polynesian, many would opt to just wait for the express. No need to check magic bands and deal with those trying to get to the resorts to get a meal.
  11. I saw the same FB post. They meant that Disney put the guests that had to leave the camper at another resort. The campers were towed away with the Sheriff department watching.
  12. Here is the area formerly known for the pony rides and petting zoo at the settlement. And this is looking up towards where Mickey's Backyard BBQ used to be.
  13. Lake Louisa State Park is very nice. We live nearby and have camped there. Inexpensive as well. Probably about a 35 minute or so drive to Disney; longer if the traffic is heavy.
  14. Have they told you where the new location will be?
  15. My wife is not a big Star Wars person AT ALL. We were there Monday and she really liked GE. She especially liked Smuggler's Run. She is prone to motion sickness and can ride Star Tours once in a day. However, she really enjoyed Smuggler's Run and felt no ill effects at all. She was also really impressed with the land itself and not knowing all of the story details didn't detract from the experience.
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