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  1. I feel the same. I much preferred the breakfast buffet. Of course if they have a good selection for family style, it may be just as good since it will still be all you can eat. I'm wondering how many of the servers will be coming back. Ken is over at Le Cellier and Paulette is a greeter at Jock Lindsay's and apparently really likes it.
  2. We were told a few weeks ago by a cast member that they are working on a family style approach to Trails End instead of a buffet. It will be interesting to see how they pull it off. I will really miss the way P&Js is set up now though.
  3. Trailer Village was one of the best experiences we've had camping. Not fancy, kind of basic and run down. However, the wildlife and the atmosphere was amazing and being so close to the canyon was great. Lots of Elk and Mule deer throughout the campground.
  4. Back to the stolen topic, this was at the Trailer Village campground at the Grand Canyon:
  5. We stopped over there last night and 1500 was open. They are doing work in some loops. The 700 loop is now closed and they are replacing the timber that line the pads. Also, in the 1900 loop (I believe) they are replacing an entire pad with new concrete. That loop is open though. They've done a lot of work as well lately installing 5G.
  6. Desantis wanted local control when it suited him as a means to avoid a decision on a mask mandate. I thought local control was a good idea. Then he pulled the rug out from everybody when it was politically expedient to do so by telling local governments they cannot enforce the very rules he said they are the best to decide on. He also required bars to incorporate very expensive precautions in order to reopen and then one week later issued a huge "never mind" and told everybody they could fully open. Bar owners were not happy and most continued to adhere to some level of precaution.
  7. Desantis never had a state wide mask mandate. When he was still of a somewhat sane mind, he said that because Florida was so large, each county should decide if they should mandate masks. Then, he reopened the state, and made the ruling that no county or local government could level any punishment for violating a local mask mandate, persons or businesses. Very hypocritical in the sense that he used local jurisdiction as a means to avoid being the person mandating masks and then turns around and bans the enforcement of any local decisions regarding masks. The only thing that has limited the
  8. The calendar is the same for both active and retired. Blocked out for everyone. Still waiting for May to show up.
  9. Even the Facebook groups related to Fort Wilderness have really slowed down. I think the pricing and the difficulty getting reservations while there are so many new RVs has taken some of the appeal away.
  10. This is what is happening. They are also moving people who are currently back at work all over the place.
  11. Similar to the chicken and waffles at the Grand Floridian Cafe. They are off the menu, but if you ask during breakfast or lunch they will make it for you. Still delicious.
  12. Thanks for posting this. I did not realize they changed the name. That's good to know since now I know that my Epass Extra is still good and the same as the Uni Pass. We used it on a trip up to NJ and the pass worked great for us too. They changed the transponder to the same as the Sunpass; much smaller than the Epass Xtra I have and has suction cups instead of the velcro that sticks to the windshield.
  13. Remember, the 50th anniversary celebration will be going into 2023, so you have all of 2022 available. Things BETTER be back to normal by then. 😄
  14. Wow, so much of what he says is wrong. Indoor seating for P&Js has been happening since they reopened. The bus to Wilderness Lodge has always been there and has always shared its spot with the Magic Kingdom bus. It is not an indication that Trails End is not coming back. I finally stopped watching it.
  15. My wife is retired from Disney, so as a result, her and I have passes. We go in at least once a week and have enjoyed the parks. That said, my wife frequently states that if she was a paying guest, she would be upset. Even though we have the passes and only live a short distance away, we find the need for park reservations, the lack of restaurants and missing attractions frustrating, but at least we can come in for a few hours and enjoy ourselves. Disney has done a great job dealing with the pandemic, and we do feel safe. However, as they raised the capacity to 35%, they've obviously
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