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  1. We were there on the 15th. Creations Shop is a really nice store.
  2. I'm retiring in December after 41 years of civil service with the Navy. I'll get a few certificates. I am getting a flag flown over our building, but my boss has to pay for that. I didn't ask for one but she is insisting; which is nice of her to do.
  3. That is pretty much my wife's feelings. Retired after 17 years and enjoying the benefits. She has no regrets about working for them, just wishes some of the day to day was smoother and management was more consistent. But all in all, she does not regret those years.
  4. Not there in any large amount, to my knowledge. I'm sure somebody brings some but it is probably very rare.
  5. We are usually there a few times a month and have never smelled that.
  6. we were told yesterday that the 2000 loop will be closing soon. The 500 loop was just opened. Across the property they are upgrading the electrical system and they've had some scheduled short power outages. But the loops are remaining open during the power upgrades.
  7. The movies are showing each night but if I recall correctly, no campfire or characters.
  8. Lou, Be sure to get an account on the Okta site to gain access to your comp tickets. Also, you need to send an email to get the snack coupons. Information on Okta HERE. Celebration Dining and Snacks Info HERE
  9. I really enjoy riding the Skyliner, but they need to get a handle on this problem before somebody gets hurt. I can only imagine the lawsuit should something happen. Disney can't say they didn't know about the problem.
  10. We got off the Skyliner at Epcot yesterday about an hour prior to this happening: https://wdwnt.com/2021/06/breaking-disney-skyliner-has-had-yet-another-accident/
  11. https://wdwnt.com/2021/06/ohana-at-disneys-polynesian-village-resort-and-sebastians-bistro-at-caribbean-beach-resort-reopening-soon/
  12. If you don't stand while riding in a ship at the beginning (before walking past the Storm Troopers) then you missed the beginning. There is also a pre-show where Rey appears and speaks.
  13. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one I haven't been to but really want to see. Please let us know how you like it. Haven't been to Glacier either but heard it is beautiful. Hope to get there to one day soon.
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