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  1. djsamuel

    We’re Done

    The only way we can do it is because my wife is retired from Disney. I am not retired yet, still 2.5 years to go. If we can get her discount we go, otherwise we don't. We used to go about 8 times a year (both before and after her retirement), but now we've lowered it to three times a year, but made the trips a bit longer. Still, the total number of days is way down. Some of the trips, I will drive to work from the campground and she enjoys the day at the campground or in a park.
  2. djsamuel

    River Country

    Talked to a friend involved with this. The picture shown here sounds fairly accurate. There will be no house boats, they were cancelled. No plans for Discovery Island, nor will there probably ever be. There was a waterfront restaurant planned but that was removed. The A frames shown in the beach are lodging like the cabins at Fort Wilderness.
  3. djsamuel

    Dog Park Closed

    Was at the Fort today. The dog park is now newly sodded. The fence needs to be finished and a few other items cleaned up.
  4. djsamuel

    Tower or Terror Lenticular Photo

    I believe it was there a few weeks ago.
  5. djsamuel

    River Country

    The only thing that is making me worry a bit about this is the fact that someone I know who is familiar with the project told me a few weeks ago that the level of encroachment to the Fort is much more than he was hoping.
  6. djsamuel

    River Country

    I don’t think so but I know they’re looking at how to make more $ since they look at the land as underutilized. I did hear a rumor, and that is all it is, that they are considering replacing the cabins with permanent buildings similar to the cabins at Wilderness Lodge.
  7. djsamuel

    River Country

    I compared this to the satellite image on Google Maps. It sure looks like that is the Settlement Trading Post and the purple building is Pioneer Hall.
  8. It was the perfect length. Plus, my wife had to go into the tunnels for many years and had no interest in going back. The Keys to the Kingdom tour was perfect for her. Plus, she'd been inside Haunted Mansion before but was glad for the rest of us to get the chance to go inside. We've done this tour as well as the train tour and the Animal Kingdom Trek. All three were really enjoyable; but I think this tour was the most interesting.
  9. We REALLY enjoyed that tour.
  10. djsamuel

    River Country

    That's a new sign from when I was there. I'm glad to see it isn't construction parking. I assumed it was since there were a couple of cars parked there and some people working in the River Country area. I wonder if some workers were using it to park.
  11. djsamuel

    River Country

    The plans are to keep the amenities as is. Reflections will have their own, and better amenities but there will be some increased traffic from there. That is a concern of some working on this. The question is, will Fort Wilderness guests be able to walk over to Reflections. My guess it will be the same as Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness in terms of access; bus/boat and walking.
  12. djsamuel

    River Country

    i think this is the previous plan from 2011.
  13. djsamuel

    We’re Done

    Based on previous openings before my wife retired, they won't redirect cast members to HS. Rather they will add overtime lines, which are open to cast members looking to pick up extra lines. My wife did it all of the time. I do think for the first month or two at least, that so many people will come and find HS too crowded and then head to another park. I'm sure we will probably be blocked out on the silver pass from HS for quite a while.
  14. djsamuel

    Should I Cancel?

    Try for the 300 loop and you’ll be closer to the dog park, the pool and the Meadows Trading Post. I think you’ll be fine.
  15. djsamuel

    River Country

    Yes, we went to walk the path from Wilderness Lodge and found out we needed to take the bus. The bus still was running but who knows for how long.