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  1. Territory Lounge is open. Construction on the entrance to Artist Point was well underway today. Looks like they are adding some sort of hallway to walk through to enter the dining area.
  2. djsamuel

    Club 33 at Magic Kingdom Construction

    The elevator for the Catwalk Bar is a Club 33 symbol. I’ve seen several people going up there as well as the one in Magic Kingdom.
  3. What happened was the door was damaged by an ECV. Disney workers were trying to repair the door by removing it. The monorail was empty. Unfortunately they dropped the door while working on it. The articles make it sound like the monorail pulled in and the door fell off.
  4. Confirmed today that Josephine retired from Trails End. Hope she enjoys a well deserved retirement!
  5. We've really enjoyed the 1100 loop because it was very quiet. Stayed there a couple of times and great experience both times.
  6. djsamuel

    River Country

    Now they are at the 200 loop comfort station.
  7. djsamuel

    River Country

    This morning my wife and I were sitting on the Trails End porch. A group of managers and some non-Disney people walked over from the River Country area. One had plans in his hand. They went into the playground area near Trails End and took a good long look at the playground equipment. They then walked around the Settlement building and then came into the porch looking at the building. One guy mentioned that he was surprised the porch wasn’t full of people since it normally is. I have no idea what they were doing.
  8. djsamuel

    River Country

    For the last several years at the monorail resorts, nobody can get in on Dec 30th and 31st unless a guest or dining reservations.
  9. djsamuel

    River Country

    They are cracking down on the parking, but I've seen people come in on the bus with swimming gear. The problem is, the transfer to Typhoon Lagoon is at Disney Springs, so people with swimming gear on a bus to or from Disney Springs is not unusual. If they simply enforced it at the pool, it wouldn't take long for people to realize there is no reason to head over.
  10. djsamuel

    River Country

    I wonder if the new DVC will improve this situation. They may want to keep the riff raff away from the DVC and the best way is to keep them out of the campground too. I have never been checked for a pass on any Disney bus, and that is over the last 23 years. I do get checked and often rejected from parking at the resorts, including Fort Wilderness. And that is with a cast silver pass, so it is not like I am avoiding paying a parking fee. I know from friends in security that they are being quicker to lock down the parking lots at the resorts, including Fort Wilderness. Ultimately, they need to scan the magic bands at the pool like other resorts. If they can do it at one location they can do it everywhere.
  11. djsamuel

    No reservations?

    YOU GOT IT! 😀
  12. djsamuel

    No reservations?

    Think of a couple of things Dolly Parton is known for. 😀
  13. djsamuel

    No reservations?

    Took me about 10 seconds! ☺️
  14. djsamuel

    The Fort on New Year's Eve

    I think you'll be fine. We've done it at other resorts in previous years with no issues. The best we've done was to make reservations at the Wave in the Contemporary and then walk over to the Magic Kingdom gates. The views are great.
  15. djsamuel

    EPCOT... True or Rumor?

    Sounds feasible to me. The only thing I wonder about is if they would close it during the 50th anniversary. If Guardians of the Galaxy is running as well as the Ratatouille ride, that may not matter.