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  1. djsamuel

    200 Loop Repaved

    When we were leaving yesterday the paving equipment was heading down the road towards the 700 loop.
  2. djsamuel

    200 Loop Repaved

    The 700 loop is now empty. Lots of paint marking areas to be addressed.
  3. We checked in on Wednesday with reservations for a preferred loop. We were upgraded to Premium because the 200 loop was closed for repaving. It reopened yesterday. We walked over and it was completely repaved, including the removal of the old asphalt. Looks really good.
  4. djsamuel

    And we thought WDW APs were $$$

    My daughter and son in law recently purchased Disneyland annual passes. They almost choked on the prices, but all of the prices in CA seem high.
  5. djsamuel

    River Country

    I’m here now. Mickey’s Backyard BBQ is now a pile of rubble.
  6. djsamuel

    A nice encounter at Disneyland

    Not really a trip report but a nice story anyway. My wife and I got back last night from visiting our daughter and son in law who live in vista, CA, just north of San Diego. As part of the visit we spent a few days at the Grand Californian hotel and spent time in Disneyland and California Adventure. One night we were eating dinner at the Carnation Cafe (delicious) and this older gentleman (dressed as a guest) approached our table and asked us if we’ve been there before and how we liked our meal. At first I thought, “Who is this guy?”. Then our server came over and as she was putting something on our table said, “Excuse me Oscar.” Then I realized it was Chef Oscar Martinez who retired from Disneyland in 2017. He started in fast food in 1956; moved to the Carnation Cafe in 1967. He remembers Walt Disney walking the parks in the morning. In any case, after he finished with us, I watched him move from table to table; a retired chef still making sure people enjoyed the restaurant. It was a really special thing to see.
  7. djsamuel

    We’re Done

    You would think so but especially for those resorts close to the parks people try to avoid the parking fee by parking at a resort.
  8. djsamuel

    We’re Done

    The resort lots. At the resorts the guards will often (at some resorts including Fort Wilderness) get a call to restrict access based on the number of remaining open parking spots and/or the current occupancy of the resort. This is especially true at the monorail resorts, Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness, The Boardwalk and the Yacht and Beach Club. You're very fortunate to be able to get into any of these resorts around Christmas.
  9. djsamuel

    We’re Done

    They try to limit access when the lot is closed. Sometimes the guards get notified as early as 8:30am. Yes, people can ride bikes, go see YeeHaw Bob, eat at restaurants if the parking lot is not closed to outside guests. If the lot is closed, the only way they are supposed to get in is if they have a dining reservation. They are NEVER supposed to be using all facilities such as the pools, fitness rooms, etc.
  10. djsamuel

    We’re Done

    While I check out the Fort Wilderness facebook pages, I can't bring myself to participate. All they seem to concentrate on is how to game the system, and also the latest fad they "must do". That is what makes this site the best for Fort Wilderness.
  11. djsamuel

    We’re Done

    But you used a key word; "purchase". We will still take the bus to Fort Wilderness sometimes to walk around, or have breakfast at Trails End. To me, freeloading is using the amenities that should be strictly for the people paying to stay there (or another Disney resort when they allowed pool hopping). This would mainly be the pool.
  12. djsamuel

    We’re Done

    Absolutely agree 100%. And to add to that, people would be surprised how many non-Floridians, who may own or be staying at vacation rental homes, are also trying to freeload. 😊
  13. djsamuel

    We’re Done

    I know someone who is a guard at Fort Wilderness. This past weekend, someone pulled up in a camper asking if there were any openings. He directed them where to go to check. They were able to get a spot. This was on a Saturday. I was shocked.
  14. The Micro Minnies look like really nice trailers. There is a lot to be said for the 7' width. I have a 21' Camplite which is 7' wide and I love it. Great visibility down the sides from the truck, really easy maneuvering to get gas, easy to back into a site and more. My standard mirrors on the truck are more than sufficient and the slide gives us plenty of room inside.
  15. djsamuel

    We’re Done

    Agree 100%. To me, the biggest thing the fort can do is require Magic Bands to gain access to the pool. You do that, you take away the main reason people come in. I have friends who are guards there and they block a LOT of people trying to get in. They even try to monitor the camera at the side gate, yet people keep trying to tailgate a bus to gain entry. I've seen some tailgate a bus to drive down the service road from Fort Wilderness (when it was open). And as you stated, you have the buses and boats adding to it. We've been on a bus to the Fort from Disney Springs and have seen families get on carrying pool toys and towels while in their bathing suits! They were dry and were obviously not coming from Typhoon Lagoon since the Typhoon Lagoon bus used to drop everyone off at Disney Springs. The thing is, as long as you have people so willing to do what they know is wrong, they will always find a way. Eliminate the "prize" , i.e. the pool access, and you will greatly reduce those trying to get in.