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  1. The hiking trail between Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge is now ready for paving. Shouldn’t be long now.
  2. When we were last there in October it was a wooden Fort Wilderness sign. It was actually pretty nice.
  3. Good point. I was also seeing today how much prices of the lithium batteries have fallen. That could also influence the decision.
  4. If you're not boondocking or adding solar perhaps switching to an AGM battery over a normal wet lead acid battery would be an option. Less maintenance than what you have and a lot cheaper than switching to lithium. I thought of lithium, but since I always hook up to electric, I couldn't justify the cost. I switched to an AGM battery this time.
  5. Right now it is packed. Very few empty spots.
  6. Not to this point. When we were there in December/January; a cast member working one of the boats told a guest that the boats will return when Disney buys some more boats. Of course, who knows how accurate that is or how long it will be before Disney buys more boats.
  7. Unforunately, this is another example of a few spoiling it for many. We spent four weeks at the Fort from early December to early January. There were quite a few people; many of them too young for a drivers license, who were riding around in what would be better described as electric motorcycles. The had wide tires, a motorcycle like frame, useless pedals, and were FAST. They also had loud radios and many were being driven very recklessly. The Fort Rangers were trying there best to pull them over and keep them under control. I have to admit, those electric sooters weren't slow either. M
  8. We drove by Saturday and it was closed. All lights at check in were red.
  9. The trail between the resorts is still closed (in fact no longer exists). However, there are signs of work that was done to repave a trail, but no progress in a long time. The boats between the resorts are still not running.
  10. We were staying there from June 12 to June 22nd. The area near the beach defintely looks like they are clearing it and we heard equipment moving things in the area. Also, on Tuesday, they were driving new fence posts at a point about even with the end of the Trails End building closest to the lake. My guess is they are working to fence off the area from Trails End up to the road and remove the fencing around the area near the lake. We could look through the fence and there are a lot of flags placed around the area between Trails End and the lake. They are definitely planning on doing
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