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  1. At least the Camping Connection store is now closed. Don't know if their mobile service continues.
  2. We walked it yesterday. It is really very nice. The whole walkway is very well done. Best of all, on our walk back from the Grand to the Magic Kingdom, you do not have to pass through security to get back on the boat to Fort Wilderness. Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge now use the new boat dock right next to the walking path to the Grand.
  3. I'm up to date and the app works fine. Strange that it isn't showing up on the app store.
  4. I have it on my iPhone now and it works fine. However, I cannot find it by searching in the app store.
  5. We are at the Dort now and they are installing 5G on poles. There is a pole going in behind site 228.
  6. We’re staying here now and the Settlement playground area is now open. Sign says there is a limit of 10 people. There is also a mask sign as well.
  7. At Disney Springs you should have no issues at Maria and Enzo's or a place like STK Steakhouse or the Boathouse. Depends on the type of food you're looking for. In the hotels it may be a bigger issue, especially during dinner hours since many of the hotel restaurants are still closed and those that are open are filling up each day.
  8. So sorry to hear about this. The layoffs are going far beyond the performers and Guest Services. I have friends with 25+ years in at Team Disney in the same situation. Other whole divisions have been completely wiped out and eliminated. It is not a good situation at all. If they don't get California opened soon, it is going to get much worse.
  9. The Dapper Dans are back. We watched them last weekend. They are in their Halloween costumes as the Cadaver Dans.
  10. That's odd. We were at the Fort the week before Labor Day as well. It was our 40th stay there over the last 7 years (I was curious and had to count). We've requested a site for all but our first stay. In those 39 times when we requested a site, we only received a text message once. I wish we would get it more often. This trip we did not get a text as usual and went up to the registration lane. When we got there the cast member told us that we got one of our requested sites. Sometimes we get it and sometimes we don't but it has always been noted.
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