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  1. Long time since I’ve been here also. Have similar mobility issues now. Can you tell me a little about your motorized wheelchair? I’m looking for one and want one that would be good for the Fort and theme parks.
  2. Nacole suggest you contact Mostly Mutts in Kennesaw. Please don’t call doggy jail because that really means doggy death row. We have adopted two dogs and it’s a wonderful organization. Constantly taking in sic ups and getting them healthy. and BTW it’s not dogs that are stupid it is dog owners that are stupid
  3. Thanks for sharing. Would love to get up that way someday
  4. I know this is an old post but is there any updates? Sounds like this could be exactly what I’m looking for
  5. Thanks I just found this and will definitely get mine since I’m on SSDI
  6. Congratulations. We are eager to return to camping. With my health though I’m going to need some lazy amenities like power jacks, awning, wide stair-step, and under 5k moderately loaded. No pup-ups or hybrids. Maybe a small class C or potentially a class A if not too big
  7. Thanks for the great report. Your family is at that age where it is so bittersweet going home. You never no when you will be back. For many years I had the next trip booked before we left which made leaving easier Now I wait to take my grandkids (as soon as I get some 😎)
  8. Sorry Lou I never tire seeing the EWP. It is one of the oldest things that hasn’t changed. I pray it lasts at least till my future grandkids are old enough to watch and remember it. First saw it in 1992 and all my kids love it.
  9. Are there any specials for the cabins in the fall. Thinking about another 3 day weekend trip now that Trails End is open again. Still hoping Hoop De Doo will reopen soon.
  10. I don’t understand no fried chicken. They had it on their “to go” menu because we had it one night while we were staying in the cabin. It was as good as ever. The argument about supplying hoop de do doesn’t pan out either because they were able to do the take out only. I’m thinking it may just be an omission or they want to focus on the rotisserie (read healthier).
  11. Trip reports have pretty scarce lately so I’m in and looking forward to your story
  12. It may have been but sure looked like a moose to me from the shape of the antlers. I can’t honestly say I know the species that well
  13. We saw moose in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. It was on the east side of mountain. Surprised the heck out of me and DW
  14. We went to Buc Ees this week. Wow what a store/experience. We were very limited on time so will need to go back another time to really check it out.
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