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  1. I don't know about Knoxville but It looks pretty interesting. I would avoid Atlanta this weekend as the weather forecast is awful. Also, Six Flags is debuting a new coaster tomorrow that will probably have the park packed if the weather is even somewhat descent.
  2. As a former Cougar owner 301BHS 2006 model, overall we were satisfied with fit, finish, and design. However, all of my decals started peeling about 3-4 years into ownership, This was very disappointing and shouldn't have happened. By the time I sold it two years ago, it looked awful and probably cost me more that $2,000 in additional depreciation. Keystone would not address what was a factory defect (take a look around and you'll see lots of Cougars/Keystones with peeling decals). I did find a keystone owners site to compare notes and it is a great resource. http://www.keystoneforums.com/forums/ Hope they got their problems fixed - good luck
  3. Or more likely when they quite servicing the Fort and only set up at Wilderness Lodge. Why waste money on an expensive sign. They are not even opening the truck at the Meadow Pool when they say they are.
  4. I agree with you. I don't have a really big issue with someone visiting the campfire. I actually thought it was a nice story and on the one hand it shows that you can enjoy some magic without spending a fortune. I posted the excerpt mainly for the purpose of showing another example of locals using FW.
  5. Article in today's AllEars Weekly Newsletter where a reader writes in and mentions coming to FW campfire every year for daughter's birthday. The one sentence in red below stuck out. Robin Tater: Every year we head to Fort Wilderness to the campfire singalong to celebrate our daughter's birthday. As we were getting on the bus to head home I mentioned to our bus driver Cody that it was Katelyn's birthday. I figured he would push the button that automatically wished her a happy birthday. He did and had everyone wish her a happy birthday as well. She leaned over to me to tell me that it made her heart feel special. As we were getting off the bus he stopped her and gave her a choice of Mickey Ears. She picked her favorite characters, Chip and Dale. He took our simple birthday tradition and made it extra special. She twirled all the way to the car.
  6. 1st page rights on a TCD report. Its good to be "Live4FW"! Missed you
  7. They probably had 30 or so turnstiles. I believe they were doing bag check along the scanner much like airport but bags were not being to closing inspected (not scanned). I know they had gates dedicated to wheelchair but honestly didn't look to closely. We were there at park opening and it was fairly quick. However, I really don't think they are looking that closely. I will also say, that terrorism is probably not there focus. We have had issues in the past with rough clientele. They have really cleaned that up and this was probably part of it. I think they were really after guns/knives on the person. Bag carrying folks are likely not their focus. They probably got a discount on surplus scanner from ATL airport as those were upgraded
  8. When we visited Six Flags Atlanta a few weeks ago, they had scanners at every turnstile.
  9. The fire at the campfire is not kept going strong after the start of the movie. So only about and hour or so. Keep in mind that if you want a fire at your site, the Fort is very restrictive on the type of fire pit that you can have. It must be fully covered (not a screen). I don't remember if they have wood but I seem to recall that they do not sell it at trading post. If it is cool you may want to bring it but depending how busy you are with parks, etc., it may not get used much. Have fun.
  10. In our area, If you clear out your lines and make sure to drain water heater and low point drains, we never needed to actually use antifreeze. Greatly simplifys the process and easier to unwinterize/rewinterize for those winter camping trips, In 10+ years we only had one issue with some water that was in the toilet foot valve. Not sure even if we used antifreeze it would have been protected. Valve replacement was cheaper than 2 years worth of antiffreeze. We used our trailer often in january and feb here in north georgia with no issues. Sometimes when camping the hose to camper would freeze but we put water in tank which stayed warm since it was inside the trailer.
  11. Yes, it is white. Hard to find a used one that isn't
  12. Nice choice on the Chevy Express 3500. I have a short wheelbase and pulled close to 9K. The 6.0 and 6 speed transmission was a pleasure to drive. I would probably have gone for the extended wheelbase but it handled my trailer well. I picked mine up as a prior rental vehicle. 16K miles and other than some stains here and there (on black carpet) it was good as new.
  13. Plus - this gives them a "PC" solution to deal with all those Christians......
  14. Excellent trip report. So many things that remind me of how we have done WDW & FW over the years. We didn't always roll with the crowd. Sometimes we did. But we always made memories that I wouldn't trade for anything!
  15. TCD, No criticism on that point from me. I agree that many of the good things we used to enjoy have disappeared and for what they charge the value continues to deteriorate. I was only poking some fun at the bear.... JDGGDK, Trust me, this is a great group and please come back often. We do tend to be a bit snarky around here. It's just that some of us are just a little passionate about the Fort and don't like how we continue to lose the little things that make it so special.
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