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  1. DaveInTN

    2019 Refurbishment rumors?

    My sources tell me that 20,000k leagues, the Skyway, and Mr Toad will definitely be down then.
  2. DaveInTN

    Help resort fast pass question

    Glad you all made it through the blowout without injury. Those things can go wrong quickly, but I'm sure having an adequate tow vehicle plus experience on your part made the difference. It does give you some insights into how most rv's are constructed though, that a simple tire blowout has resulted in the totaling of the entire thing. That's amazing.
  3. DaveInTN

    Changing Coquina to Stone

    I guess no one can complain anymore when people put tents off the pad. Or 40 feet back by the canal.
  4. DaveInTN

    We went to Spain! aka Another Non-Disney Trip

    I love long flights. I might be weird, but I like airplane food, especially on European airlines. Lufthansa has really good food, and the free flowing wine isn't bad either. I just like the little trays with the various compartments, and exploring the unusual options you see like different brands of butter, sauces and such. Then again, my wife laughs at me because I like hospital food too. When she was in each time we had a baby, I was always asking her "you gonna eat that?". LOL> Oh, and my sister says that Spain is her favorite place to visit. She travels pretty extensively and she just loves it there.
  5. DaveInTN

    Changing Coquina to Stone

    I hate coquina, but for 47 years it has worked. Perhaps gravel will allow for better water runoff or absorption. but won't it kind of suck for tents?
  6. DaveInTN

    Tent camping in July with Family!

    I just got back from spending some time in northern Michigan in our motorhome. We had a great time, and one of the reasons we had a great time is that the weather was beautiful. Highs in the 70's, and low humidity. And even with that, we still ran the A/C in our RV. We chattered our teeth away all night and we loved it. You people that camp in Florida in the summer are nuts. You know, they have these things called interstate highways. Find one with an odd number....those run north/south. Get on it, and drive north until you stop sweating. That's a summer vacation. And in the winter, just do the opposite. That's when you'll find me in Florida.
  7. DaveInTN

    30A Camping in Grayton Beach State Park

    Good information....thanks!
  8. DaveInTN

    30A Camping in Grayton Beach State Park

    Hey Nick, are those your paddle boards or did you rent them? Was wondering how you like that brand....we've only rented but am considering purchasing a couple.
  9. DaveInTN

    Camp site trailer restrictions

    Don't forget the residential dishwashers discharging grey water all over the ground in an apparent violation of state law every Thanksgiving. But, hey, I'm just being nitpicky.
  10. DaveInTN

    Slinky Dog queue isn't wearing well

    Is it possible the queue theming wasn't ready for the opening so they put up cheap overlays with the intention of replacing them when the permanent displays are ready? Or am I giving them too much credit?
  11. DaveInTN

    Slinky Dog queue isn't wearing well

    Walt would not be amused.
  12. DaveInTN

    California here we come!

    Ha, I'm pretty sure he has no clue who I am. I'm just the creepy guy who points at all the cool cars he drives.
  13. DaveInTN

    California here we come!

    The Pickers store in Nashville called Antique Archeology is pretty big. But also pretty expensive. Mike Wolfe is actually our neighbor...but pretty far back behind us as he has a nice big piece of land. It's fun to see the cool old cars and motorcycles that he leaves his driveway in. Some I've recognized from the show. Add me to the list of people who have attending a concert at Red Rocks on the bucket list. I've wanted to do that since U2 released their live EP from there in the early 80s.
  14. DaveInTN

    The Plural of Kungaloosh

    Nope. Marathon Coach is serving free drinks and food so I'm drinking what they are offering.
  15. DaveInTN

    The Plural of Kungaloosh

    Kungalingus. You'll have to excuse me but I'm on my 4th Horny Monk.