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  1. I’m sure this will be reasonably priced. lol...I can’t even keep a straight face to type that.
  2. Nice to see my complaints are still being taken seriously and Lemonaide Mouth has not returned
  3. I’m willing to try them if any of you want to do a test run.
  4. My sources tell me they will be offering special trauma services for people who’ve just received their Disney hotel bill.
  5. Rolls. Not buns. Cinnamon ROLLS. Buns are the things that the wild womenz pay a quarter to vibrate. I think. I'm not really all that familiar with such things. But Yvonne could explain.
  6. Many years ago, INC and took off in my little Saturn packed to the gills with a tent, cooler and assorted stuff, and headed west. We camped from Buffalo, NY all the way to Bainbridge Island, WA, up to British Columbia and east across the Canadian Rockies. One of the more memorable experiences was when we were camping in Yellowstone, and spent a day at the Boiling River. At one point, I was in the river relaxing with my back up against a rock outcropping, next to a waterfall where the hot spring water was gushing into the river. I couldn't hear anything over the roar of the water. INC was
  7. Say what you want. Blame it on COVID. Blame it on greedy executives. Blame it on politicians. But I'm here to settle the argument. Blame for the decline of Disney can be placed with one group, and one group only. The bakers. My proof? Circa 2010 Circa 2015 Circa 2019 Circa 2021 I rest my case.
  8. I’m glad to read that your girls have landed on their feet. I would have expected nothing less. I wish them the best in their post-Mouse lives. Anna is 13 years old. Yes, we’ve combined Anna’s trademark Russian attitude with teenage angst. Life in the DIT household is pretty active. While most of our friends are now empty nesters, we’re still firmly in Disney princess territory, which is really annoying for me being the anti-Disney guy I long have been. Like the country song said...I was anti-Disney before anti-Disney was cool. Lol. So all of these changes at
  9. I was curious about something regarding these AP prices, so I dug back into the DIT Vaults to see how much AP prices have increased during the last Decade of a Million Schemes. The last time I purchased AP's was in 2009, exactly 10 years ago. I paid $469 per AP that year. Taking that $469 and running it through the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator, results in an Inflation-Adjusted price of $557. The equivalent non-FL Resident AP today, the Platinum Pass, is $1,119. So, even accounting for inflation, the price of a WDW Annual Pass has more than doubled i
  10. When tennis season is over on Long Island and hot yoga has become boring, what else are the Super Mommies to do but plan their next Disney trip?
  11. Would it make him feel better if you told him that Dolly increased the cost of annual passes as well? They jumped $15, from $114 to $129.
  12. Hey, you just reminded me that I was supposed to announce an upcoming event at Mickey's Backyard Massage Parlor and Casino....Throwback Thursdays! Wear your corsets and bring your buggy whips for no cover charge at the door, and half off well drinks.
  13. I love how the Mouse is able to create demand, thereby justifying higher pricing, simply by giving something a different name. They could probably create a new category for the 2000 loop called "Cultural Exchange and Excessive Refreshment Campsites" and charge 25% more.
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