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  1. DaveInTN

    Disney's Discovery Lodge, not River Country

    900 rooms is bigger than Wilderness Lodge.
  2. But headlines about a monorail door falling off get more clicks than headlines about Disney workers removing monorail door to repair it and accidentally dropping it.
  3. DaveInTN


    Bean counters are people too.
  4. DaveInTN

    Where in the World??

    Perhaps not, but they do sometimes ask Probing questions.
  5. DaveInTN

    New Years Eve Beach party at the Fort

    That's nuts. Or not.
  6. Well, you may as well head over there for dinner. The Gaylord hotel is one of the only places that makes Disney seem inexpensive.
  7. DaveInTN

    Where in the World??

    I wasn't going to point out your transgression, but since you brought it up, I have to say I'm extremely disappointed in you.
  8. DaveInTN

    Where in the World??

    To me it looks African, and that's a coffee bean, so I'll say AK Starbucks.
  9. DaveInTN

    RIP Stan Lee

    To be fair, death hasn't kept other actors from appearing in Disney films.
  10. DaveInTN

    RIP Stan Lee

    News reports are out that Stan Lee has passed away at 95.
  11. DaveInTN

    Where in the World??

    Oh really? I immediately thought it looked like an old pic of you from your forn star days....took a few minutes to find it but tell me that chef doesn't bear a resemblance.
  12. DaveInTN

    Josephine retires

    Happy for her. But it won't be the same. Of course, when that resort gets built, it won't be the same anyways. So I guess she got out at a good time.
  13. DaveInTN

    Where in the World??

    I'm not sure where it is, but why are you dressed as a chef?
  14. That's only 8 1/2 minutes per dwarf.