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  1. I was curious about something regarding these AP prices, so I dug back into the DIT Vaults to see how much AP prices have increased during the last Decade of a Million Schemes. The last time I purchased AP's was in 2009, exactly 10 years ago. I paid $469 per AP that year. Taking that $469 and running it through the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator, results in an Inflation-Adjusted price of $557. The equivalent non-FL Resident AP today, the Platinum Pass, is $1,119. So, even accounting for inflation, the price of a WDW Annual Pass has more than doubled i
  2. When tennis season is over on Long Island and hot yoga has become boring, what else are the Super Mommies to do but plan their next Disney trip?
  3. Would it make him feel better if you told him that Dolly increased the cost of annual passes as well? They jumped $15, from $114 to $129.
  4. Hey, you just reminded me that I was supposed to announce an upcoming event at Mickey's Backyard Massage Parlor and Casino....Throwback Thursdays! Wear your corsets and bring your buggy whips for no cover charge at the door, and half off well drinks.
  5. I love how the Mouse is able to create demand, thereby justifying higher pricing, simply by giving something a different name. They could probably create a new category for the 2000 loop called "Cultural Exchange and Excessive Refreshment Campsites" and charge 25% more.
  6. C'mon, what else is there to do but laugh....
  7. Yes, buy that $1200 annual pass to get the opportunity to TRY to get into one of the limited capacity Galaxy's Edge previews. What a steal!
  8. This seems consistent with the rumors about the Meadows area becoming the primary focus and central "heart" of the Fort, and the Settlement shifting focus toward the new resort. And being Disney, you gotta pay for that proximity. No different than 100 and 200 being considered preferred solely due to proximity to the Settlement, even though they are actually tight, cramped loops. I wonder if additional amenities are coming to the Meadows, or if this is just a case of marketing. Tell the folks this is where they want to be, and they'll come.
  9. I also agree that what they did at the Lodge is, overall, nicely done, and I've somewhat defended Disney in that regard earlier in this thread. I'm sure what they do with Reflections will be beautiful. But based on the plans we've seen over the past month, in particular the eastern most group of cabins, I think an accurate comparison would be to imagine they had built Lodge cabins across the area where the geyser sits, from the boat dock to the Geyser Point bar, blocking the unimpeded view from the pool and lobby. That I think would approximate the impact we'll see to the Settlement.
  10. Has anyone at the Fort noticed any changes up in the Overflow lot? https://wdwnt.com/2019/05/new-parking-restrictions-now-in-place-at-disneys-fort-wilderness-resort-campground/
  11. Did you at least sign the title over? Or does NH not title trailers?
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