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  1. I also agree that what they did at the Lodge is, overall, nicely done, and I've somewhat defended Disney in that regard earlier in this thread. I'm sure what they do with Reflections will be beautiful. But based on the plans we've seen over the past month, in particular the eastern most group of cabins, I think an accurate comparison would be to imagine they had built Lodge cabins across the area where the geyser sits, from the boat dock to the Geyser Point bar, blocking the unimpeded view from the pool and lobby. That I think would approximate the impact we'll see to the Settlement.
  2. Has anyone at the Fort noticed any changes up in the Overflow lot? https://wdwnt.com/2019/05/new-parking-restrictions-now-in-place-at-disneys-fort-wilderness-resort-campground/
  3. Did you at least sign the title over? Or does NH not title trailers?
  4. All of the Friendly's in Buffalo recently closed too. Sad. Since my wife and I grew up with Friendly's, we took our girls to one 10 years ago while staying at Normandy Farms. I remember they had a kid's sundae that looked like a Clown Head...here's a picture I took of the menu when we went. Well, I offered it to my 3 year old (now 13 y/o), and she started screaming "NOOO!!!! Not the clown head! I don't want the clown head!!!" We almost had to leave the restaurant she was causing such a scene. I got her to calm down finally and just got her a plain sundae. I guess that kid doesn't like clowns.
  5. My sources tell me they are replacing all of the existing fencing with chain link, as a means of testing the waters and conditioning Fort guests to accept this type of fencing. Eventually, they will circle the Fort with chain link fencing, with barbed wire on top, as a deterrent to keep campers from entering the grounds of Reflections as well as the Four Seasons. Although a memo to be delivered to Guests upon checkin will note that the fencing is designed to keep gators out of the camping loops.
  6. 90% of them will become expensive pencil holders. The other 10% will be broken by wives throwing them at their husbands after they ride on those non-air conditioned body odor absorbing human sweat boxes in August.
  7. I'm no expert but I believe you can call to book up to 499 days out. Online is different and seems to open up by calendar year sometime over the summer, so 2020 should open up this summer. Hopefully someone who knows better will come along to confirm or correct me.
  8. When we traded in our last trailer on our mh 5 years ago, the owner of the dealership personally inspected our trailer. He was up on a ladder checking all the seams for leaks, and checking for delamination....the sorts of things that destroy an RV. Maybe he got burned once, but either way it actually gave me some peace of mind that they might not peddle junk to unsuspecting customers.
  9. I like Whirlpool because it's so quiet but I think I heard they are going to pass only, where you'd need Nexus to use it? Don't remember where I heard that or if it's true.
  10. Ok....I have a few thoughts but you were a posting machine today so let's see if I can remember them. First, that All American sundae looks delicious. I wish I had one right now. Also well done on the praline sauce. What's up with those butchered trees in the MK? I didn't see where you explained that pic. Did you cross at the Peace Bridge or Lewiston Queenston? That's all I can remember.
  11. Sorry for your troubles. And as a 35 year former resident of the great State of New York....don't get me started.
  12. I tweaked your post in an effort to be completely factual.
  13. No, but they are offering commemorative splinters for $69.95.
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