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  1. Correct. And it gave me Palpatations. LOL.
  2. If you haven't seen the trailer yet and don't want to read spoilers, stop reading. Who else was blown away? I mean, the opening scene when Rey jumps the tie fighter was awesome, and seeing Lando was very cool, but did anyone not get goosebumps by the maniacal laughter at the end? Wow am I excited for December. What are your thoughts?
  3. DaveInTN

    Bye Bye Illuminations 9/30/2019

    That was the original plan, but the life jacket clashed with the gown and the whole ensemble just didn't work. Safety first, you know? So that plan was scrapped and I'm just going to blow a bunch of stuff up.
  4. DaveInTN

    Bye Bye Illuminations 9/30/2019

    Don't worry. I'm bringing it to Defeated Creek and setting it up in the lake.
  5. DaveInTN

    Bye Bye Illuminations 9/30/2019

    I see what you are trying to do here, but you're too late. I already have dibs on the globe.
  6. DaveInTN

    RUMOR: Disney eliminating evening Extra Magic Hours

    And there is yet ANOTHER good reason for Disney to move people out of the parks in the evening. So they go to Disney Springs and SPEND MONEY. I guess the Mouse needs a new pair of shoes.
  7. Great video....I had my son in law watch it before he flew in to MCO in December (unless this is different than the version you shared with me then). Yes, there are lots of signs to guide you, but the first time you do it you begin questioning yourself after you've walked the first 5 miles. This took the guesswork out of it.
  8. DaveInTN

    Bye Bye Illuminations 9/30/2019

    So the new nighttime show is going to bore the kids while getting the parents drunk? Or was the original vision different from what my experience has been?
  9. DaveInTN

    RUMOR: Disney eliminating evening Extra Magic Hours

    Why give something away that you can charge for?
  10. DaveInTN

    Food and Wine now August-November

    We were in Epcot one evening in 2011 the weekend before Thanksgiving and you could have rolled a bowling ball through the World Showcase and not hit a soul. Spent that same day in MK and the crowds were also extremely light. Now that I think about it, I don't think we've experienced crowds like that since that day.
  11. DaveInTN

    Three weekends and three camping trips

    Don't feel bad. I consider myself pretty good at backing trailers into practically any space. My Dad had me backing farm trailers at 7 years old and I could zip them in and out of barns and park them next to other vehicles without ever leaving a scratch. But short wheelbase trailers like popups or small Uhauls are a pain in the neck. The slightest movement of the steering wheel is amplified in the trailer, easily sending it astray. I rented a little Uhaul several years ago and that darn thing gave me fits. Y'all are probably better at backing up than you think, but those small PUPs are messing with you.
  12. DaveInTN

    2019 MVMCP Party Dates on sale now

    Sure, but to be fair the Disney Parks Blog is hosted on a TRS-80, so it does take a bit of time to get it uploaded.
  13. Ha...I was waiting for Bob to come back and comment. He and I went to an RV show together back in 2011 in Nashville, and I bought our last trailer at that show. Actually got a really good deal, so your brother might be pretty smart!
  14. DaveInTN

    2019 MVMCP Party Dates on sale now

    That's because THE MAN NEVER SLEEPS!