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  1. DaveInTN

    March 2019 Fort Rec Calendar

    They are doing a Lemonade Mouth marathon every night in March.
  2. DaveInTN

    Elkhart, IN

    We've only stayed at Elkhart Campground up there. It was fairly nice, and has cabin rentals. I know nothing about the cabins though. In any case, might be worth checking out as it has to be cheaper than the KOA. Off topic...but go eat at the Essenhaus. And be sure to visit the RV Hall of Fame and Museum.
  3. DaveInTN

    Dog Park Closed

    Disney has a limitless supply of natural fertilizer to help that grass grow....just down the road at the horse barn. Of course, that's probably not a good idea. INC and I had the bright idea a couple of years ago to work some of our horse manure into the front beds before planting flowers. I filled up the front loader from the pasture with nice manure, and we worked it into the soil, then planted flowers. And that's when we found out that Golden doodles and Maltipoos LOVE digging up manure for a snack. The flowers didn't fare so well. And neither did the dogs tummies.
  4. DaveInTN

    Dog Park Closed

    I wouldn't be surprised if it reopens with a sponsorship. Pluto's Bark Park, brought to you by Pedigree.
  5. DaveInTN

    River Country

    The Wild Women should have messed with the Mouse and moved some of those stakes around. Then, Reflections would end up looking like this...
  6. DaveInTN

    Is it April 1st already ????

    Is it still in the running to becoming America's next top theme park?
  7. DaveInTN

    The Lost Jack Russell Named Abby

    The entire Fort is like a giant trap baited with chicken, ribs and kungaloosh, and we've all fallen for it.
  8. DaveInTN

    Dog Park Closed

    I was surprised to see 2 dog parks when we were there over New Years. When did they add the 2nd fenced area?
  9. DaveInTN

    Story Book Dining at Artist Point

    You're like an old, worn out pair of shoes with dog poop on the bottom. She should have tossed you out years ago, but it gets to a point that you're somewhat comfortable, and shopping for new shoes is exhausting.
  10. DaveInTN

    The Lost Jack Russell Named Abby

    If I were trespassing on Disney property in such a manner as depicted in that video, I wouldn't brag about it on YouTube. Idiot. If I were Disney I'd be having one of my junior associates in the legal department send him a nastygram informing him if he trespasses on my property again I'd be pursuing all legal action afforded by local and state statutes.
  11. Yeah the Salton Sea is another interesting place. Lots of abandoned resort properties from the 60s before the lake went putrid.
  12. I've always had a morbid fascination with failed development. There are a lot of examples of such communities from the era leading up to the 2008 real estate collapse, especially in Florida, Vegas, Arizona and similar places. Lehigh Acres is particularly large. Have you ever heard of California City? It was developed in the 1960s, or at least they tried, but it is massive! A handful of people live there among the ruins of what was laid out. I guess it's a good place for someone wanting to disconnect from society.
  13. DaveInTN

    The Lost Jack Russell Named Abby

    So this dog is living at the Fort free of charge, getting food handouts and not having to work for months on end? If you had figured out how to get away with that, would you want to be caught?
  14. DaveInTN

    New KRISPY Mickey Bars

    I got excited for a minute until I realized what they are. I initially misunderstood and thought it was a Mickey Ice Cream Bar with rice krispies in the chocolate and a drizzle of white chocolate on the ears. Now, didn't that just make your mouth water?