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  1. Can I still hand my iPhone to the automatic photopass machine to get a personal pic. If not, it's a deal breaker.
  2. caveat lector

    No mountain too steep now

    No surprise here. That truck is a thoroughbred
  3. caveat lector

    Food & Wine

    #DefinitelyWorthIt Excellent
  4. caveat lector

    Another Change at Trail's End Takeout

    I don't understand why they would change the name on such a popular item. Charge more......sure. Give less food.......of course. But why change the name.
  5. caveat lector

    Get Yer Beer Here!

    Me too
  6. caveat lector

    Toy Story Land Holiday Decorations

    Hope there is some teeth to that rumor Mo. That could easily be worked into the family holiday rotation.
  7. Sorry I can't help with advice. I use Jason, so I've never dealt with it. Sounds aggravating though. Good luck.
  8. caveat lector

    Toy Story Land Holiday Decorations

    Wonder if they will ever return. They were fantastic
  9. caveat lector

    The Seas getting an Update?

    Thanks for sharing. These things make for an interesting and fun read.
  10. caveat lector

    River Country

    As was noted before, the key word is guest. Freeloaders are not guests. There are not exchanging goods or compensation for the services they are stealing. Disney is for profit. Justify it any way you want, just because Disney does not enforce it, does not forgive the commerce inequity. Period.
  11. caveat lector

    River Country

    No need for MB scanners on bus at Disney springs. They just setup one pedestrian choke point that everyone has to pass to get to the buses. Setup one scanner. I'm sure it wouldn't get all those choosing to steal, but would cut down a lot, with minimal investment. Would be nice to setup a group of real Fort customers to get to the pavilions at butt crack dawn - 30 minutes and claim them. Im betting that if some of the thieves had their free loading plans ruined, word would get around.
  12. caveat lector

    The Fort on New Year's Eve

    Been there for 3 new years in the last 6. They staff up the rangers and clamp down on a lof.
  13. caveat lector

    No reservations?

    To me, driving to, and staying at WDW is completely different than staying around / close to WDW. Neither is right or wrong, but Disney spend brings me a smile. There are a great hotels much closer if that's what I want.
  14. caveat lector

    Labor day weekend

    Great job and kudos to the author!
  15. caveat lector

    RV will not start

    Battery disconnect switch is where I always start. Its caught me before.