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  1. caveat lector

    No reservations?

    To me, driving to, and staying at WDW is completely different than staying around / close to WDW. Neither is right or wrong, but Disney spend brings me a smile. There are a great hotels much closer if that's what I want.
  2. caveat lector

    Labor day weekend

    Great job and kudos to the author!
  3. caveat lector

    RV will not start

    Battery disconnect switch is where I always start. Its caught me before.
  4. caveat lector

    Big changes to tickets coming

    I pay for what I want. I only go where I get what I pay for. Disney is it for me for know. The calculus differs for all.
  5. caveat lector

    Dog walker needed

    I bet it's one of those, "If you have to ask price" you can't afford the service deals
  6. caveat lector

    Wheel Bearing Education...

    I use the infrared heat gun to check bearingsnat every stop. Since I got the tps, I need something to do. 🙂
  7. caveat lector

    Labor day weekend

    That is amazing that did all that setup in the dark. Your boy did better with the tent stakes than I could have. Awesome job!
  8. caveat lector

    Apple Users, The APP IS BACK

    Keeping FF on the forefront of relevancy. Nice work sir.
  9. I am not even close to being a tree hugging hippie. But after seeing those floating masses of plastic in the ocean, I've made decisions that I previously hadn't considered. Does it make a big difference in the scope of things, nope. But it's a personal choice to do it. I also appreciate restaurants trying to do the right thing. If the public punishes them, they will have to revert back based on the need for their business to be profitable. We live in a free market. Not intending to be uncaring, but if they eliminate straws, there should be no special cases. If folks with a disability need them, they could BYOS (bring your own straw). That may also drive solutions that help us all. Change is never easy.
  10. I helped 3 folks last time. Its always tough to ask if they need help. Dont know if the drivervjust finished a 24 hour marathon and might be tense. Or one of those folks that seem to have a bit too much ego to accept help.
  11. caveat lector

    How's the wi-fi?

    Was on inside of loop. Maybe that was cause. All my gear is fairly new and all had problems Brand new shiny roku Iphone8 Samsung galaxy table Dell laptop
  12. caveat lector

    How's the wi-fi?

    Was in lot 1417 in March. Wi-Fi was better than nothing. Occasional drops and throughput lags made roku use difficult. Did some work via corporate vpn. Was OK, as long as you're not downloading large data sets or video calls.
  13. Completely agree
  14. I know it's just another place to spend money, but I'm happy to see activity at Epcot.
  15. caveat lector


    Did it at Mark Twain cave. Unbelievable what total darkness is. Can't imagine kids playing in there with just old fashioned lanterns