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  1. Completely agree
  2. I know it's just another place to spend money, but I'm happy to see activity at Epcot.
  3. caveat lector


    Did it at Mark Twain cave. Unbelievable what total darkness is. Can't imagine kids playing in there with just old fashioned lanterns
  4. Just made my first trip in 42 ft 5th wheel. In my case, bigger is better. The extra 3 slides and 12 feet made for a more relaxing trip. Being able the spread out and relax at the end of a fun day at the parks,made everyone happy. Everyone is different, and I may change later too, but for now it is absolutely fantastic.
  5. I still have my keychain from Busch gardens Beer school. I was tops in my class.
  6. caveat lector

    Not really a trip report just a few thoughts on a recent trip

    What do you mean no pics....I think you are painting p8ctures with words. Nice work
  7. Bunkhouse units are great! Enjoy and CONGRATS.
  8. caveat lector

    WBI went on a cruise and all you get is a video report!

    I booked my plaechold3r cruise 10 months ago. Your videos has me thinking Galveston. Disney should hire you as social influencer.
  9. caveat lector

    Tire recommendations?

    First trip on G rated Carlises. No problem after the first 3000 miles.
  10. caveat lector

    They Got Us This Time

    We were there last week of March thru first week of April. Crowds were ridiculous, but it was still fun. Avatar rides are spectacular. I do agree that we will probably try to avoid spring break in the future, but a summer trip could be fun. The new 5th wheel has 2 air conditioners so staying cool is not a problem. I wish I was sitting in my chair on lot 1417 right now. Thinking about whether a GaG was in my future, or maybe jumping a boat to the magic kingdom for a casual walk and some treats, maybe take the pups for a walk to the dog park, figure out what movie is playing tonight, or hoping the resort boat to a nice formal meal. Expensive.....yep Crowded.......yep Do it again in a minute......yep .
  11. Just got back from our first trip in the new compass point palomino 377mbc (FR). The 5th wheel was absolutely fantastic. It is a great way to camp. You will love your new camper.
  12. Me too. I forget who said it, but it was great advice. invest in what you know to be a good product. That's why Disney has been a part of my portfolio for decades. But it's getting tougher to respect their model.
  13. I typically defend Disney's decisions as part of a "For profit" capitalism existence. This one feels a bit over the line. One of the reasons I vacation with Disney (parks or cruises) is that I know I'm paying top dollar up front for a top notch inclusive experience. They are slowly moving to the airline model of nickel and diming. That being said, I don't see changing my vacation habits.....For now.
  14. Just upgraded to 50 amp service / 10 gal tank. Looking forward to less cycle time being able to leverage electricity and no worry about AC and microwave blowing a breaker. I know a guy that would carry extra black water hoses. He would hook them in line with city water to his rv. Then move the hoses around to get the most sun on them throughout the day. He insisted that it worked to improve the shower quotient at the end of each day. Solar heating I suppose.
  15. I like the idea of putting some old school Disney classics in the PENDING box. UK tie in is fine, but wouldn't the MK be a more thematic fit?