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    Guests often confuse the weekly beer pong parties on the 3000 loop with private parties at Clementines. It is easy to mistake this, since the 3000 loop is so,close to the beach.

    Keep calm and have a starlight mint
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  1. The 3000 loop remains as an unchanged oasis in the chaos WDW has become.
  2. Well I can at least enjoy a coffee at the Writers Stop. They’ll never take that away
  3. The mouse is putting the screws to me. Everything I hold dear is gone. My world is collapsing. Pressed pennies cost a buck, no quarters in the washers, what’s next? Will they take away the cinnamon buns on Main Street? Next thing you know they’ll be closing the Great Movie Ride
  4. I just wrapped 150 bucks worth of quarters and pennies. Now what do I do? The washers and dryers still take quarters, right?
  5. Yeah it will work. It just screws to the faucet at the site. You could just fill your container directly from the filter.
  6. I have found that the pool water is pretty good. Add a little iced tea mix if you like.
  7. We use an inline filter that attaches directly to the water hookup at the site and it does a good job of cleaning up the water for the camper. It is the Camco blue cartridge available at Wally World.
  8. What loops are being considered premium meadows sites?
  9. Plenty of openings in 2020 for the 3000 loop. One buck cash to me holds your spot
  10. Re. tpms I used the TST system for several years until the computer went on it and set off alarms over all 8 tires at once and scared the crap out of me. I replaced it two years ago with the EEZ tire system which I now only use on the Outback since the new f150 has a system for the truck. Re travel time, I used to do it in 2 days and the first was an all night marathon. As I have gotten older and less in a hurry I take 3 days, the first 2 longer and a shorter 3rd day.
  11. Agree with 100% of this post and also a strong advocate of keeping speed below 60 mph.
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