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    Guests often confuse the weekly beer pong parties on the 3000 loop with private parties at Clementines. It is easy to mistake this, since the 3000 loop is so,close to the beach.

    Keep calm and have a starlight mint
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  1. We started camping at the Fort in the’80’s. Times change, people get older. I had reservations for September which I must cancel due to a serious health issue. I do hope to get there again next year but I don’t know how many more trips I have in me. Sad.
  2. In his latest he spends a good 2-3 minutes complaining about YouTubers putting out misinformation.
  3. He usually ignores or disables the comments so you can’t even correct him.
  4. That clown can trash out an RV faster than anybody I know.
  5. So I can now get turkey legs and churros in Morocco?
  6. Disney has really let maintenance go. Perhaps they should be less concerned with building new high end resorts and packing in as many hotel guests as possible.
  7. I like those dried up hot dogs on the roller thing at a really dirty gas station. That there is some good eatin’
  8. So will my EZ pass transponder from PA work in Florida or do I need a Florida E Pass extra transponder?
  9. Were the small hash brown things Tater Tots? Cause if they were I will make reservations there for our next trip
  10. Considering my experience with Verizon, I am money ahead paying for Disney plus
  11. All I can think of is immersion heaters the army used to have. They were gasoline fired and dropped into a garbage can full of water. They were dangerous as hell. Once in a while - KABOOM
  12. I usually fax my loop preference a week ahead of time. I have noticed upon checkin that my fax has been clipped to the paperwork
  13. Cosmic Rays is a must do for us whenever we are at the Magic Kingdom. You can’t beat dinner and a show with Sonny Eclipse. Her endorsement of the burger was enough to convince even a cheapskate like me to shell out 18 bucks for one.
  14. It’s still a ridiculous assumption. I see ads all the time I believe for Kia that shows a golden retriever driving his family around. If Buddy ever gets a drivers license, I’m moving to Canada.
  15. I’m pretty sure there was one made for WDW since it aired locally but I could only find the one for Disneyland
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