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    Guests often confuse the weekly beer pong parties on the 3000 loop with private parties at Clementines. It is easy to mistake this, since the 3000 loop is so,close to the beach.

    Keep calm and have a starlight mint
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  1. Re. tpms I used the TST system for several years until the computer went on it and set off alarms over all 8 tires at once and scared the crap out of me. I replaced it two years ago with the EEZ tire system which I now only use on the Outback since the new f150 has a system for the truck. Re travel time, I used to do it in 2 days and the first was an all night marathon. As I have gotten older and less in a hurry I take 3 days, the first 2 longer and a shorter 3rd day.
  2. Agree with 100% of this post and also a strong advocate of keeping speed below 60 mph.
  3. The haunted house is a classic must do. Another great amusement park in PA is Kennywood
  4. Being old farts, my wife and I pay per ride
  5. That explains the origin of the famous ghost pontoon boat seen on Bay Lake in the early morning fog
  6. Knoebels is a great park. Free parking and admission.
  7. My trailer is my least favorite spot to be in during a thunderstorm especially when surrounded by trees. I always look up before setting up to spot any dead trees or limbs and locate the nearest solid structure in case of evacuation.
  8. No worries regarding transportation. The 3000 loop will offer courtesy rickshaw service pulled by such celebrities as Chewbacca, Goofy and Dave to name a few. Be sure to reserve your site by sending me one of those green pictures of George Washington the government prints up.
  9. If you think the campground has been treated like the red headed stepchild of Disney World before you ain’t seen nothin yet.
  10. Kanye actually offered me the money for the 3000 loop but, as much as I was tempted, I couldn’t sell out my fellow 3000 loopers.
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