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  1. Tri-Circle-D

    Driving in the resort

    If I have to drop off or pick someone up at the Settlement, I drive into the 100 loop and let them out at the walkway adjacent to site 114- that way I won't be blocking traffic at the stop signs described by Carol- it's very busy there. TCD
  2. Good afternoon, Tri-Circle-D

    I am camping this fall (November 2018 -Thanksgiving)  Cant wait.  Last time we camped, I had a great site and due to the Fort Fiends group, had a great experience.  I have been looking for the dimensions for the Loop 2000.  Specifically the Tent pad area.  We prefer, go big, or go home.  Would you happen to know a list of the dimensions for these tent pads.  Thanks in advance.  




  3. Tri-Circle-D

    Top Sail

    Amen, brother. TCD
  4. Tri-Circle-D

    Top Sail

    Great job! Nice boogie boarding. TCD
  5. Tri-Circle-D

    A few park related questions

    Guests without bags do not have to go through bag check, but they will likely have to empty their pockets to go through a metal detector. There are times and places where every guest has to go through a metal detector, and other times where they only make random selections go through the detector. Going bagless is not that much of a time saver. Yes, the Food and Wine booths accept Disney gift cards. They even sell special small gift cards that are attached to wristbands at the booths. The Nutella and fruit waffle is still available and is sold at Sleepy Hollow refreshments, which is on your right as you enter Liberty Square from the hub. They are currently $8 and change. Here's a link to the menu for exact pricing: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/magic-kingdom/sleepy-hollow/menus/ TCD
  6. Tri-Circle-D

    Tent camping in July with Family!

    Same. I wouldn't have invited her in the first place. Tent camping in central Florida in July is not the best situation to find out if someone likes camping. Even if it's at Fort Wilderness. TCD
  7. Tri-Circle-D

    Disneyland June 2017 -- better late than never!

    Nice job so far. I didn't catch that this report was from 2017 until I saw your MSEP photo. FYI WDW does have a double decker bus and some other antique vehicles that operate in the MK, but not nearly as regularly as they operate them in Disneyland. TCD
  8. Tri-Circle-D

    Changing Coquina to Stone

    I agree. Can tent stakes even hold in gravel like that? And won't it tear up a tent floor? My kids used to go barefoot around the site, and even dig with shovels and pails in the coquina. This gravel is not kid friendly. Or pet friendly. TCD
  9. Tri-Circle-D

    Help resort fast pass question

    No, you will not lose your FP's. I've moved reservations around a lot. They've never messed with my FP's. TCD
  10. Tri-Circle-D

    Mardi Gras in Fredericksburg Texas Whoops I forgot to post

    That's another excellent video, Nick. Luckenbach Texas might be world famous, but I haven't heard of it before. That was a long way for you to go! The food all looks great! TCD
  11. Tri-Circle-D

    Slinky Dog queue isn't wearing well

    Blake- I'm surprised you didn't mention the failed fences and railings. They have already had to block off an overlook that they built for the Slinky Dog attraction because the welds on the railings failed. Also, they are only operating one exit gate for the Aliens ride for the same reason. They have Castmembers posted at all of the other exit gates blocking them off, and one gate that another Castmember opens and holds open for all of the guests to exit. It is definitely slowing down the capacity for the ride. It's unbelievable how cheap they went, and the dummies are already paying for it. Sadly, I don't think they can afford to shut the whole place down to fix the problems, so it's going to be that way for a while. TCD
  12. I was just at Disney Springs the night before last, and I saw the construction walls for the new Wolfgang Puck location, and the size of the Jaleo and NBA buildings. I honestly can't believe how much has already been built, and how much is about to be added. But, you know what else I saw on a Monday night? Huge crowds of people. Like it was a holiday or something. But, it was a Monday night. And most of them had shopping bags. And the bars and restaurants all had customers in them. I thought Disney Springs was a huge mistake. But, it's just another thing that I was dead wrong about. TCD
  13. Tri-Circle-D

    Tent camping in July with Family!

    Yup. I've tent camped in July. And, I've been involuntarily without AC in summer months courtesy of hurricanes. I know how brutal it can be. It's not for the light of heart, and especially not for cousins from MA. TCD
  14. Tri-Circle-D

    30A Camping in Grayton Beach State Park

    It's really mind boggling to think about the amount of construction we've seen in Seaside and along 30A over the past 20 years that we've been visiting. When we first visited, Rosemary Beach was just empty roads, and Watercolor was an untouched forest. Over the years, we've seen plans for moving the Post Office, and developing the shopping/restaurant area across the street. There have been a lot of plans that were abandoned. It's really interesting how things have still evolved, and are still evolving. We really were hoping to get to Seaside this summer, but with all the girls working, our schedules never aligned. My oldest will be traveling the panhandle for work this fall, and we are hoping for at least a weekend trip to see her. TCD
  15. Tri-Circle-D

    Tent camping in July with Family!

    I'm in. Tent camping in Florida in July? You're a brave man. I can't wait to hear all about it! TCD