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  1. Tri-Circle-D

    River Country

    I agree, if it's just zipping back and forth on Big Pine Drive, from the Settlement to the Outpost, one bus ought to be fine. There's going to be A LOT more traffic on Fort Wilderness Trail from 1100/1200/1300 to the Settlement. In addition to the purple bus, all of the Settlement and horse barn CM's will be driving down that road. That's not good. TCD
  2. Tri-Circle-D

    River Country

    I wonder if that means there will only be one bus on the yellow route since two buses would be overkill with the shortened route? TCD
  3. Tri-Circle-D

    River Country

    I was wondering about the purple bus route. I also wonder what they're doing for Hoop Dee Doo guests looking to get back to their resorts by bus. For the last few years, the WL MK bus looped over to the Settlement to pick up Hoop Dee Doo guests and brought them to the MK bus stops. I can't imagine them continuing this with the road closed, as going to the Outpost is a big detour. So I wonder if there will be a dedicated MK bus route from the Settlement in the evening? TCD
  4. Tri-Circle-D

    River Country

    Thanks for the update! I can't tell from the photo, but there has to be a gate there somewhere that they will open for the construction traffic, right? I agree. There's no reason that they can't reopen the path and road once construction is done. Access to WL will be a selling point for the new resort. TCD
  5. I think that's an accurate observation. DCL will not allow any loose ice to be brought into the terminal. They actually x-ray bags there, but there's an additional concern of melted ice damaging the equipment. TCD
  6. Tri-Circle-D

    River Country

    Disney has an onerous right of first refusal for any DVC proposed resales. They're not going to let any contracts get snapped up by third parties. If things get really bad, then everything goes down the tubes along with Disney. Disney always wins (or everyone loses). TCD
  7. Tri-Circle-D


    Thanks for sharing. There's a big map like this and a bunch of other cool artifacts on display in the lobby for the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln attraction at Disneyland. I always enjoy spending time in there. TCD
  8. Tri-Circle-D

    Cruise questions

    The alcohol has to be carried on. You can't check it. All the cabins have refrigerators. Even though there's no limit on how much you can check, pack light. Overpacking is a big rookie mistake. TCD
  9. Tri-Circle-D

    River Country

    Great post DIT- I have no doubt this new resort will be really nice. Look at what they did over at Wilderness Lodge with Geyser Point and the new pool. My beef is that they have apparently chosen to take away the entire Settlement and give it to the new resort. That's a bigger loss to the Fort than anything that any old timer can name. Sure, this fancy resort will be great. But what they are apparently going to do to the Fort is unforgivable. TCD
  10. Tri-Circle-D

    Cruise questions

    Good eye. I was still on the island when that photo was taken. Yes, I was the last guest on the island again. TCD
  11. Tri-Circle-D

    River Country

    Here's a screen shot from the Orange County Property Appraiser's website- Disney owns everything shaded green- so all the way around Bay Lake: TCD
  12. Tri-Circle-D

    Ceci n'est pas une Trip Report

    Great updates. The mermaid skeleton was added to Pirates in conjunction with mermaid special effects in the water. One of the Pirates movies had mermaids. The special effects in the water never worked right, so they took all that stuff out a year or so ago. TCD
  13. Tri-Circle-D

    River Country

    I think we're getting a new beach to the east of the marina. Real old timers will remember this was the swimming area back when guests swam in Bay Lake. I saw this big area encircled by a silt fence in that area when I was at the Fort last week: This boat was parked next to the area: The view from here isn't awful: So, chop down some more cypress trees, pulverize them into mulch for more golf cart parking spaces and us filthy crybaby campers have our fireworks viewing. And we'll be out of sight and downwind from the rich folks. Which is how it must be. TCD
  14. Tri-Circle-D

    Cruise questions

    I used to always bring a case of bottled water in a duffle bag, but skipped that on our last cruise. We just used Yeti tumblers to fill with ice water. Those hold a lot of water, and not having bottles of water in the fridge left more room for beer. TCD
  15. Tri-Circle-D

    River Country

    Yes, I saw those, and they do look like houseboats. If they are, I can't imagine that they would let guests drive them around. But, if they're not going to be operational boats, then why mess with them? This also opens the possibility of them building docks with shore power for these around Discovery Island. That would be something. TCD