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  1. Bingo. They have been raking in billions in profits year after year despite their substandard IT. So why should they care? Now they are screwing DVC members and passholders in favor of a quick cash grab from the NBA. It’s strictly business. Nothing personal. TCD
  2. ^ What a mess. My oldest daughter is on the faculty of a major university in Florida. She has been teleworking since March. They are planning to reopen offices on campuses to a limited degree in July. One precaution is that all employees must be tested for COVID-19, with the university providing the testing. There are detailed plans in place for protecting staff and students as they slowly begin the process of reopening the campus. WDW plans to open their parks in July. They have not made any provision for employee testing, and haven’t even reached out to all of the CM’s they will need to have in place to staff the parks. As of yet, there has been no sharing of what, if any, plans they have to protect their employees from sickness. TCD
  3. Are they only allowing reservations for 2021? Can you reserve rooms for 2020? TCD
  4. You’re right about not getting any information about how to choose the continue to pay option. That is what I would have preferred, but I never received any information about how to choose that, and then my monthly payment stopped. So, I guess the choice was made for me. I don’t understand what will happen next, but MDE still shows my pass as valid. If they are going to expect full payment for the reduced hours and no entertainment that they apparently going to offer, then I might need to take a break from being a passholder for a while. I’m not whining or mad at Disney. They have to do what they need to to survive. TCD
  5. I have to make a decision on this soon- the problem I have is lack of information. So far, Disney has said that when the parks reopen, the hours will be reduced, and advanced reservations will be required. We don’t know how available those reservations will be, and I think this eliminates park hopping. There’s no talk of any price adjustments, so if I keep my pass, I’m paying full price for an unknown ability to use the pass. That doesn’t sound like a good deal to me. TCD
  6. I found a photo of it online. I’ll ask them to look for it. Although it may be a while before the CM store reopens. TCD
  7. What exactly are you looking for? The Festival of the Arts stuff will probably still be in the CM store whenever they reopen. I can ask the twins to keep an eye out. TCD
  8. Not to mention that actual medical experts hired by our own government are advising against the rush to reopen everything. It is amazing to me how many fools there are who choose to listen to untrained demagogues over scientists and medical experts. TCD
  9. Holy crap. This is just as bad as the comments on the Disney Parks Blog. What a sad state of affairs. So many people brainwashed by those currently in charge to disregard science and even common sense. Disney would be crazy to try to open theme parks in this atmosphere. TCD
  10. Yeah I don’t think that would work either. How are guests supposed to report it? And is security supposed to take the word of the reporting guest over the guest who now has his mask on and denies it? TCD
  11. You’re right, but I can’t see it happening with security. The cost would be too high, and it would still be impossible to watch everyone. TCD
  12. I agree- the problem will not be having guests show up. The problem is going to be deliberate defiance of whatever safeguards Disney puts in place. If Disney says face masks must be worn, who is going to stop the self-entitled buffoons who know better and take their masks off after they are admitted to the park? There’s a local grocery store here that made mask wearing mandatory by customers. The last time I went, I’d say 25% or more of the customers took their masks off after they were in the store. I know it’s debatable whether masks do any good, but if the store asks customers to wear masks, then customers should follow the rules. Thanks to the current administrations in charge of Florida and our nation, the a**holes among us are empowered to continue with their behavior. I wouldn’t blame Disney to put that free money the government gave them in their pocket and not bother reopening this year. TCD
  13. Your post led me to take a look at the comments. Wow. After Disney reads these I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to remain closed. TCD
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