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  1. I think you’re right- easier to keep everything in the skillet at the same temperature and probably also easier to cook in the first place. Plus I’m sure it’s cheaper. What I am wondering is whether there will still be take out fried chicken. I’m afraid that will be cut now too. TCD
  2. I cannot believe that they’re going to serve rotisserie chicken and not fried chicken. And ribs and shrimp are add ons? Sad. TCD
  3. You were visiting the Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu. I think they were too lazy to figure out how to explain how you arrived on another planet at the edge of another galaxy simply by walking down a path. My daughters disagree with me that they are intentionally bypassing the elaborate pre-show scenes on Rise of the Resistance to increase capacity. But whatever the reason, it’s bad show to rush guests into a giant room full of stormtroopers with no explanation of where you are or how you got there. It ruins the ride. The fact that this is still frequently happening is just
  4. I’m in. So far so good. I hate to tell you, but if the first thing you saw on Rise of the Resistance was the stormtrooper room, then you missed three important elements of the preshow that explain what you are experiencing from that room to the end. That is a crying shame. TCD
  5. This is a belated Happy Armed Forces Day to Dave and Ray and all of the other Fiend vets. Thank you for your service. TCD
  6. But the CM’s who coordinated these events for the DCP have not been rehired. I have no doubt that Disney management will be deploying the Special Event CM’s to staff dessert parties and other cash grabs as soon as they possibly can, but that’s all separate from DCP. TCD
  7. This is not great news for anyone. Note this key sentence: “Those students whose programs ended early or were suspended last year due to COVID-19 are being asked to reapply.” There are at least 20 former castmembers who worked in management positions for the DCP (about 80% of the management crew) who were canned by Disney who have not been rehired- or even been contacted with the prospect of being rehired. I know one of them personally. They also have not rehired 100+ other CM’s who worked screening and training the applicants. What they do have is a few thousand college kids
  8. On Sunday, May 2, 2021, early in the morning, I took a stroll down the pedestrian path behind the 300 loop and found a dad back there with his kids and golf cart. What’s the big deal about that? For one thing, this guy had to drive past several signs telling him that no golf carts are allowed back here. For another, zoom in on that photo so you can see that this genius and a kid who can’t be more than 5 years old are on the other side of the alligator fence with their fishing poles. WTF? TCD
  9. Yet the Frozen sing-along has been open in Hollywood Studios since early October. You have a gift for finding the silver lining in everything. TCD
  10. You’re both welcome. I am always interested in seeing what movies they have playing, and I have many great memories from the campfire program. Something encouraging that I noticed from the May schedule is that they have returned to having a movie every night. That was not the case when we were at the Fort in March and earlier in the pandemic. Something discouraging is that the sing-along and Chip and Dale have not returned. I am beginning to wonder if those features will be permanently cut. I hope not, but it wouldn’t surprise me. TCD
  11. Agreed. While I always felt that I got my money’s worth eating at Trail’s End, it has been a treat getting to use the seating to eat take out food. I won’t miss the dinner buffet too much, but I will definitely miss breakfast. TCD
  12. Like always, there must be loopholes and glitches that people are exploiting to game the system. This garbage went on with the infamous “throw away” campsite reservations that people used to circumvent Fastpass and Dining Reservation limits in pre-COVID times, and Disney looked the other way. Lately, I have noticed that all of the parasite vloggers have been in the MK for the past several days to stalk the opening of the People Mover. If all of them were playing with the limit of 3 park reservations at a time, it’s very suspicious how all of them were able to score multiple consecutive
  13. Dave, you have not lost your touch. You have once again hit the nail on the head. Turning the Main Street Bakery into a Starbucks was the beginning of the end. And here we are. TCD
  14. Nice straw man argument there, Dave. No, that is not what I think, and it is not what I said. Yes, that is bad. But those kind of stunts went on before the pandemic, and have been continuing throughout. I’m sure there was national coverage of some of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visiting WDW after the Super Bowl, and more recently Aaron Rodgers and his fiancée. All of them were doing things that a regular guest would not be able to. These stunts don’t make me angry as much as they make me marvel at the thought processes of those in charge of Disney marketing. TCD
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