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  1. Tri-Circle-D

    DCL looking for a new private island

    Correct. This new island news is old news. The DCL Blog posted about it in October: https://disneycruiselineblog.com/2018/10/disneys-lighthouse-point-bahamian-government-approves-sale-of-lighthouse-point-to-disney-cruise-line/ TCD
  2. Tri-Circle-D

    Discovery Island

    I'm in Disneyland right now and won't be back until late Saturday , but I'll get out there and take a look as soon as I get a chance. TCD
  3. Tri-Circle-D

    Where in the World??

    There you go! That's correct. That's both a doorbell and magic band scanner. Unfortunately, my MB did not turn the scanner green. TCD
  4. Tri-Circle-D

    Where in the World??

    Almost. It's not in Frontierland. Nope. You had the right park in your first guess. Nope. This is in the MK, but not in Frontierland. TCD
  5. Tri-Circle-D

    Where in the World??

    Time for a new photo: TCD
  6. Tri-Circle-D

    Ralph Breaks the Internet

    Great review. I saw it with just my oldest daughter, and she got a lot more of the YouTube and meme references than I did, but we both enjoyed it. She had heard about the two end-credit scenes, so we were the only ones left in the theater for the final one, which was worth the wait. We both agreed that we would like to see it again, because there are so many references that we know we missed some TCD
  7. Tri-Circle-D

    Destination D Announcements

    Yup. That's how they "cool" the Disneyland monorails. And that's why they have to shut them down on the few days when SoCal temps go north of 85. How's that going to go in Florida? Somebody goofed big time here. TCD
  8. Tri-Circle-D

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    It's indicative of how much the problem has grown. Regular campers stay away and are replaced by these obnoxious rule-breaking mobs. That crap used to be relegated to the 2000 loop, but now it has spread throughout the campground. Next year, more real campers will call it quits, but that just frees up more space for the hobo camps. TCD
  9. Tri-Circle-D

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    The problem is that the Fort management knows about this BS and has absolutely no problem with it. They have jacked up the prices so high that a lot of regular campers stopped coming. In their place, we now have mobs of non-campers who load up the campsites and break all the rules. But, look how many golf carts they rented. And they're going to spend money in the trading posts and at the bars and restaurants, right? The Fort management rolls out the red carpet for these folks. They don't care about rinky dink people like Gwen. TCD
  10. Tri-Circle-D

    What to Do New Year's Eve

    Go to Epcot. Fuego! just kidding- I've never done it, but I like the idea of taking the boat to the MK and watching the fireworks from outside the park, then jumping right in the line to get back to the Fort. They are going to do the NYE fireworks at the MK on both the 30th and 31st. I plan to go on the 30th as per usual- it's never too bad. TCD
  11. Tri-Circle-D

    Where in the World??

    OK you're up. TCD
  12. Tri-Circle-D

    Where in the World??

    Good job. It's on a gate to the left as you walk past Pizzafari heading in to Pandora. #ShareYourEars alongside Mickey and his pals at this wall outside of the entrance to Toy Story Land! Disney’s Animal Kingdom Show your stripes, spots and “ears” at this wall across from Tiffins Restaurant just before the bridge into Pandora – The World of Avatar. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/11/visit-special-ear-walls-at-disney-parks-to-shareyourears/ You're right too. TCD
  13. Tri-Circle-D

    Where in the World??

    Good guess, but it's not that far into the park. It is along a path leading to another major attraction, and most guests would walk past it on the way to the safari. TCD
  14. Tri-Circle-D

    Where in the World??

    That's true. This banner was in a high traffic area open to all guests. Maybe it was just put up and no one has seen it? I took the photo on Veterans Day weekend. TCD
  15. Tri-Circle-D

    Where in the World??

    Are you sure about that? I thought I read that you had been to Animal Kingdom already. Correct. I thought the pavement and cheetah print background would give that away. Now guess where. Congratulations. You win the smarta** award. Wait. I retract the award I just gave to Travisma. You get it. Congratulations. Now somene guess where the Mickey banner is in AK so we can move on. TCD