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  1. This sign was posted at the Meadow Campfire area when I visited the Fort last weekend: Here we are with campsite prices at an all time high, and the campfire has been reduced to one hour. No sing-a-long, no chipmunks. They can’t even be bothered to set up a food service location to sell s’mores kits. The food truck is mainly parked at the settlement these days. I doubt the sing-a-long and chipmunks will ever be back. No way is Disney going to allow “free” entertainment with characters anymore. Boo! TCD
  2. Terrible news! Ms. Sundee was the best. So much better than the dumb cowboys that replaced her. TCD
  3. Hey if they put something over there it might distract guests from looking at the chain linked eyesore right across from it. Genius. TCD
  4. Yes. Although on most sites, the tent will need to be set up on the concrete pad. TCD
  5. The alleged advantage of the preferred loops (100, 200, and 300) is the close proximity to the Settlement area. The 100 and 200 loops are very close to the Settlement. There is a nice playground there and the new horse barn is nice to visit. However, even the Fort management recognized the dubious advantage of being close to the Settlement by rebranding the loops close to the Meadow area and jacking up the rates for those sites. As far as bike riding goes, the loops aren’t the best place for kids to ride, but there are plenty of other sidewalks and areas around the Settlement and Meadow areas
  6. What a naive question from this blogger. Chapek isn’t going anywhere. He’s doing exactly what the Board of Directors wants him to do- maximize profits no matter the cost. A better question would be to ask how much longer will D23 be around? The Disney company clearly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about their fans, and that isn’t changing any time soon. TCD
  7. Wow. What a unique experience you will have. Enjoy! TCD
  8. That’s probably true, but the posted wait times are not accurate. They can’t be- Disney is not using the available technology to measure wait times. They are guesses, or in some cases deliberate exaggerations. There are numerous YouTube videos from experienced park visitors that show this to be the case. TCD
  9. True, but wait times were available on the MDE app for the entire existence of FP+. So Genie is no improvement on that. Further, Disney has not used the red cards that they used to hand to guests to accurately measure wait times since they reopened after the Covid shutdown. Thus, all wait times are guesstimates, and Disney has deliberately been posting inflated wait times. Inflated wait times probably help Genie+ sales, but I’m sure there is some other honest reason Disney is posting fake wait times. TCD
  10. Bingo! This app is a blatant effort by Disney to try to move crowds to where they want them to go and to try to upsell food and lightning lane access and has nothing to do with improving the guest experience. It is ridiculous that the damned thing makes quick service food recommendations along with attraction recommendations with no way for the guest to stop that. Absolutely awful and unhelpful. TCD
  11. The only people this app will help are Disney executives and shareholders. ETA- and travel agents. I forgot them. They will make nice commissions selling Genie+ to their guests TCD
  12. The claims they are making about how this app will help guests are ridiculous. It’s bad enough that they are price gouging again, but what makes it worse is that the damn app will be just as glitchy as all of their other app iterations. The DCL app is a piece of crap. The MDE app crashed at the MK for most of the day on the big 50th anniversary day on October 1. And they expect us to believe that this new app will somehow plan a perfect day for guests? No way. TCD
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