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  1. Thanks for mentioning The Princess Bride. I knew it was on Disney+, but I had never seen it. After you jogged my memory, I watched it for the first time ever (inconceivable) last night. What a gem! This is a perfect example of the value of Disney+ for me. The Princess Bride is a movie that was recommended to me by lots of people, but I never felt like making the effort to track down a copy. Disney+ made it easy. After I watched it, they recommended the movie Willow- another movie I’ve never seen, but will now watch. This is great for someone like me who wouldn’t dream of seeing a princess or fantasy movie in the 80s or 90s, but now I can watch and appreciate them. TCD
  2. Here’s a link where you can see the official Meadow Trading Post hours of operation: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/shops/campsites-at-fort-wilderness-resort/meadow-trading-post/ Be forewarned that you may be turned away from visiting to shop depending on who is working the guard shack. They have been very restrictive in allowing visitors due to the pandemic. TCD
  3. I disagree with those who think Disney+ isn’t worth it. The series on the guy who collects Disney memorabilia and the series documenting the making of Frozen 2 are excellent. I’ve enjoyed watching movies that I never saw in theaters, and had no interest in purchasing, like Tron and Tron Legacy (now I’m ready for the new attraction). I’ve watched quite a few of the non-MCU Marvel movies like both Fantastic 4 movies and the X-men movies. I think it’s great and a bargain. TCD
  4. I’m not sure what you’re referring to, but the mask rules at Disney are clear with regard to eating, drinking, and walking around. TCD
  5. This photo shows the inside line to order from P&J’s. This was from an earlier trip, as they have since added mobile ordering: Here’s a look at the seating area- they’ve removed more than half the tables- we sat downstairs by the buffalo head and were the only guests seated down there: Note the guest walking around with no mask. That’s a no-no, but there’s no staff around to tell guests what to do. Generally, it seemed like a pretty safe setup, but that could change as it gets more crowded and more people ignore the rules. TCD
  6. Awesome. We’ve had a couple of cabin visits this year. Even with a discount, they’re expensive. But they are very nice, and a great way to visit and still be able to avoid crowds. You definitely should make the effort to get to Geyser Point, but don’t miss Trails End for takeout- they let you eat your meal inside the restaurant, which makes for a very nice atmosphere. TCD
  7. Scot! Welcome back! @djsamuel answered your questions correctly. Since you have the golf cart, just go park at the Settlement and catch the bus from there. TCD
  8. OK. One was lucky enough to work in a department where remote work is possible. Disney sent her a laptop, docking station and two monitors, and she has been working full time for about a month. The other just attained status at City Hall prior to the shutdown. They have called those castmembers back by seniority, and she’s near the end of that list unfortunately. They share an apartment and have been good with their money, so they will be okay for a while. It’s very hard and stressful on the one still furloughed. TCD
  9. We stay in the cabins a few times a year. They’re great. As far as tips go, they provide just about all you need. If you’re driving- some things you might want to add to your supply list are two bottles of pump hand soap for the bathroom and kitchen sinks, some kind of cleaning wipes, and a whisk broom and dustpan (no broom is provided). In case you don’t know, the only oven is a microwave/convection combo, so plan any meals accordingly. The wifi is fine. If you have an Apple TV or fire stick, you can stream. If you don’t have a golf cart arranged, you should look into renting one- then you can get around and look at all the decorations. Have fun! TCD
  10. I agree. And Disney has chosen to squeeze the passholders by charging them the same price despite reduced hours, no entertainment, no parades, no park hopping, and limited access to the parks. I don’t see them backing off on any of that. Instead I think we will see them double down with more schemes to try to lure in new money. They are not thinking about the future. They’re thinking about this one quarter at a time. Those in charge are all still getting paid their bloated compensation while hanging castmembers and passholders out to dry. The shareholders are happy for now, but this plan isn’t sustainable. TCD
  11. That makes sense. But you aren’t thinking like a cutthroat CEO running a billion dollar company solely focused on the bottom line. They don’t give a hoot about passholders-they have our money. They want new money, and will continue to do all they can to make room for those potential new customers by creating barriers to keep passholders from taking up space in the parks. That’s the path they have chosen, and they aren’t going to veer from it. TCD
  12. Absolutely true. It almost feels normal at the Fort. It’s great to have a little escape. Have fun! TCD
  13. Excellent job! I hope it isn’t long before things get close to being normal, and you can look back at what a unique trip you had. TCD
  14. As they announce what will be available and not at WDW for the balance of this year, I am convinced that there will be no extension of park hours. The plan clearly is to limp along with the current reduced workforce avoiding all overtime and bringing back any more castmembers while charging full price for park admission and jacking up prices on food and merchandise. If they can finagle it where the guest revenue is 50% or more above normal while labor costs are about 30% of normal, the balance sheet won’t look so bad. It’s all a numbers game. TCD
  15. Add the castle dream lights to the list of cancellations. These are all cost saving measures to maximize profits. There are still more than 10,000 castmembers out of work, and Disney has clearly chosen a path of squeezing their castmembers and guests to increase the bottom line. Smart business, but brutal. TCD
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