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  1. You can get the boarding group for anyone who has scanned in to the park and is linked to your account. After you get your boarding group, if it’s a high number, you can bounce to another park and wait for your number to get called. You have an hour to get back after being called- but this is not being strictly enforced. TCD
  2. You are correct. For the first few weeks of operation, boarding groups were assigned sequentially based on when the guest logged in and requested the boarding group- first come, first served. It was then changed to the current system where boarding groups are assigned randomly- so there is no reward for being early. You could easily have to wait until afternoon for your boarding group to get called even if you request the boarding group at park opening. It seems that breakdowns, closures and re-sets are a daily occurrence. If you have a later boarding group, you will get pushed back because of those. TCD
  3. The same source that told me that there would be “Meadow Premium” sites told me that the group camping area would be converted to a separate ultra premium area gated off and separate from Fort Wilderness. This would be the logical spot for these rumored DVC campsites, as they can provide access to it from the new Reflections entry road, and fence out us scummy campers. TCD
  4. I agree with both of the previous posts, but wanted to add some more thoughts. Considering that you’re going in June, you probably will want easy access to the pool and campfire area. If we are talking regular premium and not Meadow premium, I’d say 500 or 1300. Another thing to consider this year is all of the construction in the Settlement area. 500 and 1300 will distance you from that. TCD
  5. Maybe there are more people noticing and calling attention to it now, but the condition of WDW has been in a steady decline for the last 20 years. At this point, the majority of guests can’t recall how spotless and perfect things used to be in the parks and resorts. That standard is long gone. Disney has steadily cut cleaning and maintenance schedules despite growing attendance. And I think guests are a lot more sloppy and inconsiderate these days. There are still plenty of trash cans, but so many guests don’t bother to use them. The comfort stations at the Fort are a perfect example of this. There was a time, not that long ago, that you could walk into a comfort station at any time- day or night- and it would always be spotless. The opposite is the case now. More often than not, I will find trash, paper towels and toilet paper on the floor whenever I go in a comfort station. The cleaning schedule has been cut to the bare minimum. So, there is more attention to the declining conditions at WDW- but these recent observations are not wrong. TCD
  6. I saw that. Very unfortunate. We did not know or expect the element that they showed, and it was an exciting surprise on the ride. But, you'll still love it. I have also never seen anything from Disney that showed how Flight of Passage works or how James Cameron had to tell them to tone it down. TCD
  7. If the site that published the article thinks that it's news that a DCP kid posted a video of the "secrets" she learned during her program, they must have never visited YouTube. TCD
  8. That plus all the local governments between Tampa and Orlando want stops in their cities. By the time the train makes all of those stops, driving is faster. TCD
  9. I'll believe it when I see it. And, if it ever happens, I can't see any reason why I would ever use it. The people behind this want to build the Tampa stop in a blighted area where they can buy up land for cheap and develop it with the train as an amenity. A train from MCO to WDW would be great. But extending it to Tampa so they can build another commercial and residential development I'm against. If they had it go to Tampa airport, that would be good, but that isn't their plan. TCD
  10. If you don't already have 10 guests on your reservation, you can add them as official guests at your site. There's no extra charge. You could even get them their own magicbands TCD
  11. Not to worry- they'll send the Main Street Electric parade back to WDW instead of creating a new parade for the 50th, or better yet no parade. Then increase parking fees. And the cost of food and beverages. Maybe build a couple more DVC's, and WDW will bail out another international park. Disney always wins. TCD
  12. There's no upstairs at BOG. TCD
  13. That might be it- but it doesn't seem like a lot of these communities are geared toward retirees. Some definitely are, but it's a lot more than that TCD
  14. You're remembering right- lunch used to be considerably cheaper than dinner. But Disney can't have that. And they do a great job at making it hard for guests to see the actual prices. TCD
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