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  1. Those are photos of the bottom of an actual Trail's End plate. Made by Bon Chef in New Jersey of all places. http://www.bonchef.com/Dinnerware--Plates.html TCD
  2. Excellent find! It also looks like they are moving the existing Fort guest dock to the east, right? TCD
  3. Good pun. i think you're right about this weekend being the last chance. I guess I will have to do what I have to do. Good question. I figure they're ready to tear the old barn down, so I'm guessing the horses will be relocated somewhere temporarily. TCD
  4. It's official: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/08/mickeys-not-so-scary-halloween-party-returns-today-and-were-celebrating-with-an-all-new-spook-tacular-season-pass/ Unless I'm missing something, this is an amazing deal. If I didn't have a pass, I might buy this and go to a dozen or so parties. TCD
  5. The Disney Parks Blog officially announced the new barn: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/08/whoa-horses-at-disneys-fort-wilderness-resort-campground-to-receive-beautiful-new-barn/ this part was a surprise to me: Starting August 19, the Draft Horse Barn and Pony Farm will temporarily be inaccessible to guests until the new barn debuts in Spring 2020. Guests can still enjoy Pony rides at the Trail Blaze Corral near the campground’s entrance, and the resort’s trail rides and carriage rides will continue to operate as normal. Wow. That's not much notice for anyone hoping for a final visit to the old barn. TCD
  6. I'm with Mo, but a lot of this is unlikely. All of the new rides are great, but I don't see money getting spent on updates to Carousel of Progress or the EWP. There probably will be 50 new things, but I'll bet 25 of them will be cupcakes or some other ridiculous thing that guests can buy. TCD
  7. I just remembered another tip. They distribute alternative treats for guests with allergies in the Guest Services building outside the Hall of Presidents. They have some high quality fruit snacks and Go Go Squeeze packets and other treats you might see in a place like Whole Foods that are high quality. If anyone in your party has any food sensitivities, make sure to pop in there. TCD
  8. This is fine as long as it isn't a substitute for something else. I remember after 9/11 there was a time when there were no extra magic hours, and they had a character caravan for resort guests instead. I was not a fan. http://allears.net/walt-disney-world/wdw-accommodation/character-caravan/ TCD
  9. One good thing about Galaxy 's Edge is that it is more spacious than Pandora and TSL. That helps. But It could also mean more room for wall to wall guests to pack in. That didn't happen at Disneyland, but they had a bunch of passholder block outs and a reservation system in place for their opening. WDW doesn't. I think it's going to be bad. TCD
  10. If you want to, you can register those tickets to your MDE and use them to make pre-party FP reservations that you can use if you enter the park before the official start time. You didn't mention watching the Hocus Pocus stage show. That is hugely popular. If you watch the last one, you don't waste party time on this. Personally, I don't think the ride modifications are that great. We spend our time watching the shows, parade and fireworks. Make sure you are in your parade spot early. You don't want to miss the Headless Horseman. TCD
  11. From today's Tampa Bay Times: https://www.tampabay.com/fun/disneys-star-wars-land-opens-in-august-in-florida-with-little-shade-fans-have-questions-20190809/ I got to visit Galaxy's Edge for a castmember preview last week. Fortunately, our time began at 5, and a thunderstorm was just ending. The heat wasn't so bad, and with the controlled crowd, it was no problem getting in to the air conditioned places to cool off. But, based on what we saw, the TCD gang is going to be sitting out opening day. The crowds and heat will be brutal. TCD
  12. Great report. We were up that way for a week in June. I couldn't get over the traffic and crowds. The local business owners told us that the whole area is so much busier because of the storm damage to Panama City and east from last year. We had long waits at all the restaurants we visited- even on week nights. Never encountered that before. Sorry to hear you won't be camping for a while. Hopefully that surgery will go well and here's to a fast recovery. TCD
  13. It's an acquired taste. But still better than what comes out of the hose bib at the campsites. Correct. Also at the drink dispenser at the Meadow pool. TCD
  14. If you just want to fill a water bottle, use the water fountain in the comfort station laundry room - the water is chilled and filtered. TCD
  15. Very cool. Thanks for sharing this. I had heard of the project and the disagreement over alcohol sales. The explanation for the project getting canned in the video makes a lot more sense. TCD
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