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  1. Tri-Circle-D

    No trip reports ??

    Not quite. We haven't moved on so much as we have evolved. All of my daughters currently live in the Orlando area, and the twins are full time Disney employees in junior management positions. The twins have an apartment with a dedicated daybed for overnight guests, so our on-property stays have been greatly reduced. In the last year, we've been to Disneyland twice and taken two DCL cruises. And we have made a lot of day trips to the parks Like Travisma mentioned in his comment, it's a huge PITA to stay at the Fort these days. It's hard to get a reservation, and the cost is outrageous. We've had a few quick cabin trips in the last year at CM rates, but even with the CM discount, those are overpriced. Like Carol mentioned above, photobucket made it a lot harder to post a photo intensive trip report. Our most recent cruise was earlier this month. I have enough photos for a short report. I will try to find the time to get a report going. TCD
  2. Tri-Circle-D


    The plaque underneath the statue says Voyage to the Crystal Grotto. That's an attraction at Shanghai Disneyland. The statue must be part of the Shanghai display in the China pavilion. I think the last paragraph of the article is messed up- it makes it sound like the display is in Shanghai, when it's supposed to say that there is a display about Shanghai in Epcot TCD
  3. Tri-Circle-D

    World Of Dreams Tour...Only $12,000

    I've seen the ME rumor several places, but I had never heard it from my most reliable source. Now I have, and it's supposed to happen soon. Like before this summer soon. TCD
  4. Tri-Circle-D

    World Of Dreams Tour...Only $12,000

    The MaxPass system at Disneyland is just a slight variation of the regular FastPass system. It's already in place there, and would work at WDW. I think it's inevitable that a similar scheme will be implemented at WDW at some point. TCD
  5. Tri-Circle-D

    World Of Dreams Tour...Only $12,000

    My sources tell me that paid FP has been repeatedly discussed for WDW (ala MaxPass at Disneyland), but WDW management has continued to push back on crossing that line. But I did hear something about Magical Express no longer being a free service. You heard that here first. TCD
  6. Tri-Circle-D

    2019 MNSSHP Tickets on Sale!

    They haven't even taken down all the Christmas decorations, and they're already selling Halloween party tickets? WDW management never fails to surprise. TCD
  7. Tri-Circle-D

    Christmas Eve activities?

    And I agree with both Jason and Mo. You don't need to worry about getting shut out of Epcot Don't forget that closures happen in phases, and Disney resort guests are not excluded in phase 1 through 3 closures. There has only been one phase 4 closure at any WDW park in the last ten years, and that was at MK on an Easter weekend in 2009. You can read about park closures here: https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/capacity-closures TCD
  8. Tri-Circle-D

    Does speedway sell beer & wine

    Yes, they have a big selection at prices similar to what convenience stores charge off property. Way less than Disney prices. TCD
  9. Tri-Circle-D

    DCL looking for a new private island

    Correct. This new island news is old news. The DCL Blog posted about it in October: https://disneycruiselineblog.com/2018/10/disneys-lighthouse-point-bahamian-government-approves-sale-of-lighthouse-point-to-disney-cruise-line/ TCD
  10. Tri-Circle-D

    Discovery Island

    I'm in Disneyland right now and won't be back until late Saturday , but I'll get out there and take a look as soon as I get a chance. TCD
  11. Tri-Circle-D

    Where in the World??

    There you go! That's correct. That's both a doorbell and magic band scanner. Unfortunately, my MB did not turn the scanner green. TCD
  12. Tri-Circle-D

    Where in the World??

    Almost. It's not in Frontierland. Nope. You had the right park in your first guess. Nope. This is in the MK, but not in Frontierland. TCD
  13. Tri-Circle-D

    Where in the World??

    Time for a new photo: TCD