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  1. The only people this app will help are Disney executives and shareholders. ETA- and travel agents. I forgot them. They will make nice commissions selling Genie+ to their guests TCD
  2. The claims they are making about how this app will help guests are ridiculous. It’s bad enough that they are price gouging again, but what makes it worse is that the damn app will be just as glitchy as all of their other app iterations. The DCL app is a piece of crap. The MDE app crashed at the MK for most of the day on the big 50th anniversary day on October 1. And they expect us to believe that this new app will somehow plan a perfect day for guests? No way. TCD
  3. Nothing to understand. Just another disgusting money grab. TCD
  4. Yes, but THAT menu with prices is not online, is it? I need to prepare for my visit. TCD
  5. Slow down there a minute. I don’t see the PB&J Chicken Wings on the menu? What’s up with that? TCD
  6. I loved it when it was the arcade and quick serve restaurant for the Contemporary. I am glad that I got to enjoy that with the TCD girls when they were kids. TCD
  7. Thanks for the idea- I’ll go and try those wings whenever this place opens. I’ve never heard of PB&J wings, and there’s probably a good reason for that. TCD
  8. Exactly. They can’t miss with this location. I had to laugh when I saw that the cowards didn’t post the prices with the menu. It doesn’t matter, guests will be lined up to drop $60 for an 8 oz sirloin and $100+ for a fatty filet. Disney always wins. TCD
  9. I wonder how much Disney paid for that ranking? Don’t get me wrong, I love DCL, but their newest ship is 9 years old, and their competitors have much newer, nicer, and technically advanced ships. Something is fishy about this award. TCD
  10. Good point. I would add, however, that hedge fund managers and insiders are also raking it in, while Joe Sixpack shareholders twist in the wind. TCD
  11. Yup. That’s the plan. I certainly heard a lot of interesting shop talk when I was on the DCL Castmember cruise a couple of weeks ago. Disney has an army of analysts whose sole purpose is to devise schemes to extract the maximum amount from each guest while providing the absolute minimum in guest experience. Not one of these folks seemed the least bit concerned about their ability to pull it off. Why should they be concerned?-Disney always wins. TCD
  12. Here’s something that will make you even madder- Disney is once again siphoning off profits from WDW to balance out the losses from their other parks. At WDW, even with the 50th anniversary approaching, they shut down everything during the pandemic. So Epcot still is a torn up mess, and the completion of the new Tron attraction and the reopening of the railroad have been delayed indefinitely. Meanwhile, at Disneyland they completed a refurbishment of their Snow White ride, made a bunch of improvements around both parks, and opened a whole new land- Avengers Campus. The Disneyland Halloween pa
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