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  1. I agree with all of the above. The other reason for having to wear masks while on golf carts and bikes is laziness and lack of leadership by Fort management to craft specific rules for the Fort. This is another example of them just using the rules for hotel rooms at the campground. In the hotels it’s easy enough to say that the rule is all guests must wear masks when they are outside of their rooms. That doesn’t make sense for certain activities at the campground, where the common spaces are vast, and guests can participate in outdoor activities where they are not likely to come in close conta
  2. Very good. I hope some of the posters and friends of posters on this thread watch this. Probably won’t do any good though. TCD
  3. Good to see a post from you Dave. You’re right, the Fort we knew and loved is just about gone. What’s left is a nice but overpriced campground. We still like to visit, but not anywhere near as often. This is consistent with what I posted upthread. Your friend is one of the many guests who choose to blatantly ignore the mask rule. A CM asking him to follow the rules didn’t work the first time. And it probably didn’t work the second time. I don’t consider that enforcement. TCD
  4. Yes, you can still fax site requests. No, they have not let up on the mask rules. In fact, they are using new signage identical to the signs they are using in the parks that say you will be asked to leave if you are not wearing your mask properly. That said, we were there for a two night stay last weekend, and compliance and enforcement were practically nonexistent. Guests were blatantly ignoring the mask rule. On a previous trip over Labor Day weekend, there were castmembers stationed at the four way stops of the major roads monitoring mask compliance. Last weekend, there were no castm
  5. Michael I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. I know he was a fighter. TCD
  6. What a stupid thing to brag about. The chance to be recalled to a part time job that pays a bit over minimum wage with no benefits? Gee, I’ll bet those castmembers are glad about all the union dues they paid for the union to cave in and kiss Disney’s ass. I’m sure the part time workers all have huge savings accounts they can live off while they’re waiting around for two years to be recalled. Disney is doing exactly what they want to do. Their financial experts made a long term plan, and it’s playing out beautifully for them. Plenty of revenue is rolling in, and they are slashing expen
  7. Yes more is on the way. Disney now will take advantage of the circumstances to gut the union workers. Dumping non-union employees first helps with the optics, but this is their chance to decimate the union and you can bet they will. More money for the executives and shareholders, and more castmembers kicked to the curb. Walt Disney World as we knew it is gone for good. TCD
  8. And don’t forget that they received untold billions of pandemic bailout money. I’m sure some of it helped to fund the payment of health insurance for the furloughed workers. But now that the free money is gone, so long suckers. TCD
  9. You are absolutely right. The current Disney management would be perfectly happy to operate the parks department like a Six Flags or even a traveling carnival as long as the dollars keep rolling in. And that’s clearly the direction they’re heading. TCD
  10. It makes sense for them to go full speed ahead on this project. The set up is perfect for post COVID-19 travel. They can require everyone to be tested before arriving, and then keep them in the bubble while they’re there. There are plenty of folks who have weathered the pandemic with no negative impact on their finances. Enough to keep this hotel booked for the next few years. And Disney is undoubtably salivating at the idea of how little they will have to pay starving ex- castmembers to come back and work. Disney always wins. TCD
  11. I know bloggers need to drum up interest by speculating, but this probably really is only for installing parking lot lighting. They already have been using the cleared site for castmember parking. Now, they’re adding some light poles. That’s all. TCD
  12. You’re right- it’s the American way. I don’t think there are any more compassionate corporations. Disney used to be different. In my personal experience, they are the last corporation I’ve dealt with that at least made an effort at customer service. Have you dealt with Amazon or Walmart or any other big company lately? The pits. Now Disney is right down there with the rest of them. Sad. TCD
  13. Remember how WDW cut and did not replace the MK night parade, added all those before and after hours events and dessert parties by taking away park hours and venues, and began charging hotel guests for parking? Not to mention endless price increases and smaller food portions? That money grubbing adds up to billions of profits that are sitting as billions of dollars of cash on the corporate books. All of it made possible by the blood, sweat and tears of their loyal castmembers. Could they use some of that cash to help their paycheck to paycheck castmembers? You know, the money the
  14. Gee, thanks Mayor. I can assure him that no hardworking WDW CM expected to be laid off back in March 2020. My daughters and I’m sure thousands of CM’s like them naively believed that Disney would treat them differently than a common money-grubbing heartless corporation. Bad on them for being so stupid. TCD
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