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  1. Tri-Circle-D

    River Country

    I agree. It kind of looks like Bay Lake Tower. What a wasted opportunity. They also released updated artwork for the big tower they're adding to Coronado Springs. Like this- it looks like a sleek generic hotel. It doesn't match the previous theme of Coronado Springs at all. I really hate the direction they've taken with these new resorts. I guess theming cuts into the bottom line too much. We can't have that. TCD
  2. Tri-Circle-D

    Disney's Discovery Lodge, not River Country

    I knew it was going to be something like that. LOL. I like the idea of including cypress in the name, but I'm still going to guess that the go with a completely made-up, unrelated name. TCD
  3. Tri-Circle-D

    Disney's Discovery Lodge, not River Country

    Since no one else took the bait, I will. What's BOAGYA? TCD
  4. Tri-Circle-D

    Disney's Discovery Lodge, not River Country

    After they named the new DVC at Wilderness Lodge Copper Creek, and renamed the old one Boulder Ridge, I figured that they would just make up some fake name for this new DVC without using the word Wilderness. I still think that's the direction they'll go in. I would like it if they gave a nod to Discovery Island, but I'll be surprised if they do. TCD
  5. Tri-Circle-D

    Disney's Discovery Lodge, not River Country

    Unless your source became a DVC member, the likely source of this information is the WDWNT website. This article was posted last week: https://wdwnt.com/2018/10/disney-discovery-lodge-is-possible-new-wdw-vacation-club-resort-name-leaked-in-survey/ For what it's worth, the comments to the article made by alleged DVC members indicate that other names for the resort were proposed, such as "Colors of Nature" and "Reflections- A Lakeside Resort." So, really, all that we know is that Disney is polling DVC members about potential names. TCD
  6. Tri-Circle-D

    Nice DCL article from Yahoo, 7 myths debunked.

    It's a nice article, but I don't think I've ever heard of any of those "myths" before. A more accurate title might be "Seven Ill-founded Misconceptions an Uninformed Journalist had about Cruising." TCD
  7. Tri-Circle-D

    Expanded Early Morning Magic

    Dude, turn in your beancounter card. How much would it cost to pay the 50-60 college kids running the attractions and dressing up like princesses their minimum wage pay for those extra 45 minutes of ride time? That hurts profits, man. So forget it. There are plenty of suckers who will pay for this event. I'll bet a lot of them eat before 9 too. Walt would love this scam. TCD
  8. Tri-Circle-D

    March or Nov 2019? Help

    Cool it with the methinks business- the renaissance festival isn't until February. I agree with you about there not being a slow time, but I still believe that they have a harder time filling hotel rooms in January than they do in December. The pricing for Fort Wilderness campsites confirms that. If they push back the Galaxy's Edge opening to January, they won't have to offer discounts or incentives to fill rooms. TCD
  9. Tri-Circle-D

    March or Nov 2019? Help

    In November you get holiday decorations and some nice weather for the Food and Wine Festival. But, you also get a lot of early MK closures for MVMCP nights, and more crowds at Epcot as Food and Wine is winding down and the weather is nice. But, I personally would choose November over March. I might be wrong, but I have a feeling that when they are saying late fall for the opening of Galaxy's Edge at WDW, they mean exactly that- like early December. And my own conspiracy theory is that they will run into some "unexpected " complications and push the opening date to after Christmas so they can fill their hotels during a slow time. TCD
  10. Tri-Circle-D

    Best cabin loop for dog

    Here you go: TCD
  11. Tri-Circle-D

    Big changes to tickets coming

    Disney always wins. Disney always wins. Seriously, whenever there's a loophole or strategy that guests figure out that might save a couple of bucks, Disney cracks down on it. And, they will keep on closing those loopholes until the money stops flowing. TCD
  12. Tri-Circle-D

    Big changes to tickets coming

    Uh-oh. That's a lot of words, but none saying how much the tickets are going to cost. Hold on to your wallets. TCD
  13. Tri-Circle-D

    Rafiki Dead

    What I've heard is that the beancounters are disappointed with attendance from this summer, and specifically the months of July and August. I guess they forgot that they implemented fluid pricing so prices for parks and resorts are at their highest in the summer. And they also forgot that they shut down a bunch of attractions way in advance of any replacements coming along. And Toy Story Land is half the size and has half the attractions and restaurants that it should have had if done properly. Add to that the record heat and record rain. Gosh, I wonder why no one is coming? The solution to increasing attendance is pretty simple. But, they don't really care about attendance- they care about the bottom line, and it's easier to improve the bottom line by slashing a few more costly attractions here and there, and sending some expendable CM's to the unemployment office. Just like Walt always did. TCD
  14. Tri-Circle-D

    Rafiki Dead

    It's probably true. The bloggers usually get the true information before the CM's. Kenny the Pirate posted the permanent closure rumor on his site. So there you have it. Even though Disney is making more money than ever, there is currently a hiring freeze in place, and some CM's are sweating out getting their pink slips. Like Walt always said: "cut, cut, and cut some more- there's a sucker born every minute." TCD
  15. Tri-Circle-D

    Rafiki Dead

    CM's have been told that it's going seasonal. That's usually the beginning of the end. TCD