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  1. Robin

    Labor day weekend

    Thanks for the report!
  2. Wow that looks really good! I wonder on the cost?
  3. Robin

    Big changes to tickets coming

    I agree with you. It's expensive to do anything right now. A vacation is what you make of it. Some people don't care how much things cost when they are on vacation. Others can't or won't spend money to eat at the parks or do the extra things but, still have just as much fun as those that do. We have been members at six flags for about 5 years every year they keep upping the cost of the dinning plan and they keep changing the passes and memberships. It's not just Disney.
  4. Robin

    Big changes to tickets coming

    What is a flex ticket? Is this new?
  5. Robin

    A Very Short Trip

    Thanks for the little report. I hope someone takes me to Disney when I'm 96. Glad to hear she liked the shows.
  6. Robin

    Rafiki Dead

    Sad to hear this we always enjoyed going.
  7. Robin

    Labor day weekend

    Good choice going back to the fort. Looks like some quiet rest time was needed after all that excitement!
  8. Robin

    Labor day weekend

    Following along hope it was a nice trip!
  9. Robin

    Mammoth cave KY

    Update We just returned from a 3 night stay. The lake is done and opened. It is really fun. They have a inflatable course set up on side and the other has rafts and a water volleyball net. Also have these little boats you can paddle around in. Life jackets are provided for free. They also have a new store with a Famous Nathans hot dog counter service. This is free to park guests and 15.00 for a public day pass. We had three teens and they had a great time. The lifeguard from last year remembered us and even remembered my sons name. Staff is super nice!
  10. Robin

    Tent camping in July with Family!

    Great report! We have had similar trips with family so, can sympathize with you. The waterpark day looks like great fun.
  11. Robin

    California here we come!

    We slept in and had a lazy morning. Breakfast was a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Using up what we had left. We packed up and headed back to six flags. We did a few rides had lunch and got a ice cream cone. We just sat people watched and took our time with our ice cream. We did not want vacation to end. Filled up our drink cups and headed out. Made it back home about 9:00. All was well when we got back just as we left it. We had a great trip and it went by so fast. We met some great people and, made special memories. Thanks for reading along.
  12. Robin

    California here we come!

    I know my poor son. Could of been bad we were lucky!