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  1. Tell your daughter she did a great job! I guess her burger was a little messy lol!
  2. I felt like I was right there with you. I loved it!
  3. It was so nice to go to Disneyland without pre picking when we wanted to ride something. It was nice to know if the park was super crowded we had the option to buy maxpass. For us we felt we did not need it we did fine with the paper ones but, it was nice to have a option. It seems lass stressful there more easy going.
  4. No explanation on the problem. Last year when we were there it was down and I know the restart date kept getting pushed back. I'm glad that we got to see it. I would of been mad if we wasted all that time waiting. Sounds like maybe some things are still a issue?
  5. Thanks for reading along we had a great trip!
  6. We said good bye and went on are separate ways. I made it into one store and was looking around. My son texted me that he wanted to skip the show and ride more rides. I told him that was fine. Didn't really see anything and moved on to another store. My husband texted me that people had started to go into the show area. I told him to go in and save me a spot. I knew that you had to get in early to get a spot up front. I'm short and wanted a good view. My son texted that he got a treat a Pixar Pier Frozen Parfait. I asked him how it was? He then told me how he picked it up off the counter and spilled half of it. What he had left he enjoyed. Meanwhile I get another text from my husband that it's really filling up and I should get in there. So much for some relaxing shopping. I head back and make a stop at the ice cream place in Starbucks. I call my husband and tell him the menu. Nothing looked good at that moment to either of us. I just got a free ice water to go. I find my way to my husband. It's now 8:45 the show starts at 10:00. They have no seating for any of their night time shows. This better be worth waiting! My son decides to ride Toy Story again, it's a hour wait. Mean while people start to sit down on the ground while waiting. We sit also lean back on the railing yes, my husband got front row! We start to get as comfy as you can when a CM comes over and tells everyone to get up. It's like 9:10 we have a long wait. After about 10 min people start to sit down again. I'm not falling for this again we stay standing. Of course we were never asked to sit again. My son gets done with his ride and yes it was a hour wait. The park is closing soon he is tired he says he is heading back. Right at 10 the lights go dim and the show starts. I was just really getting into it when the show stops and the lights come back on. A announcement is made that the show will be returning momentarily. This message keeps on continuing. My son calls and says he made it back but a homeless guy was standing near the entrance of the RV park waving a stick and yelling. And someone was sitting on are picnic table. He just went into the tent and stayed in there. 5 min later he texted the guy was gone. I told him it was probably someone waiting for someone in the bathroom. Still that was are site and I think that was kind of rude it was like 2 feet from are tent. We are discussing what to do and how long we should wait when the show starts back up. It has been a half hour the show has started over again from the beginning. The verdict,was it worth waiting 2 and a half hours? We loved it the best Disney show we have ever seen. It was spectacular! Would I wait that long again. Probably not I'm not sure when we will get back so for the time being it was worth the wait. We did get a little water spray on us but not wet. I'm glad we got the front row we could see everything just great. The park is closed time to say last good byes. Remember I had wanted to do some shopping so, that's what we do. My husband found a shirt he liked we bought that for him. We now make are way out in into Downtown Disney. We head into the world of Disney store and look around one last time. I sadly could not find anything that I really liked. We head out and back to the bikes. My son is now wondering where we are? We bike back to the RV park. That guy was still waving that stick and yelling. He did not bother us. We are all exhausted but in a good way. We had a great couple of days. We all really love Disneyland! If you have never been you have got to go. It is much more relaxed than WDW. The next morning we have breakfast I do laundry and we pack up. We head back to get the car that brought us here in the first place. The guy we bought the car from was again super nice and friendly! We had dinner at a place called Farmer boys. If you now what Culvers is it was like that. The food was ok and it filled us up. We head out for the long trip home. We made it back safe and sound and it was nice enough to snow for us. As the saying here goes gotta love Wisconsin! Thanks for reading along!
  7. We left off with us making a mad dash trying to make are fast pass time for Guardians. We get up to the Mickey head scan our now expired tickets and nothing. I told the CM standing there what happened and she let us in. We where very happy and thanked her like 10 times! We have never seen the movie or know anything about it. My son rode this last year and loved it, I was excited to try it. There is a ton of stuff to look at while waiting. We entered the preshow in about 5 min it was very crowded in there. We exited and waited in line for about 15 min. We get in the elevator and up we go and down we go up and down over and over. The song free ride was playing. I won't spoil it with all the details but, I loved it! My husband did not, he prefers TT. I can ride TT but, if I don't it's not a big deal. I'm really glad we got to ride this. Not sure if I would of waited with out a fast pass the line was long all day. I now want to see the movie. After all this excitement we needed a break. What should we do? Animation Academy of course. We always loved doing this WDW was sad when itclosed. My son choose to wait in the lobby and of course play on his phone. My husband and I lined up we just made it only a few people after us was let in. We waited about 5 min and was let in. We choose a row got are paper and pencil ready. Who would we draw? Baymax was the answer. We are not the most talented artist around but, this is just for fun. We did not do that bad he is not that hard to draw. After class we collected my son and debated on Turtle Talk. We decided no it was getting late. We walked out and decided to head over to the spot where are World of Color section was. The plan was I was going to do some shopping my son some rides and my husband just wanted to sit down relax and people watch. Up next does it go according to the plan?
  8. We jumped in the van and rode down to Del Taco. My son downloaded a app so we all got a free taco. We ordered are food to go and, went back to the RV park. We had a nice dinner on the picnic table. The food was ok not bad but not something I would say wow that was good. It was getting chilly so sweatshirts were brought out. We had to get going we had a fast pass to use. We did not need the backpack the would save time in the security line right? We made are trip back and got up to the table. My son went on one side one person in front of him. We choose the other side one woman in front of us. Start pushing are bikes up giving some space because of the tires like we always do. When another woman cuts right in front of me. I did not say anything but let her go. She start talking to the women in front of her seems like they were together. She opens up her bag for security and starts to unload. It looked like she had a seven course meal in there. Next to us now the line my son was in we watched people just pass us by. I now was starting to get angry. There was some people behind us we could not back out. I ask the security if we can just go past the table remember we have no bags. I got a firm no! Security is there for a reason we need to wait are turn. We have 5 min till fast pass time is up. We still have to lock up are bikes, get all the way thru Downtown Disney, scan are tickets and, make are way to the ride. She finally gets done and we can go on thru. Thanks a lot lady! I did tell the security guard that we got skipped. She said she was sorry that she did not see it happen. If she did she would of of made the woman wait. As we walked in my husband said to me that he saw the woman got a black mark on her white dress when she cut in front of me. That was why I left the space open so that would not happen. Well that did make me smile a little. Now it's at the end of are return time we head in quickly. Will they let us ride will we get a green light?
  9. Time for Radiator Springs back to Cars land. It seemed we did a lot of back and forth today. This is my husbands all time favorite ride. Before we got in line there was a photo pass photographer taking photos in front of the Radiator Springs billboard. There was only 3 families in front of us. We had her take pictures with are camera and they turned out great. Ride time the stand by line was something like 2 hours. We made are way quickly through the line and we are off. This ride is really cool it takes you indoors and out. At some point you meet up with another car and you race them. We won! We headed over to Grizzly Peak to ride Soarin . Ya this was a hour and a half wait. I don't mind waiting in line but, that's a little to long. We got fast passes. We walked over to the Grizzly river run. This had a hour wait. They have a single rider line for this ride. The boys got in this line. I decided not to ride I did not feel like getting wet. I watched for them on the bridge. While I waited I saw lot's of rafts with empty seats. I was thinking maybe they closed the single rider line. Then I saw my husband and my son was in the next raft. The wait for them was 10 min. They did not know why the CM's were not filling the boats. They really didn't get wet guess I could of rode. We walked over to Paradise Garden and looked around. None of the rides here looked good to us. We would of done Goofy's Sky School but the wait was 45 min. And I didn't feel like getting tossed around. We headed back to Grizzly Peak found a bench and waited for are Soarin time. We got in line and headed in. This que is so much different than WDW but, the ride is the same. I really miss the old movie. We got the back row we had feet dangling in front of us. We now headed over to Hollywood Land. We got in line for Monsters Inc. This had a 30 min wait. Snacks from the back pack where brought out. This seems to pass the time more quickly for us. This ride is a family favorite. It really is a cute ride and lot's to look at. My son and I had watched a You Tube video before we left on the history of this ride. I guess when the park opened it was a Hollywood ride. Guest hated this ride! They had cardboard cutouts of movie stars that you zoomed past in a taxi. I guess it did not have no action and was kind of boring. They kept the taxis and most of the cutouts and put monster characters over them. It was fun to look for these on the ride. It was time to think about dinner. My son loved his breakfast so much he wanted Del Taco for dinner. We talked it over and decided that would be fine. First we headed over to Guardians of Galaxy that line was long we decided to grab Fast Passes and come back after dinner. With this we are out of here. We walked out and through Downtown Disney. Unlocked are bikes and rode to the RV park.
  10. We saw the same one as WDW.
  11. While in cars land we decided to ride Rollickin Roadsters. This is a super fun ride with dancing cars. The wait was 20 min not to bad. The other ride in carsland is Junkyard Jamboree. Again another fun ride! It does spin you bit so if you get dizzy easily you might avoid this. We still had time before are next fast pass but could now get another one. We headed out of Cars and into Pixar Pier. Got 3 fast passes for the Incredicoaster. We had some time so headed over to Toy Story. This had a 45 min wait. We talked about skipping this but, decided to wait. Out came snacks from the backpack. The line starts outside and continues inside. While we were waiting in line Woody opened up a door from the outside and came on in. He was taking pictures with guests giving hugs and, high fives. He did this for about 10 min and left the way he came in. I just love this the kids around us got so happy and it helped with the wait. We had a great time and my husband was the winner. After this we all passed on Mickey's fun wheel or death wheel. My son rode this last year and said never again. We walked around and just looked at the games and snack shops they have. It was now time for are fast pass. We headed over to the coaster. It was a long wait even with are pass. I would say about 20 min. My son and I love this ride. I think it is one of my all time favorites. This was my husbands first time he said it was ok not really for him. What's next?
  12. Breakfast time my husband and I had breakfast in the clubhouse that we brought my son wanted something else. He asked if he could ride his bike down to Del Taco. I think it was a mile and a half away. This is something he heard about and wanted to try.I told him we would meet at DCA. We ate and headed out about the same time as yesterday. No problems getting through security was only about 4 people in front of us. Locked up are bikes and headed into Downtown Disney. Got a text from my son he was headed there. We took a slow walk in looking at shops and restaurants. Made are way into line and got held up. A women in front of us had the wrong pass she had her husbands by mistake. After talking to the CM for a few min he had her move to the side and called for assistance. In we are finally in. We sat on a bench at the entrance and waited for my son. 5 min later he was in. He had brought his food in and was eating there. I walked quickly over to the fast pass machine by Ariel and got us world of color fast passes for tonight. This show was down last time so, we did not get to see it. I heard nothing but good things about it. We got 3 for the blue section. With that done I met the boys in Cars Land. We found the fast pass machine and got fast passes for Radiator Springs. The show fast pass does not count so, you can get another fast pass right away. With all the business done it's ride time.
  13. Ok, when we camp I always ear plugs unless it's somewhere that we are pretty much alone. This was not the case here. For one you are in the city lot's of road noise. Two we are right by the bathrooms so lot's of noise from the code beeping on the doors. 3 we are about 6 feet from the other tent people. We all got snuggly and off to sleep. Well not for me. My husband is a little hard of hearing and my son is a sound sleeper. I'm not sure how much time passed but I'm guessing about a half hour I wake up to something look around we are all here go back to sleep. A little while later wake up again same thing. 3rd time wake up take out plugs and listen. Someone is yelling and screaming. Son and husband seem to be sleeping. I sit there listening to this about 10 min. I get up out of my nice snuggly bed unzip the tent and peek out. I see nothing but still here yelling lot's of yelling and now some fowl words. I get out of the tent and take a quick look around I don't see anything. I now have to go to the bathroom. When I get out of the bathroom it's quiet so I get back in my cuddly bed but I don't put in hear plugs. I'm waiting to hear police sirens or who knows what? I lay there for a while and all was quiet. In the morning my son says what was going on last night? He also heard the yelling and screaming. I told him about my night. We looked around in the morning everything seemed fine. I went into the office when it opened and asked about it. The girl working said she did not hear about any problems. They have a security guard on duty all night and have never had a problem. I feel better about this. She did say that where our site is right behind the wall it's about 8 feet high there is a motel that is not the best. She was guessing that it had to do with them. We have camped a lot and I never felt scared as I did that night. It had to be loud for my son to hear it. I don't know what happened over there but it did not sound good. This is something that went on for hours. And in the middle of the night never anything good! Now I'm tired because I hardly slept and we have a full day. I have to suck it up we are in Disneyland!
  14. We left off after the fireworks show. We could now go back and use our Haunted Mansion fast pass. We quickly made our way in and was in our doom buggy in no time. After this ride we were close to the train station and took a round trip ride. This is a great way to see the park. Also they have these displays set up to view. After this ride which maybe was a bit to relaxing at night we started to get tired. Not wanting to go yet we decided to head back over to Tomorrowland. My son wanted to ride Space again but, sorry to say at the time I just couldn't do it. My husband was done with this after his first ride there was a no from him. His next suggestion was buzz he wanted to try to win. Yes, we could all handle this. We pretty much walked right on there was a five min wait. My son lost again this time to his father. Ok, one more time we got off and went right back on. What do you know this time my son was the winner. How great we all won one. We were now done. The park was still open for about another half hour. There was stuff we didn't get to do but, we had another full day tomorrow. We sadly said good bye and made are out. We found our bikes and got back to the RV park in no time. We brought a small space heater with and turned it on just to take the chill out while we got ready for bed. Next how did we sleep?
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