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  1. Thanks for the response. It looks like Pigeon Forge campground is over a 100.00 more. It does look really nice though. We are looking for nice and clean it will just be the two of us as are son has somehow become become a grown up?
  2. Has anyone stayed at Creekside Rv Park? Thinking about staying here it looks nice but first hand knowledge is always the best.
  3. Robin

    A sweet time!

    Husband and I are up girls are sleeping. We make a variety of things for breakfast using up things we have. Girls are still sleeping we eat, get dressed girls are still sleeping. Now this is the campground we don't have to be out of till 3 we have time. Husband and I decide the heck with it we are going out. We leave their breakfast on the table the girls still sleeping and get into the van. We had passed on the way in not to far from where we are something that looked interesting. We are going to explore the Fort of Necessity. It's a battlefield in Farmington. We did not know wha
  4. Has anyone been in the spring? How is the flower festival?
  5. Robin

    A sweet time!

    Success we find a great grocery store about 30 min away. We did not have a stove in are pop up we are excited to try out are new one. I know it doesn't take much. We get some meatballs from the deli and we are making spaghetti with jar red sauce. We also get some rice for the phone, smore stuff and, a few more items for the ride home. On the drive back it is looking dark and looking like it will rain. We make it back and, bring everything in. Get the stove started fairly easy just has it starts to rain. While I make dinner my husband puts a movie on. It now is really coming down. I must
  6. Robin

    A sweet time!

    Today is the day why we came here. We are going hiking and and find a waterfall. We have a quick breakfast and look over the map we got at check in. We pack up a change of shoes, towels, sunscreen, snacks and, water. It is a beautiful day! Blue sky shinning sun and about 90 out. We drive a few miles down the road and find the parking lot for the waterfall. It is a short hike down and it is really beautiful! You can walk around in the water and even walk behind the waterfall. After playing around by the water we take the trail down to a clearing and we find a swimming spot. The water is co
  7. Robin

    A sweet time!

    Before I go on I almost forgot about this odd thing. While we were at Hershey Camping resort on are last night I went into the bathroom. Now the bathroom was pretty full at this time of night as women were getting their families ready for bed. Showers ,teeth brushed ,pj's on etc. They have a counter of sinks I think there was 5 sinks. When I walked in I saw a young twenty something with a electric shaver shaving her hair at the middle sink. I might be in the wrong here but it grossed me out. Hair was flying all over the place. She did not have a towel down. I turned around and walked righ
  8. Robin

    A sweet time!

    Yes it was a jolt! They started to do some maintenance around are site and I thought that is kind of rude. All of a sudden it hit me we got to go. It would of been bad if we would of taken the route we were on. The alternate was bad enough. Very steep winding hills.
  9. Robin

    A sweet time!

    Today we are leaving Hershey. We have some time before we have to leave. We enjoy a nice breakfast and get ready. We are going to Chocolate world today. We walk up to the front and take the shuttle. This time we have a different driver. Chocolate world and the Theme park are right next to each other so, just one shuttle. This driver informs us that only the front of the theme park is open. Great now that would of been good to know a few days ago does not help us now. We walk around the gift shop which is huge by the way. We could not resist and did buy some candy. There is a small food
  10. Robin

    A sweet time!

    The next day the park opens for resort guest a hour before opening to the public. And we are considered resort guest even at the campground. The first shuttle leaves at 9:30. We send the girls to get in line and we double check that we have everything. We run up and are able to make it on the first shuttle. Are driver gives a few facts about Hershey and we arrive at the park. The girls take a few photos and we get in line. The park opens at 10 for us and they make us wait till 10 to get in. We get in with no problems. The plan was to start at the back of the park and work are way up. We start
  11. Not for me I do not want to be pulling my bed out every night. From the looks of the room they seem really small.
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