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  1. Well that would not be worth it. I will let you know if we end up doing it.
  2. I just got a email saying if we do a tour we get a free gift. Does anyone know the gift? Wondering if it is worth are time? We have done these in the past and gotten fast passes and gift cards. It says the value will not be less then 8.00 dollars but does not say the max. Thanks!
  3. Robin

    May trip

    That's when we are going. We did end of May before and had lot's of school groups. Maybe we will see you? I have been freezing all winter I want hot weather!
  4. I was able to get the discount! Saved us some money! Thanks for posting this! Can't wait we will be there May 15-23.
  5. Sad to see this go we have fond memories playing this with are son.
  6. They did something similar with are local six flags this holiday season. It was a good way for us to use are pass and to bring back some workers for a short time. It was strange with no rides and the crowd did seem to be young families or older couples.
  7. I liked your hat in the first picture. I'm glad you had a nice time. The parks do look sad to me being so empty.
  8. We had planned a early September trip after spring got cancelled. We ending up cancelling again. Have a new reservation for May. Hope and pray things are better then. For us it is a long way to drive and not alot of park time. If we lived closer that would probably be a different story. We also tend to stay late and are not big morning people.
  9. After finally getting a restful nights sleep it was time to leave. My husband and I took one last walk around. This time we walked in a area by the store. More seasonal sites,this place is big. We decided to skip making breakfast. It was looking like rain. We started to pack up. With having a pop up you do not want to take it down in the rain if you know what I mean? Side note we have wanted a new camper for so long but life keeps getting in the way. My son and I made one more trek up to the bathroom the hill is starting to feel like a mountain. When we got back my husband had it pretty m
  10. My son decided he wanted to sit in the hot tub. A few kids in the pool hot tub open. He gets in I put my feet in and husband finds a chair. After about 10 min my son wants to stay in my husband and I head off on a walk. We head down towards the lake. They have a really long pier we walk to the end. Some of the boards could use replacing. We see the canoes and a couple of paddle boats one is sunk in the water. There is a bunch of garbage on the small beach. Head back to pool area son is on the phone with his cousin. We talk for a bit and son wants to stay. Husband and I head off. Now
  11. I just made peach cobbler with a very close recipe to this one and, warmed up with ice cream oh it's so good! Not that hard to make.
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