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  1. I just made peach cobbler with a very close recipe to this one and, warmed up with ice cream oh it's so good! Not that hard to make.
  2. Ok, I drifted back off to sleep only to be awakened 30 min later. The troops had started to pack up finally! My husband was sitting outside has he had not been able to fall back a sleep. My son also was now up. We talked about how loud everyone was all night! He also did not get any sleep as the people behind us had been laughing and talking really loud and that was right by his bed. People can be so rude! We stayed in bed and relaxed for a while. My husband started breakfast cooking outside. My son and I went out and joined him. Normally I would never do this but I was so mad and tired and I really couldn't care any more. My son had brought a small portable speaker and I let him put on rap music as loud has he could. That got the group behind us out of their camper. Let me tell you they looked rough. The people that had brought the extra cars with got out of there fast. The woman started to take down her stuff and we started talking really loud, like practically shouting. I also may have laughed really loud for no reason at all. I did get a few dirty looks from her and I was glad. I hope she got the message. By the time we finished breakfast a good amount of the grounds had cleared out. These people packed up fast I jokingly said they had to go home and get to bed but, maybe I was right. We got dressed and also headed out. We wanted to do some hiking at a conservation park about 45 min away. We arrived and the place was beautiful we walked for a bit and there is a small lake with a bench. We made the mistake of sitting down. We could hardly get back up we just wanted to take a nap. We cut are walk short and went shopping for dinner. We found a local meat market and got some really great burgers. We made are way back to camp and this time I wasn't dreading it. Once back the place was like night and day. Only a few other campers remained and it was quiet. We wanted to do mini golf that they had and shuffle board. We decided that today would be good for that. Ya they shut everything down. The store is only open Friday nights and Saturdays. You could not rent anything. This campground is right next to lake and you can also rent paddles for canoes. Because of all the people around I didn't feel safe going down by the store before. Another mistake I would never would of guessed it would be closed on Sunday. We decided to have a early dinner so the grill was started. It was so nice to just enjoy the quiet. The burgers turned out really good. After dinner with a little more energy we decided to finish are walk around the grounds that we started the night before. Up next now I'm mad again.
  3. We are back and I must say that the campground was very nice! Spacious sites,level and, concrete pad. Friendly staff, clean, clean pool,and, a hot tub! I recommend this park and we will be back!
  4. This was a rough night! We thought the night before was bad this was worse! The last time I looked at the time it was close to 3 am. There was a women who was behind us that was alone on Friday and was quiet. Not so on this night she had visitors and there was one women who was really loud. Now this campground has all the same sites so, there are tents next to big rigs next to pop up campers. I do not know how people could be so rude? At about 6 my husband needed to use the rest room, I went with. The group across from us had someone sleeping on the ground rolled up in a blanket. There was a few cars with the women behind us. So I'm guessing it was some party. On the way up the hill that I was really hating, my husband who remember is hard of hearing told me he could not sleep because of the noise that night. We made are way back and we both fell back to sleep but, for how long?
  5. Funny you should say this. Stay tuned for the morning.
  6. Normally I would of done or said something but, when people have been drinking all day I thought it wise to let it be. Plus I think it would of been obvious who turned it off.
  7. So, we get back and trek up the hill to the bathrooms. I have to wait in line. My son and husband listen to some music while waiting for me. The place is still packed. I do have to say that both nights there was a sheriff on duty. I did feel better when I saw that. We walked past the office on are way down and I noticed a sign in the window. They would be closing at 3 so they could enjoy the music. If you have guests coming in after that you will have to let them in. In other words after 3 do what you want. We got comfy and watched a little TV. My husband went to bed and my son and I watched a office episode. We decided to call it a night. We walked back up the hill for one more bathroom trip before bed. It was a little strange being in my pj's with all those people around. It is now around 11. We get back and get into bed when here come the golf carts and with them well you can guess? How is are night how much sleep do we get?
  8. Yes, the ice cream was very good!
  9. As we get close to the entrance cars are lined up down the road. We pull in and the parking lot is full. There is a band on the stage,the place is packed. We get back to are site unpack all of are stuff. Someone is playing music loud. I look around don't see anyone in are area. I walk down the road and a few spots down I find it. There is a speaker about three feet tall blasting away and not one person in sight. I head back over to are site and try to relax as my husband starts the grill. I can not relax I am to upset that someone would play music that loud and just leave. We have dinner clean up and decide to take a walk around by the seasonal sites to try and find some quiet. This place is really big and there are a ton of seasonal sites. We did find some quiet and said hi to some friendly folks. Has we are walking back we see a road that goes to the left my husband wants to check it out. I say let's wait and do it tomorrow we have been walking for about a hour and I'm tired. We get back and some of are neighbors are out and they are loud. We decide to leave again and go into town and back to the place we had dinner the night before and get some ice cream. We stay for about a hour just finally relaxing and enjoying are treat. I really do not want to go back but it's only for one more night with this group. We head back and it's actually not that bad. Stay tuned to see if it last.
  10. So, we head out and drive about 30 min away to get some sun drop soda. This is where they make it in glass bottles. I think they used to make all of it here but now most of it is done in Texas. They have a little museum that was closed because well we all know why. But the gift shop was open of course. We got a case and a few other kinds of sodas. They also make a brand called Twig's. They have some really good and different flavors. Next we walked around the town for a bit. We left and went to a little town that my great grandparents used to live that was about 20 min away.We drove around and I showed my son where their house used to be before the highway came thru. They have a really good market that sells fresh sausage, ham and, other things. We got some things for dinner. And we found a farm that had a little stand set up with homemade maple syrup. We bought 2 bottles. Next we found a Walmart to get a few things. Well a few things turned out to be a lot of things. We now decided to make are way back and start to cook dinner. What do we find when we get back?
  11. Sounds perfect thanks!
  12. Good idea wish we did that.
  13. Put me in the paper group. Last spring when we went to Disneyland it was so nice not stressing 60 days in advance. If you wanted to buy the max pass you could but we didn't seem to need it.
  14. Thanks for the idea we have older teens.
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