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  1. Robin

    Labor day weekend

    Following along hope it was a nice trip!
  2. Robin

    Mammoth cave KY

    Update We just returned from a 3 night stay. The lake is done and opened. It is really fun. They have a inflatable course set up on side and the other has rafts and a water volleyball net. Also have these little boats you can paddle around in. Life jackets are provided for free. They also have a new store with a Famous Nathans hot dog counter service. This is free to park guests and 15.00 for a public day pass. We had three teens and they had a great time. The lifeguard from last year remembered us and even remembered my sons name. Staff is super nice!
  3. Robin

    Tent camping in July with Family!

    Great report! We have had similar trips with family so, can sympathize with you. The waterpark day looks like great fun.
  4. Robin

    California here we come!

    We slept in and had a lazy morning. Breakfast was a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Using up what we had left. We packed up and headed back to six flags. We did a few rides had lunch and got a ice cream cone. We just sat people watched and took our time with our ice cream. We did not want vacation to end. Filled up our drink cups and headed out. Made it back home about 9:00. All was well when we got back just as we left it. We had a great trip and it went by so fast. We met some great people and, made special memories. Thanks for reading along.
  5. Robin

    California here we come!

    I know my poor son. Could of been bad we were lucky!
  6. Robin

    California here we come!

    Our destination is the KOA near ST Louis. We have stayed here before and really liked it. We hit some storms on the way there. We arrived and it just started to pour rain. I ran in the office checked us in and was given warm cookies. The staff is very friendly here! We found are spot and unhitched the camper and left. As I mentioned before we have a six flags membership. That's where we are headed. It is a five minute drive from the CG. We parked and has we where walking in the rain slowed down. Once we got thru the gate the rain had stopped and stayed stopped. We got some dinner did a few rides and ,walked around. They had fireworks this week for the 4th of July. We stayed and watched them. The park was now closed so back to the CG we went. We had to set up the camper yet but, no rain glad we waited. They did some remodeling in the women's bathroom it was nice. Not sure if they are doing the men's as my husband said they still looked the same. Off to bed are last night of our trip.
  7. Robin

    California here we come!

    We took a different route home. My husband had some business to do in Texas and Oklahoma. We drove pretty much straight through into Texas. He got his work done and we are headed onto Oklahoma. We stopped at Whataburger for a late lunch my son loves this place. They had no soap in the men's room found a worker and was told all out. How do they run out of soap completely? I pumped out some in my hands from the women's room and gave to my men. Washed my hands and found out no paper towels or hand dryer. Manager was very apologetic but, some one is not doing their job. Back on the road my son is driving my husband just closes his eyes I hear a noise. My son also hears a noise I look out the back window don't see anything. I ask him how is it driving? Not good was the answer. My husband wakes up and wants to know what's going on. My son has now slowed down and we are getting passed. I look out the back window and see the camper leaning funny. My husband looks back and yells pull over now! My son has only had his license for 2 months. We pull over and the trailer tire is completely shredded and there is a dent on corner of camper. Tire is changed back on the road. My husband is back driving for a while. We get business done in Oklahoma and spend the night there. Found a KOA in Elk City. They have a restaurant attached we are tired don't feel like finding some place to eat we eat there. Service was not the best and I found the prices a little high. My son and I shared a pizza same company has the KOA in Colorado cost me 3 bucks more. The campground is in need of some updating but the bathrooms are clean. Good for a overnight. Up early and head out. Breakfast is cereal bars and snacks on the road.
  8. Robin

    California here we come!

    Last time waking up in California. We slept in a little and was moving slow today. I made a quick breakfast in the club house again. After that went to do laundry before hitting the road. All the machines where taken. Some where done with clothes in them and some where in use. As I was standing there wondering what to do next a guy walks in and tells me the machines that are done are from last night. It seems he got in to the laundry room right when it opened and clothes where in 2 machines. He advises me to just take them out that's what he would do. I look at my watch we have to be out at 11 I don't have time to wait. I did something I never do I took the clothes out. I was very careful and put them on a chair. Went back to camper and help the boys start packing up. I finish up the laundry in which I never see the owners of the clothes. I'm sorry but I think this is rude! We pull out right about 11. We don't get very far stop at the first Wal-mart we find. We spend 2 hours here while my husband works on the lights. My son and I do some shopping I bought a magnet with the fab 5 on it saying California. Just like the Wal-marts near DW this one had a large selection of Disney stuff. We have double success lights are working and, my son found some video game stuff that was only limited released. We are on are way out see you California.
  9. Robin

    Disneyland June 2017 -- better late than never!

    We where just there I agree with everything you just said. Like hearing what others think. Thanks for the report.
  10. Robin

    Tent camping in July with Family!

    First I loved your sons shirt. I have a nephew with special needs and I hate the looks I get when I'm with him. He is not naughty just different. I feel your pain with the family member we have traveled with family and it can be a little stressful. I think you handled it very well!
  11. Robin

    California here we come!

    I wanted to sum up my thoughts on Disneyland. We love the world was nervous if we would like it. Well we loved it more than MK. About half way through day one we all agreed this place is the best. For some reason we loved every ride more. We did not go on a few things like tea cups we always pass on this anyway. Fantasyland was awesome so, much to do. Now that my son is older we don't spend a lot of time in here but, we spent half a day and could of probably spent a whole one if we took it slow and had lunch or snacks in here. As others have said it is a slower pace. It was weird not picking out rides 60 days in advance. Another weird thing was seeing cast members walking around now I know why the MK was built the way it is. We had great weather. We never felt like we where in the city till you where really outside of the immediate area. Loved all the restaurant choices outside the parks. Saw Alice and Mad Hatter playing games with a group of kids. Cast members super friendly. California Adventure was fun and we liked it. First impression walking in was we where in MGM took a little bit to get used to it. Had some fun rides. Loved the Incredicoaster and, of course cars land. We did not do any spinning rides here as all three of us don't do well on them. Pixar pier when busy can get hard to move around. Was very pretty at night with all the lights. We had three days in total and probably could of used 2 more. There was a lot we missed. Would love to go back one day. If your thinking about going I would say do it.
  12. Robin

    7/13-7/15 Quick Trip TR

    What a great little trip you got!