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  1. Robin

    California here we come again

    We got up got ready and had a quick breakfast. This RV park has 2 showers so, I was happy that I did not have to wait. They also have what they call a club house. It has two tables with chairs, TV, micro, toaster oven and, a Keurig machine that you can buy a pod for a cup of coffee. This is where we ate our breakfast. My son being the typical teen guy wanted Taco Bell. There is one on the corner that we pass on the way to Disney. We had brought our bikes to ride so he headed off. We called him when we left and met on the corner. After a quick ride Disney was in our site! We entered at the Downtown entrance got through very quickly locked up our bikes at the bike rack. I had purchased tickets before we left so, no waiting for that. Again the entrance line was not bad at all and, just like that we were in! Park opened to the public at 8 we got in about 8:40. Not bad for us we are not morning people. Up next what is the first ride?
  2. Robin

    California here we come again

    Just a quick note before we left we had 4 inches of snow. It was so nice to see green trees, grass, flowers and, plants. I forgot to mention that when we got back to the RV park the fireworks were going off and you get a great view of them from there. What a great way to end the day.
  3. Robin

    Ceci n'est pas une Trip Report

    Thanks for the report!
  4. Robin

    California here we come again

    We really try not to stay at hotels or motels but, when we do I wipe everything down that I think we might touch. We also bring in our own pillows and blankets. If your thinking about Disneyland I would say go! We love it for some reason it seems more relaxed and the rides are better. We stayed at the closes places to camp. I will talk about lines later.
  5. Robin

    California here we come again

    After dinner we could not contain our excitement we had to get a Disney fix. We walked down the street crossed and just like that we were in Disney! It took about maybe 5 min. The sad thing is the homeless people on the way. I must say that not once were we asked for money. I did see a few with a cup in hand. There was a guy right at the entrance with two parrot type of birds sorry I don't know my birds real well. He was asking 5 bucks for a picture. We just kept on walking. Once in the courtyard area my husband went back for our van. We did not feel right leaving it at the restaurant. There was open spaces when we left we would not of left it if people were waiting. Once in my 18 year old son kept saying how magical it felt to be here. He likes other theme parks but, they don't give you that feeling. We raised him right LOL! My son and I went in a few shops and looked around we watched a singer well sing for a few min. Took a few photos and just soaked everything up. My husband was waiting for us at the guest drop off at the Downtown entrance we said see you real soon and headed out. Next day is Disneyland who could sleep? Well we did it has been a long few days!
  6. Robin

    California here we come again

    Has I left off we spent the night about half way to Anaheim at a motel. We have not stayed at a motel in a while usually a hotel. We got there about 11 at night. The lobby is locked at night you have to go around the side of the building and they have a window with a bell. That was a first for me. I asked to go on the second floor seems a little bit more safe. I read reviews on line before booking get got a 7 out of 10. The room was fine for what we needed a quick sleep shower and a breakfast in the now open lobby in the morning. Has I said before my husband had some business to do. We have a small business that we deal with classic cars. We had a car trailer with that we would be dropping off before heading to Disney. My husband was buying a car the guy we were buying from was letting us keep the trailer at his house. We had never met this guy before talked on the phone a few times. He was super nice! We ended up staying by him talking longer than we expected. After all this we finally made it to Anaheim. We were staying at the Harbor RV park. Now you might be wondering how are they staying there with no RV? Why not just stay at a hotel. Well because for one I knew we would just be sleeping there and I did not want to spend money if we didn't have to. Two we have a tent that we used to use. They have two tent sites. And three it was tax time and we had to pay. And last but not least we like to camp. We set up our tent that looked huge in the space but really it's not. Did laundry made beds all that fun stuff. Then it was time for dinner we drove down the street to Pizza Press. It was not has good has it was last time we had it. Don't know what it was. It was still good but not great we prefer Blaze. There was some cast members there in uniform eating dinner. It seems strange to see that. I will leave off here up next Downtown Disney.
  7. Will be looking for this. We just got the Mickey bars this week!
  8. We spent a quick few days in Disney over Easter. My husband had some business to do there so of course Disney was a no brainer. We drove from Wisconsin what a long drive! I won't bore you with all the details we had no weather or any other problems and made it safe. We have a Six Flags membership so, we get in all the parks for free. First stop was the park near San Francisco. We have never been here before and we thought it was a great park. Very clean lot's of plants and flowers. They have a little zoo in the back also a indoor butterfly garden. They also have dolphins, seals, stingrays, sharks and, some fish. They also have a variety of shows. Not a lot of thrill rides more family rides. It's a nice place to go even if you don't like rides! We left and spent the night about half way to Anaheim.
  9. What year was your camper? Reading reviews about rvs is pretty scary. One guy had the roof flapping in his brand new trailer.
  10. Robin

    Ceci n'est pas une Trip Report

    Thanks for the report I have really enjoyed it!