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  1. Just back and we loved Creekside! I would recommend it.
  2. We have never been to the Halloween party. We did Christmas and had a great time. Looking to go at going on Labor day. Does anybody know if this night will be more busy because of the holiday? I know in the past they gave out snacks and drinks. I only saw candy listed are they stopping this and giving a tote bag in it's place?
  3. I was looking at the Disney experience site for things to do on our next trip. I came across this activity. For 25.00 at Coronado Springs you can make a mosaic in the shape of Mickey. It looks like fun and considering doing this. As anyone done this or seen these?
  4. We have tent camped at Disney before and had no problems. Congrats on the discount!
  5. I just saw a discount for Disney visa card members. August 28th thru September 19th. It says it does include campsites. I just called and only available for tent pop up or premium meadows. Hope this helps someone. We have reservations in full hook up so no help to us.
  6. I'm so glad to hear that people like full hook up sites. We have always been in tent pop up sites. With are new to us travel trailer we are booked in full hook up in September.
  7. Reservations made for Creekside. The guy on the phone was super friendly! Always a good sign.
  8. Thanks for the response. It looks like Pigeon Forge campground is over a 100.00 more. It does look really nice though. We are looking for nice and clean it will just be the two of us as are son has somehow become become a grown up?
  9. Has anyone stayed at Creekside Rv Park? Thinking about staying here it looks nice but first hand knowledge is always the best.
  10. Robin

    A sweet time!

    Husband and I are up girls are sleeping. We make a variety of things for breakfast using up things we have. Girls are still sleeping we eat, get dressed girls are still sleeping. Now this is the campground we don't have to be out of till 3 we have time. Husband and I decide the heck with it we are going out. We leave their breakfast on the table the girls still sleeping and get into the van. We had passed on the way in not to far from where we are something that looked interesting. We are going to explore the Fort of Necessity. It's a battlefield in Farmington. We did not know wha
  11. Has anyone been in the spring? How is the flower festival?
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