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  1. I'm sad to say our event like everything else got cancelled. Looking forward to next year!
  2. I just got a email from six flags has we are members. Opening mid-May but subject to change. Guessing other parks will not be open before then.
  3. We have a mid May trip planned and going to cancel. Not looking forward to being on hold for hours. I hope we will be able to reschedule. I also hope that is the worst thing to happen to us. My son is in a Tech school and they are saying April 6th for a return. I really don't see that happening. We live in Wisconsin everything is shut down. And cases keep going up. Please stay safe everyone!
  4. Ok I was really confused. So I just now looked online at the Fort website. Was not available for the dates I needed. I changed my check out date to a day earlier and it was available. I called Disney back got to keep my same dates don't have to change anything and saved 56.74. So not really sure why I was told I couldn't do this before but I'm happy!
  5. The word tents is what threw me off. It would be nice if they would offer 10 or 15 percent off to non sewer sites.
  6. I think if you ask you should still get it included. I understand that probably a lot of it goes to waste.
  7. I called Disney on this and was told not available for tent and popup sites. Is this correct? Thanks!
  8. Thanks I think I will book at cave country. I did not know they had camping at the bend. I did look into it but that's where the show is and we are thinking it might be a little loud.
  9. We are planning a few nights in May for a car show in Bowling Green. In the past we have stayed at the Jellystone. We have always had a nice stay no problems. This time though we will not be spending much time at the campground. I don't want to pay their prices if not going to be there much other than sleeping and eating. I found 2 other places and can't decide Dad's Bluegrass and Cave country. Both are about the same price and distance. Has any one been or know anything about them? Thanks for your help in advance.
  10. What about the city museum near St Louis? We have gone twice fun for all very unique place?
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