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  1. We had to wear a mask indoors when we went it really wasn't that bad. I wear it longer at the grocery store.
  2. Well we are back at it. After doing home repairs we are finally ready for something new to us. We have gotten as much use out of the pop as we can. The canvas needs to be replaced and we don't want to mess with that. We really loved somethings about the pop up and somethings we not so much. We have found a 2010 Jayco Jay feather. It seems like a good fit for us but it has a back slide out bed. We had planned on not getting anything with a slide but this seems like a nice camper. It has been stored indoors in the winter and, comes with everything. We did not see any water leaks or soft spo
  3. How time flies when having fun! I can't believe it's time to pack up. We made a hodge podge breakfast from what we had left over from the week. I talked my husband into a quick ride up on are bikes one last time to meadows. We did a little shopping bought a few things and did one last look around. It was now time to head back and start tearing things down. While opening up the back doors on the van we noticed that someone had hit the van and put a dent in it. Not sure when that happened we had not opened those doors all week. What a way to end the trip. We packed up and took one last photo one
  4. Thank you everyone!
  5. After getting to sleep later than I wanted it was time to get up. The family behind us decided that 10:00 was not to late to start dinner I heard the whole process loud and clear. Who wants corn who needs a drink etc. We have a repeat day just like yesterday breakfast, bike ride, Epcot. We arrive almost the exact same time and park in almost the exact spot. Today we hit up Test track first. We really missed the design your own car and, the hands on at the end. We make are way into the countries and skip over to America. There is a little time before the next show so, we look around the little
  6. Thanks for sharing! I know has your kids older these times together mean more.
  7. 3am wow you must be a night owl? I wonder if they will ever be open those hours again.
  8. I also love EWP! I have fond memories of watching this and hope it never changes.
  9. Today we are going to Epcot or has my keychain from 1984 says Epcot center. This park had a 11: 00 opening. That means we get to make a nice breakfast and have a relaxing morning. The few sites around us seem to be packing up. That leaves 3 of us in the loop. After breakfast my husband and I get back on the bikes and head out. I'm curious to see the 2000 loop. It looks a little less than half full and are original site is occupied. We head back get ready and head out. We arrive about 10:30 and get a pretty decent parking spot. We make it in with no problems. We had planned to hit test track fi
  10. Thanks I will look into that.
  11. One more question is there a place to buy discount tickets? When we went to Hershey I know the local grocery store sold them.
  12. Love your lights! I have the exact same feeling.
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