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  1. I was awakened at 4am by a beeping. It was the carbon monoxide detector. Now the lights are hardly on. I plugged us in to shore power maybe I didn't have it all the way in. We go out and check. The surge protector would go to green then red when we moved the cord. That is not good! We unplug and shut everything off. Go back to sleep not much to do in the dark and at this hour. A few restless hours later we are up and checking things out. I call down to the office I'm told we will send someone right away. We see the spot behind us is empty we plug in there. Some stuff is working some not
  2. We arrived at the fort the Tuesday after Labor Day about 6:00. We were tired, hungry and excited. I had done online check in before we left and never received a text with site number. We find a green light that is open, and we are in. Site 1908 is home for the next 8 nights. We find the site and I'm not sure I like it. There is a bit of a drop off between the pad and the ground. It needs more fill. My husband just wants to get unloaded he says it's fine right next to comfort station. I go along with him but, still I don't like it. We set up and, head to Downtown Disney. It's been a while
  3. We just love it! I know everyone loves Dollywood but for us we went last year and have no plans to go back. I just wanted to give it a shout out because I feel it never gets the recognition it deserves. Please report back if you go how you liked it.
  4. I believe they are sister parks and as a season pass holder I think we could get a discount at Dollywood.
  5. If you have never been I highly recommend! This is a 9-hour drive for us and we have been twice this year with another trip next month. It is a family friendly park with lots to do. It is very clean well maintained and the staff is super nice! They have different festivals throughout the year and a wide variety of shows. There is a campground very close that you can hear the train whistle throughout the day. They even offer a shuttle if you don't want to drive. We are not into waterparks but if that's your thing they even have that. There is plenty to do in the area as well. If you
  6. I think they look like a shipping container! What are they doing with all the old cabins landfill?
  7. Who else remembers back in the eighties there was a make your own pizza place? I think it was in the now tavern.
  8. Time to leave. We have breakfast with what we have left over. Clean up and start packing up. We really don't have time for a bike ride, but I talk my husband into it. We have a long drive a head of us I want to get as much movement as possible. We just ride down to Meadows once last time. I make a quick look around the gift shop. There was one thing I saw and have been thinking about getting it. Of course, it's only at the Settlement gift shop. We make our way back and put the bikes away. How does the time go by so fast at checkout day? We hook up and pull out. My husband drops me off by the S
  9. We thought the show was just ok. We didn't love it or was wowed by it but, was not bad. We had a side view of the barges the front view was full when we were looking for a spot. We both agreed we would not wait for it again. Now I did hear that this show is going to be replaced and I guess we are not alone in our opinion. I hope they take out those barges I don't like looking at them during the day. The park is now closed we made our way out. I'm not sure when I will be able to convince my husband to come back, so I took my dear sweet time. We stooped to take a bunch of photos of Spacesh
  10. So many choices where to start? We picked up a passport and paged through it. I knew we wanted to do the cheese challenge. How could we not we are cheeseheads after all. First stop was the alps. My husband got warm raclette cheese. We also got two stamps instead of one from a nice CM. With cheese in hands, we kept moving. My husband really enjoyed this but, to be honest the smell of the cheese was turning my stomach. We found a table in America while he ate, I walked around. Next, we spent some time in Morocco looking around. I had heard rave reviews about the cheese bread in Brazil, so we h
  11. Today is our last full day. Time goes by so fast when you don't want it to. We have a quick breakfast and arrive at Epcot. The first thing was to head all the way in the back for Remy's. This was a new ride for us, and I knew the line would build throughout the day. This was a cute ride and we both liked it the wait was about 45 min. Now we backed tracked and headed to the front. Along the way my husband saw several things he wanted to try at the booths. Of course, when the time came, we could not remember what they were. we rode Soarin and the Land. Then Nemo we looked around for a bit and wa
  12. We made it back to the fort and I jumped into my swimsuit. This is probably my last chance to get into the pool. My husband really doesn't like the water and decided a pool chair was calling to him. We decided to bike down to the quiet pool. When we got there, we noticed it was empty not a single soul. At first, I thought it was closed. We parked and the gate opened! I had the whole pool to myself that was a first. After a bit a CM came in, I thought he was going to kick us out no just checking the water. After swimming for a bit, I decided to relax in the hot tub. Pushed the button for the je
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