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  1. Sad to see this go we have fond memories playing this with are son.
  2. They did something similar with are local six flags this holiday season. It was a good way for us to use are pass and to bring back some workers for a short time. It was strange with no rides and the crowd did seem to be young families or older couples.
  3. I liked your hat in the first picture. I'm glad you had a nice time. The parks do look sad to me being so empty.
  4. We had planned a early September trip after spring got cancelled. We ending up cancelling again. Have a new reservation for May. Hope and pray things are better then. For us it is a long way to drive and not alot of park time. If we lived closer that would probably be a different story. We also tend to stay late and are not big morning people.
  5. After finally getting a restful nights sleep it was time to leave. My husband and I took one last walk around. This time we walked in a area by the store. More seasonal sites,this place is big. We decided to skip making breakfast. It was looking like rain. We started to pack up. With having a pop up you do not want to take it down in the rain if you know what I mean? Side note we have wanted a new camper for so long but life keeps getting in the way. My son and I made one more trek up to the bathroom the hill is starting to feel like a mountain. When we got back my husband had it pretty m
  6. My son decided he wanted to sit in the hot tub. A few kids in the pool hot tub open. He gets in I put my feet in and husband finds a chair. After about 10 min my son wants to stay in my husband and I head off on a walk. We head down towards the lake. They have a really long pier we walk to the end. Some of the boards could use replacing. We see the canoes and a couple of paddle boats one is sunk in the water. There is a bunch of garbage on the small beach. Head back to pool area son is on the phone with his cousin. We talk for a bit and son wants to stay. Husband and I head off. Now
  7. I just made peach cobbler with a very close recipe to this one and, warmed up with ice cream oh it's so good! Not that hard to make.
  8. Ok, I drifted back off to sleep only to be awakened 30 min later. The troops had started to pack up finally! My husband was sitting outside has he had not been able to fall back a sleep. My son also was now up. We talked about how loud everyone was all night! He also did not get any sleep as the people behind us had been laughing and talking really loud and that was right by his bed. People can be so rude! We stayed in bed and relaxed for a while. My husband started breakfast cooking outside. My son and I went out and joined him. Normally I would never do this but I was so mad and tired and I
  9. We are back and I must say that the campground was very nice! Spacious sites,level and, concrete pad. Friendly staff, clean, clean pool,and, a hot tub! I recommend this park and we will be back!
  10. This was a rough night! We thought the night before was bad this was worse! The last time I looked at the time it was close to 3 am. There was a women who was behind us that was alone on Friday and was quiet. Not so on this night she had visitors and there was one women who was really loud. Now this campground has all the same sites so, there are tents next to big rigs next to pop up campers. I do not know how people could be so rude? At about 6 my husband needed to use the rest room, I went with. The group across from us had someone sleeping on the ground rolled up in a blanket
  11. Funny you should say this. Stay tuned for the morning.
  12. Normally I would of done or said something but, when people have been drinking all day I thought it wise to let it be. Plus I think it would of been obvious who turned it off.
  13. So, we get back and trek up the hill to the bathrooms. I have to wait in line. My son and husband listen to some music while waiting for me. The place is still packed. I do have to say that both nights there was a sheriff on duty. I did feel better when I saw that. We walked past the office on are way down and I noticed a sign in the window. They would be closing at 3 so they could enjoy the music. If you have guests coming in after that you will have to let them in. In other words after 3 do what you want. We got comfy and watched a little TV. My husband went to bed and my s
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