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  1. Thanks for reading! We did have fun it could always be worse.
  2. Yes, it could have been worse but still upsetting glad it didn't wreck the trip.
  3. The last morning, we have breakfast trying to eat up what we have left. We jump on the bikes and do some looping around. We stop at Meadows this is my last chance to find something. I ended up getting some hair clips for my neighbor and the Haunted Mansion puzzle. We head back taking the long way not wanting to leave. We pack up and pull out at 11. We have to stop back at Walmart to take in the battery core. Wow they have some unhappy workers there. We made it back home with no problems! My husband thinks the converter is bad. We ended up having a Mobil Tech come over just to double chec
  4. We took the bus back and had a great conversation with another couple on the way back. Earlier in the trip we saw a mug that we thought was cute but did not purchase. Well, we both had been thinking about this mug. I thought we saw it at meadows but not sure. My husband didn't think it was there but could not remember. First, we went to the Settlement and not there. Then we rushed over to Meadows not there. What now we racked our little brains. Downtown Disney? We bike back to the campsite and head off. Not really what I wanted to do but we will make it quick. This night it was packed. We park
  5. Today is the last day. It went by so fast! We are going to AK. We arrive just at park opening and already the line for Flight of Passage is over an hour. We decide to take the boat ride we waited for about 20 min. The only show we saw was the bird show. My husband skipped out on Everest, so I did single rider and had no wait. We rode the few other rides and took our time looking at the animals. We left at about 4 we have dinner reservations. We get back and get refreshed, change our clothes and get on our bikes. The weather is calling for some rain, so we grab some bags for the bikes. We are
  6. The power seems to work with a battery charger, so this is what we did. Today is a no park day so we sleep in and make a big breakfast. We are going somewhere new. Lately I've been hearing about St. Augustine. It's a bit of a drive but we have all day. We arrive and figure out parking. We ended up parking in the metered lot in front of the fort. We did have to drive around a few times till a spot opened up. We decided this was our best option. We walked to the visitor center which is very nice almost a mini museum. Looked around got some information, used the restroom, and cooled off in the A/
  7. We have been seeing more of these. Has anyone stayed in one?
  8. Today we are up bright and early. I decided I wanted Strawberry Shortcake for breakfast. I hop on my bike and head down while my husband has his breakfast. Wow lots of dog walkers out. There was a few Shortcakes in the cooler I pick one and check out with no wait. I make my way back finish getting ready. I eat my breakfast on the way to EPCOT. I finish just in time. Today is calling for some afternoon showers so I back umbrellas in the backpack. It took forever to get in and we arrive just as the regular guests can enter. It looks like the park is going to be busy today. We get all the rides d
  9. Today was another no park day. We had some power, but lights still dim. We found a little nature center close by and decided to check it out. This was a good choice sorry I cannot remember the name. They had trails, a couple of turtles that had been injured, and a building with lots of info about area wildlife. After this we decided to do another round of mini golf this time at Fantasia Gardens. We had about an hour wait a little bit busier than the other course. I think we like this course better. After this I talked my husband into taking me to the outlets. He hates going here and it's been
  10. Lots of empty sites when we went last month.
  11. Today we got to sleep in. We had a big breakfast in the camper and decided to go mini golfing. The weather was calling for rain so we better get a move on. We decided on winter and summer and picked the summer side. We had no wait and was done just in time it was starting to rain when we got into the van. We headed back to the camper deciding on what to do. I started dinner in the slow cooker. My husband suggested we go to a movie at Downtown Disney. Haunted Mansion was playing. It was still raining but not to hard. By the time we parked and got to the theater it had just about stopped.
  12. I recommend the tour. It's long but you get plenty of bathroom breaks and lunch is included. Plus we got 2 rides that we didn't have to wait in line.
  13. It's a good morning all the power is on. We get ready have breakfast strawberry shortcake yes please. We ride bikes to the marina today is MK. Yes the boat is still there husband locks up bikes I get us a spot. He hurries and we are off. Another beautiful day! Today we are doing the Keys to the Kingdom tour. We have a check in time of 8:45. We arrive in plenty of time. We both really enjoyed this, and our guide was the best. We were able to get a virtual for Tron while we were on the tour. After the tour we hit up all the favorites and had a snack. We had a big lunch on the tour and was not ve
  14. Ok so all the repairs are done for now. I came for fun so let's go to MGM. It's a later start then I wanted but it's a beautiful day! Once we arrive the parking lot doesn't look to busy. We get up to the gate I go first scan in and start walking. I turn to talk to my husband, and he is not there. I look and he is still at the gate. Remember the magic band I gave him? Turns out it was our sons who is not with us. After some explaining and confusion, we get a card for him and we are now all in. Everything was going smooth till we are next to get on runaway railway when it goes down. We get
  15. I was awakened at 4am by a beeping. It was the carbon monoxide detector. Now the lights are hardly on. I plugged us in to shore power maybe I didn't have it all the way in. We go out and check. The surge protector would go to green then red when we moved the cord. That is not good! We unplug and shut everything off. Go back to sleep not much to do in the dark and at this hour. A few restless hours later we are up and checking things out. I call down to the office I'm told we will send someone right away. We see the spot behind us is empty we plug in there. Some stuff is working some not
  16. We arrived at the fort the Tuesday after Labor Day about 6:00. We were tired, hungry and excited. I had done online check in before we left and never received a text with site number. We find a green light that is open, and we are in. Site 1908 is home for the next 8 nights. We find the site and I'm not sure I like it. There is a bit of a drop off between the pad and the ground. It needs more fill. My husband just wants to get unloaded he says it's fine right next to comfort station. I go along with him but, still I don't like it. We set up and, head to Downtown Disney. It's been a while
  17. We just love it! I know everyone loves Dollywood but for us we went last year and have no plans to go back. I just wanted to give it a shout out because I feel it never gets the recognition it deserves. Please report back if you go how you liked it.
  18. I believe they are sister parks and as a season pass holder I think we could get a discount at Dollywood.
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