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  1. Who else remembers back in the eighties there was a make your own pizza place? I think it was in the now tavern.
  2. Time to leave. We have breakfast with what we have left over. Clean up and start packing up. We really don't have time for a bike ride, but I talk my husband into it. We have a long drive a head of us I want to get as much movement as possible. We just ride down to Meadows once last time. I make a quick look around the gift shop. There was one thing I saw and have been thinking about getting it. Of course, it's only at the Settlement gift shop. We make our way back and put the bikes away. How does the time go by so fast at checkout day? We hook up and pull out. My husband drops me off by the S
  3. We thought the show was just ok. We didn't love it or was wowed by it but, was not bad. We had a side view of the barges the front view was full when we were looking for a spot. We both agreed we would not wait for it again. Now I did hear that this show is going to be replaced and I guess we are not alone in our opinion. I hope they take out those barges I don't like looking at them during the day. The park is now closed we made our way out. I'm not sure when I will be able to convince my husband to come back, so I took my dear sweet time. We stooped to take a bunch of photos of Spacesh
  4. So many choices where to start? We picked up a passport and paged through it. I knew we wanted to do the cheese challenge. How could we not we are cheeseheads after all. First stop was the alps. My husband got warm raclette cheese. We also got two stamps instead of one from a nice CM. With cheese in hands, we kept moving. My husband really enjoyed this but, to be honest the smell of the cheese was turning my stomach. We found a table in America while he ate, I walked around. Next, we spent some time in Morocco looking around. I had heard rave reviews about the cheese bread in Brazil, so we h
  5. Today is our last full day. Time goes by so fast when you don't want it to. We have a quick breakfast and arrive at Epcot. The first thing was to head all the way in the back for Remy's. This was a new ride for us, and I knew the line would build throughout the day. This was a cute ride and we both liked it the wait was about 45 min. Now we backed tracked and headed to the front. Along the way my husband saw several things he wanted to try at the booths. Of course, when the time came, we could not remember what they were. we rode Soarin and the Land. Then Nemo we looked around for a bit and wa
  6. We made it back to the fort and I jumped into my swimsuit. This is probably my last chance to get into the pool. My husband really doesn't like the water and decided a pool chair was calling to him. We decided to bike down to the quiet pool. When we got there, we noticed it was empty not a single soul. At first, I thought it was closed. We parked and the gate opened! I had the whole pool to myself that was a first. After a bit a CM came in, I thought he was going to kick us out no just checking the water. After swimming for a bit, I decided to relax in the hot tub. Pushed the button for the je
  7. After a good night's sleep, we start to get moving for the day. We have a nice breakfast and a nice chat with a couple who stopped when they saw where we were from. We back a few snacks and drinks in a cooler and head out. It is a nice hot sunny day. Today we are going somewhere new Disney's Wildlife Preserve. It was a little bit of a drive, but it was nice to see a different part of Florida. Once we arrive, we see a sign telling us that the trails are wet. There were some other cars in the parking lot, so we decided to try it. We get a map and start walking. The more we walked the wetter it g
  8. After we are done enjoying are treats, we have time for one more ride. Of course, it's the mine train. I was waiting for the end of the night because the shortest wait we saw all night was 40 min. My husband wanted to jump in line, then but I stopped him. The wait now was ten min. In no time we were on and off. At the exit the CM said you have time for one more if you want. If I want like I would say no. We ran around and walked right back on. Not the last car there was one more after us. Now the clock is striking midnight. The last time I saw this was New Year's Eve. Time sure does fly! We ma
  9. We like to drive and not rely on Disney transportation. We park and get on the ferry. We are going to MNSSHP this is a first for us. It is still raining not to hard I did use the umbrella. We made it in with a short wait. We are ushered in and to the right given a bag and some candy. I wanted to do COP but it was closed for the party. People mover had a huge line as did Buzz. This area is packed we decided to wait and see the Laugh Floor. We really like this show we waited about ten min till the next show. We ride It's a small world with no wait. We headed over to The Hall of Presidents. It ha
  10. Today we got to sleep in and relax a bit. After a nice breakfast we decided to ride are bikes down to the meadows area and do something we have never done before. We are doing the scavenger hunt. We got the clue paper, and we are off. We are almost done when we decide after running all around the Fort in the hot sun, we needed a break. We ride back to the camper and have a bowl of ice cream. After we are rested, we head back out to finish, and claim our prize. We had a ton of fun doing this and only got one wrong. We did wonder why there was a question about the boat parade so, it made i
  11. We decided that we needed a special drink. We walked over to Starbucks hubby picked out his drink. I decided that I good get Starbucks anytime and walked back over to Joffrey's. There was a bit of a wait. I ordered and my drink came right away. I thought that was strange as there was two people waiting in front of me. I took my drink and was on my way back to Starbucks when I took a drink. This drink was yucky it had a weird after taste. I took another drink and same thing. I found my hubby he was relaxing and enjoying his drink. I had him taste it. He said it was ok to him I took another drin
  12. Today we are up early well early for us. We are going to HS and it's Disney Plus day. We don't have Disney plus and wasn't really sure what this will mean for the day. The CM at parking told us we picked a special day to come Ok we will see. We arrived a little after 8. It was a little confusing. They had a separate line for Disney Plus members who could get in an hour early. Separate lines for staying on property and lines for the public. We found a line got are bands scanned and made it thru security. Once you got thru security it seemed like the separate lines didn't matter anymore. Might o
  13. It felt good to sleep in and relax this morning. We made a big breakfast, did a couple loads of laundry and, enjoyed sitting outside. We had several campers around us but, we hardly saw them. We got ready and went to play mini golf at Fantasia Gardens. We had no wait. There was a group in front of us that we did catch up with but, we had the time we didn't mind. I will give you a hint who one it wasn't my husband. Once we got done, we sat done and talked about what to do next. We decided to go back to the Wilderness and do a open house DVC tour. We wanted to see what the cabins loo
  14. Today we are up and excited for AK. We have a quick breakfast and are at the park a little before 8. We are in pretty quick not really any line. This is my husband's favorite park, and he just had a birthday on the way here. To celebrate I booked us the Wild Trek. Check in is at noon so, we have plenty of time. We decide well, I decide that we will save Avatar for last. We walked right on Everest front row. This seemed to be a thing this trip we got front row on most things. Did Dino also a walk on. Went back and watched Kite Tails. This was a nice time to just sit and relax for a bit. Next wa
  15. We just returned from a 7-night stay. Our son is now adulting, so it is now just us. This was the first time in full hook up. We did online check in and got a text at 10:30 that site 1829 was all set for us. We pulled in about an hour later so good timing. Today was Labor Day and it looked like a parade of campers with everyone leaving. The first thing we noticed was all the standing water everywhere. We have never been in September before so not sure if this is normal. Second thing was how quiet it was. We got all set up and took a bike ride to get an activity sheet and birthday button for m
  16. Today we are going to ride are bikes. On one of the flyers, we picked up I saw something about a river bike trail. After breakfast we loaded up the bikes and stopped in the office to see if anyone knew more about this. Well, the office lady was not very helpful she made me feel like I was bothering her. She did tell us that she thought it started at the library. I didn't bother asking where that was, I didn't want to inconvenience her more. We just looked it up on are phones and saw that it wasn't far at all. Once we got there, we unloaded and looked around for it. We saw a mother and son on b
  17. Yes, some things bugged us but, for the most park we enjoyed it. We would love to go back at Christmas and see the lights.
  18. Today we are up and have a quick breakfast. We are going to Dollywood for the first time. We wanted to get there right at park opening. We head to the trolly depot it has free parking which is nice. There is a small line we buy are tickets and get in another line for the trolly. We waited about 15 min for it to come. We make it into the park with no problem. The security line was moving pretty fast. We got a map that was being handed out. Once inside we got caught up in the crowd which appeared to be some school groups heading to the right. After a few min we stepped to the side and let them p
  19. Today was Sunday. We found a church 5 min away and went after breakfast. Went back to the camper changed grabbed a few snacks and snacks and we are off. We are going hiking today in the Smokey Mountains. We drove to the visitor center traffic was not bad today. They have a really nice center there. With staff to answer questions about the park and city. We found what trail we wanted to hike and left. It was very beautiful driving around. We stopped once and took some photos of the view. It was a little tight driving are big van around and trying to find parking was not fun. We got a
  20. Today we say goodbye and hello. We noticed that the campground really filled up most of the spots had been taken. Still was very quiet except for a few barking dogs. We had a nice breakfast outside soaking in the sun. You know those last moments before having to pack up and leave. Dishes and clean up done time to go. We are headed to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. We have four nights reserved at Creekside. It took us about 4 and half hours to drive over. The drive went well a few winding roads but, we made it. We checked in was given some info and, maps on the area. Our site was right behi
  21. Yes, we liked the tour it was fun! I will look into Ruby Falls thanks for the tip.
  22. Today we are heading into Bowling Green. This is our real reason for coming down. There is a Buick national car show and races at Beechbend Raceway. Dinner again was in the slowcooker so I got that started and we are off. We spent the whole day at the show. We caught up with old friends and meet some new ones. It was a nice warm sunny day. It felt good to be outside! Once we got back we had dinner and a repeat of last night. Bike ride down for ice cream, movie and, bed.
  23. Today we are going to explore Mammoth Cave. I pre purchased our tour tickets before we left home. We just did the short tour Frozen Niagara it was about a hour long. This was a nice tour I would recommend it! After the tour we did some hiking around the park. It was a beautiful day out. We then went back to the campground had a snack and checked on dinner. Before we left I started dinner in the slow cooker. I also called Disney and ordered are Halloween Party tickets. My husband loaded up are bikes. We decided to bike around Mammoth park. We biked for about a hour then we started to get h
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