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  1. Tony

    Coffee maker in cabin

    Yes they still supply the coffee & filters. No k-cup though. You just have to ask house keeping for a resupply.
  2. Tony

    Our Fort Christmas Display

    Wow..... That's awesome! Great work! Thanks for giving me a reason to come cruise around the Fort one night this week definitely wanna see it in person!! Thanks for sharing.
  3. The Family and I representing the Fiends for Christmas. I didn't even catch this my friend just text me and told me to check the out the Group cover photo! Maybe this will get us a boost in membership??
  4. I left the fort Dec 4th I'll see if i still have the calendar when i get home.
  5. Tony

    Thoughts on the Fort

    I returned home Tuesday the 4th, I do a lot of looping and hanging out at night. This trip i was surprised at the amount of Rangers and cast members on golf carts riding around the loops. They appeared to be policing the loops for rowdy folks. It lasted till around 10-10:30 then i noticed it tapered off but by then most folks were where they needed to be. Just an observation. Maybe they were just out spotting deer 🤔
  6. Thank you Carol it doesn't look like a normal gift card so i wasn't sure. It's to different stash away somewhere.
  7. Hello all! I bought the Chef Mickey F&W card it came in a polo with a Chef Mickey slider on it. I was wondering if the card could be recharged or once its done, its another collectable to lay around the house? The initial buy was $250.00. I'm sure someone here will have some input. Thanks in advice.
  8. Looks like so much fun!! As of now we're booked for Halloween i hope we make it it'll be our first time staying at the fort for this event.Thanks for sharing
  9. Welcome to the site! I hope your referring to Fort sanctioned one and not the riff raff that emerges from 2400 loop honking and raising [email protected]*l at 8 oclock at night usually the first or second weekend in December i'm sure someone will be along shortly with some estimated dates. I'm not sure if the dates been determined yet.
  10. Tony

    Day One...Crash

    That stinks! Not the ideal way to start a vacation! i hope they're able to do something for you.
  11. Tony

    Halloween 2018

    I saw your sign Sunday but no one was home. I was visiting my brother at BLT and hopped a boat over to walk some loops and check out the all the halloween fun its such a good time to be staying there!
  12. Tony

    2018 Fall Trip

    I'm in, and now hungry 😀
  13. Tony

    Halloween 2018

    I'm not at the Fort that weekend but i'm hoping to make it by to meet some fiends. 😀 Pop , Nov 2nd-4th