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  1. Took a stroll around the Fort yesterday and noticed a lot of empty sites as well as closed loops #ghosttown
  2. We show up Sunday the 23rd till 30th looking forward to swinging by hope to catch you there!
  3. I'm in! I was there yesterday and did note the quiet and the swamp.
  4. Thanks for sharing your trip with us , it was fun following along.
  5. Super late to the party but I'm in, happy to be following along and thank you for sharing!!
  6. I used the fax number for my brothers site and mine and i got them on my Sept trip.
  7. Thanks for sharing, i was there the week after you and boy did the fort fill up quick
  8. They have signs stating where you can sit, like one row is open and only 2 spots open on the bench in front or behind it. Keeping distance is what i took from it. And if you find yourself alone for a moment don't remove your mask..... they are like ninjas, you'll hear "sir please remember to wear your mask"
  9. Funny i was there yesterday, ghost town. And a lot of loops are closed... the limited transportation will only take you to a park by bus/boat. then you can travel to another resort but for now no resort - resort hopping directly.
  10. We decorate the site / cabin and cart in December Its become tradition to decorate the cart before the bags are unpacked....
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