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  1. I found a couple boxes at my local Walmart in south Tampa!
  2. Awesome!! Stay hydrated it's gonna be a hot one, looking forward to the pics....
  3. Great Trip report, thank you for sharing!!
  4. Great update, love the pics and the fort ears!!
  5. We got the Foodi for Christmas and use it almost daily, it's an all in one, pressure ,air fry, slow cooker ,saute, etc. in eight minutes i can give outback a run for the money on Rib eye. Love it!!
  6. The wife and i got one last Sunday it was really cool to watch, and its a lot more cotton candy than it looks!!
  7. I remember circus world and when it turned into boardwalk & baseball. I was scared to death of that wooden roller coaster i think it was called the hurricane?..
  8. Cool lil blast from the past! Lack of crowds and clothes stood out to me big time. I liked those double decker buses.....saw one at MK Sunday on main street.
  9. Late to the party but in! Looks like you had a good time. When i was younger we used to camp there a lot, glad to see the parks still doing good. Congrats on the upgrade.
  10. Man!! My first year doing Halloween and I'm already missing out. Rats!! It'll never be the same once the DVC arrives.🙁
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