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  1. We decorate the site / cabin and cart in December Its become tradition to decorate the cart before the bags are unpacked....
  2. Put me down for a set plus an extra missing the mouse please
  3. Well now they can knock out some of the construction a lil quicker.
  4. Tony

    Short but sweet!

    Thanks for sharing i enjoyed reading along 😀
  5. Tony

    Short but sweet!

    No one likes leaving, that's for sure....
  6. Tony

    Short but sweet!

    It would be hard to get bored at the fort! Sounds like you made the best of your time. Enjoying reading along thanks for sharing.
  7. Tony

    Short but sweet!

    Good Job running back and fourth, sounds like you got a lot done time fly's when your having fun!!. And that's just my luck, turn around to leave an attraction because its down then your hear the cheers.
  8. Tony

    Short but sweet!

    I'm in! And off to a great start looking forward to more. Good job on dodging the Rif Raf...
  9. Just found you on FB and saw the pics, that's a sad sight!!
  10. In and First!! I'm ready for the ride, thanks for sharing
  11. Tony

    Braving Dorian

    I'm in!! It was a good weekend to hit the parks, the longest i think we waited was 10 minutes for Everest pretty much walked on everything. And Epcot was empty yesterday.
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