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  1. Just found you on FB and saw the pics, that's a sad sight!!
  2. In and First!! I'm ready for the ride, thanks for sharing
  3. Tony

    Braving Dorian

    I'm in!! It was a good weekend to hit the parks, the longest i think we waited was 10 minutes for Everest pretty much walked on everything. And Epcot was empty yesterday.
  4. Wow great pictures! Thanks for sharing them with the fiends that couldn't make it
  5. I've grown up visiting the fort since the late 70's. We would rarely visit a park there was always so much to do at the fort. I still visit at least once a year and Being a little older now we've gotten AP's in the last 2 years (never had them before) we would run and hit some fastpasses, but when we come to the fort we just like spending our time there. Theirs always loopin to do and We're close enough to run out for a day trip or a one niter. The fort with no park tickets can be a blessing 😀 you get to slow down and take it all in.
  6. I found a couple boxes at my local Walmart in south Tampa!
  7. Awesome!! Stay hydrated it's gonna be a hot one, looking forward to the pics....
  8. Great Trip report, thank you for sharing!!
  9. Great update, love the pics and the fort ears!!
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