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  1. We live in Miami and are passholders. I agree if we live out of state, I would wait till next year. Thanks for the advice
  2. You always have the “entitled” ones. We decided to go. Will be there on Sunday.
  3. thank you so much. I totally agree with everything you just said. We too are passholders have been for 20 years. The only way I was able to renew my tickets was to pay for a year upfront times two. That was in December and we went to two parks. So I cancel now, I would have paid almost 1,000 for 2 people to go for two days. We know what to expect so we are going just to get out of Miami for a bit. Thanks again
  4. Our anniversary is on the 10 and we always go to the Luau Now that they r closed. It is so upsetting
  5. Hi guys we have reservations starting 3/7. Our second trip since December. Now my husband is not excited about going especially since the new rule eating at restaurants. Can Someone tell me how are the parks and restaurants since December? I am iffy about going Thanks
  6. We come to the Ft twice a year for 10 days. We are here now but leaving on Friday 😔 went to two parks just for dinner. Too much construction everywhere. Plus wait times are more to allow social distancing. Here at the Ft there no carriage rides or campfires. Thank goodness there are a lot of decorated sites😊. But where are the regulars and their decorations? Usually the ones on the corners with beautiful decorations. Maybe people don’t want to take a chance? Hopefully things will be different when we come back.
  7. Never received a letter or email. We have been passholders since 2000. Since we had a trip planned I called them. I ended having to pay a whole year times two. But at least I got my passes
  8. And now everywhere you go, they want you to be on your phones. Went to Canada the other night, and they want you to scan the menu from your phone. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want to be on my phone during vacation
  9. Exactly. Well I am glad I am not the only one
  10. Hi guys! We are here at the Ft for the second week of our 2 week visit. Been to two parks and it feels WEIRD. So basically just relaxing at our site. Brings me to my question. Has there been a problem with the WiFi? We are in our same loop we usually have and the WiFi has always been great. But this week I keep getting booted off. Frustrating. Has the Dominion found its way into the Ft's internet? (Lol)
  11. I Thank you for the infoHopedully in the next month maybe things will be a little bit more normal
  12. Ok perfect. I think by Wednesday 11/04 there is going to be a lot more laxations. Lol
  13. Hi guys Well we had our cruise cancelled for the end of this month. So when we rebooked, lost the room we prefer. We didn’t get to renew our Florida annual passes. But we still are coming the first week of December. Two questions, can you still fax site request? Also have they relaxed on the mask mandates when riding around on your golf cart? We have a 4 year Autistic grandson who will not wear a mask. So he won’t be going into parks. So now we are concerned about going to the park or even riding around in our golf carts looking at the Hooday decorations. Thank you in advance
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