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  1. Thanks Jen. There used to be so many post daily, I couldn’t read them all? Started wondering if people weren’t posting anymore. Even though I like FaceBook I rather have blog site any day. I am hoping like you more people come back. Not sure what happened, but when I click on browsing the forums, there are posts from way back, few years ago. Is this correct? Or is there something wrong in settings? Thank you again Jen
  2. Oh they better bring the tables and rocking chairs back. Or there will be many unhappy campers.
  3. I guess Trails End has closed. We are here now and the site says it’s closed. No one in the dining hall. Thank goodness Pand J is opened.
  4. I remember as a teenager camping at the Fort in the early 70’s. At night they turned the buffet stations into build your own personal pizza. It was so cool. You would go through and build your little pizza pay for it then find a seat and wait for it to cook. There was bear heads hanging on the wall and other decor around. That was over 50 years ago and those are the best memories. Along with the open trams that would go around the loops to drop you off at your site. We would ride them just to avoid the mosquitoes. Ahh the memories. Miss them.
  5. Hey guys. Doing a 7 day cruise then 2 weeks at the Fort. See everyone on 3.4. But my question what is the boat loop? Is that the personal boats? I have been coming to the Fort since they opened and I have never heard boot loop before. Guess I have been out of the “loop”. Lol
  6. I saw the renderings. It looks so out of place. So disappointed that they closed the luau. It was our anniversary tradition.
  7. Thank you for the info. Even though it is a eyesore, I am so happy that the new DVC isn’t going in. The only good thing come out of the pandemic.
  8. We are here at the Ft for our annual anniversary trip. Between the crowds and the rain, we are going into the parks less than usual. I have two questions. First what is going on at the bus depot by pioneer hall. Seems like they are putting a lot of work and the fence what’s it hiding? Now what happened to all the rules of the Ft. I guess since you can do online check in, people don’t get the rules. I have never seen so many scooters electric razors not to mention motorcycles? Please tell me this is a faze
  9. We are here now at the Ft. Been here since 3/7. We were at Coronado Springs 3/2-3/7. My granddaughter was chosen for Disney Dreamer Academy. It has been ridiculously crowed these past 2 weeks. Even cast members have said they haven’t seen it like this ever. What is going on? And I just saw that graffiti is being engraved initials on Star Wars walls.
  10. Thank you. That’s what I was thinking
  11. jlf

    Disney Cruise 🚢

    Just saw your post. This cruise, although not the usual Disney cruise, was great! They were only at 30% capacity. We never had to wait for the elevator. So good I booked 2 cruises before I got off the ship. But I understand your waiting
  12. Well sadly our vacation has come to a end Disney Cruise then 10 days at the Fort. Just wished the parks wouldn’t of been so busy. Covid? What is that. Anyway we loaded up our utility trailer and noticed the tires need some air. Does anyone know if there is a place to put air in the tires? Gas stations are not the gas stations of the past.
  13. jlf

    Disney Cruise 🚢

    Hi everyone. Finally after 3 cancellation due to Covid, we are finally cruising 11/29-12/3/2021. We usually go in March, so this is our first holiday cruise. We take the bus transfer to the Port from Port Orleans and return to the Fort where we will stay for 10 days. We have always left our RV, truck, and our utility trailer at the Fort so it’s there when our cruise is over. We have never had problems before, but now with it being Sunday after thanksgiving the parking lot maybe crowded. Any suggestions on who I should contact or what I should do to have a spot for 5 days? Between this and havi
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