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  1. When reflections is completed, will DVC guests have access to the Ft? They should actually be putting new camp sites At the Ft for us regular people
  2. We are at the Ft now. It is sooooo sad taking the boat over to MK and seeing what used to be River Country
  3. When we asked about it we were told the same thing. They will scan your magic band. To me it seems to be more of a headache. At the studios, she scanned our band then asked for photo id. Then she she realized we were resort guest. We also noticed that very view utility trailers in the parking lot were permit less.
  4. We arrived last Sunday Dec. 1. We were very surprised when parking permits that go on your dashboard, are not being used anymore. Does anyone know why? Also this past weekend I have encountered more than usual rude guests. So between all the changes at the Fort and the rudeness, this has been one heck of a stay.
  5. OMG Thank you ritguy I will be looking and stay on top of it tonight. Wish me luck
  6. Here we go again. We started last December to make reservations for our yearly10 day stay at the Ft. (We stay Dec and March every yr for the last 20) No reservations in 12/2018. Eventually my TA was able to “start” reservations with 3 days. Between her and I, I have 7 of the 10 days. 12/1-12/4 and 12/8-12/11. Not panicking yet but getting a little nervous. How can anyone plan a trip without having the days in the middle? We go every yr at the same time with no problems till last yr. what are my chances of the 3 days opening up before thanksgiving?
  7. I totally agree I actually hate FP. Trying o make plans in advance hurts my brain It is also frustrating all the FP rules Disney has. I personally wouldn’t be sad if FP were eliminated
  8. Hi guys. Again I am having problems getting 10 days in December 2019. I do have 4 days with gaps in between. The rumor I hear is what’s happening is people r booking reservations in order to get ADR and fast passes early. Then they cancel hotel reservations and stay off property. But I read disney is on to them. They r thinking of when you cancel your reservation then your fp r cancelled. Anyone else heard or read this rumor? If so that would be awesome! People must stay up late trying to figure out ways to scam Disney. Lol
  9. I thought wagons are banned or it used to be when my boys were little. If they aren't they should be How do they get on the buses or trams?
  10. On top of everything, my TA and I decided to make reservations for next December. She can not find anything available the first 2 weeks of December 2019
  11. I have always used a TA We go to WDW 2x. a year for the last 20 years We always stay 10-14 times every time We have never had any problems till now. And we started these reservations last December while we were still at the Ft.
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