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  1. rtguy007

    Where in the World??

    The eggs are directly below this picture.....
  2. rtguy007

    Where in the World??

    Really really close. Like 100 ft close
  3. rtguy007

    Where in the World??

    Very very cold.
  4. rtguy007

    Where in the World??

    Here is a hint. This one is in a really odd location.
  5. rtguy007

    Where in the World??

    Its kinda trickey and here for a limited time.... I have hint pics if needed.
  6. I normally get a pandora charm for the wife everytime I am down. Been hunting around and none of the pandora shops have the 2018 christmas charms. They keep saying they are sold out but I can get them all ordered through shop parks app. Anyone know if they just keep them back until after thanksgiving or bring them our during the xmas party only?
  7. rtguy007

    Where in the World??

    No idea on that one. Have not been over there this trip yet. But I have a good one once someone guesses this one.
  8. We just walked through a few loops and a lot of decorations are starting to go up. The one across from us in 1200 is awesome.
  9. We leave tomorrow and arrive sunday sometime midday. If you dont get a reply by them I will let you know.
  10. I cant wait to get ours. We are starting a collection of them as well and having a goofy would be awesome.
  11. We have stayed in 1121 one time. It was a nice site but could be hard to back into with a big rig. My personal favorites are the outside of the 1200 loop and site 1325. Not sure why but I just feel at home in that area. Not really a fan of 700. Feels small and congested. That and I prefer a loop that has the entrance/exit at the same place. Again not sure why I feel that way.
  12. rtguy007

    Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    Sweet. Tell them to save 1218 or 1325 for us. Love those sites.
  13. rtguy007

    Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    Agreed. We check in on the 18th.
  14. rtguy007

    Six Bits

    It has a fantastic atmosphere. I would love to go after 10pm and take in the entertainment. It has a speakeasy vibe and there is an area cleared out for dancing and they have live bands. At least they did when we were there back in August.
  15. rtguy007

    Six Bits

    The only thing I knew about was what was posted above. Since we were there at 4pm it shouldnt have applied as mentioned. It really is not well presented that the charge is there from anything I could find.