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  1. It is. A lot of Ohios state park campgrounds removed walk in sites this year. Many of the campgrounds here are very hard to get into. I have had better luck at booking the Fort vs Mohican State Park. Its crazy.
  2. If that is the new barn I am glad they kept with the theme of the fort.
  3. I plan on checking in at the Fort November 19, 2021. Counting down the days to snag my reservation through Jason.
  4. I am with Jason...TAKE MY MONEY!!!
  5. We drove through there a few years back. Your not too far of a drive to Williamsburg if you want to get some history tours in.
  6. One of my favorites. Wish it was back in Florida where it belongs. We need a nightime parade.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. Still crossing my fingers for a miracle cancellation.
  8. Hoping you all can help me out. I have some funky reservations coming up for thanksgiving this year. I didnt make them early enough so we will be at the fort monday-wednesday thanksgiving week. We then have to move over to all star sports wednesday-saturday. After that we are back at the fort for 2 weeks starting that saturday. My question is, will they allow me to keep my camper in overflow while we are at all star sports knowing we are coming back? I believe in the past this was allowed but that was before all the parking charges and changes at the fort itself. Any fiends know the answer? On a side note, I am praying that Jason is able to snag us those 3 missing nights at the fort in a premium site so we dont have to move. He has them on his list so if anyone is going to have to cancel thanksgiving can you give him a heads up for me?
  9. Yeah I was. That explains a lot.
  10. Has anyone been able to get even a single nights reservation in 2020 at the Fort? I have checked about 10 weeks throughout the year for 2020 and there is no availability. Thinking it was weekend being booked up I started checking just tuesday and wednesday nights randomly throughout the year and I am not seeing any availability for any camp site type. Unless Galaxys Edge has caused a full booking for the entire year or they are shutting the Fort down I cant seem to figure it out. I am betting if anything that the reservation system is messed up again.
  11. Something tells me you are not making it in the full hookup loops anymore.
  12. Thanks for your help and support on booking Jason. We all appreciate it.
  13. The older I get the rougher it is. Last couple of trips we stop on the way back and eother sleep somr in a roadside rest or get a hotel. On the way there though, there is so much excitement in the car that the adrenaline keeps us going u til we get there.
  14. I can tell you driving from Columbus OH to the Ft is about 1000 miles. At 65mph it gets nerve racking really quick. Going down 75 it isnt bad until you hit Georgia. Once you hit the state line there it seems to take forever and you have already been at it a good 7 to 8 hours. A straight through drive for us with the camper takes about 20 hours at 65mph.
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