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  1. A while back I asked if anyone had an old Fort Wilderness pennant that they would want to part with. While I didn't have any luck here I was able to snag one after a very long and exhaustive search. Now one may ask why I wanted a pennant from the 70s but I had my reasons. I am doing a redesign of my den since I am pretty much working from home for the foreseeable future. We built and moved into our new house in 2015. Since then the den has been the go to crap catcher room and it was a mess. After banishing the wife and kids from the tables we had setup for them to do their work, I redesig
  2. Well this is gonna get interesting. Wonder if they will be keeping the shorter hours as well. Kind of a bummer but I get it. Granted the MVMCP was already limited in crowd sizes, I bet they did this as a cost savings measure with everything that has happened this year.
  3. Both pools have been packed while we were here. Trails End is still closed but PJs takeout was open and is pretty good.
  4. I feel pretty safe. They have done well with the health mandates. The masks are not to bad to deal with once you get used to them. Honestly I feel safer here at the Fort than I do in Columbus Ohio.
  5. Also forgot to mention, the pop gallery at Disney Springs has been boarded up. Looks like a donut shop is going in there. Never could figure out why that shop was there. Didn't make a lot of sense. It was way hidden back there beside Splitsville and AMC.
  6. It's still bluegrass type music but the track is new. I have a copy of the old track that I was playing while riding around. Also just noticed that the old track is still playing on the busses. Not sure of there will be plans to change the track on the busses but I suspect there will be.
  7. Well it's been a while and I am sure many of the people I knew on here are no longer around. It's been a few years since we have been able to hit the fort. For those that remember, we had to replace the roof on our TT last year delaying our Thanksgiving 2019 trip. We got the TT back from repairs after 8 months being in the shop due to a few companies fighting over who was paying for what on the repairs. Well this past week we were supposed to run down to Elkmont on the Smokies and fate would have it that my slide out rubber roof was damaged from something so now I have to get it back into
  8. Please dear lord tell me this is true. I didn't like what we saw when this all started. Would love to see this project cancelled. If they are concerned about the timeshare market maybe they will change their mind and put more campsites back in there. They have a lot of landscaping that would need to be completed.
  9. Keep an eye out. My reservation is getting rescheduled tonight. I have the first 2 weeks of december in a premium. Hopefully you can grab it once it is release back to the pool.
  10. Its insane what they get away with charging. I renewed our APs this year but I think our years there are going to be few and far between if they keep up with these rates.
  11. Agreed there should be some up by then. We will have some up during that week but we wont be going crazy like other campers.
  12. Well that didnt take long. I dont think we will ever get on them. My mom is in an ecv so that limits us some. That and we really have no reason to get on them u less we are resort hopping. I feel bad for all of those stuck in there for so long. What if you had to use the restroom. That wouldnt end well.
  13. Wonder how hot that water would be in there. Couldnt imagine they found a way to keep it cool.
  14. It is. A lot of Ohios state park campgrounds removed walk in sites this year. Many of the campgrounds here are very hard to get into. I have had better luck at booking the Fort vs Mohican State Park. Its crazy.
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