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  1. rtguy007

    Am I crazy for contemplating this?

    We are the same way. Our camping has been reduced quite a bit over the past 2 years because we save all our vacation to go to the fort. We are not in a position to sell the camper nor wouldbwe want to. With the kids starting to get older we also think they will start losing interest in disney in a few years. While the deal they offered us is pretty good compared to current rates, I am not sure the gamble is worth it. If I cant use it all the time for the fort and we have trouble with the RCI conversions then its just not worth it. Its just cheaper to book the fort and cough up the money vs the yearly renewal with the monthly payment for 10 years.
  2. rtguy007

    Am I crazy for contemplating this?

    This thread is exactly what I needed right now. As I sit here in our room at port in St Thomas on our cruise we are contemplating a DVC membership. The deals on the boat make it look good but the more I dig into it the less sense it makes. They are offering us a 150 point at Saratoga for a little under 25k (160 per point) with full benefits as of this time. Problem is the fort is the only place we would use it. They pulled up the point rate calendar for us and it showed availability pretty much every week for the forseeable future on a premium site for 13 to 15 points per night. Our upcoming trip for 2 weeks is going to cost 2k which is the most I have ever paid. We never stay in any other resort and if we do it is for a 1 night splurge to get away from the kids while their grandma watches them in thw camper. The more I look at it the less sense it makes. Honestly I would rather take the 25k and put it towards the down payment on a house in Fl vs the timeshare. The only big advantage I see is the RCI conversion. Even then it doesnt seem to make a lot of sense as we dont travel around much. At least we got $100 in stateroom credits and extra fast passes for our next trip for aittong through the presentation and talking to them.
  3. rtguy007

    Cruise questions

    Is there a limit to the amount of things you ca check onboard? Can we check 2 bags, 2 cases of water, and our allowed allotment of alcohol? Are we allowed to carry on a backpack/duffle bag for things we want to keep with us like yeti cups, cosmetics, etc? Also is there a fridge in the room? I have some medication that needs to stay refridgerated and not sure how to handle that at the moment.
  4. rtguy007

    Cruise questions

    Thats good to know. Thanks for the tip there. I saw the prices on bottled water and about lost it.
  5. rtguy007

    Cruise questions

    It was a lot of fun 10 years ago. My first cruise I was really nervous but after we left port it was great. Now planes on the other hand, i dont do them.
  6. rtguy007

    Cruise questions

    Less than a month away. Any tips for what we should take with us? Its been 10 years since we have been on a cruise and this is our first Dosney Cruise.
  7. Its a really odd place. We drove by a really nice house over there and then a block away from it in every direction looked like a deserted development. There is a history down there that I wont get into but when we drove through there were a lot of empty parcels of land for sale. It seems like miles and miles of emtpy city blocks with a house here and a house there.
  8. We didnt make it down to the beach or south Ft Myers. North Ft Myers we didnt care for at all. We spent most of our time driving from random house on realtor.com to another house we foind on realtor.com just getting to see what was between point a and b. We liked some areas around Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. I would like to check out the beaches area as well as the soutthern side of Ft Myers and down to the Naples area at some point. That may be for our trip in 2020. On a side note, I do have an idea for a lot of those open lots in Leheigh Acres if I can figure out all of the logistics. My wife thought I was crazy. Lehiegh Acres is just plain wierd when you drive through it. Or what there is of it.
  9. We have a few things keeping us in Ohio but I do want to get there before retirement. My mother in law is here and would be by herself if we left. My kids are still in school as well and we dont want to uproot them. My existing job will allow me to work from home anywhere I live but my wifes wont. We started looking around areas last time we were there for if/when we get to relocate. We drove down to Ft Myers/Cape Coral/Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda last time we were there. The time before that we looked around New Port Richie area where my grandfather lived for a few years. We have a few more trips planned this year and I am hoping to look over in the Sanford/Deltona area to see what it is like. I would like to stay near Orlando but far enough away so I wont need to deal with the traffic daily. We live out in the country today but the wife wants to live closer to civilization if we move again. Realistically we will probably live there for 9 to 10 months of the year and the other 2 to 3 will be up north or wherever the kids land when they get older.
  10. I am still trying to convince my wife to move to Florida. So far it looks like retirement is when that may happen in at least 20 years. This weather is driving me nuts. Its starting to cool down and it has been pouring down rain for abour 2 hours and on and off all day. My yard has a lake in the back now.
  11. Sign me up....I need a break from this crappy weather. 50s yesterday, 60s today, tomorrow high 20s. Been snow and rain constantly for days.
  12. Crap....my passes expire on July 28th. May still try to go though.
  13. rtguy007

    WTF.....Talk about a cash grab

    Good to know. Thanks for the information. Cant wait to go.
  14. rtguy007

    WTF.....Talk about a cash grab

    How bad was the morning noise on the deck above? I have read that chairs being dragged around could make it a little noisy.
  15. rtguy007

    WTF.....Talk about a cash grab

    We watched a youtube video of 10658 and the TV is on the same wall as the bed but looks like it has an adjustable mount so you can move it to the side of the bed. We will see when we get there. Last time we took a cruise 10 years ago we were not in the cabin much other than the few hours it rained one afternoon.