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  1. rtguy007

    Cruise questions

    Thanks for the info guys. We are doing a 7 night cruise and was going to stay a few nights before and after the cruise in the cabins. If you feel the parking is secure then we may consider just driving over instead of their transportation. Just trying to get the remaining pieces of our trip booked. Just crossing my fingers that there is an AP discount on the cabins when we are there.
  2. rtguy007

    Cruise questions

    My wife and I are taking a cruise next April. We are looking to drive down and stay a day or two before and after our cruise in a cabin. Does anyone know if we can get disney transportation to and from the fort? Also can we keep our car parked at the fort if we use their transportation? We feel safer leaving our car at the fort instead of the parking garage over at port canaveral.
  3. rtguy007

    Annual Pass Renewal Question

    Thanks for the help. Called them this morning and they got it corrected for me so they will expire a year from tomorrow.
  4. rtguy007

    Annual Pass Renewal Question

    When I login and look at the passes I just added it showing that they are valid until the end of 2030? Will this update after I pickup the passes?
  5. Just got off the phone with Disney and had something interesting happen and want to know what you guys think. My AP's expired on 5/5/2018. I know that 6/5/2018 was my last day to renew. When I called in I asked her to check and see if they could be renewed and if not I would pay the full price to get my AP's back since we will be making a few trips down in the next 12 months. She put me on hold, came back about 5 minutes later and confirmed they were expired and said I would need to renew them (never said anything about a full repurchase). When she processed the order, she processed it at the renewal rate instead of the full rate which saved about $100 a ticket. After all was said and done I now have 4 ticket confirmations and will be picking them up at will call here thursday. I added them into the my disney experience app and they were for the platinum plus pass (what we wanted) and labelled as a renewal certificate. My question is, when I pick them up will they be active already and back date to the day they expired when it comes to renewal? In other words will they expire on 5/5/2019 or 12 months from they day I pick them up? I wanted to see if this has happened to anyone before. Seems odd that they would sell me a renewal knowing I was outside the renewal window by a few months.
  6. rtguy007


    We have never had any issues with people attempting to steal our bikes. With the exception of my daughters bike, our bikes are pretty nice bikes. We have never had anyone mess with them while at the fort. I also bring this along (https://www.harborfreight.com/30-ft-x-38-in-braided-steel-security-cable-62414.html) and run it through the rear wheels, the frames, then the front wheels. After that I loop it through the wheels on the TT and and lock it up with a higher quality security lock. My guess is that if anyone attempted to steal our bikes in the past, they saw the mess of security cable holding them all to the TT and just said it wasn't work the effort trying to cut the cable.
  7. And here is one from today for $225 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Toy-Story-Land-Hollywood-Studios-Opening-Day-Sold-Out-Alien-Popcorn-Bucket/173387608073?hash=item285eb4f009:g:NQoAAOSwq8FbN9IP People pay crazy money for some of the dumbest things. I bet they are back in the part next week at normal prices.
  8. rtguy007

    Guardians Ride at EPCOT update

    I was wondering what that was when I was down there a few weeks ago for a conference. Saw it from the hotel I stayed at from a distance. Didn't get to go over and get a closer look.
  9. Where/how do you get started? I have seen the people do it but never knew where to go to get started.
  10. I was wanting to do that the next time we are there. Wanted to do it the past few years but never have.
  11. rtguy007

    River Country

    I am going to guess it may have been the sidewalk that runs behind of 1200 but that is a guess.
  12. rtguy007

    Pollen at the Fort?

    It was all over. Around 10:30 on the 2nd they were spraying between my sisters site and the next site over in 1300. Shortly after they were working on 1200. We also saw them in the full hookup loops putting fresh sand down on some of the tent pads.
  13. The bacon is good from the carving station but the turkey I usually eat 4-5 slices of. I prefer the brunch over the daily breakfast. They are both good but the brunch is better. Although it just dawned on me that the snowflakes may be out because it has been cold the past few nights. Once it warmed up they left.