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  1. With all the $$ spent on technology, salaries, etc, you would think by now Disney could get the transportation running smoother. It's only been about 50 years to work out the bugs. The wait time monitors were a big step in the right direction. A CM with a Walkie Talkie at each stop in contact with transportation central could fix a lot of the issues. Last time we were there, for the most part the buses worked, but when they don't, it's a major failure. We were at the outpost waiting for and internal purple/orange bus. 5 yellow line buses came and went, at one point there were 2 in line and the second left empty. We got the same soon answer you did. EPCOT has to be the worse trying to get a bus back to the Fort. We've waited 40 minutes while numerous/multiple buses to other resorts have come and gone, again some empty.
  2. Did the friend say what the drones were made of? I saw a grainy picture of them during the day, and they looked like they were just a skeleton frame and the lights at night filled them in to look solid?
  3. Did everyone see the dedication ceremony last night with the 2 X-Wing fighters "flying" around? That was the best part, the character actors and speakers were terrible.
  4. Yeah, the media and celebs eventually got to ride after the "delay". Went down again this morning. One interesting thing I saw on a FB post is that in order to ride you have to go into MDE and join a boarding group. Hope they were telling everyone in line about that. There was another FB photo that showed all the boarding groups were filled for today.
  5. Reported by the Tampa Bay Times The ride is down at a Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance preview Media members were turned back after getting most of the way through the queue. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, which opens at Walt Disney World on Thursday, is one of the most important new attractions at the park in years. The marquee ride is a long-awaited addition to the new themed land in Hollywood Studios. The park invited hundreds of media members for a sneak peak on Wednesday. So far, there have been bumps in the media preview. After reporters got most of the way through the queue featuring multiple rooms of themed content, park workers turned them back. The ride was down. Someone from the Orlando Business Journal got stuck in the Stormtrooper hangar and the group had to be escorted off. Early intel shows that the ride is loaded with cutting-edge ride innovations. It’s the kind of buzz Disney has been lacking since it opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in California in May and in Florida at the end of August. Disneyland has had two quarters of attendance declines, despite the opening of the 14-acre Star Wars land that was supposed to generate fan furor. Disney spent $1 billion — each — on the nearly identical lands on both coasts. In the lead-up to the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, admission prices were hiked and space was cleared for what was expected to be crushing crowds that never really came. RELATED: Disney’s Star Wars land at capacity before sunrise, thinner by daylight Some riders did indeed get on the ride, including actor Josh Gad who surprised Disney guests Tuesday at Frozen singalong (he’s Olaf). #RiseOfTheResistance is the most impressive ride I have ever been on. I do not think people are ready for the scale, the scope, the surprises & the immersiveness of this soon-to-be iconic attraction. Folks, it’s a game changer. Congrats to @strowbridge & the team of Imagineers🙌 pic.twitter.com/uZ7TamhkN0 — Josh Gad (@joshgad) December 4, 2019 As of 10 a.m. in Orlando, reporters were still waiting to ride. We will update this post with more information.
  6. By 6:15 it's getting light in Tampa (still need headlights), but we are further west than Orlando so they should be getting lighter by 6.
  7. People can always park at DS, bus to those resorts, and still use the Skyliners. Just a little extra work and time.
  8. We were able to park at Boardwalk and WL this weekend to go see the decorations. My daughter tried Beach Club and they wouldn’t let her in so she went to Boardwalk. I showed my ID and Passholder card each time. I’m wondering if the new toll booth bypass to the MK hotels is another reason they are cracking down on people parking at the hotels since it’s easier to get to them.
  9. Our biggest issue was that there were 2 dogs on a site with tents, which according to everything I’ve read and heard is not allowed. When we mentioned that, we got the lame excuse that “maybe there are service dogs and we can’t ask”. But service dogs don’t bark.
  10. The biggest breaker of Disney rules is Disney itself. We mentioned about that no pets in tents notice, and that's when the CM told us they couldn't ask if they were service dogs. They have been allowing all kinds and sizes of campers in the partial loops for years, even though their pages say partial loops are for tents, pop ups, and van campers. There was a picture on a Fort FB page of a Class A shoehorned into a site on the 2000 loop over Halloween. So I won't feel bad about parking my [email protected] on a partial, it's smaller than a lot of PUPs. We got exactly what we expected when we went to the Outpost office. We didn't go in complaining, we went in asking questions. Same song and dance about why they allow 2000 to be overrun like a third world country. We were having too good of a stay to take it up to the next notch and ask for a supervisor since we would get the same answer. I'm sure it's in our records that we were already comped a night a few years ago because of all the BS in 2000. So if they were smart they would've done their best not to assign us that loop again. But our last 3 stays have all been in 2000 even with faxing in a request for 1500 sites.
  11. They showed a clip from their home page and there is a pop up camper/truck bed tent available.
  12. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/tesla-cybertruck-debuts-cant-believe-045500887.html The Tesla pickup truck is here. Elon Musk presented the Tesla Cybertruck tonight in Los Angeles, putting one giant bow on this year’s L.A. Auto Show that’s already seen the reveal of the electric Ford Mustang Mach-E. Tesla played it completely straight with its reveal, but we're still struggling to believe that the whole thing wasn't one big joke. If it isn't, well, here are all the details. We don’t have everything (in fact, there's a lot missing), but Musk has still given us some big chunks to chew on. From a size perspective, the Cybertruck is similar to other full-size pickups at 231.7 inches in length. That's where the comparisons and similarities end. The exterior design is so different than anything else that it hardly even resembles a pickup. Just look at it. The "Cybertruck" name makes a bit more sense now. It hardly looks like a production vehicle at all, much more concept-like in style. It uses 1-3 electric motors among three different powertrain options. The single-motor rear-wheel drive version will hit 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and has a range of 250 miles. This base truck will be able to tow 7,500 pounds and has a payload rating of 3,500 pounds. One step up from that is the dual-motor version. It has all-wheel drive (one motor in front and one in back), will hit 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and tow 10,000 pounds. Musk claims the top level tri-motor (read: "Plaid" powertrain) Cybertruck will be capable of going 500 miles on a full charge. It’ll also accelerate to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and complete the quarter mile in just over 10 seconds. Towing capacity for this version is 14,000 pounds. Just like your gas mileage suffers when towing heavy loads, electric range will suffer with a load in the back of the Cybertruck. The price of this truck is perhaps the most important bit of information to be revealed tonight. Tesla says the Cybertruck will start at $39,900 and go up from there – and that's before incentives, claims Musk. Its higher range and more capable trims will be more expensive, ranging all the way up to $69,900 for the fastest long-range version. The mid-range Cybertruck will be $49,900. Musk says Autopilot will be available as an option as well. Like most Tesla reveals, Musk has a bevy of neat features to show off. The Cybertruck isn’t lacking in this department. It has an adaptive air suspension with adaptive ride height. Musk claims the maximum ride height will be about 16 inches. Musk stressed the body's toughness and ability to resist damage in the reveal, taking multiple instruments of destruction to the truck. The stainless steel body is apparently bulletproof up to 9 mm rounds, according to Musk. Charging will be maxing out around 250 kW on Tesla's Supercharger network. The bed is 6.5 feet in length, but we're still not totally clear on its operation. There's a cover in place, but it does open up like a normal pickup bed. The Cybertruck's interior looks like a complete concept car right now, but it's also very similar to the Model 3. There's one large 17-inch tablet in the center and not much else. The steering wheel is more of a joystick than a full wheel at this point, too. Timing is always a question when it comes to Tesla products, as the last big car that was revealed (Model Y) still isn’t shipping to customers. Tesla claims the rear-drive version of the Cybertruck will arrive sometime in late 2021, while the faster versions will see their release in 2022. That’s still a long ways off, so expect these predictions to remain fluid. Those who are interested in buying one are totally allowed to reserve it on Tesla's website, per usual post Tesla reveal. Besides the Rivian R1T (scheduled to arrive in fall 2020) competition is lacking in the electric pickup marketplace today. Both Ford and GM have committed to producing electric versions of their trucks, but we still haven’t seen those trucks be revealed. Sound off in the comments. We're sure you all have plenty to say.
  13. We had it both ways. My wife sewed on 2 different sets of tabs. Before the picture we had it staked down.
  14. Site is acting odd, freezing up and won't let me add to the previous post. While I was taking pictures my wife was talking to one of the bakers. He said the cabin was about 50% finished. They were going to add stonework around the base similar to the chimney, along with poinsettias and Humphrey Bear stringing lights. I've seen pictures of the finished cabin and it's pretty great for it's first year. Also after we got home Monday night I saw that there are limited edition pins for each of the resorts showing their gingerbread creations. And I did not know that Saratoga has some sort of display. We grabbed the bus back to the Fort then back to the campsite and turned in. Before I went to bed I hooked up the cable TV and got a load of different channels on our little 17 inch wall mount TV. Of course the majority were Disney related including tons of advertising stations. Next morning I took a couple of pictures of our new home before breaking down the site. My wife made the awning and the widow shades. When she did the @T symbol she didn't realize it matched the @ in the [email protected] until we put the shades on. We finished up breaking down everything and loading/hitching up. It was a lot easier and quicker than breaking down our old PUP. Overall we had a great trip besides the party people and not getting to relax as much as we had planned. Originally it was going to be just the two of us, but then we were joined by my daughters and granddaughter. When my oldest goes to WDW, she makes sure she fits in as much as possible, so we did a lot more park visiting than we had originally planned on. I brought walkie talkies with me and my granddaughter had one of them, so we were in constant communication with her in the Fort and at the parks. It was really enjoyable seeing her have so much fun with them. Bus transportation was so-so. A few times we waited forever for a bus to arrive, and other times we hardly waited. And it was the same old thing, a purple bus never arrived, tons of people waiting, and 3 yellow busses come in, two right together and one leaves empty. But it beats driving or walking. So another successful Fort trip under our belts. Now to get the holidays out of the way so we can go camping again!!
  15. Time to continue with the TR. Had life interrupt it. Let me back up, Saturday night my daughters stayed a while longer at MK. They came back to the site around 9:30 and said they were going to head back over in a while because one of our favorite performers Lindsey Sterling was supposedly going to be performing at 11. A CM told them as long as they were back in the park before closing at 11 they could stay. They ended up not going back, because they said that each act was multiple takes, and they weren't 100% sure that she was really going to be there. Sunday after breakfast we all got cleaned up and headed to AK. My two girls and granddaughter drove over since my oldest was going to fly out Sunday afternoon. My wife and I hung out a little while longer and started to pack up things we weren't going to need when we got back or Monday morning. We had discussed what to do with the leaky tent, whether to invest the $$ on loads of seam tape and sealant or get rid of it. Getting rid of it won out, so we took it down and posted it for free pick up on a couple of Fort FB pages. Someone replied they would come by around 6 to get it. So off we went via bus to AK. They had some new puppets/muppets/ whatever you want to call them. They also had some different meet and greets These were all over in the Dinoland area. While we were there, my daughter wanted to try some special deserts at the Dino Bites snacks. They had this crazy huge peppermint ice cream sandwich. It was two large chocolate cookies and each was 1/2 dipped in thick peppermint bark candy. In between was a massive amount of hard ice cream then they rolled it in crushed peppermint. It was $6.99 and it was more than enough for 2 to share. They also had a Scrooge McDuck sundae for $7.99. I got it with chocolate ice cream, then it had whipped cream, gold mini chocolate chips, and bacon pieces. It was really good, but the ice cream sandwich was way better. We took a walk around the park went on the Wilderness Trek and ended up in Pandora, before we got ready to leave. The park was crowded, but I've been there when it was worse. We said goodbye to the kids, they were going to head to the outlet before taking my eldest to the airport and my wife and I headed to the bus stop to go back to the Fort. Decorations in the rafters at the bus stop Bus came, and we were the only riders back to the Fort. When we got to the Fort we walked over to the Outpost to talk to a CM about our future options. We told her about our after midnight drum playing neighbors and their two dogs in a tent. We were given the normal story about rangers can't be everywhere and that they cannot ask if the dogs are service dogs. She also said they were aware of the 2000 loops reputation as a party loop. We said if they know about the issues, why don't they have the rangers patrolling that loop more than the premiums (with all those rowdy people in their $250,000 RV's). She didn't have a good reply, and also when we said if they were service dogs they wouldn't be barking and growling. We said we have Halloween 2020 booked, and that we were going to be very upset if we end up in 2000 again. She found our reservation and added notes to that effect. We shall see if it make a difference. I think for future bookings we are going to look at full hookups since the Fort can't clean up 2000. Went back to the site had something to eat and packed up the rest of the items we weren't going to use like the screen room, extra bedding the girls had, etc. I wanted to go back to the MK to get a pin that I wished I had gotten the day before. It took a long time to get there, a person was on a scooter and wanted to go to WL, so they took him on the big boat. When we got near the lodge we had to wait about 15 minutes because the dock was full. We finally made it over to the MK and I got the pin. After that we left and grabbed a bus to HS. We hopped on the Skyliner and went over to Art of Animation just for the ride. At Art of Animation we grabbed a bus back to the MK, then grabbed another bus to WL. We saw the new, but unfinished Gingerbread Cabin.
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