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  1. But look on the bright side, Minnie Van Service is starting back up! 😂
  2. There is a Facebook group called fort wildernesses wandering fire pit you should join, and there is also a Disney Campers Freecycle group to pass along items.
  3. Just announced a sale on select resort rooms this morning. Can’t even get to the page to see the deal. Average wait time to get into the page is 30 minutes. Guess they didn’t use their Covid down time to improve their infrastructure. And I’m guessing the Fort sites won’t be included.
  4. Chapek has stated that he doesn’t like APs because they don’t spend enough $$$. They want fewer people willing to spend a boatload of $$$ during their stay. I fully understand they are a money making business, but they are going to make it too costly for Joe and Jane Average to afford to go to the parks.
  5. So being the first to check in, I’m guessing you got a free stay and lifetime APs?
  6. I love the reason he can’t attend, he has a more important meeting.
  7. Reading posts on other FB pages it seems like Genie + and or LL are causing the standby lines to wait a lot longer than posted times once they enter. Rely queues have been delayed by hours from their arrival times.
  8. Spoke with a barn CM and she said the wagons and carriage rides start Jan 1.
  9. It’s been great. Hoping the forecasted rain on Thursday and Friday fizzles out. I hate packing up wet stuff!
  10. It’s fun but pricey. We enjoyed the big wagon ride better, it went thru the most decorated loops at Christmas. But even though we’ve seen the wagons out training there is no return timeframe for them. And like everything else Disney, the bloggers have ruined both rides by hyping them up so it’s hard to get a reservation. You used to be able to walk up, pay and get on.
  11. We are in 2000 loop and there are still empty sites. Thursday evening about 50% were empty
  12. Did you call the front desk or reservation number? I am looking for a number for the front desk. Thank you.
  13. I meant if you let a friend use the MB to get in the gate, they couldn’t use them to get into a park.
  14. Comfort stations are only locked from midnight to 6. No bands needed to enter pool. If you have bands from previous visits and you’ve kept them active others can use them to get in thru the gate. Just don’t try to use them for a park entrance.
  15. Depends on where you’re coming from and when. All campgrounds down here are getting hard to get even advanced reservations. If you’re coming down by Tampa you might want to try Lazy Days.
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