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  1. Weren’t they just suspending sales previously? Looks like they made a decision to end sales now.
  2. The article was about DL refunding APs, and WDW not selling new passes.
  3. https://www.tampabay.com/life-culture/entertainment/theme-parks/2021/01/15/disney-stops-selling-new-annual-passes-in-florida/
  4. I had mentioned that a couple of years ago as a way that Disney could keep the crowds in check. A lot less $$$ than building a new park somewhere else in the US or South America to draw crowds away, or even adding on to the MK.
  5. Walt Disney World Resort will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary Celebration this year, October 1, 2021. Unfortunately, if you did not get a Disney Park Pass we can now confirm that they are all fully booked for the time being. Disney separates their Park Pass availability into a few different categories, Hotel Guests, Annual Passholders, and Ticket Holders. For October 1, 2021, all of the passes in all categories are no longer available. This only applies to the Magic Kingdom, as currently, the other three parks are available on that date.
  6. When I first saw the article it was the only one I could find. You just can't believe everything you see on the interweb! About 10 minutes after I posted it more outlets started posting a similar story.
  7. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-08/what-quarantine-is-like-at-the-most-magical-place-on-earth This was posted somewhere else before Bloomberg posted it, so I'd be a little leery of the story. How would Disney find out your party had Covid unless you told them. Walt Disney Co. is used to managing large crowds in tight places. In Florida, the theme-park giant is also figuring out how to handle guests who test positive for Covid-19: quarantining some at the company’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Such cases have been extremely rare, Disney said. But tou
  8. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/the-daily-disney/os-et-disney-ends-extra-magic-hours-magical-express-bus-20210111-n74artglrffcvkvnrh6nptx4e4-story.html Walt Disney World will discontinue Disney’s Magical Express bus service and end its Extra Magic Hours benefit for hotel guests in 2021, the company announced Monday. Later this year, resort guests will begin getting 30-minute head starts in all four theme parks every day, Disney says. Disney Magical Express, a free service that carries visitors from Orlando International Airport to Disney r
  9. Wonder what $$$$ making scheme they will come up with to replace it? The most recent adaptation that Walt Disney World has decided to implement is the retirement of the popular Magic Kingdom theme park interactive game Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Disney representatives confirmed this information with Inside the Magic and provided the following statement: We thank our Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom fans for their dedication and hope they’ll remember this fun experience. And of course, we thank our Cast for helping recruit sorcerers and sending them on their adventures.
  10. True, they probably (but who really knows with Disney) don't get them earlier. But with multiple people booking for clients, they can process a lot more requests then one person in the same amount of time.
  11. I think some of the TAs have a large amount of staff members that all start booking sites as soon as they open. So they do scoop up a bunch of reservations as soon as they can. I'm sure if Jason can get that lazy cat of his trained to use a PC, he could book more sites...
  12. I liked the real old way. When you drove into World Drive just before the parking ticket booth, there was a sign on the right that would say that the Fort had campsites available for that night.
  13. It may be a true observation, or nothing but click bait... https://www.piratesandprincesses.net/tron-coaster-at-magic-kingdom-sealed-shut-signaling-mickeys-running-out-of-money/ Before we start this article, we need to do a quick primer on what’s been going on for readers to understand Disney’s situation. There’s been a huge buzz lately around Disney changing strategies in regards to Star Wars (and soon other parts of the company), and I think you’ll see their money situation is the reason why. First, we reported in September that Disney wanted to have a substantial 2021 opening
  14. Don't have to fret about that now, Gideon's is closed. Posts don't know if there was a problem, or if they just had the soft opening for the Christmas season, and are now closed until their official grand opening at a later date. There is another Gideon's here EAST END MARKET 3201 Corrine Dr Orlando, Fl 32803
  15. Ever since it reopened back in July Walt Disney World has encouraged social distancing at its theme parks, not only by spacing guests apart in queue lines, but also by physically separating guests on attractions as well. However, with crowds increasing over the past few weeks due to the busy holiday period, Disney is ending social distancing measures on several rides to increase capacity, including the following: Slinky Dog Dash: Every row is now being loaded, and there is no spacing between parties. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance: Ride vehicles are being loaded with a maxim
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