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  1. Travisma

    River Country

    I hope so also. But in the end the bean counters will always win. If they can cut down a 1000 trees and increase their bottom line $100 they will do it.
  2. Travisma

    No trip reports ??

    PUP should be quicker once you get a method in place.
  3. Travisma

    No trip reports ??

    19th thru 22 (Tuesday to Friday). We started back camping with an Coleman EZ Up tent which went up quick. But then its all the accessories you need to set up, air beds or cots, etc. that add time. Usually when we camp, my adult daughters and granddaughters come with us, so it's the PUP, tent, screen room, kitchen, etc. Traveling down I-4 we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies with the truck bed overflowing. This time it's probably just me and my wife, so a lot less stuff to bring.
  4. Travisma

    No trip reports ??

    Yeah we bit the bullet and booked 3 nights. The prices are outrageous, but so are a lot of the county and state campgrounds anymore. We were looking at one down around Sarasota near the Gulf. $60 a night and and additional $10 on the weekends. Fort Desoto is up there, and those sites are almost as hard to get as the Fort. And that's a long drive to see if you can get one of the ones they hold back from reservations. We've been booking off site hotels thru the third party sites and have gotten some good deals (except this past weekend) like $77 a night for Embassy Suites with happy hour and great breakfasts. Of course they now have resort and parking fees adding on an additional $33 a night.
  5. Travisma


    Thanks, I couldn't read that plaque. And I would've never figured a Tangled statue would be in China since the story seemed to have taken place in Europe. The other artwork makes sense as to their locations. Gee, a Disney Blog article with errors? That's impossible! I've given up on trusting anything they print unless I see it in another source also. Their articles are full of errors.
  6. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/02/art-around-the-world-a-showcase-of-culture-at-epcot/ Does anyone know where the Tangled piece is located? The article tells where the majority of the other pieces are (unless I missed it 3 times reading it).
  7. Travisma

    No trip reports ??

    We've been to the parks about once a month, but not to the Fort in over 2 years. But that dry spell has ended. We are booked for 3 nights in March. Between availability of sites, weather, and time to go it's been hard to get there. With a PUP it's not worth trying to go for 1 or 2 nights with setup and breakdown and even 3 is pushing it. It was $149 a night for a partial. That is hard to justify when we've gotten French Quarter for $105 a night. (but not this time of year).
  8. Travisma

    River Country

  9. Travisma

    Disney Springs Bus Tip

    Better yet, just play Death Race 2000 and ride your bikes to Disney Springs! Then you don't need to wait for buses and the ambulance will get there quicker.
  10. Travisma

    River Country

    There were hundreds of stakes with yellow flags all along Vista Blvd and heading into the woods, and I thought I saw some heavy machinery in the woods between the exit ramp to the Fort and that first canal you cross heading to the Fort.
  11. I think I saw you at EPCOT, or someone from Great Britain. Legs and arms were so white they could glow in the dark!
  12. Anna Maria and the rest of the little towns there, is a nicer area than Clearwater, and the water is a beautiful blue color. Venice area is nice but pricey. North of Pinellas County a lot of the shoreline is still undeveloped and not a lot of beaches. Not sure about the building codes and restrictions. Further north starting around Hernando Beach up to Homassasa is a lot of old time Florida towns on the gulf. And yes, most of the east coast of FL is terrible, but my daughter lived in Fort Pierce for a while and that was nice.
  13. https://www.slashfilm.com/star-wars-triple-force-friday-frozen-fan-fest/ Disney Announces Triple Force Friday for ‘Star Wars Episode 9’ and Frozen Fan Fest for ‘Frozen 2’ When Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi merchandise first hit shelves a few months before the movies arrived in theaters, they were given a special day for fans to run out and buy anything they could get their hands on: Force Friday. However, when Star Wars Episode 9 merchandise hits shelves, it will be an even bigger deal. Disney has just announced plans for Triple Force Friday on October 4, 2019. As has become customary for milestone chapters in the Star Wars saga, this serves as the launch of the first Star Wars Episode 9 merchandise. But it will also be accompanied by the first round of products inspired by The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars series coming to Disney + later this year, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a new video game. And in a surprising turn, Triple Force Friday won’t be the only major merchandise launch for Disney. On that same day, an onslaught of Frozen 2 products will be available in stores for the first time with a global launch called Frozen Fan Fest. It fits in perfectly with Force Friday because the combined launch feels…forced. Star Wars: Force Friday As usual, Force Friday will see various toys, collectibles, housewares, books, apparel and much more tied to Star Wars Episode 9 released at midnight on October 4 around the world. Many new details emerge from this kind of merchandise launch, so it’ll be a big day for Star Wars, especially with the combined launch of stuff from The Mandalorian. Also adding to the Star Wars onslaught will be products inspired by Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the new video game from EA and Respawn. Apparently, the game will be released sometime during the holiday season this year. Additional details about Triple Force Friday will be revealed closer to October 4. Since this is the final chapter of the Skywalker saga, it’s bound to be a big day for collectors looking to get ahold of the last round of new merchandise inspired by one of the milestone chapters of the Star Wars series. Surely many of these products will start to leak online leading up to October 4, so we’ll most likely get plenty of details starting sometime in September Frozen Fan Fest The unprecedented global launch of merchandise for three new Star Wars projects is being called Triple Force Friday, Frozen 2 (which just released a trailer this week) is getting an even more alliterative product launch called Frozen Fan Fest, also on October 4. Much like Force Friday for Star Wars fans, Frozen Fan Fest will see retailers around the world rolling out Frozen 2 toys, apparel, fashion accessories, housewares, books and more for the first time. However, unlike Force Friday, it doesn’t sound like Frozen Fan Fest will begin at midnight. After all, most parents aren’t going to take their kids out to the stores late at night on Thursday just to spend money on Frozen 2 toys. But I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the retailers participating in Force Friday also put out Frozen 2 stuff on shelves at the same time. Frozen Fan Fest will also include Disney releasing some new musical moments as well, so that could be the first day we get a taste of new songs from the soundtrack. It will only be the beginning of the huge lead-up to what Disney is hoping turns out to be one of their biggest animated sequels yet. The first Frozen pulled in over $1.25 billion at the global box office, so the sequel has an uphill battle to match and/or surpass that number.
  14. Travisma

    Disney Campers?

    That sounds like that Disney Campers FB group like Grumpy and Grandma said. They are always posting "chalks out at site XXXX". Disney Campers (non-official WDC page) Public Group | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/DisneyCampersFamily/ Disney Campers (non-official WDC page) has 15501 members. Howdy Campers, Welcome To The Most Rootin Tootin Page Around! Come and hang out with ...
  15. Travisma

    Clipped the site sign

    Guess he should start carrying a sawz-all in his tool kit !