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  1. Auto parts stores (or Amazon) will carry a wide range of polishing compounds in various "grits" like sandpaper ratings. I would try the toothpaste first if they aren't really deep.
  2. Complete article https://www.sfgate.com/disneyland/article/mineral-king-ski-resort-disney-failed-project-15662462.php Disney's failed attempt to build a massive ski resort in the California wilderness It’s never quite made sense that the Country Bear Jamboree debuted in Disney World, located in muggy Florida, a state not particularly known for furry brown bears. But the ensemble of musical bears wasn’t meant for Disney World at all. They were destined, once upon a time, for a stunning alpine-style resort tucked deep in California’s Sequoia National Park. For almost two decad
  3. Did you try some plastic polish, or even some non gel type tooth paste?
  4. My daughter just sent me an Instagram post. Disney is taking ownership of all Morocco Pavilion businesses. I had seen that the quick serve had $$ trouble and closed up a few weeks ago.
  5. It's over 100 I think a lot of the DMVs have run out of wall space to display them all. And some of them are just terrible graphics on the plates.
  6. I sure there will more 50th Anniversary crap collectables than you could ever dream of. They are going to have to make up a years worth of lost revenue somehow!
  7. Disney World announces special Florida license plate to celebrate 50th anniversary Disney may have canceled many of the big plans it had lined up for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, but that hasn’t stopped the resort – Florida’s largest single-site employer – from moving forward with many of its smaller plans for the golden anniversary. The biggest news so far for collectors and devotees of all things Mouse is that Disney has announced a specialty Florida license plate. In car-centric Florida, specialty plates are a big deal, with drivers statewide able to choose from more than 1o
  8. We went to MK this past Saturday, and EPCOT on Sunday. The parks definitely were not as crowded as a normal October date, especially EPCOT with Food and Wine going on. We didn't really have any issued social distancing. You just have to watch where you're walking and try to anticipate where there will be a clear spot to get past people. MK we walked around Adventure Land and Frontier Land and caught the Country Bear Show. Most of the ride times we pretty high on the MDE wait time. Not sure if that was where all the people were. It was hot and we didn't feel like wait
  9. Depending when you go (holidays or over a weekend) the 2000 loop can be party central. Large groups come in and take over multiple sites. They will use one site just for a kitchen set up with 3 or 4 EZ Ups and multiple tables. They let the kids run wild. But saying that, last time we were in 1500, a scout group took over 3 sites across the street from us. Multiple cars and utility trailers on the sites along with a camp kitchen. They set up maybe 10 - 15 tents along the canal behind the sites. Must've been about 50 people, but they were pretty quiet and well behaved.
  10. Disney has been slowly chipping away what made their brand special for years. People that have been going to the parks and the fort for a long time always post remember when this ..... They are just accelerating it now. Even people that have only been going for a few years are seeing major changes. Has Disney been loosing $$? Yes they have, but so has about 70% of the companies and population. But I bet they are sitting on plenty of reserve funds that could comfortably take them past this mess without screwing over the workers and guests!
  11. I see that the former buffets are all going family style like Hoop De Doo. There was a FB review about the Biergarten's new family style, and they liked it. Since everything is brought to the table, they tried items they wouldn't have chosen on the buffet line.
  12. If you purchase a one day ticket, you don't have to show ID do you? If he tries to come back we will see how good the Mouse's security cameras are and if they use facial recognition!
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