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  1. We opted to continue paying and have our end time extended. I had to call for that option. There was a lot of conflicting info when they first shut down.
  2. Summer blackout for silver. Yes they are well aware of the rules but that won’t stop the whining. Only thing I will be upset about is missing out on the two pass holder Magnets from the flower/garden festival.
  3. This could be a roadblock SeaWorld and Walt Disney World approved by Orange County to reopen, dates await approval by DeSantis Hah, who am I kidding, he'll definitely approve it!
  4. I can hear the passholders that are blocked out screaming bloody murder that they should be allowed to go because they lost out of their open times because of the virus! And this still has to be approved by the Governor.
  5. There was a mask I saw that has a small snap open cap just large enough to fit a straw thru. When you're done you just snap the cap closed. There was another mask on the news last night that had a hand held lever. You squeeze the lever and the middle of the mask goes up and down opening a gap to shove food in, then you let go of the lever and the gap closes.
  6. Someone posted on FB (maybe mistakenly) that their reservations were cancelled, but Disney was taking new reservations starting June 1st. They were pitching a fit. Maybe got June and July mixed up
  7. I'm not a big fan of celebrities, but when I see a post about her or from her I usually check it out because 90% of the time it's something goofy, and you can't tell if she's serious about the post or just playing it up! Disney will announce when they are good and ready. That being said, if they are smart, they will be holding off to see how things go at DS and Universal with the mandatory mask rules. There has been a firestorm of comments, posts, blogs both for pro and con face masks. If Disney keeps the rule and doesn't enforce it, there is going to be a lot of problems in the parks. There were already posts yesterday from DS about people flaunting the mask rule by carrying drinks around the facility without masks on. I thought the rule was no mask on while doing sit down dining not wandering around with a drink.
  8. It's a given that he will approve it, he wants the economy to start rebounding. Remember, FL lives on all of the taxes that the tourists generate by spending at shops or the various hotel taxes.
  9. No news yet about Universals plans. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2020/05/21/from-gatorland-to-universal-orange-county-theme-parks-make-big-moves-toward-reopening?utm_source=feature&utm_medium=home&utm_campaign=hpfeatures&utm_content=HomeTopFeature From Gatorland to Universal, Orange County theme parks make big moves toward reopening Like it or not, inexorable movement continues toward "reopening Florida," and that includes some area theme parks and attractions getting closer and closer to swinging their doors wide-open. A clutch of area attractions, including Gatorland, Fun Spot America and ICON Park presented their case on Monday to the Bringing Back Tourism working group, outlining new protocols and procedures planned out. These attractions are pushing to be open by this holiday weekend, but is the Social Distancing Skunk Ape really ready to face the crowds? Orlando Mayor Demings didn't exactly say no, but he didn't exactly say yes either, when he cautiously answered, “It’s possible, but there’s a lot that’s got to get done,” Wednesday, reported the Orlando Sentinel. Meanwhile, during Mike Pence's big unmasked adventure in Orlando Wednesday, tourism bigwigs presented an array of possible scenarios for opening during a roundtable discussion with the VP and Gov. DeSantis. The Orlando Business Journal reported that SeaWorld's interim CEO Mark Swanson offered up June as their earliest possible opening date, with an all-clear nod then needing a few weeks to get employees back. Disney exec George Kalogridis played his cards a little closer to the chest, per ClickOrlando. He talked about eventual plans to reopen at around 20 percent capacity as Disneyland Shanghai is currently doing. with guests wearing masks. No specific dates were given. Universal Orlando is moving more quickly, with word coming from the Sentinel that the park will be submitting its reopening plan to Demings' Economic Recovery Task Force today, making them the first major theme park to do so. Complete with an opening date. During the Pence roundtable Wednesday, Executive Vice President and Chief Administration Officer John Sprouls pointed to the opening of CityWalk as an indicator of success of Universal's new guidelines. Buckle up, everyone. Looks to be a very eventful long weekend.
  10. Biggest thing is how are they going to handle the restroom visits?
  11. You could go the Heidi route https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/05/9827847/heidi-klum-highlights-at-home-social-distancing-instagram or this https://www.inquisitr.com/6063624/heidi-klum-social-distancing-highlights-instagram/ I dyed my wife's hair for her a couple of weekends ago
  12. Might've been the least expensive place to eat that was open. A woman on FB posted a picture from Blaze, and in the background was some vlogger that she follows. She had the full getup, the iPhone in some sort of cage with a handle and light.
  13. https://www.delish.com/food-news/a32615838/taco-bell-pineapple-whip-freeze/?utm_medium=social-media&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=socialflowFBDEL Taco Bell is coming out with a Pineapple Whip freeze.
  14. Disney isn't the only one hurting Orlando International On Tuesday, about 3,700 passengers departed from the airport. On the same date last year, 70,600 departed, according to numbers from the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.
  15. Wonder how they are doing elevators? I party at a time? Do they have a single rider line?
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