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  1. On a similar note. We have an odd grocery store in town that sells close out items, overstocks, and oddities that just didn’t sell that good. Anyone need a case of jet puffed marshmallows for $2.00? 2 weeks ago, they got in Disney Mickey head rice krispy treats. These were the ones from the parks. There were 6 original ones in a bag for $1.99, and 4 chocolate dipped ones in a box for $2.99. The box looked like they were sold at the resort gift shops. Couple days ago they got in the chocolate dipped ones in a bag, same price as the Un-dipped originals. These had the Minnie Sweets wrappers on them. Just waiting for them to get the Mickey Bars!
  2. The wait was 10 hours for a 3 minute ride, and the park reached capacity at 9 am and was closed.
  3. I saw a post that said the line was out to City Walk. Not sure if that's closer or further than the turnstiles.
  4. Someone on FB had posted that their local grocery store had them for $7.99 a box! My daughter said they finally got them in Minneapolis and her grocery store (either Cub or Hy-Vee) had them for $5.99 and BOGO. She was disappointed because her freezer was full and she couldn't stock up!
  5. Not all theme park experiences have to be rides to intrigue guests. Some visitors enjoy educational activities as well as those that give them unique moments with their family. Wasn't that the idea behind EPCOT?
  6. I can't remember if this has been covered previously. If it has, admins delete it. FastPass just got a lot less desirable for one Disney World park On Aug. 29 the long-anticipated East Coast version of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Much like the recently opened Disneyland version, the WDW Star Wars land is expected to draw record crowds. As the Orlando team closely watches the West Coast rollout, we’re starting to see how DHS will handle the expected record crowd levels. No reservation-only system like the one used at Disneyland means DHS will need to handle crowd control in other ways. Last week we were given a glimpse of what that system will be when trying to book FastPasses, Disney World’s free line-skipping program. Hollywood Studios uses a two-tiered FastPass system with more popular shows and rides in Tier One, which guests can book one attraction from ahead of time, with less popular rides and shows in a second tier, which guests can pick two attractions from. After all three pre-booked FastPasses are used (or their reservation time has passed), guests can then book more FastPasses if any are available. Starting on Aug. 29 nearly all rides in the park are moving to Tier One, meaning guests can only book one ahead of time, while the majority of the park’s shows shift to Tier Two. The shift would mean that guests can only reserve one ride in the entire park ahead of time. Beginning on August 29, Tier 1 will include Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers, Toy Story Mania, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, and the Tower of Terror. Currently, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror are found in Tier 2. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run inside the new Star Wars land will open without FastPass+ but is designed for both FastPasses and Single Riders queues to open at a later date. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance which will open at a slightly later date than the rest of the Galaxy’s Edge will also open with no FastPass at first but is designed for it to open at a later date. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is scheduled to open in spring of 2020. It is already visible on the FastPass section of the WDW website and My Disney Experience app. While no official details have been confirmed by Disney, Mickey’s Railway is expected to open with FastPass options available right away or very soon after. Between Sept. 1 and early November, Disney has added Extra, Extra Magic Hours with the park opening for on-site guests at 6 A.M. giving on-site guests three hours of exclusive park access with select attractions open during the extended hours. August 29 through the 31, DHS will open at 6 A.M. for all guests. Daily Extra, Extra Magic Hours starting at 7 A.M. will also be available daily at both Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom between Aug. 29 and Nov. 2. Epcot will still offer their current Extra Magic Hours on select days. So far, no changes have occurred for the two-tiered FastPass systems at the Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Magic Kingdom’s single tier FastPass system has also not seen any updates.
  7. On a similar note, we were at Goodwill last night and I found a brand new square glass brick that already has a hole and plastic cap in the side for stuffing lights in it. I'm going to get my wife to make a couple of vinyl decals for it, then put in some sort of lights. Good table lamp/decoration.
  8. Yeah, we saw them last year on the third. Was just checking because of conflicting “expert” sites posting different things.
  9. We just scored FQ 7/3 thru 7/6 for $103 per night ($379 total with tax and fees) thru Priceline. So now I’m trying to find activities for the 4th outside of the parks (silver AP). Googling gets different stories when the big MK fireworks are. Some say 3 and 4, others say 4 and 5. One article told all about the Fort activities, but digging further it was for 2018! So has anything officially been posted for the Fort activities and fireworks? I’ve been searching and like I said a lot of old articles. Being a resort guest what are our odds of getting to park at the Fort for the cart parade?
  10. While looking to see if fish will eat them(they will), on article said the nymph stage will only survive in clean water, so smaller hatches may mean that there is a pollution problem in the surrounding waters.
  11. This is the picture I was looking for to add to the original post
  12. Years and areas vary. We had hardly any around my house and we made at least 4 trips from Tampa to Orlando and maybe had 3 or 4 hit my truck. Back 20 years ago they were so thick they would clog radiators. They used to sell pieces of window screening with bungees attached to hook over the front of your car to keep them out of the engine compartment.
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