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  1. Great comment's !!!! We can not go backwards with our world, our lives, or with the economy of what was a great Nation. Keep up the Faith and the good works.
  2. I just want to tell everyone how great a job Jason will do, for you, at getting the best reservations he can for you. Jason your the man!!! Thanks
  3. Could someone pm me Warren's e-mail? I ordered a sign from Warren several years ago. Now my Brother wants one and I have lost his contact information. Have a great day. Thanks
  4. Sorry I just found it under the Sam's travel and entertainment link. It was a $267.00 Savings. That helps for this year! Next year we'll see.
  5. 9 hours ago, mouseketab.....Carol said: Oh, by the way, Sam's Club is now offering Annual Passes at a SIGNIFICANT discount. http://allears.net/2019/06/22/sams-club-offering-discounts-on-disney-tickets-and-annual-passes/ Does anyone know whether this is just the Sam's Clubs in the Orlando area, or all Sam's clubs? I looked online at the Sam's web site and could not find anything on the Disney passes.
  6. We just received our double sided sighn from Warren. It is a work of art. He does a great job. We are official fort happy campers now.
  7. Thanks for that information. This will help. We always drive around looking for Diesel.
  8. I want to get Warren's contact information so I can get a Wooden Musket Mickey sign! I know you get requests all the time, but my wife and I are eat up with disney.
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