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  1. Thank you for answering my question. I was afraid that’s how it would be. There will only be 10 on our site at any time. I was hoping to also be able to take advantage of the hotel guests’ early entry to the parks. Using their Magic Bands for the comfort stations and entering the front gate or pool will also be problematic if they aren’t registered guests. I am afraid to call and ask them to split up my stay. I’m too afraid I’d lose the reservation altogether.
  2. My kids and I are staying at the Fort in January. My nieces and my brother are going down when we go. They will go home after a week. My friend and her son are coming for week two of our stay. After they leave, we hope to spend a few more weeks for just our family. How do I handle our resort reservation’s guest list? We will be within our limit of ten individuals at all times but I need to have our guests on the reservations so that we can make park pass reservations and ADRs as soon as it is possible. Is there a way to add them for specific dates on the reservations? Has anyone on here done
  3. Well said!! We went earlier (February) this year. I didn’t like the masks but we played along. It had been a rough year for many reasons and we needed the escape. Control is the issue and America is on the precipice sliding toward more and more governmental control. Sad. Praying for a turnaround and for common sense to return. I recently read an article (WESH 2) about the Orange County tax collector’s office. It was requiring its employees be vaccinated because having non-vaccinated employees who could spread Covid 19 to the vaccinated was an unsafe working environment. Wait a minute, if
  4. We may not visit again until masks are not required again Praying everyone stays safe
  5. Thank y’all for the info! Any other info would be appreciated too. What was the movie situation like now?
  6. Thank you for the information. I love hearing from someone who has recently been at the Fort. I’m happy to hear that masks are no longer required while on golf carts. That was one of the things that rankled when we were there in February (party of 9). I’m glad more restaurants are open. We encountered some problems finding a place to eat especially near park closing times. I wish the fireworks were back in the offerings. It seems like they should be coming back soon since they have announced decreased physical distancing in the parks. I wonder if it’s more about the bottom line $$ than pr
  7. Does anyone know the current conditions at the Fort? What is the current mask policy? Is the self-serve drink refill station open at the pool? P& J’s? Is the pool still physically distanced, with a waiting line? Does anyone have the June activity calendar? Are the fire pits at the movie available? Any other info would be appreciated too. Thanks.
  8. Thank you for posting this. I love to know what’s happening. It’s a little Fort fix and this one brings back fond memories. I went to the Fort for Mother’s Day (and the week following) with my kids and my momma about 6 years ago. Good times.
  9. Interesting story. I’ve never heard of this ski resort proposal. Sounds like it would have been grand. I do remember in January of 2010 The Fort having signs up everywhere advising us that bears had been seen and to be aware of our surroundings.
  10. URGENT info for Florida resident pass holders on the monthly payment plan. You have until November 1, 2020 to sign a new contract or your passes will end on November 1. I did not receive an email but supposedly they have been sending them out to monthly payment pass holders. NOTE- the help line is only open Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm est. 888-701-4100 option 3. If you did not receive an email you must call by Friday, October 30th for help. The regular VIPassholder phone Line cannot help with this issue. https://www.themeparktourist.com/news/20201009/29293/walt-disney-
  11. Thanks for the info. Some time spent inside Trail’s End sounds wonderful (and almost like normal!).
  12. Maybe with more people staying in the campground they will bring back the food truck and other amenities that have been closed. Can you still get your resort mugs refilled at the pool? PJ’s?
  13. I’m with Tri-Circle D as far as wondering what will I be able to actually do if I keep my annual pass. There is very little concrete information available right now. I’m on the monthly Payment plan. I bought my family’s passes in November- made the down payment and first month’s payments on November 15, 2019. We activated the passes on January 15th. We stayed at the Fort for a month and used our passes almost every day. We visit every Jan/Feb. if I keep the passes, the extension would get us through our visit in 2021 basically giving us two years for the price of one. I’ve paid the down
  14. Is the construction in MK on Tron back up and running? I had heard it was halted when the CDC guidelines were put in place restricting groups over 10.
  15. Yes it is!! I’m so glad someone is using it!! Thank you for letting me know. Hope you had a great stay at the Fort!
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