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  1. We have always enjoyed the breakfast at Whispering Canyon.
  2. We use EZ Pass which works with the Peach Pass. Sadly, I can't use the express lanes on I75 south out of the ATL when pulling my camper. I do love not having to get in those long holiday lines at the toll booths.
  3. Nope I love tots. These things were like long skinny tot/fries. They were ok but more suiting for a burger not a $50+ filet.
  4. We ate there in September, and I thought the same thing. We've been going multiple times a year for the past 5 years or so. I had the filet. It was good, but not as good as any other time. The side items were some small hashbrown things and slices of cold tomato. It did not work well with the filet. The flatbread and ravioli were good, though. Overall it was just not on the level we are accustomed to there. Also the service seemed less attentive. On our last visit I honestly contemplated not going back.
  5. Us too. We spent a lot of time on the porch and in a cart watching our 3 kids play there.
  6. The magician's first trick will be making $1,500 disappear from your wallet.
  7. And another thing about those bags.....who thought that was a good idea? I'm pretty sure pooing in a bag is a 2 person operation even for the most flexible human. They should have put in some miniature bomb bay doors in the floor....."look out below"!
  8. If I had to witness (or had to myself) someone pooping in one of those bags then yeah they would owe me some stuff lol
  9. Crash at the Riviera resort stop tonight. People have been stuck for over an hour. Somebody will die on these things if this happens on a brutally hot day.
  10. Speaking of not having the need to stop for breaks....when I used to travel in a friend's pusher to motorcycle races we would set the cruise and swap out drivers. It seemed perfectly ok in my 20's. I wouldn't do that now lol.
  11. Just think how bad the crowds would be if it was cheaper.... Don't get your hopes up too much for Smuggler's Run. It is not FoP. I hope Rise of the Resistance is a winner.
  12. You should be good in just about any premium site given that the neighbors are not parked in the way. Our trailer is 43' and I don't stress over site selection too much. Sometimes the outside sites on the loop are easier to get backed in. I stopped requesting sites years ago. I just ask to see the book now when we check in. We stayed in 1117 last trip. It was super easy,
  13. There's a video out there. Basically, if it is moving the inside temp matches ambient. When it stopped it heated up a few degrees in like 3 minutes. If you are in one while stopped on a hot sunny day without wind you are going to fry.
  14. They are gong to have a real problem if people are trapped for an hour or two in the middle of the summer snacks and water won't help much.
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