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  1. ImDownWithDisney

    No pictures allowed!

    I agree and also understand their position. I can't imagine the stress that Disney's security management team is under. With the reports of the Pulse shooter scouting DS plus all of the other unreported incidents they really can't be too careful. On our last trip I was hanging by the entrance of MK waiting on the family, and I noticed 2 older guys dressed in tourist clothing just standing and talking without any intention of going into MK. They both were wearing the tiny clear earpieces for coms. I started looking around and spotted 4 more. I bet their daily security detail is unreal.
  2. ImDownWithDisney

    No pictures allowed!

    "Thanks a lot, bin Laden" Before anyone gets upset this is a reference from The Hangover.
  3. ImDownWithDisney

    Greenbriar Campground-Gatlinburg

    We have rode through to look around. Very nice cg, some sites are tight, but a lot of them are on the creeks. There is also a very nice swimming hole at the back of the cg. We plan on staying there in the future. I like the sites on the right when you enter the gate.
  4. ImDownWithDisney

    Spring Break or Early June??

    That early in March may not be super busy. Early June/Memorial Day will be very crowded and hotter. I would say early March would be more enjoyable overall. In 2017 we did a week at spring break (late arch), April and early June. The March trip was a lot cooler and the crowds were tolerable.
  5. ImDownWithDisney

    Changes at Artist Point - Character meal coming?

    Best info in that was that the bisque is still available at Territory Lounge
  6. ImDownWithDisney

    Walt's airplane

    I am not sure if this has been posted, but I spotted Walt's airplane on google earth. I was wondering what they did with it. https://goo.gl/maps/Gm1BKKufSHM2
  7. ImDownWithDisney

    Changes at Artist Point - Character meal coming?

    I agree with you that Disney wants to invest the least capital for the quickest gain. They probably don't want to get into a situation like when AK opened or they stopped construction on Art of Animation either. Disney can do what you can't, though. They are essentially fancying up the house a bit, moving more people in with the existing tenants, and raising the rent for everyone there. They don't need to buy another house at the moment. If the economy stays strong I hope they will.
  8. ImDownWithDisney

    Changes at Artist Point - Character meal coming?

    Expanding the footprint of anything seriously kills the ROI. Huge capital investments, increased staff, more taxes on newly created assets...Disney isn't dumb. Heck most of us would make the same decisions if we were in control of it...and our future employment depended on our results. They will milk the current infrastructure to the tipping point then build more stuff.
  9. ImDownWithDisney

    Changes at Artist Point - Character meal coming?

    They can piss right off with this. They have ruined one of my favorite restaurants.
  10. ImDownWithDisney

    Discovery Island

    We were there in 99 or 2000 and they had one. They were swimming in the lake to the beach and running to get their bikes in the grass by the windmill.
  11. ImDownWithDisney

    Discovery Island

    They had a 5k or something last week through the Fort. It was really early in the morning. I saw a few people finishing up. They had their number bibs on and there was arrows taped along the sidewalks.
  12. ImDownWithDisney

    Discovery Island

    I think the vegetation has reclaimed it.
  13. ImDownWithDisney

    Fancy Strollers

    Those should be banned....along with wagons.
  14. ImDownWithDisney

    Wandering Fire Pit

    It is being posted in the Disney Campers FB group. We could have claimed while we were there but I didn't bring any wood. BTW, I saw plenty of open top pits being used.
  15. ImDownWithDisney

    No mountain too steep now

    I have a lot of LEO friends and family, including several state troopers. I've asked those that are on the road if they have ever stopped an RV or camper to check the weight. All say that unless you're obviously way overloaded or have items unsecured that they don't give it a second look. Now if you have a logo on your truck and pulling a deck trailer or something you'll have a lot more scrutiny. I don't see much chance of a scenario where I'm on the scales with my rig.