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  1. ImDownWithDisney

    40' toyhauler axle flip

    LOL yep. I'm picking up a step
  2. ImDownWithDisney

    40' toyhauler axle flip

    The top of the A/C is 12'10"
  3. ImDownWithDisney

    40' toyhauler axle flip

    And installed.
  4. So my new 450 was way too high for our 5'er. It did sit a little lower than new ones due to having 4" drop spindle axles. I looked at replacing the axles with straight tubes to gain 4". But I decided to do an axle flip instead. It was a lot cheaper to buy spring mounts and u bolts than new axles. I measured an axle flip and determined it would raise the camper 6". I pulled it up on 6" of stacked boards to check how level it would be. It was pretty level and way better than what it was before. My parts from Dexter came in yesterday, and I installed them yesterday evening. Overall it took right at 4 hours to install. The hardest part was removing the old u bolts. They were really tough. I fought with the 1st one for 10 minutes. Then I got the plasma cutter out and just cut the others off.
  5. ImDownWithDisney

    Wheel Bearing Education...

    Lol I just saved you some $
  6. ImDownWithDisney

    Wheel Bearing Education...

    And yes failure is a possibility. I've lost a whole hub and wheel on the road. I had to leave the trailer on the shoulder, go buy a hub and brake, cut the bearing inner race off of the spindle, hand polish the gauled spindle, and reassemble on the side of the highway.
  7. ImDownWithDisney

    Wheel Bearing Education...

    I have EZ lube axles but I still take them down and inspect. Basic procedure is... Remove hubs and inspect drums and brake mechanism Remove bearings and clean in kerosene, inspect bearings and races for roughness/pitting, etc Hand pack bearings with a good grease Install new seals and reassemble, set pre load, and adjust brakes if necessary
  8. ImDownWithDisney

    Dog walker needed

    I'm not privy to the costs involved, but that's what she does for a living. I would guess these are high end clients with frilly little dogs.
  9. ImDownWithDisney

    Dog walker needed

    I know a lady that is a dog sitter. She flies all over the country doing it. She lives just a few miles north of the MK. I can get you her contact info if you want. Her husband works for Disney IT
  10. ImDownWithDisney

    Cosmic Ray's Loaded Fries on the Secret Menu

    I had the regular fries with garlic ranch last weekend. They were pretty dang good. First time at cosmic ray's in a few years. It was a good meal.
  11. No way that I am spending $625 for my family for 3 hours. I can't eat that much popcorn and mickey bars.
  12. ImDownWithDisney

    Food & Wine

    We were there Saturday from 5 to about 8:30. It was packed, but the lines were not terrible. I never waited more than a few minutes for food.
  13. So on sunday I used the app to place an order at the canteen right at 11 am. As me and the kids were carrying the food back a cast member stopped us and lead us back to a big round table loaded with cupcakes. They also filled out a little certificate and brought everyone night blossom slushies from pongu pongu. My kids and their friends were so excited. The castmembers really made everyone feel special. They were constantly coming by the table getting us refills, napkins, etc. They could not have been nicer to us.
  14. ImDownWithDisney

    Food & Wine

    It was a wee bit crowded tonight, but still fun. We did 3 parks in 12 hours today. I'm spent, but it was so fun watching a kid experience Disney for the first time. Her eyes were filled with excitement all day.
  15. ImDownWithDisney

    Changes at Artist Point - Character meal coming?

    That would be [/annualpasses] for me.