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  1. We need to do that one year. It is beyond hot here in the south. Also comparing these prices of other campgrounds is starting to make the Fort prices look not so crazy.
  2. The Fort doesn't sound like a bad deal compared to some other place for $150. Florida has some awesome state parks that are affordable. I guess you have to make plans a year out though.
  3. Just make sure they turn the acid brightener off. It will destroy gel coat. And no brushes either. Changing Lanes YouTube channel scratched their entire rig up at blue beacon
  4. Just searched camp gulf. 2 nights in the sites close to the beach showed $371.
  5. booked fast despite the most expensive rates ever....get ready for $225 per night soon.
  6. I think it was quoted like $71 dollars, but after taxes, fees and such it was $199 for 2 nights.
  7. Not riverside, but just across from them in A loop. Planning on doing some tubing if the river flow is good.
  8. I'm paying $100 per night for Little Arrow CG in Townsend, TN in a few weeks. I'm not sure if that means the Fort isn't such a bad deal or they are both way way over priced. After spending a week of July 4th at FW i know there isn't another CG that we enjoy so much. Either way it sucks that camping can be so expensive.
  9. Margaritaville resort now has a campground open. $85 a night is still pricey, but it is roughly half of the Fort. Looks like they have golf cart rental...not sure if private carts are allowed. The water park and beach area looks pretty nice, and you can actually get in the water! Edit...just called them. Private carts are allowed and you can take them from the campground down to the water park and restaurant areas. https://www.lanierislands.com/margaritaville
  10. I haven't seen any in several days. Maybe they did sneak in.
  11. We had dinner at spice road yesterday, and it was really good. I've always wanted to eat there, but we never found the time. Yesterday, we were kidless and just cruising around epcot so we grabbed a ressy. We had the hummus fries for an appetizer. They were really good, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. The dipping sauce was a little bit spicy and pretty tasty. I had the chicken and steak skewers with green beans with sliced almonds and rosemary fries. It was very very good. The steak and chicken were cooked perfectly and seasoned just right. The chimichurri went well with it. Tish had the lamb sliders with hummus fries. This too was very good. The portions were huge. We could not finish all of it. We both had cocktails that were just ok. I would bring my own next time. We will definitely go back.
  12. No kidding. I have not been bothered by them, but I've seen them while looping. They don't seem to be trolling the loops like before.
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