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  1. ImDownWithDisney

    Help resort fast pass question

    That's crazy talk 😉
  2. ImDownWithDisney

    Help resort fast pass question

    I've been thinking about lining my wheel wells with 1/8" plate. I think you've convinced me to do so.
  3. ImDownWithDisney

    More Changes at Disney Springs

    It helps that the economy is strong and people have some disposable income again. Disney lucked out with the timing of the opening and a rebound in consumer spending.
  4. ImDownWithDisney

    Help resort fast pass question

    What happened to your RV?
  5. ImDownWithDisney

    Wheelchair policy at the parks?

    Well we used a wheelchair with fairly good success. It was dicey at AK when we rope dropped Pandora. @$$holes would just push over and cut in front. I just started running into people when that happened....knocked one person flat on their butt. The look on their face was priceless. I will say that there is not 1" of smooth concrete in all of AK. That makes for a bumpy ride.
  6. ImDownWithDisney

    Slinky Dog queue isn't wearing well

    I didn't see those problems. In Disney's defense I'm sure they outsourced those to a contractor. They probably wouldn't spec any nondestrutcive exams on handrails. It would be easy for a shop to pump out some bad welds if they had a new guy or some other issue. Visually a bad weld can look like a good weld.
  7. ImDownWithDisney

    Slinky Dog queue isn't wearing well

    No he would not be. I'm surprised how thin this stuff is. It can't be more than a few mils...like a cheap trash bag. Major fail.
  8. ImDownWithDisney

    mobile Ordering

    I've used the mobile ordering on 4 times on our latest trip. I'm surprised they don't check your phone to see your receipt. Each time I've just walked up and grabbed my food. Seems like it would be easy to snag a free meal.
  9. Looks like disney went with thin wraps for the different items in the queue. They are already scuffed, pealing, and generally look like poop for only being open a short time. I noticed this in multiple spots. If they wait a whole year before a rehab to fix this it will be really bad.
  10. ImDownWithDisney

    No mountain too steep now

  11. ImDownWithDisney

    No mountain too steep now

    I pulled a 7,500 lb load the other day with the 450. It felt like pulling a small lawn trailer. This thing is going to drag our toyhauler down the road.
  12. ImDownWithDisney

    California here we come!

    I would love to visit red rocks. I've been close but never seem to take the time
  13. ImDownWithDisney

    Abridged report

    Glad your trip got better. My girls are 11 and 12. It won't be long before they are exploring the parks alone..... I'm not sure how I feel about that. Lol
  14. ImDownWithDisney


    Hmmm ours has been installed for 8 years now. It works just as well today as day 1. I guess they made some improvements or some are not sealed well.