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  1. ImDownWithDisney

    Smaller Camper Recommendations?

    The new trailer looks great! Congratulations on the new rig.
  2. ImDownWithDisney

    This is scary.

    My wife and I had this discussion a few months ago about class A's. I like the safety of my truck. I've seen motorhomes that exploded in wrecks. No thanks.
  3. ImDownWithDisney

    We’re Done

    Very sorry for your loss.
  4. ImDownWithDisney

    River Country

    I'm trying to stay optimistic about this crap, but I think this may be a deal breaker for us. I Tish on our last trip that we may only be able to see the Settlement another time or two before everything is changed. The proximity to the Settlement just plain sucks. Really wish they would have pushed this resort a little further along the shore to WL.
  5. ImDownWithDisney

    River Country

    Fully agree.
  6. ImDownWithDisney

    River Country

    Also the preferred loops, 400, 700, and maybe 800 are going to be within earshot of all of the cars coming and going, slamming doors, screaming kids, etc. The full hookup loops will be the new preferred lol
  7. ImDownWithDisney

    River Country

    Side benefit of all this is we may save a small fortune if we quit going.
  8. ImDownWithDisney

    River Country

    yes it will. It totally sucks
  9. ImDownWithDisney

    Great YouTube Camping Family

    Not a blue guy. I'm thinking about ordering a 2020. I'm liking the pearl white metallic, but my wife says it's ugly and stick with grey...lol
  10. ImDownWithDisney

    Great YouTube Camping Family

    Magnetic....aka charcoal grey
  11. ImDownWithDisney

    Great YouTube Camping Family

    So a new dually too? I figure they went from Arizona to Florida to trade rigs before embarking on their mid west tour. They've dropped a few hints about a toyhauler. Marc and I messaged a few times last year about duallies too. It's cool y'all got to meet. They do seem genuinely nice.
  12. ImDownWithDisney

    Great YouTube Camping Family

    I've been following these guys for a few years. They have it figured out.
  13. ImDownWithDisney

    River Country

    I believe (hope) you are correct. I am not too stoked on the proximity, though. I just wish it was being built a little further back from Pioneer Hall. I think the Settlement area is going to be way more busy. Carts will probably be banned from going in like they do now. And I really hope FW doesn't share a boat with Reflections.
  14. ImDownWithDisney

    River Country

    That cleared area behind the 700 loop is going to be retention ponds right?