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  1. Years ago we had a small TT and a class B on the same site, but it was the tow vehicle.
  2. We were lazy and said screw it....we'll catch it next time
  3. Cool...good to know. I have a new note 10+. Maybe that will help lol. I assume I can get them for all in my party? Yeah, if we get assigned a late group I probably won't even bother trying to ride it. We will catch it next time.
  4. So HS opens at 7 on Monday. At 7:00:01 everybody is hitting buttons. I has to be just luck that gets you in an early group.
  5. So we are going to the Tampa RV show this weekend. We plan on hitting Disney on Monday before we head home in the afternoon. I have some FP's for MK around lunch time to early afternoon. But I was thinking about getting up early to rope drop HS. With this new boarding pass system it sounds like a lottery system to get an early boarding pass. If we were to show up early (without bags) to get through security fast and hit the button for a pass I wonder if we could get on by 10 am or so? I almost inclined to not take the gamble and just go to MK only instead. I guess worst case scenario is we get a late pass, ride a few rides at HS early then hop to MK. I really want to be on the road home by 4pm.
  6. Not sure what you mean by booking the 300 loop. Only types of loops can be booked. You can request the 300 at or before check in, but there is no guarantee that you will get it. With that being said I think a preferred loop would be good, especially with a 17' trailer. I would want the 100 or 200 loop though to be closer to the boat. The fort is not that big. Going to the pool from the preferred loops is just a short bike ride or walk with a cut through the 600 or 1400 loop. You will be spending extra money on the premium sites for space that you don't really need with shorter trailer. Since the creation of the premium meadow loops the remaining premium loops are about the same distance from the pool as the preferred. In either one you will probably still want to bus it to the outpost if you don't keep the cart.
  7. I agree with TCD. I remember when the custodians were everywhere in the parks. Also they use to touch up paint nightly. Now the queues will look like crap until they close for a refurb
  8. My point was that I had no desire to sit in the rocking chairs now that the view is construction fencing. We were there at Thanksgiving with both the new playground and old playground area surrounded by green fencing it was not a pretty view. Plus they did not even have the Christmas tree up.
  9. It is a shame what the settlement has become. The replacement beach is a slap in the face to campers. Our last trip I didn't even attempt to find a rocking chair at Crocketts
  10. You can still just add 1 person. If they are traveling together they can get in the gate. If they won't be coming in and out a lot Jason's suggestion would probably be the easiest.
  11. We always add the in laws (AP holders) who live in Winter Garden. That way they can make FP's 60 days out with us, use EMH, and come and go through the gate with a magicband.
  12. If they are related.... reading between the lines I would guess some of the "investors" probably had some Greenberg campers financed in their name. When Greenberg got sideways and fell behind on the payment they went to pick them up. There were posts on facebook about guests having their Greenberg campers repossessed while at the Fort. Greenberg claims these were stolen. No sane person would claim that a bank was stealing when a repossession occurred, but if the "investor" did it I could see how this could be labeled as such.
  13. I think nostalgia plays a big role in whether people like it or love it. To be inside the ship is unbelievable to some. The waiting room with the chess table is like being in the movie. My girls are not big star wars fan and they were just "meh" about it. They said that Star Tours is more thrilling. I tend to agree. Bode loves them both, but he is 7 and loves everything Star Wars. I feel the experience could be better. I think the pilot role is the best. The other roles you spend a lot of time looking at the buttons and not out of the front windows. I've been on it six times now. I don't hate it, but maybe my hopes were too high. Also, not one time has our flight led to any comments or interactions with CM's in the cantina like they advertised. Is that a thing yet?
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