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  1. So what did they change the music type to? I'm not liking the sound of this lol
  2. I wish they would at least push the fences back toward the old sidewalk to Clementine's. It is such an eyesore from the porch. If they did that and put in a few rows of Leyland cypress trees it would look way better.
  3. It has been a long time since we paid less than a $100 per night. Seems like the cheapest we had in the last 5 years was about $115 for a full hook up. I think my Thanksgiving ressies are around $205 per night
  4. Well I spoke too soon. I found the full week and weekend available at Topsail Hill. The beach and $42 a night won out over the Fort. Hopefully, things are settled down some before our Thanksgiving trip. We are missing the Fort.
  5. Looks like you had a great site. What # was it?
  6. We were thinking about going to the beach for one more time since they pushed school back a week. Camp Gulf was coming in at nearly $200 a night after taxes. Just on a whim I checked the Fort. $93 per night for a full hook up site for the week of 8/10. That isn't too bad IMO. I pulled the trigger so we may be down there sweating it out with the rest of the crazy people. Not sure I want to set foot in the parks, though.
  7. Well i guess we are going to renew our passes. My 8 yr old gave me the puppy dog eyes today about how much he misses disney. I think the wife is behind it lol.
  8. Not at the campground, but Sombrero Beach was about 7 miles away. It is one of the nicest beaches in the keys, IMHO and it is dog friendly.
  9. Grassy Key RV Park near Marathon. It was nice. We had a water front site. It was about 1 hr drive to Key West. We liked this location. Sombrero Beach was close by and plenty of restaurants and such
  10. Didn't Disney spend like 5 billion on FP+? FP+ was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. I liked the old paper ticket system better.
  11. Our AP's are up on 7/14. I'm really close to not renewing. We have reservations for the week of Thanksgiving, but I am not sure I want to fight this reservation system and pay for passes without all of the benefits. I do miss camping at FW, but so far this year we have went to the FL Gulfcoast twice, Wekiwa Springs, the Keys, and Savannah. With trips to Defeated Creek, possibly Hilton Head, and the Smokies planned the appeal of Disney is waning badly. Not to mention these other trips are a fraction of the cost of Disney. Decisions, decisions.
  12. Well aware. Also some of the metal fabrication forums I visit has had some folks get cease and desist letters from Disney. Although, it is rare, but it does happen. I think it has more to do with the profile of the seller, and if they choose to advertise them through AdSense, etc
  13. You may need more money for legal fees if the Disney legal department sees the missing the mouse magnet, which is awesome btw. Don't shoot the messenger...just make sure you CYA.
  14. I'm canceling our mid June reservations. We are at wekiwa springs then headed down to the keys then up to Myakka River. I'm not too stoked on large crowded spaces.
  15. Cloth masks are a joke. Virus size makes cloth look like a screen door. If you're not wearing a properly fitting N95 or P100 respirator you are fooling yourself, IMO. When I go to the store at least 25% of the people wearing masks have their nose exposed. These people are literally too stupid to help. There's no way Disney can police people into wearing and handling masks properly let alone make sure everyone has a respirator. There's no way I'd visit a theme park in the summer while having to wear a mask. To me it is simply not worth the hassle. I'd rather ride a bike, rent a kayak, sit
  16. We have fort reservations for June 19th. I'm going even if the parks are not open
  17. It was nice at Thanksgiving last year. Just warm enough to swim, but not hot.
  18. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/disney-world-universal-orlando-theme-235826843.html 50% capacity in phase 1! This actually sounds wonderful. I'm in.
  19. Honestly, I am not losing any sleep over this. The way they have been sticking it to the average patron the last few years they can stand a correction from the market. I do feel for the workers that are affected the most, though.
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