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  1. Well, I can attest to the place filling up on weekends! The empty loops I'd mentioned above, we're both full by last night. i will add... We basically bought our camper just so we could come to Disney and stay att he fort. We've been back three years in a row. We will probably do a beach next year, but I have no doubt we'll be back here again.
  2. Update: I found the empty loops tonight! 1000 is completely empty (not blocked or anything, just 100% empty.) Also in 1100 there were only two occupied sites. The other loops we visited were fairly, or completely full.
  3. Interesting discussion about full or not on weekdays... We did some looping last night on our way to/from the marina. Maybe it's because schools are getting out now: At least in the loops I've visited so far , there aren't a whole lot of empty sites (my perception.) I was just thinking back: In both of my past trips to the Fort at basically this same time of year - there have been entire loops left empty/closed. I have not seen one closed down or empty this year (well, not so far). Just observations here. I'm only on my third trip, and they've all been at about this same time.
  4. We're in 1447. Hi neighbor. :) I'll get my shorty ears out there tomorrow.
  5. Yah. I am soooooo happy to be here and not on the roads anymore! We got our Golf Cart, and then the deluge started in earnest. All our outside stuff will have to wait for morning. The Bus driver reminded us that the comfort stations serve as storm shelters in the event of really nasty storms. And, it seems I have a leak someplace around my rear door. Meh..
  6. Two years ago on our first trip it seemed like it rained non- stop. Last year was awesome. Hot, but awesome, despite some grimlins. Were on it! It's vacation.
  7. Two years ago on our first trip it seemed like it rained non- stop. Last year was awesome. Hot, but awesome, despite some grimlins. Were on it! It's vacation.
  8. Woot! It poured rain as we hit the exit. Let up in time for me to pull into 1400 loop. We're home for a week! Now off to fetch the golf cart before it starts up again.
  9. So far so good! We're stopping for some early lunch before we hit I4. Looking at the radar it looks like we made a good bet so far. :) We have a poncho per person per hour... ;-)
  10. Yah... I'm thinking I get up and out of here early and try to get to the Fort earlier. Hope it stays on its route north. Sigh.. Well... On the bright side I know how to start my Trip report now! :-). Wish me luck folks.
  11. Uh... I just pulled into Savannah for the night and learned of TS Colin... I'm thinking I can leave out of here early tomorrow and make it to the Fort before the worst comes... Should I? If I stay here (assuming I can get an extra day). I'd just end up right under the thing... If I make a run for it and head on to the fort, will they still be open?
  12. I kinda hope they keep the Modems as an option of those few that can't use Wireless, but I have to agree with those that say they'll be eliminated either all at once, or fairly soon. It's just safer to assume this will happen sooner than later (IMHO.) Users (like bhall) *might* be able to use a device such as this one I found on Amazon: Check out/search for NETGEAR Universal N300 Wi-Fi to Ethernet Adapter, or similar device. I've never used one, but it seems like it might work.
  13. Not all BYOD setups are equal. None of my employers information or other property ever resides on my (or wife's) PC. True, on my phone or IPad their app allows them to remotely wipe anybody their data that the app might have within their "Sandbox", which does not extent to my own personal data Your Experiencre and company policies may vary. Do we have WiFi yet? It's Monday! :)
  14. I remember having my encrypted corporate laptop. Between that, their internal spyware, and antivirus... It all made a fairly beefy laptop into a complete dog. Now with VDI/VPN I can use my wife's Mac, or my iPad. I hope you are wrong about your job, but, most companies will relentlessly work to reduce costs... It's just the nature of the beast. I hope it works out. I've been haunting this thread for months now because we'll be back at the Fort in June. ( YAY!) Here's hoping for a happy WiFi Monday, and, options for those of us not able to cut the cord! :)
  15. I'm frankly amazed you are allowed to use any external network wired or otherwise with sensitive data, being as I am in the same industry as you are... I might be misunderstanding your situation as well... Have you ask your tech people about the possibility of using a virtual computing solution, where none of their data ever actually has to pass out onto a machine/network of yours at all? Virtual Computers have been a godsend for me anyway. I don't have to lug a corporate computer around, or worry about a personal device being lost or stolen. If my connection drops when I'm remo
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