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  1. Did you hear if it was flooding/trees or infrastructure (water/sewer/power)?
  2. Going to be coming in real late tonight. Need to park a large trailer at the overflow. Anyone there know how full it is this weekend?
  3. I think part of it is that many regulars probably do not want to fight for reservations to wear a mask on a golf cart. Hopefully as things slowly get back to normal the posts will once again rise. We do need to promote the site and get some "New Blood"...
  4. Highly recommend the Fort Fiends FW Sites app. Shows all the info you could want on each site and a picture to boot. You can look at each site, combined with Google maps you can get a pretty good idea where you want (or don't want) to be.
  5. Really getting to be like the Fort in here... There may still be a few rails but finding them can be a challenge.😉
  6. OK guys, Golden Corral was just used as a example buffet. This thread is taking a strange turn. Is there a Golden Corral cult or something?
  7. I have had multiple heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes.... Guess you could say I am high risk... I could go through the rest of my life being miserable or enjoy the time I have left. There is nothing I enjoy more then the Fort and Disney so I am willing to deal with it.
  8. Let me just add.. I do not see Disney banning anyone for life over just not having your mask on. I saw many times that cast members would remind people about the masks if not worn or worn properly. It is what you do AFTER the reminder that creates the ban. If you fight and argue about any rule you will get tossed.
  9. I have been twice since the mask lunacy. Went in September and it was way too hot. After two hours on Main Street I said f*** it and went back the the Fort. I was there on a cool weekend a few weeks ago and it was bearable. Took my 1 year old goddaughter for her first Disney trip and it was cool enough that the mask, although a pain was doable. I think the only time to go wearing a mask is in the Winter. Can not imagine July.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I feel many of the new rules are plain nonsense. Why do we have to wear masks on a golf cart? If Golden Corral came up with a way to reopen then why not Trail's End? I should add, as soon as you go into the pool area I guess Covid can't swim because you can take your mask off even if you are not going in the pool.
  11. I am not a big fan of masks..... But... It is Disney's property and Disney's right.. Anyone who does not want to follow Disney's rules should stay home. Your rights stop at the property line.
  12. Not sure yet if Rev buying Renegade will be an improvement. They put out a great product before but I heard some nightmares after the merger with Fleetwood. I guess only time will tell.
  13. Yup, like an idiot I had taken most of my tools out of the RV so I did not have a socket or drill with me. BUT.... I did have a crescent wrench..😁
  14. I think it will be if I ever get it. Was supposed to be done in October and keeps having delays. I guess furniture and AC units among other parts are in short supply. Now they are saying February.
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