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  1. Not sure they are really pewter, guessing some sort of reproduction. Would love to know where they get them.
  2. They actually have a bit of weight and a solid feel to them. There are tin ones like above at Hobby Lobby but they feel flimsy to me.
  3. I used it on Saturday but it had no image of site 1104. Guess if you have it already it works but won't load images.
  4. OK, no laughing but I want to buy some plates like the ones in Trails End. Already purchased the Mason Jars but am having difficulty finding the plates. Any Ideas? Thanks
  5. Does anyone have the vector graphic of Musket Mickey you would be willing to share? Just bought a new laser and I want to play around.
  6. How many extra fast passes per day do you get for that happening while on board. Maybe they will sell you the three for $50 without actually being on the club level.
  7. Jason, I know I asked awhile back and you have me on the list but I am still looking for New Years if it comes up.. Would take the 29th to the 1st ideally.
  8. That should be a minor change that ME must have just missed. Need to do Fort, WL, CT, Poly, Shades on that side.
  9. I have never seen it open. When they were running the express buses a few months ago I went out that way to meet the bus but have never seen it used to connect to the bypass that runs on that side behind the shops. Always had to get out of tomorrowland and over by the bathrooms outside terrace. This area has a lot of hub traffic at night.
  10. There is one that runs along from the Fantasyland train station down to space mountain. The problem is at space mountain the train goes through a tunnel so there is no where for a walkway. This walkway will probably be heavily modified, if it is even left after the tron ride is being built. I would like to see heavier use of the bypasses and a way to get to them from next to Buzz in Tomorrowland and somewhere by the treehouse in Adventureland. This would eliminate the need for non fireworks watchers to enter the hub at the end of the night.
  11. Like the old days with smoking/non-smoking rooms. Non-Smokers complained about the odor so they had to have rooms for each until they went to non-smoking across the board.
  12. They don't enforce any of the other Fort rules so it is just a matter of time till we see the dogs driving golf carts around. Or for that matter I guess they will be in the pool too.
  13. I really do not see them being that strict on it. The weird thing is I did not request it. I was logged into My Disney and it just popped up when I was in the Lodge lobby. I get similar popups whenever I pass restaurants that are on mobile order now. I should add that I DID NOT have Lyft installed previously nor did I have an account.
  14. I am back in two weeks. Going to see how much quicker is is to go directly from the campsite to a park and how busy at end of night for the return trip.
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