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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. That is a totally new concept for a manufacture, I actually have been able to add suggestions to 2 brands and have seen our suggestions put into their builds. Alliance is doing well but they are still having small issues, but with all I have read so far they are trying their best to improve on their issues. I know one of their reps and got to visit with him at one of their earlier shows and seeing we are friends he did say that we should not give up what we have now for theirs.....YET
  2. Below is the link for where we stayed, it is on the trolley line but we drove to the main hub and took the trolley to Dollywood from there so we only had to take one. We stayed in what they call a Park Cabin which is like a park trailer, it was cozy but had 2 bedrooms and a bath and a half, living area with a kitchen. Pigeon Forge Campground | Riveredge Log Cabin Rentals in Pigeon Forge, TN (stayriveredge.com)
  3. I guess each state has their own rules, our transponders are the small white and we have one in the Kenworth and one in the Explorer that are always used but will move one to our other car if needed, not sure if the camper is registered to the account but we never have a issue. Also when we got ours Delaware had no charge for the transponders now I think it's $20 each
  4. That is a great time to go and Christmas in the park is really great. Not sure what time the park opens then so if late 2 days might be best to see and do everything. The shows we saw lasted at least a hour if not longer. We stayed in a cabin in a campground that way we actually pre-cooked some meals so only needed to warm them up. Weather wise days will be pleasant but plan for nights to be chilly, also use the trolley system to avoid heavy traffic and also the parking fee at Dollywood, the trolley drops you off right at the entrance.
  5. We always make sure there is only one transponder at a time with us so we keep one in the Kenworth and one in our main car, in De we have only the motorized units linked to the transponder not the camper it gets charged correctly every time
  6. Hey I'm surprised they haven't found a way to add a vehicle charge for the Smart riding on the deck
  7. We found out you can also add funds if you know your going to use a lot of toll roads, that also would help your card not getting shut down by mistake
  8. Pa turnpike actually goes by weight so either way I am screwed
  9. With tolls so high in the north east make sure you have a good balance in your account, I know when we head west with our rig on the Pa, Ohio and even the Indiana toll road each hit for us is never under $50
  10. Great do it now after I left, could have used that when I was there.
  11. For your first day if you want to go a little farther try RVacation in Selma N.C. Another good spot we like is The New Green Acres in Walterboro S.C.
  12. We did the Black Hills also last year and it was great, we came across 90 and also hit The Corn Palace and then ventured into Minnesota and got to see the Spam Museum, now don't everyone get jealous over that one
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