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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. dblr....Rennie

    Elkhart, IN

    If by chance you end up looking at hotels let me know I have a couple we like, they are in Shipsweanna but probably not cheaper then a cabin. Also let me know when you'll be there as we will be there from the end of July thru mid August for the FROG rally.
  2. They are looking at a travel trailer.
  3. dblr....Rennie

    Disney cracking down on FP cheaters

    Good to hear this, with technology I am surprised this happened sooner.
  4. dblr....Rennie

    World Of Dreams Tour...Only $12,000

    Correct, they are one of the biggest to add the resort fee, as a TT member if staying at a TT park owned by Encore you do not pay it.
  5. dblr....Rennie

    World Of Dreams Tour...Only $12,000

    Heck I am seeing campgrounds now that charge " Resort Fees " if possible we avoid them.
  6. dblr....Rennie

    Happy Eighth Birthday Snarky!

    Happy Birthday Snarky!!!!!!!! I am really glad to have been able to meet some fine folks from here on our travels and hope to meet even more.
  7. dblr....Rennie

    DVC points for campsite

  8. dblr....Rennie

    Another Change at Trail's End Takeout

    A lot of times when a new Lidil opens they mail out their add which sometimes has a $10 off coupon if you spend $40 or $50, if they have some of their good meat sales and combine it with the coupon it is a nice savings. The adds at the store do not have the coupon, the first time we went we forgot the add we received but the cashier looked thru his drawer and found a coupon for us to use which we thought was very nice.
  9. dblr....Rennie

    Mickey bars coming to the grocery store?!?!

    Talking about bringing your favorite Disney snack home, my wife brought home a Dole Whip back when the Poly had self serve. She put most of it in one of those Yeti type cups then kept in the cooler for the ride home but did put it in the freezer when we got home, she said after it froze solid it was not as good, lucky for her local places now carry it but hey she got a A+ for effort.
  10. dblr....Rennie

    Another Change at Trail's End Takeout

    Lidil's has a bakery department and we have been able to get some really good prices on meats there, usually just on their weekly specials.
  11. dblr....Rennie

    Mickey bars coming to the grocery store?!?!

    Will you be on a quest like your were for the Weiner Mobile???????
  12. dblr....Rennie

    2019 ticket price increase

    We are thinking of getting a season ticket for the Cedar Fair parks this year, at only $200 a person and we might be able to visit a minimum of 4 of their parks in our travel plans I now feel like I am getting a bargain, now if the Cedar Point campground was cheaper I would be really happy. Cheapest rate I could find for when we would want to visit is around $125 a night.
  13. dblr....Rennie

    Disney pricing out the middle class

    Sounds like a plan and remember camper show season is starting, like I told your hubby just send me a blank signed check and I will get you all set up...ez peezy!!!!!
  14. dblr....Rennie

    Disney pricing out the middle class

    $5,000 is usually my savings goal from Christmas work to fund our camping habit for the year, put that money towards the camper your hubby asked me to check out.
  15. dblr....Rennie

    Live Stream of NYE Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks

    Our first trip over the holiday week we spent NYE in the MK, arrived by 9am and stayed until around 1am, we always say we spent NYE in the MK with 60.000 of our closest friends. We did have a great time but the crowds leaving and VERY POOR guidance by Disney staff left a bad taste to do I again, plus it took us nearly a hour and a half to get back to SSR once we got out of the park and we drove that day. We still go over the holidays but usually don't do a park on NYE.