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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. If she really wants to see old fuddy duddy I would be telling her to find a NEW place to permanently quarantine!!!! See Ya
  2. This is so true and I commend her and all the guest relation cast members who do this every day and still do it with a smile, I could never do this and would probably be fired the first day ( if not the first hour ) listening to people stretch the truth to gain freebies or upgrades
  3. Good luck with that, I told my mom almost the same thing as I don't want or need to add anything else for her to worry about, she does live with a grand daughter so at least I know supplies will be replenished there when needed. She for some reason looks forward to our visits even when she always repeats the same stories form the last visit, oh well it's just things to get used to. Good thing is no Dr. appointments scheduled until late May
  4. Yes that is exactly what I mean, plus some people seem to want their problems seem worse then others.....they need to remember we are all in this together.
  5. Yes it makes better sense but not for what they think is better reading or adding to the hype, that's what makes thing worse!!!!
  6. Ok then if the chair guys are saved I am good as that is the act I like, and for the record I do not need anyone trying to help confuse me I do a good enough job on my own stay safe everyone
  7. We have reservations at Vero Beach DVC for next month for Easter week and are waiting to see if that will be affected as well. We have tickets for Cirque du Soleol that week as well, finally starting to get nervous over our plans
  8. Not on the ocean but the bay side in Va. https://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/kiptopeke
  9. I heard eggs are one thing you can not cross the border with and I also heard do not pull in the truck lanes at the border even if your tv and camper are big, but please check on both of these tips as I don't want to cause you any issues. Another thing will your husband be with you crossing in and out of Canada? Sometimes there are issues with single parents crossing borders with the children as a precaution.
  10. Now that's some planning there and I thought I was good, I bow to you
  11. I agree it was a lot better back in the day with the paper fastpass, it seemed like a challange
  12. Heck places around here started this a long time ago with waiter, if you don't ask for it you won't get it. On the other hand we took mom to a local Italian restaurant Sunday night and we went thru 3 baskets of fresh bread ( yes we have a problem ) but it was fresh and still warm.
  13. Hey I try my best but won't force a Forest River product on friends and Fiends. Our rally we run is at Knoebels in Pa. if you ever plan a trip to the north east I highly suggest fitting it into your plans. They have a campground right at the amusement park but electric only with water fill and dump, our rally is at their sister park ( Lake Glory ) a short drive away but with full hookups. FROG has some really great rallies all over the US and Canada and all the folks that run them put in a lot of time and effort so everyone has a great time. https://www.knoebels.com/ https://forestriverfrog.com/
  14. Actually had too break our summer trip into 2 trips this year so we can be home for my mom when my niece goes to Disney as mom lives with her. First part we run a rally for FROG in Pa then the 2nd part just a easy trip with 2 stops in Pa then 2 in Ohio then we go back to Indiana for a few weeks to work the BIG FROG Rally there.
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