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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. You mean I might be finally able to get a campsite with my DVC points!!!!
  2. Packing up to leave is bad enough but even worse in the rain 😒
  3. We use to go almost every other year for the Christmas New Years break but have decided we do not like the crazy crowds like in that video so now are looking at other times to go.
  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!! Now I will have to show your post to the wife to prove that someone does actually listen and learn when I say something
  5. Glad to hear your all mended, also good to hear your habit of checking things when stopped, that's a good practice to keep in place, you can never check to much in my opinion. Also great to hear that you keep a positive attitude when things go wrong, hope you continue with safe travels.
  6. We used Tropical Palms behind Old Town, it was ok, we went cheap and got a site towards the back of the park but actually those sites were larger, short ride to the parks, I also hear the state park on 27 is nice I believe it is Lake Louisa or something like that. We would use the Thousand Trails near there also seeing we are members but their cash price seem high.
  7. Start checking Walmart I am sure tents must be on clearance by now seeing the Christmas decorations are out
  8. One thing to consider is some folks complain about all the rattles they hear in a motorhome going down the road, plates, glasses, even liquor bottles. Pros are not having to get out in lousy weather to use at night and bathroom breaks. Good luck on your decision. Hershey RV Show is in 2 weeks for searching, at least floorplans.
  9. Thanks for sharing the information, it's always good to find a decent shop, thanks for passing it along
  10. I have seen them at some ski areas as well, I think it's a great idea
  11. Ok good, the factories do not work on the weekends and most of them start in the early morning and are done for the day by 2 or even earlier, usually service and sales or office folks are there later then that. Most of the factories I have been to have a lot of Amish working so after they are done there they get back to tend to the farms. Have a safe trip and looking forward to pictures of the new unit.
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