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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. dblr....Rennie

    Food & Wine

    We went Thursday and today and of course today was the busiest day. Had lots of great food and drinks, dinner tomorrow in Germany but did see some desserts we might need to try!!!!
  2. dblr....Rennie

    Food & Wine

    That's about what we figured but if we go we will try early evening before the chaos begins!!!!!!
  3. dblr....Rennie

    There And Back Again

    Great start, looking forward to more!!!!!! Glad you enjoyed your trip
  4. dblr....Rennie

    We were the family of the day at Satu'li Canteen

    Sounds like a nice surprise!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. dblr....Rennie

    Food & Wine

    We arrive this Wed for 5 nights hope we pick a night the crowds are not real bad.
  6. If your handy and can fix things yourself and will not have the need to count on your dealer for repairs I would look for the best deal at a dealer you are comfortable and willing to travel to. We bought from a wholesaler near the rv capitol in Indiana where the build most campers and have never been back to them in the 2 years we have owned it. Good luck on your decision.
  7. dblr....Rennie

    Where to eat Christmas dinner???

    Last year we did the buffet in Germany
  8. dblr....Rennie

    Kentucky-Indiana Toll Bridge on I-65

    WOW according to the link to the toll rates you can charged even more with a roof top carrier, that's the first I have heard that one, bad enough we usually are always charged the rate for a tractor trailer but here they have every angle covered to make money!!!!!!
  9. dblr....Rennie

    Kentucky-Indiana Toll Bridge on I-65

    We just drove the same bridge a couple of weeks ago and yes you should receive a bill in the mail, we had EZ Pass and will have to see if they deducted for it yet, I think our charge was going to be close to if not more, around $10
  10. dblr....Rennie

    Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, IN

    Some really neat units there, thanks for sharing.
  11. dblr....Rennie

    California here we come!

    Visited Red Rocks just after a day of skiing at A-Basin last February and have added it to our list of things to see and do next time we camp in Co.
  12. dblr....Rennie

    Abridged report

    This might rate right up there with Jason's trip years ago, I am sure he will chime in with his details for the two of you to compare. Glad to hear that everything eventually ended up well and also nice to see someone at Disney stepped up to make things right. Looking forward now to reading about all the fun you had.
  13. dblr....Rennie

    Marceline, MO

    John thanks for posting, this is on our list to visit this summer after our stay in Branson.
  14. dblr....Rennie

    Am I crazy for contemplating this?

    JP, you might want to check out the Forest River Owners Forum, they have a great Dynamax group there and even a factory person involved that is really a great help to their owners. http://www.forestriverforums.com/forums/ Also join FROG, lot's of great rallies held all over the place http://www.forestriverfrog.com/
  15. dblr....Rennie

    Awning Fabric Replacement

    Grumpy was correct, that was how the techs replaced our awning at a FROG Rally once in Goshen In. the thing that I hated the most was they made it look so easy, all done in less then a hour.