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  1. I would say the cause is idiot drivers, I usually avoid I-4 but this year I did use it from 50 back to 95, it was not that bad but I planned my trip well after the morning commute
  2. Also a big Wawa fan, when I drove tractor trailer for UPS it was at least twice a night stop for coffee. On a side note I am even a bigger fan of Wawa as my dad was a delivery driver back in the VERY early days to houses when I was born so I tell everyone I am the milkman's baby
  3. Thanks Gretchen I do too. Been about 6 days since i contacted them and still no answer. With all the room on their locations just the safety factor for us is a plus, then they are usually cheaper on fuel but after we would get done shopping in their store whatever we saved on diesel would probably be left in their store.
  4. So the old saying is true, when one door closes another opens!!!
  5. Well I sent Buccee's a email regarding my situation regarding our tow vehicle to see if maybe they would exempt us and let us use their locations, I hope they do as seeing they are building a lot more locations north and east and will fall into our travels plans. Will let you all know the response.
  6. Coming north on 95 today in South Carolina and it looks like they are going to build another location around Florence
  7. Ok so I did a drive by today and they had small signs at the entrance saying NO SEMI'S so went to Racetrack instead, diesel was the same price but very tight trying to get fuel, ended up blocking part of the lot but no one came and complained. It would be much easier with all the room at Bucee's to get fuel, hopefully they will realize we are not truckers and would end up leaving lot's of cash for the beaver
  8. Good point did not look at it that way but I have a feeling they probably already get a lot of the fuel delivery trucks there. I think they just do not want it looking like a truck stop as some that I have seen looked pretty nasty
  9. Being a De resident we won't take credit for the Key bridge, it's in Baltimore and they can keep it have you towed across the Bay bridge on 301 yet or the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel on 13 going to Va, your hubby would probably divorce you after those
  10. I have never been in one but watching all the local news the lots look very large and easy to maneuver in I guess the truck thing is what they would argue. I have seen that about when they were only in Texas, not sure why they would complain about how much fuel I would BUY, but after checking Gas Buddy the Racetrack station near them looks to be lowering their price to compete, I bet they will like my money. If I fuel up there because the price is low I will not need to stop again for fuel until I am back home in De. 😃
  11. I am hoping to stop in there next Tuesday on my way north for diesel fuel, the ones in Texas have been known not to let setups like ours in their property. We tow with a Kenworth tractor towing a 43' 5th wheel both tagged as a rv, I am thinking as new as it is they might not enforce that yet, they do allow other rv 's but it must be the truck they don't like but we shall see. Wish me luck
  12. My wife's line for me is that they don't bite nasty!!!!!!!
  13. As the old saying goes isn't that the pot calling the kettle black. I tried to watch it but decided best to go watch a train wreck instead
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