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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. Thanks for sharing the information, it's always good to find a decent shop, thanks for passing it along
  2. I have seen them at some ski areas as well, I think it's a great idea
  3. Ok good, the factories do not work on the weekends and most of them start in the early morning and are done for the day by 2 or even earlier, usually service and sales or office folks are there later then that. Most of the factories I have been to have a lot of Amish working so after they are done there they get back to tend to the farms. Have a safe trip and looking forward to pictures of the new unit.
  4. Great tp hear Keystone stepped up and took care of you!!! When do you plan to come up to move your stuff? I am in Middlebury Indiana right now at the Coachman plant camping and will move to the Elkhart County Fairgrounds on Sunday, let me know if you need any help and if I am not busy with rally things could try to lend a hand. Safe travels
  5. With the campers we stayed below the Mackinaw Bridge we used Indian River RV Resort and campground which was very nice, we did cross the ridge with just the car to sightsee and scout out a few spots then headed west towards Travers City to hit the dunes area which was fun and did a dune ride plus found some nice campgrounds. We also stayed around Ionia Mi and visited the Gilmore Auto Museum which I would also recommend a visit to.
  6. I have been retired since 2013 and we have traveled every summer and this has been the ONLY summer we got weather like this, not sure if it was the location choice or just plain lucky but trust me we have had our HOT trips where we did not want to come out of the camper.
  7. We have been on the road since early June and this past Sunday was the hottest day we have encountered, we have hardly had to run the a/c and the nights have been down as far as the upper 50's. We figure if we do this trip again the next time we will probably get much hotter temps. We leave Mi. Sunday to head down to Indiana where all the rv's are built and will be there for 4 weeks, we have a strong feeling the a/c will get plenty of use then. Michigan is a wonderful state with lots to see and do, being here this year gave us a chance to see how much there is so we are already to plan our return trip.
  8. We are traveling around Mi. this summer, which by the way has been a fantastic trip, and have been scouting out campgrounds for a return trip and a lot of the very nice ones in the higher tourist area have been anywhere from $75-&110 for their level of premium full hook up sites. Even looking at Cedar Point for the trip home and they are close to $125 a night for our time frame.
  9. My wife had a group do them at the FROG Rally last year, turned out nice
  10. Ok I will add our times, getting older sucks, I remember driving right thru, in just the car maybe but towing the camper now at least 2 stops if not 3 but being retired means you don't have to rush.
  11. I had a friend stay once with us in a older camper who was shall we say is on the Fluffy side, he asked if we wanted to Vaseline the walls in the shower up so he wouldn't get stuck
  12. As far as the tp holder when we would go to shows I would always go into the bathrooms close the door and actually sit on the toilet to see if I fit, meaning do my legs hit anything, is it a right or left hand reach for tp and will even stand in the shower to see if I can stand straight up without hitting my head. You should have seen the lady's face when she opened the door and I yelled OCCUPIED!!!!
  13. I got mine from these folks at a rv rally, really good folks to deal with, not sure they would fall into the affordable class but they might be the best. https://www.technorv.com/tst-flow-thru-system-with-4-to-12-sensors/
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