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  1. My wife had a group do them at the FROG Rally last year, turned out nice
  2. Ok I will add our times, getting older sucks, I remember driving right thru, in just the car maybe but towing the camper now at least 2 stops if not 3 but being retired means you don't have to rush.
  3. I had a friend stay once with us in a older camper who was shall we say is on the Fluffy side, he asked if we wanted to Vaseline the walls in the shower up so he wouldn't get stuck
  4. As far as the tp holder when we would go to shows I would always go into the bathrooms close the door and actually sit on the toilet to see if I fit, meaning do my legs hit anything, is it a right or left hand reach for tp and will even stand in the shower to see if I can stand straight up without hitting my head. You should have seen the lady's face when she opened the door and I yelled OCCUPIED!!!!
  5. I got mine from these folks at a rv rally, really good folks to deal with, not sure they would fall into the affordable class but they might be the best. https://www.technorv.com/tst-flow-thru-system-with-4-to-12-sensors/
  6. 2 of our previous 5th wheels did not have either installed. the story was they let the owners do it so they are put where they like it. The last 2 all were installed. Weird excuse if you ask me.
  7. When 3 of us traveling together drove to the parks one day all with crew cabs but only 2 with dual wheels they did the same thing to us, if we took the Kenworth I am not sure where they would park us. When we go to other amusement parks with the Smart car I ask for half price seeing everyone says it's half a car but they never agree with me.
  8. I would agree with you on they don't peddle junk. We had one dealer that we traded in our popup that I asked do you want me to open it up? His reply was if the inside looks half as good as inside I am not worried. Another dealer called us after we got home with our new one to let us know the shop asked why we traded in a brand new unit, it was 5 years old at the time.
  9. Mo, glad all went well. It is really crazy as it seems they don't care about the trade ins. Also glad to hear towing seems easier but just don't relax to much and get over confident I know after all the miles I have put on I still get a little nervous when towing. Enjoy the first rip this weekend!!!!!!
  10. Kennywwod is a great park as well, we usually visit there every few years, they have a new coaster plus a whole new section this year.
  11. If you ever make it out you have to let us know we could be your personal tour guide. Yes on Dole Whip but think the only place for beer would be the golf course, which they also own. We have done both but mostly kids got the wrist bands we did tickets.
  12. I agree, the wife & I run a rv rally for Forest River there plus my wife won't let us miss the Covered Bridge Festival in October.....at least not yet.
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