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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. Elite Resort at Citrus Valley, where Grumpy & Grand mom are plus a lot of our FROG Friends
  2. Thanks for a great 10 years and also for the new friends or Fiends I have made and agree with what you said GET OUT and CAMP!!!!!!
  3. Gwen glad to hear your healing nicely, will you be at the Fort? I arrive in Florida Monday for a 2 month stay but outside of Disney but do plan some visits there as the wife who just retired yesterday ( WHOO HOO!!!! ) received some Disney gift cards as presents.
  4. Thanks for sharing that Mo as we will be down there for a couple of months so might check it out.
  5. As much as we like Disney we were getting a bit annoyed on having to book almost everything well before we got there as by the time we got there things or just what we wanted to do could change We would prefer the old paper fast passes even if we had to hustle early to try to get what we wanted then add on as we could. I am even at the point where selling our DVC would not bother me at all.
  6. I saw that also and just started thinking how many people are going to be shocked when they find out different
  7. I'm in for this ride, sorry to hear about your arm issue and hope it will be taken care of. Now on with the show!!!
  8. Well he did a get a free vacation when he delivered it when we were in Branson, but I will take any time we can have with our boys.
  9. My oldest son is a HUGE Yeti fan ( coolers of course ) and he thinks this is the greatest idea, he has a whole collection of Yeti products to the level of what I would say obsessed, he is lucky that most of the times he either gets them at 50% off ( Pro deals ) or wins them thru a raffle site. I won't complain he gave me one for my birthday one year and was even filled with Bison meat.
  10. There is a industry wide shortage on supplies, I was out that way in September and saw a lot of manufactures with almost ready units waiting on a/c units, furniture, windows and even heard of some with issues getting wallboard for the interior, seems like once they get what their waiting for something else ends up in shortage.
  11. Funny even with all the cut backs I just got a email for the bargain of the year (Ha Ha) to add onto my DVC...heck right now I would prefer to get rid of it NOT ADD ON!!!!
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