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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. We park at the Old Mill and take the trolley to Gatlinburg, makes it much easier then fighting the traffic and the cost is not that bad.
  2. Following along and I agree there has to be a better way around Chicago.
  3. Glad you liked Creekside, where we stay has started to upgrade their sites which will probably means also upgrade their cost. We did check out the Margaritaville campground and also The Ridge Outdoor Resort and for the cost between the two The Ridge gets our vote if we wanted something different. Riveredge RV Resort and Cabins is a smaller privately family-owned place since the 70's so we tend to favor that for us.
  4. One thing we did enjoy at EPCOT, fort the Art Festival the small food booths like at Food & Wine they had one on a walk between the countries and the front, they had one with Grilled cheese & tomato soup for $5.95 for a half sandwich and small soup and it was really good on the chilly day we were there. You could upgrade the sandwich with applewood bacon and different cheese for a little bit more, cheapest lunch EVER at Disney!!!!!
  5. I just wanted to drop a line about our current trip, we are here in a Treehouse early Feb 2022 and have to say this has been probably the most dis-appointing trip we have ever done (out of at least 20 or more). Crowds have been very high for this time of year, does not help there is a Cheer-Dance competition here this week either. Lines have been extremely long, and we decided against the extra cost for their new fast pass version. If it was not for the very little extra magic half hour, we would have only gotten on a couple attractions or rides, I will say they are trying to fill things up wi
  6. We stayed here about 5 years ago and were very pleased, when you first turn in they do not have a large area to stop, our tail end would have been in the road if we stopped right away. The sites that back up to the main road is where they put us due to size and the road is a very busy road so expect noise. Overall, the park is nice, clean and well run. This is where we always seem to stay now Pigeon Forge Campground | Riveredge Log Cabin Rentals in Pigeon Forge, TN (stayriveredge.com)
  7. Thanks for sharing, it was a great trip report, it will also help some folks maneuver around some of all the new things in WDW.
  8. Sounds like you had a great day and even better making a young person's day great as well.
  9. Thanks for posting a trip report and also welcome back!!!!! Anxious to follow along and also see pictures of your handy work decorating your site.
  10. Ok not sure if we will do parks or maybe venture to that Universal place but either way a week in Feb away from the cold of the north east is still a WIN 😎
  11. One person from the Forest River Forum board got this call and seeing they had a large group camping she declined as one room would not work so they offered her 2 rooms which she still declined. Later they called again and she said that a Tree House at Saratoga Springs would work for them and Disney agreed and gave them one. Now where they will park the camper I do not know as I do know there is not room at the Tree House.
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