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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. dblr....Rennie

    Smaller Camper Recommendations?

    If you can get the Hensley at a good price I would jump on it plus remember you can keep moving it to your next trailer so you always have it. If I was to go back to a TT I would get one as it is probably the best you can get, I am not sure but I think they even offer a service to recondition older ones but would check on that.
  2. dblr....Rennie

    Hey Mo! What’s good to eat?

    We have eaten at Splitsvile a couple of times and were always pleased with the food, plus on busy times you can always seem to get a table, we went there last time between Christmas and New Years
  3. dblr....Rennie

    Hey Mo! What’s good to eat?

    How about Splitsville and get a good table to people watch, if nice a outside one but if it's hot one upstairs next to the window.
  4. dblr....Rennie

    Smaller Camper Recommendations?

    Just as long as he does not want the Hensley, great hitch but could cost as much as a used camper
  5. dblr....Rennie

    DVC Hilton Head question

    You might need to leave their name so they can gain entry.
  6. dblr....Rennie

    Smaller Camper Recommendations?

    We have bought twice while attending the Hershey RV Show, well we actually ordered the units at " show price " the reason we did it there was to see the floor plan we wanted plus that is a factory sponsored show so usually they get the factory to kick in another amount off usually towards the end of bargaining as a final push.
  7. dblr....Rennie

    Am I crazy for contemplating this?

    Thanks I will have to tell the wife you said that, lol That sound like a great idea also especially in a studio. The wife has been looking at a pressure cooker but I keep telling her we do not need any more kitchen gadgets, now if she would discard somethings that are hardly used maybe we can talk
  8. dblr....Rennie

    Am I crazy for contemplating this?

    if we drive down and stay using our DVC we will even bring along our crock pot or electric griddle to cook in the unit, we have asked for these items before and have never been able to get them at the resorts plus the electric griddle cleans up much easier then their cookware so this way we get a mix of cost saving eating in to splurge eating out if we choose.
  9. dblr....Rennie

    Smaller Camper Recommendations?

    I am a fan of the Forest River lines, I would look at the Surveyor, or the Flagstaff or Rockwood line which are built in the same factory. Grand Design has been getting good reviews and do know they make a TT line. I used to like Jayco but their reviews have gone down since bought out by Thor. Artic Fox is another good build but are a west coast mfg with very few dealers here in the east. If you find something you like let me know and will try to answer any questions.
  10. dblr....Rennie

    It'll cost you big $$$ to see Villians!

    WOW a 30% discount for AP or DVC that makes it almost a deal!!
  11. dblr....Rennie

    Circus World

    Always wanted to try and visit there but never made it. ☹️
  12. dblr....Rennie

    Anyone need a new rig?

    Recreational use and not commercial; then no weigh scales, just like our set up, a full size Kenworth tractor registered as a RV so no weigh scales for us either.... but I am always looking in my mirrors after I pass one
  13. dblr....Rennie

    River Country

    Like TCD said Disney won't let that happen, I mean even now a friend who has had DVC at Old Key West since it started decided to sell it, had a buyer lined up but Disney exercised their right of refusal and instead Disney bought it and he got a even better deal then what he would have with the first buyer.
  14. I would ditch the umbrella and go with rain ponchos, easier to carry.
  15. dblr....Rennie

    New Campsite Categories at the Fort

    There is never enough room for us either, we usually just park the truck in overflow then keep the golf cart and the Smart car at our site.