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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. dblr....Rennie

    42 hours in Florida

    I can see pictures in your last post
  2. dblr....Rennie


    I got 2, 20lb bottles and a 40lb bottle filled this year at a Amish hardware store in Pa. and only paid $40 for all 3 of them total, note to self have full propane bottles before the next time we go to the Fort!!!!!!!!!
  3. Another fan of Blaze Pizza and Deluxe Burger, also we like Splitsville, usually easy to get seated and the food is not bad.
  4. dblr....Rennie

    Random Pics from our Halloween Trip

    Carol thanks for the great pictures, now just waiting for the wife to retire to make a trip to the Fort for Halloween!!!!!
  5. dblr....Rennie

    Random Pics from our Halloween Trip

    Great pictures!!!!!!!!
  6. dblr....Rennie

    The Fort on New Year's Eve

    Very true, on our Sept visit we were trying to get from EPCOT to the MK for fireworks along with just about everyone else, the monorail was so crowded we opted for the ferry boat which of course closed just as we were ready to board, but the very nice cast member said for us to stand to the right of the boarding area and they even piped in the music. We were very pleased with their suggestion and no pushy crowds!!!!!!!
  7. dblr....Rennie

    Heading south.

    I sent a buddy of mine from north Jersey across the Harry Nice bridge once to meet us in Va. he said there at nothing F$%^# nice about that bridge, I would like to say that he is finally speaking to me again.
  8. dblr....Rennie

    Day One...Crash

    Hope things work out for you.
  9. dblr....Rennie

    Indy Land Coming??

  10. dblr....Rennie

    Campground opinions for Charleston, SC

    The county park host a Christmas light display and is pretty popular, if they have any open sites. I know FROG host a rally there sometime in Dec. and takes up around 25 sites. Also heard good reviews of the other location as well.
  11. dblr....Rennie

    Golf Cart Fire

    Just for safety info I have a friend that their golf cart caught fire and was parked next to their 5th wheel which of course set the camper on fire, they got out safely but camper & cart was a total loss, no they did not have it on charge while parked but the batteries were not stock they came out of a wrecked Chevy Volt and he feels that was the cause of the fire. Sorry if I gave everyone here something else to worry about but CRAP happens!!!!!!!
  12. Believe it or not there are a lot of us out there doing this, this week in Hutchinson Ks. there is a HDT Rally at the fairgrounds that brings in close to 100 units. In the spring in Crossville Tn. there is another rally that usually has around 60 attend. Heck you can buy one now all ready to go just add the Smart car
  13. And people wonder why I tow with a Kenworth!!!!!
  14. dblr....Rennie

    Disney's Discovery Lodge, not River Country

    We are DVC and have not received anything either.
  15. dblr....Rennie

    Price increase on drinks and snacks

    We have found Dole Whips at Knoebels in Pa and also Holiday World in Santa Claus In. my wife says they are just as good at both locations.