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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. Make it a DVC Resort then jack up the price for rental. We are DVC members and will be curious to how many points these will cost, hope not as much as the bungalows or other cabins.
  2. I believe they do have 6-seater carts but very few and they go very quick, I have heard of folks that did exactly what you wish to do. Good luck and enjoy!!!!
  3. Carolina Crossroads is a good overnight stop, but the water hookups are goofy as in below the ground and if it rains heavy fill up with water, sites are long enough that even we could stay hooked up. We also used Lake Harmony in Townend Ga which also nice and not far from the highway
  4. Not sure how far each day you want to go and the 8 in your unit could be an issue but I will list who we have used heading south: KOA at Kings Dominion but that's probably too close for you, the old Yogi Bear near Emporia VA, Crossroads at Carolina, RVacation which I believe is now North Point Selma NC, Raliegh Oaks NC, South of the Border, New Green Acres, Creek Fire near Savanah. Good luck on your search
  5. And all at the full day rate right, they could at least offer a discounted admission
  6. Very nice report and enjoyed following along but must admit I was wondering with your title???? Babies are quick to recover, and I am sure you and all the folks around where more afraid than the baby.
  7. Have a great time!!! We are getting ready to leave Albuquerque today at the end of the Balloon Fiesta, glad you're able to get back to the Fort
  8. We did that a couple of years ago but stayed in a cabin did not tow the rv. The park opens later in the day, so a shorter operating day, the shows were very good and we enjoyed just strolling around checking out the lights and decorations.
  9. We enjoy Dollywood Park, but some things bug me, for one I love the train ride but hate how they run it, what schedule there is only one train on the tracks and the way they board it...coral everyone together then let them all rush to get on the train, wait maybe that's practice for getting on the trolley later . The shows there are wonderful and worth trying to get to see them all, we feel probably the best theme parks shows available. Glad you enjoyed your day.
  10. We park at the Old Mill and take the trolley to Gatlinburg, makes it much easier then fighting the traffic and the cost is not that bad.
  11. Following along and I agree there has to be a better way around Chicago.
  12. Glad you liked Creekside, where we stay has started to upgrade their sites which will probably means also upgrade their cost. We did check out the Margaritaville campground and also The Ridge Outdoor Resort and for the cost between the two The Ridge gets our vote if we wanted something different. Riveredge RV Resort and Cabins is a smaller privately family-owned place since the 70's so we tend to favor that for us.
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