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  1. shoreline99

    River Country

    Looks like wetland pretreatment basins. Mostly used for stormwater and surface runoff to catch sediment or other particulates, IIRC. So, not sewers, but possibly mosquitos.
  2. shoreline99

    Disney's Discovery Lodge, not River Country

    As i said in the other thread,
  3. shoreline99

    River Country

    Thanks, TCD
  4. shoreline99

    River Country

    I'm surprised there is no discussion of the cr*ppy name they announced for this new resort - " Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge " Which is horrible. I didn't mind the name that was being tossed around before, "Disney's Discovery Lodge" - that at least made some sense given the location. Awful, awful, awful. This whole project makes my stomach turn. https://wdwnt.com/2018/11/breaking-new-bay-lake-resort-to-be-named-reflections-a-disney-lakeside-resort/
  5. shoreline99

    River Country

    Not gonna wade into the argument, I'm just going to jump in with both feet. The issue isn't with Florida residents, or even local residents, that are paying to stay at the fort. The big issue that has always been a problem at this location is locals coming in to the resort (yes, I will use that word) and utilizing the amenities - the pools, sports/recreation areas, and free parking for WDW - without paying to stay there. For a long time it has been a not-so-secret spot for CM's, CM's families and other locals 'in the know' to come and freeload. Try using the Meadows pool on a weekend, and good luck grabbing a pavilion in the rec area. It's also an issue with 'guests' in some of the loops - having way more than the allowed number of people staying there while Disney turns a blind eye. I don't think anyone here has an issue with people that have paid to be there, no matter where they are from.
  6. shoreline99

    River Country

    Totally a generic hotel. It's really ridiculous. Almost to the point of being repulsively bland. At least the moderate and better resorts that went up in the Eisner era (from WL and the Grand Flo through the Boardwalk/Yacht/Beach) were really well done. I'll exclude Graves' Swan and Dolphin as they weren't really Disney hotels. Bay Lake Tower is horrible, too. The least they could have done is blend the architecture from Wilderness Lodge and the Fort to make something that fit well with the surrounding areas - the previous design for this location did just that. It was still way over-scaled for the site, but at least it was headed in the right direction. I hope that this is just rough concept art, and I'm wrong, but it looks pretty far along to be just spitballing.
  7. shoreline99

    River Country

    Ugh. And it's a horrible design. As an architect, I will say this is no better than a crappy chain hotel. At least the hotel that was originally designed for this location was realllly well themed. http://blogmickey.com/2018/10/breaking-disney-confirms-plans-to-develop-new-resort-on-old-river-country-grounds-near-fort-wilderness/?fbclid=IwAR3IiIOQ6vT3NkCKxQEIuJdTMkh5QxNttyA9JmpPw5t3hNRtAeVWMT--Mxg
  8. shoreline99

    Victoria & Albert's?

    After discussing the meal with other friends, my only real knock on the restaurant is the decor. It's pretty dated, although very well done. As you can see from my first photo the front doors are kind of beat up, and on one photo I took you can see the years of fingerprints on the frosted glass. It could certainly use an upgrade. And maybe a few windows to the outside. You can argue that a space like this makes it all about the food, but if you had a restaurant of this quality in a space like Narcoosee's, it would be an even bigger home run. It's no French Laundry or the like, but it's definitely a wonderful experience.
  9. shoreline99

    SDMT queue removed

    They did this on Space Mountain in the queue line. There used to be buttons to press in the regular queue line for an interactive game, now it's part of the Disney parks play app. I'm quite sure this has more to do with collecting data than moving people along, but that point does make some sense.
  10. shoreline99

    Victoria & Albert's?

    It was lamb shoulder. Didn't think it was veal. Updated my post above.
  11. shoreline99

    Victoria & Albert's?

    The ladies did get roses, which were lovely. None of us are really chocolate people, and after that chocolate dome at the end of a 4+ hour meal, we were done. You live and learn. The bread service is fresh baked individual baguettes and herbed brioche, with a variety of butters and flaked sea salts. That sounds like it could be right, I don't remember it being veal but I did email the restaurant to find out what it was. Definitely potato glass, which was really cool.
  12. shoreline99

    Victoria & Albert's?

    I know Mo is waiting for this, so I'll try to keep it brief and to the point. We ate at V&A's earlier this week, in the main dining room. This is one of three dining options at V&A's, along with the chef's table and the smaller, private dining room. There is a harpist playing in the dining room for the evening, and the ambiance was lovely. Our party arrived about a half hour early, since I was informed when the restaurant called to confirm our reservation that we would be seated promptly at our reservation time (6 PM). Most of our party went into the adjacent bar at Mizners, but they hadn't even had a chance to order a drink before our table was ready. Unassuming entrance: Ceiling detail: Drinks were ordered, and our waiter for the evening (John from Boston, MA) and server (Rado, not sure where the gentleman was from but he was very helpful all evening) passed around personalized menus and a glass of champagne for everyone. This was my menu for the evening, with 11 total courses (including the amuse bouche). We also chose to do the wine pairing (2-3 oz. pours): One of our party had the pescatarian menu, which was basically the same but with substitutions for the animal protein dishes. Another in our party had the vegetarian menu, which he said was amazing as well. Amuse Bouche, New Zealand Langoustine with Imperial Caviar, Avocado and Lime Nuage: The Nuage was a type of foam, and the pairing of the salty langoustine and caviar with the creamy avocado and sweet foam was a nice way to start the dinner. We all skipped the additional caviar dish. First Course, Bison Tenderloin with Horseradish Creme and Clementines. This was a Bison carpaccio, and was a great bite, with the clementine pairing well with the sharpness of the horseradish and the flavor of the meat. Most if not all of the dishes were about texture and balance as well as flavor, and we all felt that they nailed it consistently. Second Course, Maine Halibut with Poppy Seed and Lemon Ravioli Quite possibly my favorite single bite of the evening, the sauce with this dish was amazing. The fish was perfectly cooked and seasoned, and the handmade ravioli with fresh herbs paired well with it. Third Course, Dover Sole with Petite Squash and Tomato Water: Don't let the name fool you, that tomato water was amazing. They brought the dishes to the table and poured the sauce over at each plate. Delicious and so aromatic - thank god they had bread service. Fourth Course, (this was a 'chef's choice' and was not on the menu) Lamb shoulder with Yukon Mashed Potatoes and Potato 'glass': The piece on top was a modernist take on a potato chip, and was really quite interesting. It is made using raw pureed potatoes, white vinegar and salt that is blended together and spread on a silk screen, then dehydrated overnight and fried the next day. I think this was the most 'nontraditional' item on the menu, and very well done. Fifth Course, Roasted French Quail with Corn Pudding and Spinach: The Quail was cooked as a type of sausage, very tasty. Sixth Course, Kurubota Pork Belly with Pineapple and Peanuts: Honestly, this was good but it was my least favorite plate of the night. The wine pairing with this was one of the best, though. Seventh Course, Australian Kobe Style Beef with Potato Pinwheel (I did splurge for the Miyazaki Beef add-on also): I've never eaten such a buttery, delicious piece of beef - the Japanese portion we shared among three of us so we each got a bite. You've heard the phrase 'melt in your mouth, that's exactly what this did. It was served with a savory sauce. The 'Kobe style' beef was also amazing, well paired with a nice Cabernet and a chimichurri sauce. (sorry for the 'already took a bite' photo) Eighth Course, cheese plate We could have ended the meal here and it still would have been perfect. Nice selection of cheeses, and the fresh honeycomb was fantastic. They also brought out the coffee service, which is made fresh at your table in a kind of 'reverse perk' British vacuum pot. The glass carafe with the grinds in it is placed in the pot of water, and a small burner is lit below the pot. The water heats up and perks up and into the carafe with the grounds, and the burner is extinguished. As the pot cools, the coffee is drawn back down into the pot and then served. It's pretty cool to watch, and the coffee was as good as I've had. https://cona.co.uk/cona-products-dining.php for info and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUzDYHi1A2g for a video of the coffee brewing (not my video). Ninth Course, Banana Cream Dessert (not on the menu): Fresh banana with a salted caramel sauce, with a crunchy wrap full of banana cream and more sauce. This was reeeally good. By this point we were all pretty much done, but there was yet the.. Tenth Course, Bittersweet Chocolate Dome on Praline Crunch Compared to a lot of the other plates, this one was larger, and if we were doing it again I think I would have brought this home to enjoy. It was delicious, but by this point we were stuffed. After coffee and dessert were finished, the waiter came around with chocolates for everyone, which we did manage to decline. All in all an excellent dinner, no one had the slightest complaints (even after the bill had arrived) and the presentation, food, service and ambiance were all wonderful. 10/10. Would I do it again? Maybe, but I feel like that box was checked and there are so many other places to get excellent meals on and off property that it's more for a once-in-a lifetime experience.
  13. shoreline99

    Victoria & Albert's?

    OK, so we ditched the Cali Grill option as we caught the last monorail of the night (at 10:30), and chose to ride through to the Poly, where we were told there was a 90 minute wait for Trader Sam's. After I laughed at the hostess, we ordered up a Minnie Van back to our hotel. In hindsight, it was probably a good decision overall. Review and photos to follow.
  14. shoreline99

    Victoria & Albert's?

    Just got my call from the restaurant to confirm everything! Pretty cool. Mo - question about the Cali grill - can you just go up and sit at the bar? We're thinking about going there after V&A, then Trader Sam's for the hat trick