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  1. It could also be a 'Target Express', similar to the ones near college campuses. They usually have groceries and a limited selection of housewares and clothing...
  2. Holy cow, those new cabins are right on top of the existing playground. Don't know if I'd pay $2000 a night to stare at the side of Crockett's Tavern, either...
  3. We got two reservations for Oga's in October. Started trying as soon as they went live, but the system crashed several times. I had reservations in my 'cart' a couple of times and then an error message. When the dust settled everything seemed to be booked, but I tried at 6 am the next day and was able to get two lunch reservations while we're there. Which is a misnomer, as there's not actually any food to be purchased...
  4. TSL is a barren wasteland; at least Pandora has trees and foliage. We're going to Galaxy's Edge in October, hopefully it wont be as bad as oh say AUGUST
  5. Completely agree, Carol. With a gaggle of kids in tow, we've been to most of the first aid offices in the parks (and yes, we've had Reedy Creek EMS respond unnecessarily once too, long story there lol). Maybe it was just a bad day. Usually they're extremely professional and helpful.
  6. The Goofy ride at Disneyland (Goofy's Sky School) is the same ride but without the spinning cars, and I thought it was atrocious. The spinning cars actually make the ride better, but it's still a whiplash-inducing ride for sure.
  7. To Jason's point - we had midweek reservations in October for F&W, so I just made a new reservation with the 20% offer (woohoo!) and canceled the other one. WDW Phone lines were busy all day yesterday. EMH at DHS this fall start at 6 am!!! 😲
  8. Well, that describes WDW in a nutshell now, doesn't it.
  9. Agreed. If we don't eat at Skippers (which we like, my wife and I usually get an order of the shu mai dumplings and split a steak salad) we will go somewhere on the monorail. If the kids are with us we'll sometimes grab the spicy chicken waffles at Liberty Square, or eat at Pecos Bill's (which is a lot like Chipotle now, to be honest)
  10. My personal favorites: Disney Springs: Boathouse - dockside bar it possible. If that's busy, try to get an outside seat at the Hangar Bar next door. Both overlook the amphicar launch and the water. Great sunsets. Raglan Road - just because. Morimoto Asia - sushi bar or the main ribbon bar inside. They also have outdoor seating overlooking the 'spring' of DS. I've heard good things about Paddlefish and Wine Bar George, those are on the list if we get back this fall for food & wine. And Mo has a permanent seat at Dockside Margaritas. Resorts: Geyser Point - hands down my favorite outside bar/casual dining. California Grill bar area - solid #2 Tiki Terrace at the Poly - great for afternoons, if the weather is gross you can go check out the Kona Cafe or the bar outside 'oHana. Hurricane Hannah's at the Y&B club or the Big River Grille if you're over by EPCOT. Parks: Animal Kingdom: Nomad Lounge. EPCOT: We really don't have a favorite there for a quick dining option, other than to grab a beer and some fish & chips from the cart outside the Rose & Crown and watch the band play in the garden at the UK Pavilion. Hollywood Studios: The Baseline tap house, or if you want a meal instead of appetizers hit up the Tune In Lounge at the 50's prime time diner or the outside bar area next to the Hollywood Brown Derby. Both have a slightly modified menu of the restaurants they are attached to. MK: Skipper Canteen, you can usually get a walk up reservation there. The dining options at MK are pretty limited, honestly. Where are you staying?
  11. I like the conference center lobby behind Y&B. It's got good wifi and is usually pretty quiet. I've gotten some great work done there.
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