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  1. Guess I'm lucky to have booked my trip before the World blew up - we're booked for a few days starting 9/29/2021...
  2. Also https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/reflections-–-a-disney-lakeside-lodge-project-89-development-near-fort-wilderness.938671/page-69#post-9265922
  3. Looks like Reflections may be on hold, or even canceled... https://blogmickey.com/2020/06/rumor-reflections-a-lakeside-lodge-disney-vacation-club-property-has-been-cancelled/
  4. Yes! We're at 24 next year. We've never been able to stay at the poly before, so we're going all out to be there for the actual 50th. Should be fun - and completely nuts I'm sure. Glad we got our reservation in before they shut everything down this week - I hit 499 days and dialed it right up!
  5. No fall food & wine trip this year. Too many uncertainties. BUT, we're officially booked for fall 2021! We'll be there for the 50th. First time staying at the Poly!
  6. Rumor as of yesterday is June 1 opening.
  7. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/25/disney-names-bob-chapek-next-ceo.html
  8. Artist Point was by far our favorite before it closed; Cali Grill was always great too but harder to get in to. It's definitely slipped a notch. Other than the view, IMHO it's not worth the cost. Go to Morimoto Asia for better sushi and Le Cellier or Don Shula's for better steaks....
  9. Having visited it twice last week, I have a few thoughts also. I'll preface it by saying we did NOT do the smuggler's run ride so this is more about the cantina and some general observations. First time (Wednesday) it wasn't super crowded, and we had reservations at Oga's. It's really tough to get your bearings unless you've been there a few times, and even then it's confusing. CM's were handing out maps at the entrance by Baseline Taphouse. You check in and then wait in line for your name to be called. We stood at the bar and had a great time. The staff and bartenders were great and really seem to enjoy the interaction with customers. Our friends had been to GE in California and said it was completely different - the staff there seemed to just be going through the motions, moving people through the place and were less than friendly. The drinks were great (they say it's a two drink/45 minute limit but we had three rounds and were there at least an hour +, no pressure from staff) and the themeing was awesome. It's a really fun vibe. I definitely recommend downloading the Disney Parks Play app and taking time to check out the land using the app. Lots of stuff to scan and hack, as well as jobs you can do to earn credits. I would spend quite a bit of time just going around and using that as a way to learn the layout of the place. Really cool. Second time (Friday) we found the land to be totally overcrowded and overwhelming. It was super packed and there were incredible lines everywhere - for SR, all the shops and other areas. We had another reservation at Oga's and were seated in one of the alcoves with other guests. Different experience. It was cool to be seated with others and discuss the land and its themeing, but it wasn't as much fun as standing at the bar. Again, they say it's a two drink/45 minute limit but we hung out for a bit longer and never felt rushed. I will say that it's a bar - the staff was great with kids, but it's still a bar. There's no food there like at Trader Sam's (an overpriced bar mix and a REALLY lame cheese plate - save your $$) but there are nonalcoholic drinks. It would probably behoove them to institute adult only hours like at TS once more stuff opens up. We saw lots of bored little kids. The drinks were excellent, but everything is premixed in bulk and dispensed from taps. Like TS, you can order drinks with or without purchasing the accompanying mugs EXCEPT for the beer flight. Not sure why that is, but we saw people buying the $80 overpriced flights several times... There were lots of interactive street characters on both days, including Kylo Ren, Chewbacca, imperial officers and lots of stormtroopers. That was very cool. Also, there is a ton of shade in the land. Themeing was A++. I think the difference between this land and Pandora is that more people are familiar with SW and probably have certain expectations about what characters and references they want to see in the land versus Pandora. Pandora works because you can just enjoy it for what it is. GE/SW has so much backstory that it's hard to hit everything, and this is just a place and moment in time in the SW universe. Overall we enjoyed it, but it's definitely claustrophobic when it gets crowded. Anyway, just my $0.02.
  10. Ate at the California Grill last week. Service was good, but the dinner was just OK. The menu has definitely changed and seems kind of disjointed - they've got the cedar plank salmon and bison steak now from Artist Point on the menu, and the rest of it seems like a collection of hits from other places. The bison steak was excellent, but my wife had a lobster and scallops dish that was way overseasoned and the flavors didn't seem to mesh well. No specials, either. Our friends had some sushi, which was excellent, but overall it seems to have dropped a notch. We haven't eaten there since Brian Piasecki left, and I don't know who's running it now, but it just seemed off. They seem to be much more lenient on the dress code, too...
  11. It could also be a 'Target Express', similar to the ones near college campuses. They usually have groceries and a limited selection of housewares and clothing...
  12. Holy cow, those new cabins are right on top of the existing playground. Don't know if I'd pay $2000 a night to stare at the side of Crockett's Tavern, either...
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