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  1. Beckers

    Good Bye PhotoPass Photographers ?

    This is dumb.that is all
  2. Oh that’s good to know. So is there other levels? This is is why I love this board, helpful info like this.
  3. Beckers

    Club 33 at Magic Kingdom Construction

    Google says $25,000-$50,000 buy in and $10,000 or more in yearly dues
  4. Beckers

    Club 33 at Magic Kingdom Construction

    If you have to ask you can’t afford it 😂😂😂
  5. Beckers

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    Great picture Gwen. It’s nice to see pumpkins that haven’t been tore apart by squirrels.
  6. Beckers

    Club 33 at Magic Kingdom Construction

    I’ll be sure to post you all more info when my membership comes and I can go 😂
  7. That actually sounds great. I think we will try here first and if no luck move on to the other places suggested.
  8. Thanks! That’s probably more our speed. Not really interested in the time or money for a sit down this trip.
  9. Jason managed to find us a room so we are staying on property!
  10. Beckers

    Mad chalk art skills

    Wow! SHe did great!!
  11. Oh yeah not eating there! Heck I’m too cheap to pay for assigned seating on the plane/or luggage 😂 need to see if we can get anything at DS but I don’t want to rush.
  12. Saturday we are going to the Gaylord to see Ice at 5pm once we are done I was originally thinking we’d go to Disney springs. But considering it’s a Saturday and close to thanksgiving I’m guessing it’s not a smart idea. What should we do? We will be childless.
  13. Does anyone know if territory lounge is open?
  14. I’m probably neverrrrrr letting my kids ride this again. That’s a whole lotta nope.