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  1. There’s a house in NJ that does a whole Christmas Vacation decorating theme. It’s pretty fantastic. If I remember how to post pics I will.
  2. I hope Cousin Eddie goes camping there 😂
  3. I’m not a Star Wars person, and most of it would probably go over my head but it looks amazing.
  4. I think mini van can take you up into the bus loop (but it’s way more money than Uber)
  5. It was fantastic! Kids and I both enjoyed it a lot. Music is great but I don’t think anything is “let it go” catchy (thankfully!).
  6. Waiting is probably good so you can have a true binge 😂 they started with 1 episode of series and each Friday they release another. Wait a few weeks and you’ll have more to watch than hours in a year 😂
  7. The day it went live it was a mess! After that first day we haven’t had any problems. We’ve watched both episodes of the Imagineering Story and enjoyed them both.
  8. Nacole!! You on a boat! I’m so proud (and surprised!)
  9. That’s why we did Prime now for my parents! I think we paid like $6 for a 12 pack of soda and around $4.50 for a pack of 24 small waters. Even if they tossed 1/2 of it, they were still ahead!
  10. My parents used “prime now” twice while at all stars last month and bell services held and delivered their stuff and they never were charged for it
  11. I just read more info on it. That really sucks! So the more affordable spots are all booked so you either have to pay a ton more or don’t go. That’s not good at all.
  12. Was is posted correctly and just charged wrong or was it listed as $40 everywhere?
  13. They need to have a holding area for them. Like a waiting pen where they have to comply and get their act together and crap folded etc and then let them in line.
  14. I read that somewhere too (probably the same whacky FB group 😂
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