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  1. It sounds like it’s gonna be a hot mess.
  2. Beckers

    Skyliner Update

    They’ve all been uncovered now! They look fantastic but I’m not sold on the no ac thing. Click the link for more pics
  3. Beckers

    River Country

  4. That’s amazing! A cat cat went missing from the town next to me, they found it 12 miles away from home and it had to cross 2 busy highways to get there! Thankfully it was chipped so they were able to reunite jt
  5. Beckers

    Disney Beats Universal Again!

    We all should probably be thankful for Halloween. Or we would be celebrating Christmas in September
  6. Beckers

    Disney Beats Universal Again!

    Soon it will Christmas in July!
  7. Our movie theater sells dole whip (I just found this out) and a few other places by me.
  8. I’m so confused. Like 7-11 where I get a slurpee?
  9. Beckers

    Skyliner Update

  10. Beckers

    Skyliner Update

    Let’s be real, the annoying this is only 22 of the 300 cars have character pictures on them. Lord help the person stuck behind the social media bozos who have to wait for a character car.
  11. Beckers

    Skyliner Update

  12. Beckers

    Hey Mo! What’s good to eat?

    That was the best suggestion you ever gave us.
  13. Beckers


    These are pretty nifty looking