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  1. My condolences on the loss of your mother in law. I’m glad to see your report, will there be tea?? I never realized airports had a landing curfew, glad you made it! Talk about cutting it close. The AK tour looks really neat!! Looking forward to more.
  2. That is amazing!!!! I feel like it needs windows that open out so I can open them and yell good morning.
  3. We make our reservations 2 years out for the campground we like in NJ. I already have 2021 booked (and I currently don’t have anything to camp in 😂😂😂)
  4. Guess what? Can’t fly them home. https://streamingthemagic.com/galaxys-edge-coke-bottles-not-allowed-on-airplanes/
  5. Took this from Disney parks blog about Epcot update. Can we all say new dessert party location? A new pavilion will be the perfect place for live events, and the home base for Epcot’s signature festivals. It will provide a stunning elevated view of the entire park and an ideal spot to witness Epcot’s nighttime spectacular. This beautiful three-level structure will have one of the most remarkable architectural designs at any Disney park, featuring a plaza level, a middle expo level, and a park that sits in the sky on the top level.
  6. 1. I’m glad my family isn’t really into star wars. 2. Youtube will be the only way we see this place. 3. And thanks to YouTube we’ve had many conversations with our children about “most people don’t live like this” and while you are in our house you will never fly first class, have a giant tv (or any tv) in your room, have a room dedicated to video games or LOL dolls (or whatever the hottest toy is) nor will a company send you toys to “unbox”. 😂
  7. But wait, there’s more! https://www.igloocoolers.com/pages/mickey-and-minnie-collection
  8. 🤮 I love cookie dough, but not enough for it to be dessert.
  9. The boutique hotel 🤮🤮 I can see it happening though.
  10. The battery thing made me lol. I don’t at all regret my castle purchase but I don’t think this will join our family. Its neat but not sure I’m willing to pay that much again.
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