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  1. Beckers

    Enter to WIN MNSSHP Blog Party

    I’ve never heard of her before and I swear in the last 10 days I’ve heard her name no less than 20 times!
  2. They mush if you don’t drink quick enough and then it turns into a texture/sensory issue.
  3. Face it, dropping straws is the trendy thing to do now. And if Disney starts, everyone is probably going to follow.
  4. How about elimination of the plastic junk toys they sell 😂
  5. Beckers

    Disney Alaskan Cruise out of Vancouver

    I can’t wait for your report
  6. Beckers

    Adirondacks report

    Ugh so I probably need to do it from a computer and not my phone.
  7. Beckers

    Adirondacks report

    Darn it, it’s only showing the picture link and not the image.
  8. Beckers

    Adirondacks report

    I’m going to see if I can do this trip report with using google photos so hang on while I try this out. We left Friday the 13th around 7am and traffic on the turnpike really was a killer 😂 https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOsJMUqNjqF5hU-Eyg-NB0aybqPX2LFz35LcxWUNLRi5Z-f0M43oy0aBPS-cL8tag/photo/AF1QipPJj-1-p7LkjsDvbgAcafofZbFQ7DLA1ZazFRuZ?key=TWg1aXZWSWgtQ0lmWGJsSlZLMjR5bVNYek9ReVVB.jpg just kidding, by some small miracle traffic on the turnpike wasn’t bad at all. We ended needing to make one bathroom break before reaching our first stop. https://photos.app.goo.gl/kup3XZVd2U67xp9i7 Orange County Choppers in Newburgh, NY. https://photos.app.goo.gl/M5oC8uRsSgPv1CsQ8
  9. Wow. Who needs your camper when you have that bungalow !!
  10. Wow. Looks pretty swanky. I’m guessing it’s slightly more than the Fort 😂 Was there a lot of kids there is this more of an adults only type of place? Any idea what was in the bungalow ? brian saw something about fishing in Michigan (I don’t know what part) but the water was super clear, so Michigan might be on the horizon for us for a trip.
  11. I agree and it doesn’t sound like a full day thing either?
  12. Beckers

    Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, IN

    Carol what did you use to post your pictures?
  13. Beckers

    Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, IN

  14. Beckers

    Slinky Dog queue isn't wearing well

    I’m gonna way too much credit