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  1. I don’t think I could enjoy myself if I went anytime soon, first person to cough and I’d probably have a heart attack.
  2. They are doing that to the Jersey shore too. First case in Cape May County was an out of stater who was “trying to get away”.
  3. And you have the bonus of a possible 2 week vacation extension with a Government quarantine 😂
  4. Watched a video of it on line, kinda of underwhelmed. It looks cheaply done. Hopefully I’m wrong.
  5. Happily I’m not impressed with the build a Bear on. But what you just posted? Yes please However these 😍 but they aren’t shipping til like 8/20 https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/the-mandalorian-the-child-75317
  6. I thought the spots were small but could totally be wrong. The only picture I have from our stay doesn’t show much of the driveway.
  7. There’s a house in NJ that does a whole Christmas Vacation decorating theme. It’s pretty fantastic. If I remember how to post pics I will.
  8. I hope Cousin Eddie goes camping there 😂
  9. I’m not a Star Wars person, and most of it would probably go over my head but it looks amazing.
  10. I think mini van can take you up into the bus loop (but it’s way more money than Uber)
  11. It was fantastic! Kids and I both enjoyed it a lot. Music is great but I don’t think anything is “let it go” catchy (thankfully!).
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