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  1. Honestly the next movie in our radar isn’t Disney. We want to see Dora the explorer.
  2. Will post updated pic tomorrow with lights in! im slightly obsessed
  3. I heard it’s gonna be like the chairs from Wall e, no walking required 😂
  4. These are the ones I ordered. Update tomorrow when I get my buckets back from my friend on how well they work. Submersible Led Lights with Remote - 2019 Underwater Led Lights - Waterproof Light Pad - Led Lights Battery Operated - Aquarium Lights Decorations - Fountain,Pond Lights -Two Remote Controls Included https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G8MX78B/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_TPpjDbDR0WRFS bucket came from Walmart, less than $5 for bucket and lid, stickers came off super easy with blow dryer
  5. I just got 2 buckets today! My friend is helping me with them.
  6. My kids are still scared of Vincent and we saw it last week 😂
  7. I poked around some FB groups. It’s a round sign that says Disney's Fort Wilderness resort and campground and has one small firework.
  8. Is it just a white bucket, a decal and a light?!? Seems simple enough for me to try.
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