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  1. campingdawgs

    New baby hippo at AK

    He’s so cute! I love his name!
  2. campingdawgs

    Tower of Terror holiday overlay

    Is this show new this year? I haven’t seen this.
  3. campingdawgs

    So.... I thought this was interesting.

    That is cool! I didn’t know anyone could get married inside any of the parks. I learned something new!
  4. This looks interesting. Animal Kingdom is my favorite park and I was worried that the Pandora area wouldn't work there. I'm not a fan of the movie. Does the land seem to go with the rest of the park? I've always loved the theming at AK.
  5. campingdawgs

    A TCD Easter at The Fort Trip Report

    Yay! A new trip report! My 13 year old daughter guessed Jedi Elsa right away. There are some interesting costumes. I'm sure it was great people watching!
  6. campingdawgs

    Twenty One!: The TCD Twins' 21st Birthday Jamboree at the Fort

    It really does look like Spanish moss unless you know what you're looking at. And I think there is a champagne cork in a tree in the 1400 loop that we may or may not have left there? We saw the tropical storm and since it looked like it would be gone before we got there, we took the chance and booked the weekend. We got there Friday the 10th around noon. We were in 1008, and for a long time there was only us and one other family on that loop. It did fill up by Saturday, though. The only stormy weather we saw was Friday evening, but since we were inside Raglan Road at the time celebrating my husband's birthday, we didn't mind.
  7. This is so sad. I guess most visitors to Florida are not as aware of the wildlife as campers are. We have seen several gators around the Fort, two near the 300 loop and the dog park. We have seen water moccasins as well and had to warn people away from the water's edge. We reported what we saw each time and Disney employees showed up quickly and removed the gators (and the snake they could find!). I'm sure the family is devastated and my heart goes out to them.
  8. campingdawgs

    Twenty One!: The TCD Twins' 21st Birthday Jamboree at the Fort

    It sounds like the girls had a great time and things didn't get too crazy. You and Mrs. TCD are very thoughtful hosts! The breakfasts and cookout were just the sort of thing my kids and their friends would appreciate! I love the decorations at the cabin- the twine is still there, by the way. We just got back from the Fort last night and we saw the twine while looping. It almost looks like Spanish moss?
  9. campingdawgs

    Twenty One!: The TCD Twins' 21st Birthday Jamboree at the Fort

    Happy Birthday to the TCD twins! ? I hope they had a good time! My oldest will be 21 in December ?
  10. campingdawgs

    Tent and pop-up site

    We have had our Airstream, a tent and a screen room on one site with no issues. It was a large site, though, in the 1900 loop. You may feel more crowded in the preferred loops as most of the sites are smaller. When we had a pop up, we usually stayed in the 300 loop and I don't think I would have wanted both a tent and a screen room. However, it was a very large pop up (we called it the Beast) and our truck is large as well.
  11. campingdawgs

    When Can We Do This Again? A TCD Disneyland Double Dip

    I had no idea Ray Bradbury was involved with Disneyland. And I am a science fiction fan. Fail on my part. It looks like you had a great time visiting the girls. I'm sure you miss them. I miss my daughter and she's only 2 hours away. She's having so much fun at school she hasn't been home much this year. I think maybe the guy in the lab coat could be Doc Brown from Back to the Future, but that costume wouldn't go with the others so maybe not. The girl with Pocahontas looks like a samurai Woody.
  12. campingdawgs

    When Can We Do This Again? A TCD Disneyland Double Dip

    Second? Really? On a TCD TR? That's a new one for me!
  13. campingdawgs

    First Disneyland trip!

    Your pictures are beautiful! I really wish they would do the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay at WDW. It's my favorite Halloween movie and I would love to see it at the Haunted Mansion. While we have children in school, I don't see us making it to California during the fall
  14. campingdawgs

    First Disneyland trip!

    Thank you, Dave! ~Kim