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  1. Jason, First I'm happy to still see you here. Second, I am anxiously awaiting that fast approaching time myself. Would love to upgrade to a younger truck camper. Debbie, like many other campgrounds they will eventually catch on and if you drop of to many days, they will dump your whole reservation. I've been searching my available vacation times(we have certain dates available) finding we cannot book 7 day anywhere. i was lucky to find 5 days. The loss of 7 days worth of rental's for people reducing to 2 days on just a weekend will eventually catch up.
  2. Bob, you are the closest to us. We live on the coast of Maryland. Heat, Humid in the summer, cold as all heck in winter, and both in spring and fall. I'm super excited as this will be surprise trip for my boys and a first for my little women. Not sure she'll remember, but we sure as heck will. We have a decent size caper at 38'. It runs on 50 amp so hot or cold Isn't a problem. We just have to make sure the bottles are full when we leave. Shouldn't be an issue as we always run the fridge in transit as we have the last 20 years I've been camping in a TT and previous 18 with my pare
  3. Ok ladies and gents after to long of a hiatus, I'm back and planning a trip to the mouse house. Deposit is laid out and the 5 day trip is a ago(would have loved 7 days but I cannot get around weekend campers). Whos been early in January and what should i expect crowd and weather wise. we will arrive on the 3rd. Throw me your experience's and weather report. Thanks a ton!!!!!
  4. Super frustrating trying to plan vacations with the kiddos. Doggone it.
  5. Just wondering if anyone knew what the heck was going on for those two months straight. I cannot get any open dates to pop for those months.
  6. the great movie ride was awesome. Still sucks its gone. but maybe something cool will replace
  7. Hey all we are looking to make a February run for the fort. But im unable to find anything scuttlebutt wise on refurbishments. Has anyone heard anything yet? I know the locals are saying its cold, but 70's during the day is warm to us then and 50's at night is good sleeping weather. Thus leaving the only thing keeping me from dropping the hammer is closure of rides. How many and which ones. Thanks all Happy Camping!!!!
  8. The laziness of today's campers never ceases to astound me.Between that and buying coaches they cannot do anything but move in a straight line safely today "new" campers are...... I don't know what to call them honestly. Im sure i have another 2-300 that I'll park for their owner while their 7 year old tears off on their "chipped" golfcart.
  9. its not how high it is, or how long the fall is. that view is awesome. But the sudden stop at the end of the fall, thatll leave a mark. IN THE PAVEMENT
  10. If you ARE doing more than 1 day at Dollywood. Buy the annual pass, as it cost less then 2 days at the park. Bear cove village is the closest campground to the park and is now a YOGI BEAR campground.
  11. They had signs up to stay out of the water. But just like laws some people don't believe rules apply to them.
  12. You'd Barely recognize the University. Its amazing home much they've expanded and what they have to offer now days. You would be very proud of what your Alma Mater has grown into. If you get the chance you have to take a peak at it!!!! Th school is 15-20 minutes from my door depending on traffic(geese, deer, turkey taking their time crossing the roads).
  13. I'm not trying to come off rude. I've written and deleted a ton of information in this post, not because I do not want to share the information or I do not want you to do this if you have the disposable income. But because its more than just putting the pads on and pushing a button. It sounds funny but you may have to shave someones chest to get the pads on properly. The bulk of the time it will not advise or let you deliver the shock. Most of the time you would be doing CPR until it analyzes again or help arrives. I've been involved in this since the age of 17 and I'm now 35 and have 14+ year
  14. Thank you all for your input. I am currently at the stage in life with my 9 year old where the magic with Disney and Father Christmas are starting to falter. Not because we want them to or he's found out. But simply because he is at that age. My two boys are my world and i want to make sure they had a great childhood. They are shaping up as great little men. Just want the KID in them to last forever. So I am trying for another magic trip to see the mouse and TINK.
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