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  1. Had to cancel spring break week. Needed truck repair and adding in the premium site price we couldn’t swing it. The refund for one night was $204.00. I consider that over the top.
  2. I remember a $100 a night and thinking that was outrageous. Now we have some serious decisions. If the Fort is $212 how much are the value resorts?
  3. Went sat. And picked up our AP Christmas magnet . They Asked for pass holder gold card and drivers license. No scanning of magic bands. The Park was not busy but we were there early.
  4. Just made 2018 thanksgiving reservations. All sites available for the bargain price of premium $129 (plus taxes).
  5. Thanks for all the news. Is it safe to say not much painting getting done? ?
  6. Thank you for your replies. I knew I could count on accurate information here.
  7. Posted long ago was June 29. Is this still correct? Will be there that day and was curious?
  8. Tried last week to make thanksgiving reservations and no availability??? Go figure.
  9. Speaking of toy story where does the construction stand? All I hear about or see pictures of is Star Wars. Are they doing any construction?
  10. Sorry to hear things haven't changed. I go back to only 6 people per site. If they have to pay for more sites means less beer money. We also avoid summer holidays.
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