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  1. My guess is that is the access to the new beach area. It appears all of Clementine's Beach will be bungalows. I had originally thought there would be two beaches one for the new resort (Old Clementine's Beach) and the one they seem to be constructing would be for the Fort. I wonder if the new construction will mean just one beach? I wonder if that would be a shared beach or just for the Fort?
  2. TCD, thanks again for such great pictures. I am hoping that beach begins to look more like Clementine's. As for the construction, If the new area is mostly impervious why would they need to build what seems like such a large retention pond near the group camp area? It seems to me they are planning to catch a lot of run off water from the new resort.
  3. Thanks for the updates TCD! How did the new beach look?
  4. Thanks for the update! Still reading along. This trip report is reminding me of how I typically read a novel. Just a little at a time.
  5. Great Thanks. Just PM me if/when you decide to cancel.
  6. Let me know when you cancel I want to pick them up!
  7. I bet they will be installing cameras in those things before you know it.
  8. I'm with you Ray. We are going to be there in the fall and I hope it is up and running. I want to ride those things just for the fun and the views. They move at 11mph most golf carts only go 14 mph unless they have been modified. I don't think it will feel slow.
  9. Have a blast. Get some pictures of the new beach construction if you can. I am curious to hear how the new construction is going. Spending time at the Fort...Priceless...almost. 🙂
  10. That is what they look like to me. They just put a different top on it. Still cool though.
  11. My next suggestion would be to go to the Wilderness Lodge to the outside bar area by the lake. They have good reasonably priced food, great atmosphere, and a good bar. I would recommend the Bourbon Breeze to drink.
  12. If it were me I would go to the Boathouse and sit at the bar and have shrimp and grits and a good cocktail!
  13. Great updates! Enjoying your trip report. Thanks for sharing.
  14. I get it. Just wanted to hear your smart a** sitting around the campfire again. Maybe this summer I'll be able to buzz down to see you guys. It was great to see you last fall. I will PM you next time so I won't have to hi-jack a great thread. Sorry Mo.
  15. Sorry to high jack this thread, but Bob you need to go the DC GG this year! Get a move on and plan the weekend and book a site!
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