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  1. Thanks for the report. I wondered how Earl of Sandwich would handle things. It is one of my fave places for lunch. i wonder how World of Disney will operate when it opens. So, how many do we think lined up for opening day?
  2. So was under or over 100 lined up to get in a winner? Looks like less to me.
  3. I am surprised it is that many shops. My guess may be low. I hope to find some video coverage of DS online tomorrow.
  4. I will say less than 100. Not enough places opening to cause a rush. I can’t wait to see the report regardless.
  5. Yep it is a bummer. I hope it is different for you. I would have stayed in the campground but not ventured to the parks. That would have been enough for me. Hoping my fall reservations will be viable:
  6. I had June 1 reservations that I never intended to use once this CV thing broke out. I just got confirm of my cancellation.
  7. I would go and just hang out at The Fort for sure if I were you.
  8. Well, I think DIT meant it. Word is he sold his camper too. I wonder if Disney will reduce pricing now that not many can afford these prices and many will be too afraid to go into a crowded park?
  9. I have been looking at December 26-Jan 3 for a year and a half. I reached out to Jason for last Christmas and will do so again tonight for this year.
  10. Crazy to see that area so empty. Our last trip there is wasn't like Disney World but it was bustling.
  11. Surreal and sad really. Maybe a good backdrop for the Kingdom Keepers series?
  12. I think a lot of people are holding onto hopes for December. I have been checking for a campsite from the 26th to the 3rd almost daily for a year now and it is booked up still. I really hope no one has to drop a site over this pandemic. I do hope Disney just hasn’t released all the sites for those dates yet. Like most people, I also hope I will be financially able to do it if they do have sites.
  13. I would add we typically check in on a Saturday and I fax on the Monday.
  14. When we went in late May we faxed a request. When we arrived the CM that checked us in acknowledged unprompted that they were able to give us the site we requested. We got the primary site we requested not just one in our general description. We have had good luck through the years getting a site similar to our request. We believe faxing works more than it doesn't.
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