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  1. I said all along that working for the Disney company is a love hate relationship. Loved the actual work but hated how day to day things were managed. For me it was an occasional and temporary escape from my actual profession for the first twelve years and then a retirement job for the last ten, I never had to climb the corporate ladder. And when they did offer me an interview for a full time position in the Ride & Show group, I declined because I knew I wouldn't last when it became real. Now after having received my Mickey gold watch from Disney and retaining all my benefits, I look
  2. The agony continued, they watched the EWP.
  3. Hey, maybe we'll finally get together. If only we lived closer to each other.
  4. I'll try requesting again. We won't be back until maybe in Dec so you can have them if I get them.
  5. They had changed the main entrance passes and never sent me the new cards so the old cards were useless when I got to WDW. I contacted them after I got back and I have them now. I haven't bothered to check where I stand on my comp tickets yet. I submitted the snack coupon request twice and got nothing. I actually wanted the dining coupons more because we were having dinner with Dave and Linda, aka Grumpy and Grandma. It wasn't a big deal because I got the 40% regular CM discount instead of the 50% Celebration discount.
  6. It's not just customer service, it's employee service as well. I never got what I was supposed to get such as tickets, discount coupons and vouchers before our spring visit. We went down anyway and when I got to Epcot I went to Guest Services to at least get myself and two guests into the park. I did but it was a mess. The status of my file still has to be straightend out before my next visit. But I never did receive what I had requested over the phone. Turns out the CM on the phone was working from his home and didn't have access to what he needed to help me. I'll try again after things hopfu
  7. I lived in central Florida next to WDW for decades and now that I've lived in cold weather country for two winters, the Atlanta area, I really miss the Florida winters. However, while there I've seen ice, rain and lots of sunshine in Jan. As Forest Gump said, you never know whatcha gonna get.
  8. I was at WDW a few weeks ago and spoke with a few of my former co-workers in the Events Group that had already been called back and they told me that PEO, Park Events Operations was being restaffed and that private parties and events were on the books.
  9. It was just a matter of time before this guy showed up.
  10. I bet all of you familiar with DIT's infatuation with the downward evolution of the cinnamon bun thought you had heard the last of it. Just don't bring up Disney.
  11. How in the world did this thread go from FF dying to Moose?
  12. She cracked me up when she first told me that story long after we became friends, it cracks her up too. To paraphrase her "Who is this guy and why is he just showing up here?"
  13. What's sad for me is that you are one of the few Fiends that have evaded me, and that was hard to do, just ask Ray.
  14. They sure are great memories. I met so many great folks during my hundreds of unannounced vists to the Fort. I've remained close to many of them. I do remember the note Fred. Ahh the famous TCD FWRR spikes. Even though I handed out a lot of them at the Fort I think I still have some in my trunk. The best thing about the spikes is the story of how TCD hunted them down.
  15. From my point of view, how Disney treats CMs/retirees now is not much different than they've been treated during normal times. They've always gotten the leftovers. Disney gives them stuff when it doesn't cost them anything. They're allowed into the parks when the parks are not overly busy. Disney loses nothing by letting them in. They give them discounted cruises and resort stays if they know they won't sell out. In all cases Disney still makes out because as guests, CMs and retirees go to the restaurans and buy Disney crap. IE, it's the same old, same old. The treatment didn't bother me
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