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  1. Hello, Hopefully this is the right place for this. On the February events schedule it listed Crockett's Craft Corner: Wine & Woodshop it mentions making a wooden piece of artwork. Does anyone know what the wooden piece of artwork is? Thanks.
  2. Hello, We won't be back at the Fort for at least another 2 years and getting home sick for the Fort. Especially during winter in Iowa. Anyone there? Any news? Thanks.
  3. Can't go back for several more years, but I'm glad it is returning. We always enjoyed this.
  4. That's sad if true. We always went on our first night at the Fort. Even with the kids being in their 20's.
  5. Does anyone know what they are going to do? From January 9, 2023 through early April 2023, Meadow Swimmin' Pool and whirlpool spa will be closed for refurbishment. The water play area and Meadow Snack Bar along with the Wilderness Swimmin' Pool and its nearby whirlpool spa will remain open for your enjoyment. You may see and hear construction noise while this refurbishment is underway, but you should not hear noise from Guest rooms between dusk and 9:00 AM. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  6. The last few days will be put here because we were just redoing things we had done before. Next was the Magic Kingdom again. We did Country Bears, Liberty Boat, Goofy"s roller coaster, Haunted Mansion, pirates, jungle cruise, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Mermaid and other favorite rides. We ate at Be Our Guest. It was OK. The food was good but small portions. Cast Members were great. Beast came out and walked around every 30 minutes or so. The interior was very detailed and nice. We had fun just redoing things we had done already. The next day was a chill day at Blizzard B
  7. Heading to Hollywood Studios today. Got up a little before 7:00 AM again to try and get on the RotR. FAIL!!! Remember I mentioned that the kids saw the Droids and were wondering if they could get in and do it? Well, my wife found out that if you go there first thing and asked if there are any openings you might get in. So we get there and head directly to the Droid shop. Three of the kids wanted to do it. We asked the very nice CM if there are any openings? She said yes at 9:00 am since it was after 8:30 we decided to just wait until 9:00. The droids are $99, but WHAT there's MORE! I
  8. We had reservations for breakfast at Chef Mickey's. Never been there before and we liked it. The food was good, hard to ruin pancakes, eggs, waffles, beacon and fruit. The Cast Members were excellent. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto came out and danced. Donald was rockin it big time! He stole the show. We then went to EPCOT. On purpose this time. We did Frozen, The 3 Caballeros, China's movie, American Adventure, Spaceship Earth, The Land, The Sea, Test Track, Mission Space, and The France Film. We had Fish and Chips in England for lunch/dinner. My son had funnel cake for lun
  9. Yes, we tend to go Commando when we visit WDW.
  10. We are heading to Universal IoA today. We did the Hulk, Dr Doom, Spiderman. Then we ran into Captain America!! Had to take pictures with him. I asked the kids if they wanted to do Popeye/Bluto water ride. They said yes. I told them you WILL get, not wet BUT SOAKED. Again they said yes, so we went on it. Got SOAKING wet. I asked "Do you want to do Dudley-Do-Right"? They said We're already soaked so why not. Rode it and got soaked again. That's ok. I will say that it was probably me not doing something right, but I had a hard time getting into and out of the Dudley-Do-Right log ride
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