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  1. mmfancipher

    We’re Done

    Sorry for your loss.
  2. We have left the day after the last day of school to head for WDW. Took 4 days to get there. Weather wasn't too bad.
  3. I'm feeling pretty salty with -10 and -8 HIGHS!!!!!! Those are the actual temperatures. They don't include wind-chill! that would make it -40 and -20!! 😭
  4. Happy Birthday!!!
  5. mmfancipher

    Funny, maybe not so funny, Google Map "detours"

    We were on a freeway going through Kansas City when Google Maps said to exit, so we did. Went through one or two stop lights and then Google Maps had us get back on the freeway it had told us to exit less than a mile back. "Stupid Google"!
  6. mmfancipher

    Mickeys Backyard BBQ closing at the end of the year?

    I hope they do bring it back. The last time we were there we were scheduled to go to it, but Tornado Warnings popped up and they cancelled it. Trying to plan for a future trip and that was a of the things we wanted to do.
  7. mmfancipher

    Trips longer than 12 days

    I had thought in the past I could do 14 days, but not now. I like to enter days and see how much it costs by varying the other variables. I know strange.
  8. mmfancipher

    Trips longer than 12 days

    Hello, I'm just curious about this. When you go to Disney's web site and enter a date range you can't enter more than 12 days. Why is this? I would like to do 14 days. Do you have to call Disney or use a Travel Agent to get the 14 days?
  9. mmfancipher

    Bus wait times coming to the app

    Will it have the times for the internal Fort buses?
  10. mmfancipher


    I go to the main WDW web site and plug in some dates just to see what's available, how far in advance I would need to reserve to get a site, etc. The last few times I can't go beyond Dec 2018. Before I could go out around a year. Is this a recent change to their web site?
  11. mmfancipher

    River Country

    In the Engineering Report in the April 23, 2018 Memorandum (page 38) it states Project 89. Or am I misreading this?
  12. mmfancipher

    River Country

    I just asked danlb_2000 why he thinks it's for Project 89. I'll let you know what he says.
  13. mmfancipher

    River Country

    Just saw over at WDWMagic that danlb_2000 says: A new SFWMD permit was filed today to clean an area for temporary to stock pile earth as part of project 89. This is quite a big area so I would assume there will be a good bit of wetlands filled in for this project.