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  1. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    CONFIRMED: Mizner's at GF to be Beauty and the Beast themed

    That’s one of my favorite lounges. Bummer
  2. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    Camp site trailer restrictions

    Sometimes we crazy folks have more than one job. Ha ha
  3. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    Camp site trailer restrictions

    As a fellow travel agent, I have a huge problem with you bashing Jason like that. Before becoming an agent, he was mine and always took care of my family. When we look for availability, we're basically looking for people to cancel, so it is completely unfair for you to blame him that people didn't. I also know from personal experience that he doesn't promise things like that. While we may me technically "competitors" in some sense, we support each other, and what you are saying is completely ridiculous.
  4. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    WWW2019 The Womenz are no longer "Roughing it"

    I need to share more pictures with you! Such a fun trip!
  5. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    New Nighttime experience for kids

    I agree. Z did enjoy the Pixar one though. This is so short.
  6. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    I don't know about you, but..........

  7. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    No trip reports ??

    I was surprised I didn't see you at Christmas.
  8. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    Dog Park REOPENED

    I was surprised to see all the fencing down and the closed until further notice comment. Sounds like it’s going to be awhile.
  9. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    New to the Fort. Best things to see/do

    Fireworks on the beach, sidewalk chalk, visit all the playgrounds....
  10. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    Changes at Artist Point - Character meal coming?

    We went, and I actually really liked it. The food was way better than most character meals. The character interaction was great . I didn’t feel rushed at all, and the apps stayed until dessert. I think this and Trattoria al Forno are a huge step up food and detail wise vs the other character meals. There’s also a photopass photographer when the queen. Not sure if my pics will work this way.
  11. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    DANG DIsney got me

    Hope it works out for you! I only tried once and was unsuccessful.
  12. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    Our Fort Christmas Display

    Ha ha ha! They did come and clean it up. 🤣 It was so nice to meet you in person! Hope you guys come by on the 27th!
  13. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    Our Fort Christmas Display

    You’re welcome! Say hi if we’re out. Merry Christmas to you too! True confession... I still love the classic look too. Yay! We’re in 361. We’re on the end to the left when you see the loop. I don’t think you’ll miss us. 🤣
  14. GaDawgFan.....Kelly

    Our Fort Christmas Display

    It’s 10 feet. Thank you! It’s way better in person!!!! Get ready! Thank you! No, it’s xlights.