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  1. The cheap ones help a little. I wouldn’t get anything expensive for a trip.
  2. Going to disagree about Le Cellier. I’ve never been impressed.
  3. That makes me sad to hear because it's our favorite. I know the chef has changed.
  4. I think it’s going to be really cool. Universal is really upping their game over the last few years.
  5. Sometimes we crazy folks have more than one job. Ha ha
  6. As a fellow travel agent, I have a huge problem with you bashing Jason like that. Before becoming an agent, he was mine and always took care of my family. When we look for availability, we're basically looking for people to cancel, so it is completely unfair for you to blame him that people didn't. I also know from personal experience that he doesn't promise things like that. While we may me technically "competitors" in some sense, we support each other, and what you are saying is completely ridiculous.
  7. I need to share more pictures with you! Such a fun trip!
  8. I agree. Z did enjoy the Pixar one though. This is so short.
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