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  1. Can't answer every question, but we did Hoop De Doo on our Christmas trip (2019) and the kids loved it!
  2. My youngest really wants to go to Disney for Halloween this year. I was thinking of taking her to MNSSHP to save money on a park ticket, but that doesn't look like a viable option. I have an AP, so buying party tix for both of us makes no sense at that price. Hopefully, I can swing 10/30 as a park day for us, and trhen ToT at the Fort for Halloween.
  3. Worked just fine! They just drove to our site and parked so traffic could get by. They even brought their dogs! We had a great visit. 😊
  4. Thank you for the replies! Unfortunately, there will be 9 of us staying on the campsite, I'm hoping that Jason's suggestion will work. πŸ˜€
  5. My brother and sister-in-law are planning to come visit us at FW when we are there for Christmas. Will he have problems getting thru the gate?
  6. We are renting a camper from Camper Rental Adventures. I would like to get some mattress toppers to make the trip more comfortable. Where is a good place to buy them from? Are the $10 ones from Walmart any good?
  7. The kids and I will be at WDW for Christmas. That's just over three weeks away. It is time for me to switch into hyper planner role. Magic Kingdom will be opening at 6AM on Christmas Day. I am assuming that is too early for the resort boat. Would it be best to drive? I know that a boat to MK will start 30 minutes before opening, but that seems way to late for the number of rides we hope to ride before the park gets crowded.
  8. Thank you! I had not heard abut this. I have added it to our family's plan.
  9. That might explain why I got such good FP+s. I figured with us not arriving until the Monday before Christmas, The people arriving Saturday and Sunday would have grabbed all the popular fastpasses for the week. I got everything I wanted except Slinky Dog! We can just rope drop that.
  10. Does anyone know if when they are calculating the value of the ticket, they add the charge for flexible date tickets? I'm thinking or turning my five day hopper into an AP.
  11. Anyone have recent experience with having Amazon Prime deliver to the Fort? There will be 6 of us in my minivan, plus all our luggage. I'm hoping to keep costs down by eating at the camper, or bringing snacks into the parks, but I think I read recent;y that Disney now charges to accept and store deliveries. Anyone know anything about this?
  12. Our trip to WDW is in 74 days, according to the app on my phone. That means I need to book fast passes in 14 days!! Yikes!! First question is what time I need to be home to book FP+? I know it used to be midnight on the morning of 60 days before check-in. I think it changed to 7AM? Is that right? Any other big changes? Of course, I am trying to book the most popular rides during the most popular time for 9 of us. Piece of cake, right?? Here's how far I have gotten in my planning.
  13. Thanks, Y'all!! I'm starting to get very excited!!!!
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