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  1. Sorry for the lag in response time. I use a Fold & Go Magshock. It's been great so far! It's weather proof, which is important given Florida and rain.
  2. Hey, y'all! It's been quite some time since I've been to Fort Fiends! I recognize a few old faces and quite a few new ones. 😊 A LOT has changed with our family since I was last here! My kiddos have certainly gotten older - my oldest is 15 & my youngest is 11. Thanks to a chronic illness (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome - me/cfs), my mobility has drastically diminished. When it comes to things like theme parks or getting around campgrounds, I'm in an electric wheelchair. I did intentionally purchase one that can operate in rain and go over a variety of terrain.
  3. I know, right? Go figure. At least it lets us see all the things we *could* buy. Lol Is it October 2018, yet??
  4. Love it! I'd hoped to add a new Fort hat to my hiking pack, but it looks like it's a no-go until our next trip. When I clicked on it and a few others, it says in-store purchase only. Thanks for the info!
  5. Devores, I was totally hoping you'd show up! And they pre-purchase it a month or so ago, so it sounds like we should be good. Thank you!
  6. When we went in October, mom & dad bought memory maker. We used it (reservations linked), and my brother & his family used it (Photopass card that we linked to Mm account because long story short, they aren't comfortable linking reservations). Fast forward to this trip: We're checking in Friday. My brother and his family are checking in Sunday. This time, they purchased MM. Our questions were : 1. Can you still link Photopass cards to Mm? 2. Can we link a Photopass card from Friday and Saturday to MM on a reservation that doesn't start until Sunday? We called and received the foll
  7. I was going to check to see if we have a 4th one for next week, but MDE won't load any of my fp+. Guess I'll try again later.
  8. I found this site: http://www.memoriesbybetsy.com Does anyone know anything about her?
  9. My friend's teenage daughter will be celebrating her birthday while she's on a band trip to Disney. She was looking for a reputable place that would deliver to an off-property hotel.
  10. What are some good businesses that will deliver gift baskets to Disney or off-site hotels?
  11. I came here hoping someone had posted. I've heard reports that it might be collapsing in some areas, but I'm not sure how accurate that is.
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