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  1. NaCole, AM I READING CORRECTLY? ARE YOU GOING ON A CRUISE? And, yes, I meant to shout because I am totally shocked.
  2. We've only been to Yachtsman once and will never go back. That was honestly the worst steak I've ever had anywhere. Golden Corral would have been better. We were so disappointed.
  3. We had dinner at California Grill on October 25, and the sides to the filets were definitely not hashbrowns and tomatoes. David had a big crock of mac and cheese (which he said was very good) and another small side of sauteed spinach and onions (he thought this was pretty good, but I thought it was delicious). I don't eat mac and cheese, so I asked for green beans. Both our meals were excellent.
  4. Same here. We were told at DHS that we could ride round trip without disembarking at CBR. But we had to get off, go around the corner, wait five minutes, and get back on the car we had just left.
  5. Word is it's going to take two months. You know how Disney time is!
  6. Big update! Construction began today on a new playground between Crockett's Tavern and the Trading Post. Beside the golf cart parking lot. I put a few pics on my FB page. We hadn't heard any rumors or seen any announcements about this.
  7. Yes, it closed this morning. A large chain-link fence is being constructed from the old Clementine's Beach past the playground all the way to the water at the marina. I have a picture I took this morning and another one this afternoon with my phone. Just posted them on FaceBook, The sign says to use the playgrounds at 300, 1300, and the Meadows recreation area.
  8. Really enjoying your trip report! Especially liked the picture of you on Buzz Lightyear! 😃
  9. It's not worth special effort to see it, but if you happen to be in the area, it's good enough to see once. Thank you! Thanks! Did you know that Nikon never changes their mount? I have lenses that I bought in the '80s that I can use on my new camera. That makes the expense a little more worthwhile. Sometimes when I can't or don't want to move back or forward, I shoot my photos on the highest file size. Then I crop the picture down to what I want on the computer. Glad you like your new lens! Thank you, NaCole!
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