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  1. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    A different place to camp near WDW :-)

    Let us know what you thought about the campground! 😃
  2. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    Disney Employee Killed In Accident Near Pop Century

    Very sad.
  3. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    Narrator List Announced for 2018 Candlelight Processional

    So we can hear Chita Rivera, TBD, or Neil Patrick Harris. I'm hoping for Neil Patrick Harris. I have no desire to hear Whoopi Goldberg and her sacrilegious comments again. Has anyone heard Chita Rivera?
  4. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    Abridged report

    Rough trip on the way down but so happy to hear about all the pixie dust once you got to the Fort!
  5. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    2018 Fort Wilderness Golf Cart Parade

    Great pictures! Thank you!
  6. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    Wheelchair policy at the parks?

    Haha. You're so creative.
  7. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    Wheelchair policy at the parks?

    I would still check into an off-site rental. I think some of them would deliver a scooter to you. Check with Walker Mobility.
  8. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    Wheelchair policy at the parks?

    I'm not in a wheelchair, but I have to use a scooter. In MK, the only rides that I have problems on are POtC, Peter Pan, and Buzz Lightyear. They require me to park my scooter quite a distance away and walk through the queue. I know on Buzz Lightyear that wheelchairs are available through the queue. Not sure about POtC or Peter Pan. Don't remember seeing wheelchairs available at either location. No problems in EPCOT or AK. In HS there are special viewing areas for Indiana Jones and Fantasmic. Back door access at Star Tours. Special accessibility ramp at TSM. Lots of info on My Disney Experience. If you need more help, please let me know.
  9. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    Toy Story Land Opening Day

    Thank you for the report!
  10. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    Sad news. RIP Richard

    David and I met him a couple of years ago. He was a great man who spread happiness to so many people.
  11. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    Mickey bathroom wall tins

    Thank you!
  12. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    Mickey bathroom wall tins

    Anyone know how big these tins are and whether they come in smaller sizes? I have a great spot in the motorhome for this if it were smaller.
  13. Having been stuck in 1900, I agree!
  14. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    Something you won't see at WDW

    And I'll keep Jen company.
  15. CCIntrigue...aka Gwen

    Sad day for fashionistas...