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  1. If you have a Good Sam membership they send out a free issue of Trailer Life or Motorhome magazine twice a year to all paid members even if you don't subscribe to either one. They do this because they discontinued the monthly Good Sam magazine they used to send out separately, but now they include a smaller version of "Highways" in both of their other mags every 6 months. They are all one big company under Marcus Lemonis/Camping World now.
  2. Unfortunately you are correct. I mentioned a page or two above that what will probably happen is that the Good people (like Lone-Star above) will follow the rules and dutifully pay any additional fees they are told they owe, while the Abusers will (as usual) thumb their nose at any rules they don't want to follow. Is it any wonder that the number of rule breakers seem to grow each year?
  3. LOL!! I had to look up "musophobia" The hypocrisy part is dead on though. Amazing the double standards that the PC crowd can justify while talking out of both sides of their mouths....
  4. I am also of two minds. I hate the trend towards fees fees and more fees for things that used to be free, but I am hoping that this new policy will mean that every site will now only have one car and the crazy parking in the loops will come to an end. I am not sure this will help with the "Phantom Site" problem though. If I am reading this correctly the new parking fees will only apply to resort parking and not parking at the parks. If that's the case then it doesn't affect the Phantom campers since they will still get all the same bennies that makes getting a phantom site attractive in t
  5. What they should be doing with EPCOT is sticking to the original ideas that set it apart from any other theme park. They need more rides like Horizons, and less amusement park rides that will end up making EPCOT just another generic theme park gate...
  6. Same here. Drives me crazy when I see that. The people who abuse the 10 people / 2 cars per site rules encourage others to do the same thing, especially when Disney does nothing to correct the (usually very blatant) issues. It will be interesting to see how the Fort implements this new one car per site rule. Will you still be able to park a second vehicle at the site if you pay extra? How many spots can you pay for in overflow? What about using overflow on check-in or check-out day? Will we have to pay for parking while waiting for a site, or pay when at the park after check-out on your
  7. Was it wrong of me to start reading this and think "a site just opened up at the Fort!" and then I got to the bottom and said "crap, never mind..."
  8. This is just the logical extension of what Disney has been doing for several years now: monetizing things, services, and events that used to be free or were included in the park fees or hotel bills...... The Year of a Million Schemes.... Instead of expanding the parks, or the parking, Disney has created artificial demand and then charge handsomely for fulfilling that demand. Couple that with a doubled US population since WDW opened, and you've got too many people chasing too few goods and services. My guess is that it will get worse before it gets better. As others have said ab
  9. Same here. 4 extinguishers, 2 CO alarms, 2 smoke and heat alarms, (only one propane alarm though, maybe I should get another?). Whenever I look at an RV, the first thing I check is the Fire exits. I won't buy one that only has one door, or one that has only small windows in the bedroom (or none!) I've been to too many fatal house and vehicle fires to not be paranoid about it..... I need a fan running also. I ended up getting one of those 12volt fans for those Wally World nights, and I also got a small sound machine that runs on batteries and will play background soun
  10. Makes you wonder who's actually making the decisions and if they ever bother to ask anyone at the Fort what they think.....
  11. That was exactly my point Lou. (wait, that's THREE times in a row now that I've agreed with you.... time to play the lottery!) I like TCD and am always glued to his trip reports, he has a real gift with them, but I couldn't understand his reaction here. I can only assume he has some sort of personal connection here and knows a lot more about this that the rest of us don't. Please stick around, I also would hate to lose your perspective. Seconded!
  12. Ok, that explains why you might Downvote the OP. it doesn't explain why you did that to me and Lou...... *** You apparently know something we don't *** I can't speak for Lou, but I know that I don't know the OP, or the TA, or of any rules about TA's living at the Fort. I also know that I would never do that to you for posting innocent comments or questions. If you are that bent out of shape about this then either notify Jen directly or take it out on the OP, not us please.
  13. Hey TCD, Really? Downvotes? You say you're sorry for doing it, so then why do it at all? The OP deleted her number, and none of the rest of us posted any of her info. I know for a fact I didn't. You stated your opinion, fine. I even mentioned that you might be right. Do you know this woman or her business personally? Why this reaction?
  14. I agree Lou (wow thats twice in one week.....what is happening!?!? ) If she wanted her privacy, she'd have an unlisted number and it wouldn't be listed on her posts. (And she probably wouldn't be a TA for that matter...) Having said that, maybe TCD is correct on this. I'm not sure of the policy here on FF about adverts, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Personally I am envious that she makes enough to be able to list the Fort as her address. I have never used a TA so I don't know this Hilda, but if I did use a TA I would certainly use Jason right here on FF. Wasn't ther
  15. Not sure why they just don't cut to the chase and announce new names for all the Parks..... Epcot will now be Frozen Land Hollywood Studios will now be Star Wars Land Animal Kingdom will now be Avatar Land And Magic Kingdom will now be Merchandise Land
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