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  1. I'm going to touch on a few topic that i've read in this multi page thread. 1. Is FF slowing down? Answer yes, I think other social media consumes peoples free time online. I think they get most of their breaking news / updates there and come here just to see if anyone they know has something going on. I'm not a social media user I only use Discord and involved in several topic servers there. 2. There are no moose in Great Smokey Mountains National Park, they would be Elk very very big elk. 3. The cost, and frustration of going to DW or the Fort. My wife, our son (now
  2. Jason got our current reservation last year. I have no issue using someone like Jason or others to get our reservations. My wife and I have been talking about leaving our camper down in Florida in storage this winter and coming back down after the 1st of the year and doing a week or two in late Feb / Early March.
  3. This will be our 5th year camping at the fort from late Oct to early Nov, and it will be our final year. My son and I love the Halloween season and going to Not So Scary and my wife loves Christmas season and going to the Christmas party. But trying to book things, and dealing with the overwhelming number of people my wife and I have chosen to camp next year in late Aug through early Sept. This will allow the boy and I to make our Not So Scary, then we will fly down in Mid November for a 4 night stay in a resort and do the Christmas party. I'll miss Halloween at the fort, but boo
  4. Looks good, I have this "bolt heater" from snap On and it does amazing work on rusted / painted bolts It looks like a heat gun but has a coil on the end of it that quickly heats up nuts while leaving the bolt somewhat cool
  5. My lovely wife was giving directions while heading back form Mammoth Cave some how we ended up going over the bridge, turned around and came back over the bridge and we recieved not one, but Two bills in the mail about 2 months after our trip.....
  6. the fort is never "sold out" to the right travel agent. Jason found me 2 weeks in late October - Nov when the website and Disney staff couldn't get me in... Not sure what type of pixie dust he has but it works.
  7. So just finished a 2 night stay at the grand Floridian and 2 days in MK, Last fall when we were down mobile ordering was available but we had dinning plan and you couldn't use dinning credits. NOW they take dinning plan credits, but we din't have the dinning plan BUT all but 2 or 3 of our meals were ordered through the mobile ordering because the lines for food were insane. In my own selfish way I hope this Mobile Ordering doesn't really catch on too much to shift the wait to the mobile people. The line for a Dole whip was about 20 minutes long. I ordered mine as we exited the T
  8. There are tow services that would transport your camper, for a price. We were in Michigan and my lift pump on my truck was acting up. I was not sure if or when I could get it fixed and contacted a few of these transport services to tow my 5er back home in case I couldn't get my truck fixed in time. Thankfully I found a great diesel shop that removed the old lift pump and put in an after market one for a few hundred.
  9. 2 years ago when we were down at Tropical Palms resort, I had a busted toilet valve and didn't notice it until we were hooked up around 8pm. I called General RV and hit what ever number for parts service department and to my shock a person answered. They were able to look up the part confirm they had several in stock and pulled one and put my name on it for pickup the next morning when they were open. I think during peak months they run extra shifts but the show room / store is not open.
  10. Its a good time, and the story is enjoyable. You'll enjoy it, as long as you dont mind walking around a bunch.. And being asked "what the heck are you doing?"
  11. Buena Vista just doesn't seem like the best road to tow a trailer down?
  12. On our last trip to WDW I was able to complete both my SotMK and my sons SotMK collections. 1-70 + all party cards. Its taken about 5 years but we got them finished up. While talking to a CM at the fire house about a few of the portholes that were not working all that well I was informed that SotMK may be getting a refresh. I know most of you probably dont partake in this silly park game, but I've always enjoyed it (and the pirates game) as a way to enjoy just walking around the park and just being there.
  13. Seems like each time i visit WDW and drive in google maps like to bring me a new and interesting way. I'm coming from the north down 75s. Historically I take 75 to the turn pike, take that to 4 and exit on 192 or if I miss that to world drive. But my google map wants me to exit the turnpike onto 429 and take that to 192 and into world drive. How do you get to the fort from 75?
  14. Does the Fort offer any discounts for annual pass holders like the other resorts do?
  15. Anchor Down is nice, but about 15 minutes to all the hubbub http://www.anchordownrvresort.com
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