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  1. Thank you for doing another trip report for us. I know they are a lot of work. Your effort is appreciated!
  2. "Hunger Games District 1" I'm curious what events this group planned that would fit the Hunger Games experience. It's not exactly magical Disney everyone wins type stuff.
  3. Son just turned 4! Little brother will be arriving in April. We haven't been able to cruise or camp because of the Zika mess. We have a Fort reservation for October. Not sure why we're being crazy and tent camping with a 6 month old. The Fort will do that to you!
  4. I was about to say Big Wendy is not going to be happy to hear about Twin #1 getting some special Pan attention.
  5. That's a cool headband for his BAHA. One of my students has one but hers clips onto her shirt.
  6. http://disneycruiselineblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/DCL-Itinerary-Brochure-October-2016-2017-2016-Winter-Dates.pdf
  7. Thanks, I've been waiting for this. We had to cancel a September trip because Zika/pregnancy. Have you seen a pdf yet that shows the dates offered for each? I know I've seen one in the past but that may be released after opening to public.
  8. We have a 3 night booked for Sept '16 and booked the same for Sept '17. Making monthly payments so it isn't a huge hit and booking at the lowest price helps. Still can't believe the prices we had back when we started in 2012. A week on the Fantasy in May '12 for ~$2600, it was a guaranteed balcony rate.
  9. We stayed at the convention center Hilton last August. It was nice enough and they had a Starbucks in the lobby. The walk felt longer than it was just because we were doing so much during the day so we were spent by the end of the night. I would stay somewhere closer if I brought my child.
  10. I've been on the Fantasy but it was back in May 2012. I have been on the Dream 3 times as well. Fantasy has a nice adult shaded lounge area with a wading pool that they've just added to the Dream. It also has the Aqualab splash area that Z would like. There's the detective agency game that he'd like. You can work on those throughout the week. I think they are giving some fastpasses for meeting certain characters--check with guest relations about that when you board. This site has had some good information and also provides copies of navigators to see what activities you can expect http://di
  11. I miss Disneyland! We had such a fun time in August 2014. If the flights weren't so bad, I'd be more willing to book another visit. The parade and fireworks look amazing. I roll my eyes now at our Main Street Electrical Parade.
  12. We also rode Friday morning and it was full on holiday version.
  13. I would save your fastpasses for the afternoon/evening at MK. I really doubt you'll have much of any wait at Finding Nemo, definitely not need to rush there at rope drop. I would pack up and drive over to AK. There will be parking for your trailer, no worries. You won't have to wait on a bus to/from and you'll be able to hit the road quicker.
  14. We only made a few stops since that day was our departure day. We had breakfast at Trails End and packed up--arrived at Epcot around 11:30. We went left and started at Mexico. The line there was long (probably because it was the first area). We kept moving and these were our stops: Africa--we enjoyed both the beef and chicken Germany--the bratwurst/pretzel roll and the pasta gratin with ham and cheese (was just a large hunk of cheese--we had one small piece of ham) America--Lobster roll (not even close to being worth the 7.50. Skip it.) France--two boxes of macaroons in the bakery. Worth it!
  15. I know at the parks they give you a Make A Wish button that can be used to get to the front of lines and characters. I wonder if they also provide that for the character greetings on the ship.
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