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  1. I’d love to have an update on the girls! I know they are busy grown ups now!

  2. We are headed home and had a wonderful time. We went to the Fort for the first time. It is so beautiful and we very much enjoyed chip and dales sing along, roasting marshmallows, and heading out with fireworks going off. But it was extremely crowded. And when we were leaving at about 9:30 there were teenagers driving crazy on golf carts with loud music honking horns and screaming. It felt more like Panama City Spring Break. We love camping because of the quiet and layed back pace. That was a bit much. But we will hopefully go back one day to camp but NOT on a summer holiday!!
  3. Hi everyone. I really hope to do a trip report. We are heading to the World Saturday for our youngest first trip and last big hurrah before a bunch of surgeries for him begin. We can only afford two days at the parks — FYI family of five base ticket for two days is $1300. And staying at a cheap off site hotel. But I have tons of stuff planned to get all the magic possible crammed in for free. Including our first fort visit!
  4. Hi all I thought I’d jump in and comment since we are talking about the fort prices. It’s been a while! I think our fam is about to bite the bullet and do another trip. We haven’t been since 2013!!! I hate to say it but I think we have been out priced. We have never stayed at the fort but we are big campers and have pulled our rig all over. We thought when we got to the all three kids over 3 mark (can’t say in a value regular room) we’d be at the fort. But we just can’t afford it and gas too. Doesn’t make since. We are going to stay off site (such a bummer) for 4 nights and can only afford 2
  5. Thank you all. We are now toying with The idea of my sister, her husband, and son camping with us in our camper at the Fort. We'll see what we decide. They aren't much of campers but we have a great pull out couch in ours. I'll keep you updated.
  6. Hi everyone. My family and extended family would like come down for a week sometime in the fall. My family has been priced out of staying on site because we now have three kids. And we can't camp with my extended family because they don't have a camper. My family goes on a trip all together every year because we live far apart and it's a good way for us to be together without distractions. We do not have a lot of money to spend but the two youngest have never been to DW and we really want to take them. They both joined our family through adoption and are absolute joys. We wo
  7. I know that's what I though about when I saw it! I'm glad I got to see the original!!
  8. We went to the Old Faithful visitor center and got a map and found out the next time for it to go off. Found us a good spot and got all settled. There are benches all around it and the hubby and I stood and the big boys sat down on the ground in between two benches. I will say we travel with kids a whole lot and other people getting annoyed with them does happen. We try to avoid them causing an annoying situation but they are kids and technically they have just as much right to be there as anyone else. And frankly an annoying kid is way better than annoying adult any day of the week. But
  9. So we left off with us finishing up Artists Point and we headed back to our camper for supper. This was Wednesday. As we were eating I saw a few kids run past our camper. So I knew something was up. We looked out the window and there was a bison walking down the road through our campsite. Of course the kids went nuts. I got one picture. We ate our meal that was in the crockpot and ready to go and then we walked to the Visitor Center for a "ranger talk". This was something the boys had to do to complete their Jr. Ranger program. This one was close to our campsite and just w
  10. Thanks. I know pretty cool. You know Disney's love for details. Yes F3 has bilateral microtia which makes him hard of hearing. He wears a bone conduction hearing aid. Most people have never even seen them. F3 has to wear his on a band, he now finally has two aids thank the Lord, because he isn't old enough to have the implant. When he is about 5 he will have snaps surgically implanted in his head and the same hearing aids will snap to his head instead of his band. Then it will clip to his shirt like your student. Just the line to help keep up with it in case it pops off the snap. Cool
  11. More bison blocking the road. Next we made it to Artist Point. There is a super awesome old Disney cartoon that my kids love about Paul Bunyan that shows this part of Yellowstone. When you get to the parking lot you can choose to go look more at the canyon, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, which is to the left or the Artist Point viewing area. Well we of course wanted to see both so we just went to the left. WELL let me just tell you if you have kids with you or you are scared of heights or you generally aren't insane, DON'T GO LEFT. There are a few very skimpy hand rails but
  12. So sorry for the extreme delay. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the new year. We went camping for a whole week with my family (parents, siblings, etc) during Thanksgiving and then everything got crazy for us. We left off with a very busy Tuesday, our first full day in Yellowstone. We did a fishing excursion and drove up to the Mammoth area where we did a wildlife tour. We got back to our camper late that night and went straight to bed. Wednesday was a much more relaxed day. On the agenda was to check things out around our campground, Fishing Brid
  13. A few more of that evening. We got back to the hotel and this was right outside! Phew, that was a busy busy Monday. Up next is Tuesday and we stay fairly close to our campsite.
  14. So for our tour... We were told to do a tour if at all possible. We went with the twilight tour. It was maybe the hit of the trip. Oh my gosh we had a wonderful time. My husband loved it because he hadn't been able to look as much as we had because he was always driving. It lasts 4 hours, you can take snacks, and there are plenty of potty breaks. We were with 2 other families. We left from the Mammoth Hotel. Our guide was amazing. He has come every year for I don't know maybe 30 years. He retired and his gift to himself was to live in a camper and work at Yellowstone for the summer.
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