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  1. I hope sooner rather than later. Thanks for the update!
  2. Based on other information I've seen from DVC owners, yes, there will be cash reservations available for the cabins. The challenge to us non-DVC owners is that it will cost more than it is now and our choices for availability during the holidays may be slim.
  3. I'm also here to follow along. Elsewhere I saw that the permit for the cabins replacement has been approved. Curious to see if they get started on it soon. Perhaps you'll see some activity over that way.
  4. I've seen pictures of the porch at Trail's End. The rocking chairs are back but they are made of new composite materials. It looked like they put a little table between each pair of chairs. Sorry, I stay in the cabins so I can't answer your other question.
  5. I believe that is a new sign. I've never seen it before. Thank you for posting it!
  6. Excuse my ignorance, but isn't this traditionally a slow time for Disney? I wish I could take advantage of the ghost town at the Fort. Would love to be there having the place to myself.
  7. I have dining reservations at Trails End for 3/26 so I hope it's not closed. They haven't sent anything to me about it. Maybe because of the hour? If you find out anything, please let me know. Thanks!
  8. We used to say, "who goes to Disney for the food?". However, the TE buffet was awesome in its own right. I believe the family skillets were to purposely cause this to happen along with the removal of the resort boats so that the resort traffic would be reduced. It sickens me quite frankly. First our exercise trail to Wilderness Lodge, no boats and now this. I'm hoping to go one last time to record the interior as I'm afraid all the charm will be lost in the reimagining. I agree that the cost of staying at the Fort might not be worth it once they take away all that made it special.
  9. Thank you for the walking trail update. I can't understand why it takes so long to finish it. From the Wilderness Lodge end of it, this past December, it looked like they were smoothing that part out. I hope they can get it open again this year.
  10. I plan to walk from CR to TTC using the new walkway next month. Now we just need a path from Ft W to CR and CR to TTC to make it complete.
  11. I had heard that the trail was torn up but now you have confirmed it. Thank you for the insightful update. Very sad. ☹️
  12. Hi! I'm new to this forum but have been following progress on the construction. We have a vacation at the Fort planned in December. Last year we were sorely disappointed when we couldn't ride our bikes down the exercise trail and made sure to lodge our opinion to a CM about that. I was hoping it would just result in it opening up again. I too hope it's available very soon. If anybody can find a talkative CM that might know the status on the trail, please let us know what you find out. Thanks, Love Ft Wilderness
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