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  1. You can still put an RV and a tent on a site though - as long as you max out at 10 people or less.
  2. Well that sums it up nicely and demonstrates really well how many of the popular brands come out of just a few manufacturers. In case the link is wonky for anyone...
  3. We've used Tee Time many times over the past 10+ years and have always been pleased with their service.
  4. Also agree. One note from experience - there are a few sites about halfway through the loop on the outside that back up fairly closely to the sidewalk on the main road. This might be a good thing if you want easy access to that sidewalk but if you don't, avoid those sites if you can. In our case we had dogs with us and having people walking by that closely wasn't ideal.
  5. And posted instantly, with random subjective commentary (vs any kind of real and/or objective info), that then takes on a life of it's own and goes viral along with tons of speculation, like some mutant form of of the old telephone game. I remember back in "the old days" (ok maybe 10 years ago) when there were just a handful of forums around and social media wasn't the machine it is now. There were still reports like this, but unless those forums had people on them that spent a significant amount of time in the parks and were actively posting (and you happened to belong to one of those forums) you probably didn't hear about them.
  6. There's a whole lot of they said/they said going on, with lots of accusations being flung back and forth, and in some cases people contradicting themselves in the process of trying to explain/defend their own actions. Throw in the fact that most of what people are hearing is playing out online and over social media, and I doubt we'll ever really know the full, true story.
  7. I love the baby hats! And I can't count the number of baby Yoda crochet patterns people have sent me lately. I've also already heard of people selling patterns getting cease & desists from Disney. Not gonna lie... I am working on my own version for my nephew for Christmas. 😎
  8. Still faster than that parking lot they call I-4?
  9. Ahhhh! Ok, now that does make sense. I'm going with slow news day or someone saw an opportunity for a super click-baity headline.
  10. Not sure there are any actual revelations here, although I don't get the flag thing? And gosh, you mean Disney didn't immediately reply to an article in The Sun about some TikTok videos?? Shocking. LOL
  11. I call bait and switch! I clicked this thread hoping for a REAL nighttime parade, not just a party one. Next thing you know Dave will start a really juicy thread and when I click it I'll just see a cinnamon roll.
  12. Same thing is happening up this area with the oh-so-long rumored extension of the commuter train into Boston. Could work up here, not sure how well that works in Tampa. That said I won't be surprised if Disney hitches their wagon to this train (pun totally intended). More people coming in and no need for additional parking? Sounds like another Disney win.
  13. Yep... that's why I threw the "consider the source" caveat in there. I almost didn't even bother sharing it. This could be just a rehash of something old (click click click), although also makes sense for something along these lines to land in the Settlement. As you say, a great way to occupy the kids in line for the HDD (while making their adults' wallets a wee bit lighter).
  14. The more I poke around the more I believe that Elite Camper Rentals is not Greenberg - but then what do I know? They did pop up right around the time Greenberg was falling apart, but that may just mean that someone who knew what was going on had the foresight to say "hmm... and opening in the market..." Where it gets hinky is that there are a few people on FB and other message boards "screaming" (in all caps) that Elite = Greenberg. Hence the cease & desist.
  15. Yep. And there were comments from Greenberg on their FB page (now deleted) about how investors broke their contracts with them to go to another rental company. Which if true, but it's because the investors weren't being paid, begs the question of who really broke the contract? Ironically, the company that he claimed the investors went to is the one that Elite is now claiming is telling people that they're affiliated with Greenberg. As our fearless Snarky™ leader always says - things that make you go hmm..... Coming next week to TLC... Camper Rental Wars?
  16. A little digging turned up Elite Camper Rental, Inc. corporation reg with the state of FL. Filed 10/29/19 - people and address listed for principals are not Greenberg http://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/corporationsearch/SearchResultDetail?inquirytype=EntityName&directionType=PreviousList&searchNameOrder=ELITECAMPERRENTALS P190000841330&aggregateId=domp-p19000084133-cf67e062-433d-4e8b-9e22-b1a9912ef431&searchTerm=ELITE BUSINESS INC&listNameOrder=ELITECABMIAMI P170000812160 No idea what, if anything, all of that means.
  17. So there's more weirdness around this whole thing. And take all of this with a big grain of salt because.... internet. I've seen rumblings here and there that Greenberg is now operating as Elite Camper Rentals. I haven't seen anything to confirm that's true. What I did see is that Elite Camper Rentals popped up on FB in November and the domain name of their website was registered in late October. The phone numbers and address listed on their website are different than was was on Greenberg's (now shut down) site. Here's where it gets even weirder... there's a Cease & Desist posted on their FB page that suggests some shenanigans between them and another rental company, and at least some small connection with Greenberg in that they're claiming that some of Greenberg's former "investors" did move their campers to them, allegedly because of non-payment. The C&D adamantly claims they have nothing to do with Greenberg.
  18. In anticipation of the Christmas crowds (you think ROTR is crazy now?!)... https://www.orlandoparksnews.com/2019/12/disney-skyliner-and-minnie-van.html?fbclid=IwAR0V_AyCmFKOU36DlPtq_kZOvoe1IKlh0SWa-5NKfOvDvGCpzz8aie450jQ
  19. Thanks to you both for sharing your experiences. Nothing beats actual Fiend on The Scene™ reporting!
  20. That's been true at DL as well as WDW - pretty much from day one - which would seem to support that while it may be good (or even great depending on your opinion) it hasn't lived up to the hype. That's obnoxious... and kinda hilarious.
  21. As always, consider the source and this is not confirmed by anything remotely official yet, but just ran across this... https://wdwnt.com/2019/12/construction-permit-indicates-interactive-sand-wash-feature-coming-to-fort-wilderness-campground/
  22. I'm sure that's the case for some, but I totally trust @Tri-Circle-D to be brutally honest no matter how big the Disney hype machine is on... well, pretty much anything. That aside, how quickly the hype dies down will likely tell the tale. FOP still has ridiculously long waits and I'd personally vouch for that one living up to the hype.
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