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  1. From the Disney Parks Blog - https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2021/05/watch-live-a-celebration-of-festival-of-the-lion-king-opens-may-15/?fbclid=IwAR37xl0rh90GZteC1eL8VJkiD2ZpqlKRuhYOetfhpQ8Dd607hfrwpmRjjGA
  2. Makes sense. The more we go, the longer we're there, the less we spend on stuff. These days aside from meals, we mostly buy popcorn and dole whips in the parks. lol And if I want a new t-shirt or sweatshirt (because I've finally blown a hole through one of the eleventy I already have), we head to the Character Warehouse outlets.
  3. Not a surprise at all. DL has much bigger percentage of local regular guests than WDW, and I know if I could just "pop by" the parks any ol' time, I probably would spend a fraction of what we do when we're there for 2-3 weeks once a year. The time we spent 6 weeks there (with APs) our biggest daily expense was our campsite. We did eat out in the parks/DS, but not nearly as much as we normally would, and we bought hardly any "stuff." FWIW (which might not be much) I have seen some of the typically-somewhat-correct-at-guessing bloggers saying that they expect that now that WDW has increas
  4. from the Disney Parks Blog... https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2021/05/more-exciting-dining-options-to-return-to-walt-disney-world-resort/?CMP=SOC-DPFY21Q3wo0429210087A&fbclid=IwAR1050ZGZoqeFJxDFBAYzqi2qOoFpZiIRHfXAzdNpoWIdUbPJJovGKg2ql8
  5. Not surprising. That's a LOT of people to sort out and get in place all at once, and I'm guessing that's a bigger priority that what it will take to retrain a bunch of them in new positions.
  6. I've been stalking different versions of this print on eBay for ages. On the rare occasion one pops up, it goes for a boatload of $$$.
  7. Fair point. And they may be calling people back in a particular order as jobs open up (seniority, availability, etc.) - i.e., not necessarily who had the job last but who is at the front of the line to call.
  8. Yeah that is also the thing I'm seeing in some of the people being called back - they're being called back for jobs other than what they were doing before. One person claimed that Disney called them 4 times.
  9. I'm seeing a number of CMs on FB reporting in just the last week or 2 that they're getting called back.
  10. Yep (and ew). Although as baked goods in a can go, the Aldi brand ones are pretty good (better than Pillsbury at least).
  11. Yep! And those little buggers are the itchiest. It helps me a wee bit, but not much. I eventually found out out that if I pop an antihistamine it works better.
  12. Oops, sorry - didn't mean to blame you for the Key Bridge LOL. I Crazy enough, we actually did tow our very first big camper over/through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/tunnel. What's even more bananas is that we had no idea what we were doing at the time and didn't even have the tow setup completely corredt - I don't think we even had sway bars!! (Talk about not knowing what you don't know.) We survived, but it may definitely have led to DH's bridge-phobia. I'd have to bring a suitcase full of Xanax.
  13. DH is not a fan of the Key Bridge in DE. If he's awake when I'm driving I go the inland loop instead. It was a doozy, one I hope to never repeat, and we were incredibly lucky. Thanks to seatbelts and the dogs being crated, we avoided the fate of all of our stuff which was strewn across about 50 yards of highway.
  14. Oh and I am not showing this to DH. He already hates towing over high bridges and always asks me to move to the middle lane.
  15. Wow is for sure. That. Is. Bananas. I can only imagine what it took to get the people and dogs out safely. I've been in a a wreck where we flipped on the highway towing a 33' camper with a Lincoln Navigator (so about 50' end to end). Every window in the truck was busted except for the rear left. We basically rolled to one side and I think would have kept rolling if the camper hadn't yanked us back the other way and then dragged us to the side of the road with it (it had damage on one side only). Both humans and 3 dogs walked away with no real injuries, but I know how terrifying
  16. That sounds like completely insane shopping amusement park... annnnnnnd I'm writing it on my list for our next trip.
  17. Here it is, and it's pretty darned snazzy! https://www.facebook.com/doctordisney/posts/4188357094521687
  18. Sounds familiar! I finally figured out that the bites on my feet were from walking the dogs out along the canal in just crocs, no socks. Started putting socks on and that helped a bit. It honestly looked like my feet had the chicken pox and they were the itchiest bites I've ever had in my life. Benadryl took the edge off a bit, but really didn't help much. And while mosquitos love me up here in NH, when I get bitten in FL I end up with nasty bumps that take weeks to go down. And then there's DH, who gets nary a bite anywhere. I tell him he's just not delicious.
  19. Same! And for whatever reason, FL bitey things affect me worse than here. I end up with welts and one trip my foot blew up so much I could barely get my shoe on.
  20. Just sent you a PM. Welcome to Fort Fiends!
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