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  1. Yeah looks like 7-11 is a way bigger "thing" in China than it is here. Go figure!
  2. Long story short... we may be in the market to downsize from our 33' Open Range. Ideally looking for something in the 21-26 foot range, on the lighter side, not super high end in terms of $, with a decent reputation for being solid and reliable. The tricky part for us is that we need room for 2 dog crates, but we're fine with making some modifications if needed - for example taking out a dinette as long as there's a couch/chairs for seating. (In our current setup we ripped out the bunks) We haven't camper shopped in about 8 years and are just starting to look, so we really aren't up to speed with what's out there these days and what brands have a better reputation than others. Anyone have any experience with a brand/line they'd recommend?
  3. Clickety click click... this seems to be the original article that these others came from. https://www.elle.com/tw/life/travel/g27173223/7-11-disney-camping-part2/ According to this, this is the "2nd wave" of stuff in this line.
  4. Ok found a bit more info... https://disneyfashionista.com/fantastic-new-7-eleven-x-disney-camping-series/
  5. Hmmm... those are 7-11 Hong Kong though so not sure if that means we can get them here too. When I ask The Google about any of this, the only thing that comes up is this article from ITM. I may have to pop around the corner and ask at my local 7-11. ...and pick up a slurpee.
  6. WDWNT is hosting a Pleasure Island 30th Anniversary Party featuring an Adventurer's Club Reunion, Classic P.I. Cocktails, Live DJ, and More! Full article - https://wdwnt.com/2019/04/pleasureisland30thtickets/?fbclid=IwAR0njMrvHbdJ9RGkZJMvXw8qBHLzHQVrHHf1f6g_QyCHtHPg7riHjWKSylE
  7. It is indeed not sponsored by Disney. LOL
  8. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Skyliner Update

    Maybe they can start a "Character Rider Line" - kind of like the front car line at Everest. Want to ride in the front? Fine - go wait over there until there's a spot for you.
  9. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    We’re Done

    Wow!! I probably wouldn't be surprised. I blame the internet.
  10. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Smaller Camper Recommendations?

    Good to know - thanks!!
  11. BradyBzLyn...Mo


    Ditto! Sometimes we get it filled on the way out of the park just to have a snack for later.
  12. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Skyliner Update

    Ditto! Although the fact that they aren't air conditioned will keep me away from them on a warm/hot day.
  13. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Hey Mo! What’s good to eat?

    Both of those plus Wine Bar George are on my list also.
  14. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Hey Mo! What’s good to eat?

    For single dining (sit down) I'd hit up places with a good bar where you can order off the restaurant menu and not need an ADR to get in. Geyser Point is one of our favorites - great view, good food and the bartenders are usually quite good as well. We also like The Wave at Contemporary. Food is good and it's usually easy to get a seat. And I'll second (third? fourth?) lots of places at DS, especially any of the bar areas at Boathouse, Splitsville, Homecomin, Raglan Road, Morimoto, Paddlefish. If the inside bar is full at Boathouse, be sure to check out the one down on the docks. Paddlefish has multiple bars on multiple decks, including one of the roof. Lovely when the weather is nice. Morimoto has a couple of bars inside, including the "hidden" (not really) sushi bar upstairs. If you're in the area, in the mood for seafood and can wrangle a seat (much easier to do as a party of one) Narcoosees has a good bar also. And if the timing is right, you can watch the fireworks from the deck. For QS again I'd shoot for DS - Blaze, DLuxe burger, and a bunch of the newer restaurants have walk up windows also - I know of Homecomin, Frontera, there may be others. Oh and the fish and chips place around the corner from Raglan (mmmm). For something in between there's the Puck's on the Marketplace side. You order at a counter but they bring you your meal. Food is generally very good, casual atmosphere, and bonus, it's not far from Dockside Margaritas - which often has live music.
  15. We were just saying the other day that the merchandising for Star Wars land is going to be EPIC even by Disney standards. Oh I'd bet that's coming! LOL
  16. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Smaller Camper Recommendations?

    Hmm... not my department so I'm not sure, but I've been told he found a great deal on it and can probably sell the one we have for what the new one will cost. That works for me! 🙂 Good to know - thanks! PERFECT 😄 I think we looked at one at the dealer. Wasn't the floorplan for us but I did like it overall. We'll have to poke around their site more, thanks. "Great visibility down the sides from the truck, really easy maneuvering to get gas, easy to back into a site and more." All things we don't have now - lol. I think our Open Range is as wide as they get, which is great when you're inside, especially since the slides are deep, but it does make getting gas a challenge.
  17. Nooooooooooo!!!!!!! https://www.kennythepirate.com/2019/04/10/magic-kingdom-will-eliminate-evening-extra-magic-hours/?fbclid=IwAR19t-BhNvMixuV4kxwnHKfUUQsJ6Dghf4zxU_VvL2sayRT9jS32i8MyBng
  18. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    RUMOR: Disney eliminating evening Extra Magic Hours

    Yeah MBs made the whole PM EMH much easier than before when everyone had to whip out a resort ID. Makes sense that if you're paying extra, you should at least get a custom lanyard - which is also a lot easier to spot than a wristband.
  19. BradyBzLyn...Mo


    Yeah, as cute as some of these have been and as tempted as I've been by some of them, I've resisted because 1) not so easy to clean and 2) where the heck am I gonna put them all when I'm not eating popcorn out of them? At least the regular refillable cups are easy to clean and can be repurposed as really big drink cups.
  20. BradyBzLyn...Mo


    Gotta say these are pretty darned cute! Follow the link below for full article/pics... http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2019/04/12/find-the-new-minnie-mouse-balloon-popcorn-bucket-in-magic-kingdom/?fbclid=IwAR3zVC96tcgJjbCLyOkKMx2zXJAhyUtKs3GypRYrw0DsFJVes_woOyw2qUE
  21. If this proves to be true, it sounds pretty cool! 21 people are talking about this Additional details about the space include the transformation of Mizner’s Lounge into a library lounge space. See ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ's other Tweets Commodore Porter’s will be turned into the main bar space (themed to a ballroom), and a hallway and outdoor seating area themed to the woodsy environment shown in the film. (Hopefully no werewolves, though.) Fear not, the Grand Floridian Orchestra will be staying to serenade guests, although we wonder whether their set list will change given the change in theme. The newly expanded, re-imagined Mizner’s Lounge is expected to reopen in Fall of 2019. https://wdwnt.com/2019/03/mizners-lounge-at-disneys-grand-floridian-resort-to-be-re-themed-to-beauty-and-the-beast-library-bar-lounge/?fbclid=IwAR0G1YpkbSbbaVBDku_q79iGJ21387j3-3DgLHR3974qibRIPYdpGBlYA1Y
  22. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    CONFIRMED: Mizner's at GF to be Beauty and the Beast themed

    Yes. It's behind where the band usually plays.
  23. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    CONFIRMED: Mizner's at GF to be Beauty and the Beast themed

    Official per the Disney Parks Blog... https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/04/new-bar-and-lounge-will-evoke-beauty-and-the-beast-at-disneys-grand-floridian-resort-spa/?CMP=SOC-DPFY19Q3wo0411190011A&fbclid=IwAR2fS-GfVKNBe5z7tzVmPQCprS4Dmq2dxOH1YJsfMiQnOCJg4JLKmCj7xNQ
  24. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    1978 WDW Photos

    A bunch of cool old photos of the Polynesian and Magic Kingdom posted to RetroWDW... https://www.retrowdw.com/pictorial-souvenir/personal-wdw-galleries/polynesian-mk-1978-justin-titus-gallery/?fbclid=IwAR28lKrmz3uOPIed1n77QnSLyNwbGjubKJH3gfQVm5bsUZulzMtk_w9Y2qY
  25. BradyBzLyn...Mo

    Flower and Garden Update

    Love the "Worry Less Garden More" hat!