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  1. We were the very first time we went, I think it was 2006. Been back twice since and not impressed either time - once the service was just awful. For steak our go to has been Yachtsmen but we haven't been in a few years now and haven't tried Shula's.
  2. Bummer, but I had a feeling that was going to happen eventually. While definitely more convenient for campers, it was harder for Disney to keep an eye on what else was coming and going through there.
  3. There are at least a few camper rental companies that deliver to the Fort. It works the same for pretty much all of them, except for Meacham - who is the only "official" RV rental company at the Fort (unless you want a luxury MH). They get the advantage of being able to work with the Fort to get your camper in and setup before you arrive and they can also include a golf cart with your package. There are other good companies as well (see Jason's post) and I'd definitely go with someone that was recommended here by someone with recent experience. There have been some companies people have had problems with recently, including guests having their camper rental reservation cancelled at the last minute. If you're doing research online, be sure to read recent reviews, especially on their social media pages. That will usually give you a heads up if something isn't quite right.
  4. Totally understandable. I hear the cart issue. We were in 500 the last time Halloween was a Saturday. We ran out of (40 lbs) of candy in an hour and figured we might as well go visit some Fiends. Our site was just about halfway through the loop. It took us 30 minutes to get the cart out.
  5. Makes sense but still a major bummer. It was an awesome display. Not sure what specifically the issue was - the display was well on the actual sites, not in the road at all - but I can tell you that trying to get around that loop just with a golf cart was next to impossible. There were carts parked all over the road on both sides and people just everywhere.
  6. You never know where some of the best places will turn up! I stumbled on the gas station chicken totally by accident. Road trip to the Fort, driving straight through from NH, needed a quick rest stop right off the highway around 5am and saw the sign. While my driving companion was using the loo all I could smell was some crazygood chicken smells (good sign #1). And there were already people lining up to get some fresh out of the fryer... at 5am (good sign #2). And the capper - it was ridiculously cheap. I think I got 3 thighs and a couple of biscuits for less than $5. As far as I know it's still there. If you're traveling along 95 in Jarratt VA and have a hankering for fried chicken, look for the Granny's sign. It's an easy off/on. ...and the bathroom was clean too.
  7. I strongly advise against gas station sushi (unless that gas station is in actual Japan). However some of the best fried chicken I've ever had did come from a gas station in Jarratt Virginia!
  8. Pro Tip - if you have one nearby, try Trader Joe's tater tots. IMO better than any of the big name brands and cheaper too. And I'm always in favor of more sushi. Cali Grill has a limited (albeit super delicious) sushi menu - although I think it's slid a bit since the original woman that basically built the sushi bar there retired. Kona has actually expanded their sushi menu recently, but it's still somewhat limited. It's usually pretty good although I think it was better a few years back when their head sushi chef came from Cali Grill. Tokyo Dining at Epcot is pretty decent but I wouldn't burn a park ticket for it. Morimoto's and Kimono's actually have "real" sushi - not just a bunch of fancy rolls but a full menu with sashimi, etc., but I have only been to each once so I don't have a lot of experience. (I need to work on that) And then there's the dark horse in the race - and you're gonna think I'm nuts here (moreso than usual) - but Splitsville does decent sushi! Yes folks, bowling alley sushi is good. You heard it here.
  9. Or... just swing by our site around 10-11am. Because nothing says camping breakfast like bacon, eggs and tater tots. #DontLeaveHomeWithoutEm
  10. Even with a delivery fee you're still well ahead! Drinks in general (regular and alcoholic) are the one thing you can save yourself a ton of money on at WDW if you bring your own. Oh sure, but you had to brave getting around the dinosaurs to get to the cooler. 😜 (ok I know it wasn't THAT long ago, but kinda seems like it these days...)
  11. I had a "hot pot" in college - similar but smaller. Cooked many a ramen with that thing!
  12. Whenever I'm headed to TTC I always check out both lines and if there's a significant difference, I take the shorter one.
  13. I saw it too. I didn't wade through all the comments, but I skimmed and it was unclear to me if this is a new policy, if it's happening every night, or if it was some sort of weird one-off on a party night. If crowds were high, I could see them trying to keep the resort line for resort guests only, but scanning MBs sounds like it would just slow things down further and make a bigger mess.
  14. To be fair, my professional grade hair straightening iron could probably boil water if it was submersible, and for sure you can burn yourself with it. (#truestory)
  15. Good advice! My last trip with my SIL she was a whiz at snagging last minute FPs.
  16. Fixed it. For the record, we've never "registered" and I'm not sure anyone I know ever has either.
  17. That makes sense Halloween has become THE time to be at the Fort and the decorations outpaced Christmas a while back and seem to just keep growing. Some of the displays are pretty amazing. Where Christmas can be lots of lights and blowups, Halloween really seems to bring out the super creative in people. My guess is you're right about the cart, especially around Halloween when the place is already full and crazy. And ON Halloween... fuggeddaboutit Since Halloween has gotten so busy over the years, it seems like every year there's at least an incident or 2. And my guess is some of them definitely involve adult beverages.
  18. That's great to hear! And yeah, the trend for quite a while now has been more and more Halloween decorations. I'd say there have been more than Christmas now for quite a while.
  19. I think it's actually been even longer than that (4-5 years?). We were there right after that rule went in effect and it was hit or miss enforcement even then. We haven't been during the holidays since 2016 but it was our go-to time for a bunch of years prior to that. Not sure about the last couple of years, but we'd noticed there were a good bit fewer Christmas decorations than there were when we first started going that time of year (2006). On the flipside, it seems like Halloween decorations have increased by quite a lot over those 10 years.
  20. Yep, that's it! Since the trailer rental companies all have different refund policies, doesn't really work well the other way around.
  21. If people are willing to pay for it (and it seems someone always is as these events usually DO sell out) they're definitely going to keep offering stuff like this. Heck if I had that kind of cash just laying around collecting dust, I'd do it!
  22. I was thinking if for some reason Disney trespassed Greenberg (and it included removing all Greenberg's property), and since the guest who paid for the site didn't have another camper, Disney put them up elsewhere.
  23. Thanks for the updates. Amazing (and sad) how different it looks already.
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