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  1. Just leave the As out, we'll decipher it - LOL. Seriously, very glad surgery went well and I hope the healing goes as well and quickly as possible also.
  2. Yikes... that is off-the-charts wrong. By that logic, if I pull up with my tent gear strapped to the back of a motorcycle I should be able to get a Premium Meadows site for next to nothing! A good argument for not taking the word of a self-proclaimed "expert" on YouTube as gospel.
  3. If you're going to splurge, that's the way to do it. 🙂
  4. From Instagram... https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ_2lwrB596/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  5. Here's hoping, but I have been seeing rumors that the whole "park scheduling" thing may stick around in some form even after all the changes due to COVID are gone.
  6. Oof - seeing the river empty is pretty jarring. LOVE the Eeyore photo!!
  7. I find very few Disney restaurants have great acoustics and seem noisy when they're crowded. Love this!!! Very glad Ken was able to move elsewhere but talk about a complete change in atmosphere! Put me in the "don't love the pink on the castle" group too. Fresh coat of paint, maybe a little extra silvery/gold bits would have been enough in my book.
  8. Late to the party but I'm in - thanks for writing this, Gwen! That all looks/sounds amazing! Olivia's has never been on my radar, but it is now. 🙂 Love that!
  9. Could a viable fix for the Yeti be in the works? https://wdwnt.com/2021/01/disney-files-patent-on-technology-to-limit-robotic-vibrations-possible-solution-for-new-expedition-everest-yeti-animatronic/?fbclid=IwAR3iLfK49sp1HQOfMmSSLRxg-Wq8Efz_zMlOgR61m_os5o1-15bIA-Lk0is
  10. There are some amazingly talented artists, crafters and bakers in that group making some fabulous stuff!
  11. I know there has been some info shared on ways to support furloughed Disney Cast Members, and maybe they can be re-shared here so that we've got a central thread going. I've run across a FB group for CMs that have started (or in some cases already have) side businesses. Loads of talented people there that make things, from bakers to craftspeople and more, as well as those providing local services like auto detailing, plumbing, tutoring, etc. Only CMs are allowed to advertise their goods and services. A great way to get something you need anyway, and help out some of the thousands
  12. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing your always-fabulous photos!
  13. I wonder if more people are hanging out at the Fort vs the parks than usual and it's bogging down the WiFi?
  14. Also depends on how you plan to situate your rig on the pad. We were in a full hookup a few years ago on a super long site. We needed to leave space at the back for a tent so the camper was fairly far forward on the pad. Water/sewer wasn't an issue, but electric was at the very back corner. DH was glad he brought the 50' cord.
  15. Don't forget the limited edition (read "insanely overpriced") Expedition Everest branded Yeti coolers and mugs available for purchase in the gift shop.
  16. Glad that worked! There was something around the house recently that wasn't working properly and I actually asked DH "did you try whacking it?" Hope it's a relatively painless fix when you get home.
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